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Old 01-24-2011, 09:08 AM
Location: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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I'm confident in the Pack, when you say Who in the hell is Haney, that's what the Pack was thinking!

They had never seen him before, and one thing about the Pack, sometimes the play calling towards the end of games gets a little strange!

I don't think it will be a blowout, Pack will be prepared!
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Old 01-24-2011, 10:11 AM
Location: Bel Air, California
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Originally Posted by Flamingo13 View Post
Not sure how/why you are thinking that, but a gal here (me) picked the the two seasons and won. - STEELERS fan but married to a Packers fan, what a conundrum. LOL
Why the conundrum? You obviously could not have known about this degenerate personality trait before you were married and would be (at the very least) grounds for an anullment.

Last edited by Ghengis; 01-24-2011 at 10:33 AM..
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Old 01-24-2011, 11:05 AM
Location: Ridgewood, NY
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You guys are hilarious... Sanchez wasn't given a chance to win that game... speaking on this thread shows me how little people know about football and whether they watched the game or not... Sanchez wouldnt even sniff mannings jock strap. the 9-10 manning in the playoffs who caves under the pressure 90% of the time come playoff season... The Brady who has led feet, and whose only as good as his offensive line takes him... he stands in the pocket for 5-10 seconds nearly every time... give credit where credit is due...

Sanchez singlehandedly brought that team back and had he had the chance to win that game, he would have won it, because the Steelers had no answer for him... And to the moron who said you can have your 4th quarter... it started in the 3rd quarter... and watch the Pats and Jets game before you sound like someone who has no concept of football.... His playoff stats two games aside and one being with an arm injury are fantastic... The Jets as a whole played with no heart in the first half but thats not on Sanchez...

He just turned into Elway in the 2nd half of the game... And thats what he does... he makes plays to win... If the DEFENSE which should be at fault (not sAnchez who brought them back, intelligent NFL fans you are)... would have stopped Ben from making two first downs at the end, Sanchez would have won that game... no doubt in my mind... How you fault someone who broke out of tackles, switched hands, did everything he possibly could to single handedly win a game, and who scored 19 points and would have had 26 had the defense shown up at the end... is not even worthy of responding to, but its just comical... reading the people who know absolutely nothing of football on this thread is amazing...

Like I said, I'll give credit where credit is due... Steelers came prepared for four quarters, but had the Jets played prepared for four quarters, the truth is, they would have beaten up on the Steelers, and all of the same intelligent people posting on this thread, would have said wow... Sanchez is the best quarterback under pressure by far... shows you how a win nulls the minds of so many people and blinds them to the rest of the game...\

And by the way he is 4-2 in the playoffs in his 2nd year... and hes beaten, the Colts, Chargers, Very good bengals team at the time, and the Patriots who were supposed to win the Superbowl... Im sorry but to all those people saying he doesnt come through in the playoffs, please watch some football before you speak...
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Old 01-24-2011, 11:12 AM
2,221 posts, read 3,189,184 times
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He is an average QB period. Look at all his numbers and quite being a homer. The kid has talent but he is far from great. He's not even very good yet. he's good at managing the game. PERIOD

Where was the great SAVIOR in the 1st half of the game? when it was 24 - 0. Where was Capt America then?
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Old 01-24-2011, 11:31 AM
Location: Ridgewood, NY
3,039 posts, read 5,933,925 times
Reputation: 1571
At speedaddicted please stop talking... with every single post you write you show more and more your lack of knowledge of football... theres so many things wrong with all your comments its gonna be difficult to point them all out... By the way football is where the ovular ball is thrown to receivers to score touchdowns... which is in the endzone... for further help on understanding football you can send me a message... I will be glad to give you a tutoring of football 101...

Manning is synonymous with being a choker come playoff time... look it up.
Sanchez has led numerous comeback in the 4th quarter or when behind in his what 30-35 games as an NFL quarterback...

