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Old 06-30-2010, 12:51 AM
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I'm seriously thinking of moving to Reno. I have lived in the Bay Area for almost 10 years and I'm getting tired of the hussle and bussle. I have a desire to nest...buy a house and get a dog. I would just like a bit of a slower pace and yet still be in a place where there are things to do and culture.

A few friends that live in the area are encouraging me to move up there. I have a few concerns which I'll list below. Any and all advice, insight or just thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Single scene- I'm currently unattacted. Most people I know or have met up there are partnered up if not already married. What's the single scene like?

Meeting new people - how friendly are the locals? Social networking?

Areas to live - what are the best areas to live? I'll rent for a bit, but I would like to begin looking to buy a house if I like it within 6 months.

And in general...what do you like/dislike most about living in Reno? I would love to hear from both locals and those that have relocated to the area.

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Old 06-30-2010, 08:18 PM
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definetly going to be keeping an eye out on this thread...Sorry have no insight for you to respond with. I too am in your shoes, previously lived in the bay. Now living in Boise, but want to be closer to tahoe and the coastline, however not sure i want to dip back into california. It seems as though portland/seattle would be more than ideal for me, if only i could get my wife to enjoy the rain haha.

Anyways, i'm anxious to hear the answers to your questions.
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Old 07-01-2010, 12:01 PM
Location: Reno, NV
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Well this is what I think of the area. The single scene is ok. There's a good nightlife and opportunities to meet people. You have a choice to go a little more dressy with Edge nightclub or can just have a casual fun time at Rum Bullions. I love the Dueling pianos at Rum Bullions on the weekend, even though it can get a bit crowded. Most people around town are pretty friendly. But like every decent sized city there will always be those grumpy, mean spirited people. I lived in several parts of town. My favorite areas are the northwest area near McQueen High School (where I went) and the Spanish Springs area of Sparks (where I currently live around Vista/Los Altos). The South End of town has been growing a lot and I have several friends who live down on that end and like it as well. Having traveled a lot, I've come to see I really like the Reno area. I love being able to go to a bar past 10pm, there's always a bunch of events throughout the year, and the fact that its close to ski resorts during the winter/ lakes for the summer. This is a great place for the outdoor enthusiast.

I hope that helps. I recommend living here. Just as long as you have a job lined up. Thats the bad part about the Reno area right now.
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Old 07-01-2010, 05:12 PM
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Theres no work and if you do find work, you're not going to make anything near what you make in CA. Making $30k a year is considered good here.
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Old 07-03-2010, 12:12 PM
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I would stay in Ca till things get better if they ever do in NV. The social life here for a young single person is limited but, there is a decent nightlife in Reno/Tahoe.
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Old 07-03-2010, 05:01 PM
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I would never be able to live with myself if I told you Reno was a great area. I relocated from outside of Philadelphia, and people say Philadelphia is bad. Not even close. The job market is terrible (Reno), and despite what people say, for a mid-twenty to early-thirty something, unless you want to go out to the bars or the casinos, there really isn't that much to do. I didn't have much of a choice. My job transferred me here. Sure, we're near Tahoe, etc. but that is at least a 60 minute drive. Downtown Reno is dirty, unsafe (i.e. check the news here), and overall, a dump. Reno is boring. It lacks culture and vibrance. Honestly, I hate it.

I know SixDemonBag is going to jump down my throat again for this, but Reno is congested, there is construction everywhere, and people rarely drive the speed limit. They drive under the speed limit. Not to mention, they run red lights, blow through stop signs, and cut you off. Then, they will look at you like you're the idiot. My alternator went in one of my cars in January. If you know anything about cars, it basically means everything dies. Trying to find a place to pull over on a busy road, I got beeped at, yelled at, and flipped off. Friendly locals, huh? Not one person stopped to help.

Like I mentioned in another forum, the people who are locals, or have been born and raised here, will tell you they love it and it's fantastic. And for them, that may be the truth. Now, I could introduce you to some others who have relocated, who will tell you that they absolutely hate this place. I am one of the latter individuals.

