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Old 10-29-2018, 01:21 PM
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Ask them, they'll tell you... and tell you... and tell you... on and on and on. It's patently absurd.
The main reseason is, of course, the general reason for hatred: jealousy.
They are jealous that the Jews want to keep a separate identity and a "disproportionate" amount of Western intellectuals, the mega-wealthy, and those in political power, are Jewish. The amount of conspiracy theory is astonishing. As if though a stronger culture in terms of valuing parental leadership, intellect, hard work, and fraternity/networking wouldn't be enough for that.

The other main reason is instigation. Just look at their Bibliolatries (Abrahamists). For one thing, the Jewish Bibliolatry tells them they are the chosen people over others and even in college I saw many Jewish young adults seeking separation/segregation and joking about the pitiful/ugly non-Jewishness of other students; they even had slurs that they liked to use like Goyim and Gentiles, with the connotation being that Goyim and Gentiles were placed in this earth to be freely improper (no extra rules for them because no extra gift for them) and to look up towards Jews (as is written in their prophecies). Then there is the Christian and Muslim Bibliolatries that tell them that Jews are cunning and misleading (which happens to also be written into Jewish Bibliolatries: Tanakh) as if though this wasn't just a common characteristic of power-hungry individuals and groups. On top of that, the Christian Bibliolatry goes on and on about how Jews are very unfaithful, too religious, and extremely in need of reproach (it doesn't help that the Jewish Bibliolatry technically does the same for themselves). But it also blames them for "ignorance" and "violence against our leader." The Muslim Bibliolatry basically puts them in a very similar place in terms of the Muslim/Arabic Messiah (Jesus/Isa) and also calls them what it calls Christians i.e. guilty of working against their leader as "adulterers of the true faith." That is even on top of the idea that Muslims are set to give Christians and Jews a pass as "better than statue-worshiping pagans." Yet their Bibliolatry also states to never give an inch and to always react proportionally or overpowering to any perceived threat. The extensive rise in Western support for Zionism for colonizing Israel away from Muslim control after the fall of the Nazis is not helping that situation.

Old 10-29-2018, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by TroutDude View Post
I had a relationship with a Jewish woman for several years. They not only go to movies at Christmas but afterwards, they get some Chinese food.
LOL. Yes, that came up, too.
Old 10-29-2018, 01:48 PM
Location: NJ
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Originally Posted by Thoreau424 View Post
I'll only say that until recently, I had always been neutral in thought about the Jewish people (nothing negative, nothing critical). But in communications on this very site with a few Jews, I encountered some knee-jerk assumptions and jumping to conclusions tinged with hostility on their part that were completely uncalled for. I was really disappointed and taken back by that (and I'm by no means an easily-offended person). Needless to say, I got a taste that was not pleasant, and for which I now think less of them. I understand the difficulties with the Holocaust, and discrimination, but it doesn't help when someone with no agenda or malice gets mowed down and verbally attacked by them. Maybe they bear some of the responsibility for their dislike, or worse.
I think this most clearly answers the TP's question.
Old 10-29-2018, 03:48 PM
Location: WV and Eastport, ME
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Originally Posted by TroutDude View Post
I had a relationship with a Jewish woman for several years. They not only go to movies at Christmas but afterwards, they get some Chinese food.
British comedian Dave Allen said that on Christmas Day the Jews go down to their toy stores to count all the money that they have taken in from Gentiles doing Christmas shopping.
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Old 10-29-2018, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by TroutDude View Post
I had a relationship with a Jewish woman for several years. They not only go to movies at Christmas but afterwards, they get some Chinese food.

See, that's to my point. There are Jews and there are Jews.
There are, also, Laws of Halakha. Ones that strictly prohibit any blood mixing for a Jew with gentile. That, I also witnessed how they are implemented, if violated. Not the first time we have similar discussion here, don't want to repeat myself.
But that's for those Jews, that follow them. Some do. Some do not. Some became Christians. Some become Buddhists. Some follow Halakha down to the last breath. Some do not even know about it.

They are all as much humans, as any one of us. Every blood has nice and pleasant people. Every blood has extremists of various kinds.
Old 10-29-2018, 04:26 PM
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The devil and His followers hates Jews and Christians , then many liberals will not support Israel ... There is a lot a indifference against Jews in Europe. The Muslims don`t like Jews because of Palestine
Old 10-29-2018, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by dcisive View Post
christianity in general is a lie taught by their forefathers, whose roots lie entirely from the Church of Rome who literally created "christianity". I'll just bullet list it which can all easily be confirmed by scripture, but most christians won't go there as they are more determined to protect their faith birthed by the Church of Rome (largely pagan).

* The REAL messiah was not named jesus (no J in Hebrew) and HE came from the line of Hebrews (The Tribe of Yahudah later referred to in more recent times as "Jews")

* The Messiah's name required that it have the Fathers (the one YOU call god yet once again a pagan name/term when HIS name was given to the Israelites in Exodus as YHWH or in the Hebrew Yod Hey Vav Hey). A attempt to pronounce HIS name in English would be Yah Ho Vah.

* Jews as you will call them are but members of the Tribe of Yahudah, ONE of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Israel Was, Is and Always will be THE chosen of the Most High YHWH. If you choose to ignore the foundation of scripture it is to your own peril. This never changed and never will. It is confirmed in Jeremiah and Isaiah as well as portions of the "Letters" you and the Church of Rome call the so called "new testament" (another invention of the Church of Rome).