Before yesterdays game, him and Roethlisberger had the best winning percentage in the playoffs with QBs that have 5 games or more... Better than Brady...

Brady has led his team with 2:00 to a field goal... Sanchez with :45 led his team to a touchdown in the regular season...

Sanchez put his team on his back yesterday and picked apart the #1 ranked defense for two quarters... The fault of yesterdays loss goes strictly to the call in the beginning of the game to give the ball to the Steelers who ate up the clock for 9 minutes and destroyed the morale of the Jets team... There is so many things that the coaches did wrong to lose that wrong, the defense, the referees, Sanchez was the one piece of the puzzle helping the Jets win...

The one thing that makes remotely any sense that you said is that Sanchez is an average QB... that is true generally in the regular season... but the fact remains that he is a fantastic QB come playoff time when healthy and he is only in his second professional season... you're comparing him with the Bradys, Mannings, and Bens... all proven QBs who have had experience for at least 7 years already... Thank you. Thank you for acknowledging that Sanchez needs to be in that conversation come playoff time...

Now I will begin posting my tutorials of football for you to watch, when you have free time... I made it simple so you can understand...
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Old 01-24-2011, 12:12 PM
20,922 posts, read 39,218,156 times
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I picked the Steelers, from the start. From a 1 in 12 chance they are now a 1 in 2 chance.

I like Green Bay just as much.

Both teams are LEGENDARY old-line NFL teams.
- Steelers have been around since 1933.
- Packers have been around since 1919.

As a football fan, I could not ask for a better matchup to watch on 6 Feb 2011.

No matter which team wins the super bowl, it's going to be a helluva game and I'll be happy either way.
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Old 01-24-2011, 10:24 PM
Location: Weehawken, NJ
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Originally Posted by anon1 View Post
To all those saying where were the jets fans yesterday responding on this thread... watching the football game at night time genius...

Theres alot to say about they jets vs. steelers game so im only going to say one thing about packers vs. bears... that was an ugly game and both teams were completely exposed... teams saw that just like I said Rodgers peaked against Atlanta and as you noticed I didn't say before that it was a bad thing and that he would continue to play well in the playoffs but that was easily going to be his best game in the playoffs which is what peaked means... Also what this shows is how much stronger the AFC was than the NFC this year because whoever would have came out of the AFC Jets or Steelers would have easily beaten the Pack or Bears and I'll even say either game would have been by at least a touchdown but to play it on the safe side I'll say a touchdown...

Regarding the Jets vs. Steelers game, that first half of football was probably some of the worst football the Jets have ever played this season... I don't know what it is with them that they need to be in the second half or behind most games to play well but this is exactly what happened and I think it started with electing to give the ball to the Steelers instead of receive in the beginning... Any other time, I would agree with that call but when you're in a playoff game of so much meaning and you need to get off to a good start, kicking off to give your opponent first dibs and a chance to establish momentum, is an idiotic move and we saw how they paid for it...

Second off, for those who recorded that game, watch how many disgusting calls went against the Jets from quarters one through three and especially the third quarter where they were starting to get on a roll, the "fake timeout" that nobody saw. "the flinch" on the Offensive lineman that im still rewinding trying to figure out when he moved, cause all I saw was when the Steeler guy jumped he pointed to the Jets lineman and refs assumed that Lineman jumped (great officiating guys)... and then to top it all off the kickoff where they called a personal foul on the defender when the ball went about 30 yards and supposedly wasn't touched to give the steelers the first down on the jEts 40... those were a few of them but there were more and you can bet that although the Jets wont say anything about it, real fans who observed the game, will be furious just like I was watching the game...

This isn't to say that it would have made a total difference in the outcome because Jets shot themselves in the foot so many times in the first half, but whose to say that if those calls weren't called, things would have gone differently...