* The Taladim (you call them apostles) according to their "letters" more often visited Hellenized Jewish assemblies encouraging them to come BACK to the Torah (the First 5 Books of Moshe and Prophets) as their foundation of teaching coupled with acceptance of Messiah and HIS sacrifice, which was a promise given as far back as to Avraham, that would be a covering for sin, not just the "once a year" Yom Kippur which was developed later.

* If you folks actually studied let alone read scripture, you'd KNOW that Messiah was NOT a "man" in the sense we are. HE said "I am from above YOU are from below". HE came to show US how to walk in Torah and to be the perfect sacrifice promised by YHVH. Messiah was YHVH wrapped in the flesh but always gave ALL praise honor and glory to the Father remember.

* Messiahs last recitation to those below HIM when on the Stake (not a cross) was from Psalms, a perfect description of HIM before those "Jews" that would then KNOW who HE was so there could be NO doubt. Psalms 22.....go back and read it if you must.

* Jews over the last 2 thousand years have been reviled for many reasons but some of the most obvious are that a Jewish family's concentration has always been toward education. Jews have as a result, always excelled at matters regarding accounting and banking for example. Hence those that hate them for their levels of control of banks and success with them. This extended largely in England, France and Spain. Historical teachings are full of descriptions of this process that has been for many centuries.

* I have always found it quite ironic that a pagan church formulated about a Jewish Messiah hated Jews. Wanted to dispense with all manner of the followings of the Jews. What the heck do they think Messiah was teaching? Geez HE was teaching Torah. Went to the Temple each Sabbath and read from the Torah, taught the Torah in front of others who knew it and were highly impressed with such a young person knowing the Torah so well. Matthew 5 was clear: HE did NOT come to abolish the Torah, HE came to LIVE it (the word used in the chrisianized retranslated bibles say completed but that is erroneous as it negates what was already said). Messiah was the LIVING TORAH for all to see

* The "Jews" were NOT responsible for the death of Messiah. The ruling class of Pharisee's who had added their own rules to the Torah (a violation of Torah) were the one's responsible and the one's Messiah Yahshua was trying to speak against. If you understood the nature of what was going on at the time, the Pharisees of the day ran the Jews with the support of the Roman government. Yahshua wanted them to stop their ways and go BACK to the true Torah and what it said to do for a righteous life.

* Yet indeed the corrupted Church of Rome teachings to all their daughters (all christian churches) would have them support the concept of Jews having killed their christ (by the way the word christ is pagan to the core based on the fact that Romans used christos (the name that christ came from in their language) to exalt all their pagan gods. Once again a nice carry over for the pagan Church of Rome to continue on

* Yes even the name god is pagan. Go back and read Hosea 2 as YHWH stated HE did NOT want to be associated with those terms. HE is Elohim, Eloha and El, but NOT god. But I suppose due to your cemetary um er I mean seminary teachings you won't accept any of these verifiable statements I've made.
The vav That you infer in you pronunciation of G-dís Name would have been pronounced as a W at that time...
Old 10-29-2018, 05:21 PM
Location: US
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Originally Posted by Tired of the Nonsense View Post
We "know" it is true that the Jews are the chosen of YHWH because Jewish scripture says so.
We are chosen for what, is the question?...
Old 10-29-2018, 06:04 PM
Location: Hagerman, Idaho
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At least get it straight. Jews once again are part of Israel, as are the other 11 tribes. They ALL follow the Elohim of Israel and adhere to the Torah (which by the way is the 5 books of Moses, Psalms AND the Prophets not just the 5 books). 2nd it is an ongoing error of most that the Jews are some how separate from the other tribes also known as Israel. It is Israel that is blessed (were're not referring to the land as much as the people) by YHWH not just the Jews. However interestingly enough the Yahudim were indeed the "Banner Tribe" of Israel. You folks are reading text that began in it's original state as Aramaic and Hebrew, NOT Greek and Latin. Anyone here who knows the 1st thing about languages knows that they do NOT coincide in terms of meaning and intent most of the time. Greek is literal, Hebrew is NOT. Context is everything as I'm sure you'll agree. Sadly that context got largely messed with going from it's native language to the others. Then there is English....yet another mess........oh well. Taking the WORD back to the Hebrew sure does open up some eyes.
Old 10-29-2018, 06:13 PM
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Personally I think we are taking the wrong track. I have never understood the hate for Jews. I have lived long enough to meet many of them and never could I come up with any sort of common demominator. But given the fact that this is a long lasting thing that literally brought the earth to the brink of destruction it kind of makes me think that we should start taking it seriously and really looking for a cause. I mean could there be a physical thing that drives certain people mad?

I heard once that they linked disliking someone to their bacterial make up of their gut. Not saying that is it but could there be something about the jewish faith / food etc that can drive certain others mad? Who knows maybe in 400 years we will find it but for now maybe we should start taking it seriously.

Whoever is different in some way can be a target for hate.
But hate against jews is a much more powerful and vicious hate among those it effects and it has been going on for so long it is hard to ignore that it is a special kind of hate. We need to stop ignoring it and shaking our heads and seriously start looking for some explanations.
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