Also, for those talking about the Sanchez 4th quarter reliability over Manning, Ben and Brady... WHERE ARE ALL YOU GUYS? Just like I said before, I will take Sanchez in the 4th quarter or in pressure situations (and lemme be clear about this) over anybody in the NFL. He raped Roethlisberger in 4th quarter performance yesterday... It was straight violation. It looked like a junior high school quarterback was playing against Elway... Roethlisberger was crap yesterday and Jets should have and could have won that game had they played anything resembling football in the first half... This is why no matter what is said in this thread, I take solace in knowing that had we played our best football against the Steelers best football for four quarters we really could have won that game, and the second half proved what all the haters needed to see... For those saying where are the Jets fans and all those bandwagon fans have left, you obviously didn't see the whole game or weren't watching from an objective viewpoint because if you were, you would have seen that Steelers put up their best front for four quarters and won by five and were outscored 19-0 in the second half (when it counts), while the Jets put up their best front for 2 quarters and nearly won the game, and had Ben not thrown 2 passes for 20 yards which im sure people are gonna say makes him an elite QB in the 4th quarter, Sanchez would have once again had the chance to win that game which I have no doubt he would have... Time management aside in the 4th quarter for a few minutes, he was absolutely unstoppable... and to the person that we had the conversation about Sanchez not being that great... I don't know what his numbers were yesterday, but whatever they were, add intangables, will, and poise to the numbers which wont show up because he did everything right in that fourth quarter and now hopefully you can see what was pretty obvious for most people that saw the Jets this year and last year... Come 4th quarter he is as good as it gets...

You can bet that although I am not confident in the Pack at all after seeing the Bears game and how poorly they played against a team that really wasn't all that good, I will be rooting my brains out for Rodgers and the Pack and I hope that I get it wrong and they beat the Steelers... Unfortunately, that great Packers defense that everyone talks so good about, let a third string quarterback have a field day on him, and I know the numbers say he threw two picks, but one of those picks was at the end when they needed to make a play desperately and he tried to force a ball in between defenders, but he was driving it in every single time... WHO the HELL is Haney? what has he played, five games in the NFL???? and he took it to the Packer defense? I hope they give a better display than that Bears game because Eagles aside they didn't face anyone in the playoffs and they will be completely caught off guard when they face the Steelers... Im hoping not, but I can easily see a blowout if they don't get their act right...

You know we always have things we agree on and things we disagree on and this will be no different. The things I do agree with you on is that Sanchez had a good game and I agree that he is a good QB and will get better. I disagree with you saying that the Jets came out flat and that they would have won if both teams would have played their best football. What you saw in the first half WAS BOTH teams playing their hardest. The Steelers got too comfortable and got their selves out of rhythm. The reality is that they are just better than the Jets. They out toughed them on both sides of the ball. The only reason why they came back is because once the Steelers turned it off it was hard to turn it back on and that allowed Sanchez to get on a roll and once he gets started he is hard to stop. And Sanchez didn't have 19, the Jets O scored 17, the D scored 2 and if it wasn't for an injury to the Steelers center They would have probably only would have had 10. The Steelers shut down the Jets running game and it took the Jets a whole half to adjust. The halftime score should have been even worse than it was and the Jets were lucky they were only down by 21. They had 1 yes 1 rushing yard in the first half and the Steelers had 131. The Steelers had more rushing yards than the Jets had total yards. For people who consistantly watch the Steelers they know the Steelers don't play their best football with a big lead, they are use to scraping to the finish. They are kind of arrogant because they have Ben and that defense and they always feel like they can win it at the end and they usually do. Even when the Jets started coming back I sat on my couch relaxed because I know my team and how they play and I felt the Jets couldn't win because they weren't getting the ball back. The Steelers moved the ball on the Jets at the end when it counted just like they did at will in the first half. And if you want to talk about picks Ryan Clark and Ike Taylor should have had picks in that game. I really don't understand why they can never just get credit for beating the teams they beat. If you are going to complain about officiating look at it from both sides. What about the measurement when the Steelers were trying to run the hurry up O and they were CLEARLY short of the first down, or, since you are complaining about the roughing the punter pentalty, how about the illegal contact/pass interference on the 3rd down right before that punt. They shouldn't have had to punt to begin with. I hope you still have the game recorded so you can go back and look at that. If you look back at my post before the game I told you Cromartie was going to get flagged for PI and illegal contact in this game because he got away with A LOT of that in the first meeting, so much so that the commentators said that early in the game because the Steelers receivers are too fast for the Jets defensive backs. The scariest part about the Steelers is that they haven't even played to their full ability yet. They haven't played their best football for 4 quarters and they still beat the Ravens and Jets, two good football teams. This team still gets no respect even though they have the basic core together that has already won 2 Superbowls and will participate in another all within 6 years. The best teams from each conference are in the SB period.
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Old 01-25-2011, 09:19 AM
Location: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
11,724 posts, read 11,557,775 times
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Whoa, paragraphs, please, post is very hard to read! Thanks!
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Old 01-25-2011, 03:13 PM
Location: Ridgewood, NY
3,039 posts, read 5,933,925 times
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At Dorian I hear what you're saying but again there is no way either of us can be unbiased in discussing this game... I'll admit my comments went waaaayyyy left while yours went waaaaayyyyy right... We'll just agree to meet in the middle. I know for a fact that the Jets came out flat along with the rest of ESPN in the first half and im sorry to say this bro, but only a Steeler fan watching that game would think otherwise...

I'll give you that maybe the Steelers relaxed a bit in the 3rd quarter when they gave up the two runbacks right off the bat, but as soon as Jets caught some momentum, the timeout that was never called slowed them to a halt. Im sure there were one or two bad calls against the Steelers and I did see the ones you were talking about, (refs will make some bad calls during a game) however that being said, watching that game the bad calls were heavily in favor of the jets... Now like i said before, this wasn't the deciding factor in them losing, but it did play a role in slowing momentum down at least in the 3rd quarter.

And theres no way that when the jets had the Steelers on 3rd and 6 and everyone including Steelers fans were expecting run and the Jets were prepared to stop them with 2:00 to go that you were just chilling out in the couch completely relaxed... Im sorry man, but i really dont buy that. That play threw everyone off guard and was the only reason we are sitting right now discussing the Steelers victory rather than the Jets improbable comeback...

Steelers did not fall asleep on D for two quarters. You could see them going after Sanchez the entire fourth quarter, he was just good at deeking them, and moving around in the pocket. They had no answer for him. But again, we are both biased fans so anything we say has to be taken for what its worth. I will just agree to disagree on this one because seeing the 2nd half of that game, theres no way in my mind watching it, that Sanchez wouldn't have scored on that final drive had he had the chance to do so... he is that good in the 4th quarter. and hes done it countless times before...

What i loved was his cool demeanor throughout the whole waiting period. They were down 24 points and as he was making the comeback, he was as relaxed as anyone, just calmly waiting for his turn to help his team comeback... If that aint a leader, I dont know what is... and this dude is only what 23 years old... Im just tired of people not realizing talent when its so evident... Its the same thing with Roethlisberger... frustrations aside, despite his numbers, he does what it takes to win... Sanchez I feel already has proven he is the same way... but anyways we'll see next year what happens.

One more thing, the point spread got it waaayyy wrong. I got Pittsburg by 8.5 at least... Im not even looking forward to this game, cause it is going to be a blowout... The only way they mess this up, is if they do what they did in the third quarter for an extended period of time. They need to keep pushing the tempo if they want to hold their blowout... I could easily see a 20 point difference if Greenbay doesn't fix their problems on defense and Rodgers doesn't bounce back from that Chicago game cause he really wasn't that great at all...
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Old 01-25-2011, 04:14 PM
1,080 posts, read 828,202 times
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My eyes can't take it the grueling dissertations Go Packers! ! !
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