My best recommendation to you is to truly visit Reno and stay for at least a week. I had to defend my negative opinions in another forum and tried to explain that reading forums and looking at pictures and stats online is nothing like actually "seeing" and "testing out" the area. Unlike me, you have a choice. Sounds like you could go just about anywhere.

Another complaint I have is the weather. I was told before I moved here that there would be 300 + days of sunshine. Between multiple snow storms, which only made road conditions worse, rain almost every day for months, and wind every single day, I would not recommend Reno. People will tell you, despite how they feel about my brutal honesty, that the wind is a big deal. There are even warnings on the local radio station, "High Wind Advisory. No trucks or trailors." - in certain parts of Washoe Ctny. As far as weather goes, check out www.weatherunderground.com. That site will give you an idea of how it's been for the past few years, averages, highs, lows, etc. That's where you will find that facts about the Reno weather.

Best of luck to you in whatever you decide. I just wanted to share my personal experience - and be honest, regardless of who it may or may not offend.
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Old 07-03-2010, 05:40 PM
Location: Sacramento, CA
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Well Reno is a small city and the singles scene isn't great. And as far as living it just depends on what kind of area you're looking for? A more suburban area, urban, older, newer?
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Old 07-05-2010, 09:06 PM
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Hi All,

Thank you for the replies! I appreciate the info. I've been doing a lot of thinking on moving to Reno and will continue to weigh the options.

@enigmadsm, Hope my questions are helping you out!

@gianoli516, What you describe is what I have experienced when I've visited. It is a fun place. Luckily I can telecommute permanently with my job if I chose, so job isn't an issue. But working out of my house in a new town isn't appealing to me and the lack of jobs up there is something that worries me.

@aed177, I appreciate your honesty and you spoke to a lot of my fears about moving there. Although I have a good time whenever I'm there, I don't know if it's a place I want to live. And you're right...I do have a choice and any move I make is just because I want to and not because I have to so I want it to be the right choice.
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Old 07-06-2010, 07:38 PM
Location: Charleston, SC missing home Reno NV
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What part of the Bay Area are you living in? I have friends in South Bay and East Bay... San Jose, Mountain View, Walnut Creek...and just this past weekend we were in San Fran itself going to some Giants games... I have to say I am so happy to come home to the laid back area I live rather than as you put it the hussle and bussle. That's fun for a night or two and the public transportation is HORRENDOUS!! AND SOOO TOURIST UNFRIENDLY it's ridiculous...

Anyways, I ask to people wanting to relocate, what is your ultimate goal? are you open minded? what are you hoping to get out of the place that you live? you mentioned culture, I don't think there is much of that here, although apparently there is an amazing art museum that Ill have to check out. A website I utilized before moving here was Reno NewToReno.com Guide Information Living - Reno Sparks Lake Tahoe Nevada NV
and first of all AED it hardly ever rains here. EVER. I wish it would rain more actually. I can't wait for the thunderstorms this week hopefully they really come!! the wind the wind the wind, god I hear about this SOOO much it's like, are people serious? YES it DOES get windy... fences blow down and such, but that literally happened this year ONLY of the 5 years ive been here. Ask my BF if the wind is anything compared to Iraq's sand storms, lets debate that one.... This year was bad weather for the winter and spring time, it was way more gloomy than usual...
The wind is really a nonissue for me, but yes there are WIND ADVISORY warnings for CAMPERS/TRAILERS that Drive 395 south to Carson City from Washoe Valley. Thankfully there is wind during the summer... although it's just light breezes it seems, doesn't that figure.

I am sure your friends are biased because they want you to move here, but would they really put you in a position to hate where you live? they probably know you, right?

Single Scene - I would say it's okay. I never had any problem meeting men when I didnt want to... Depends on what kind of person you are, if you are going to want to meet someone at a bar, or at work or in a grocery store But I think it's a good time for anyone single, I think there are lots of things to do, sometimes it gets crowded but nothing like a Las Vegas nightclub where you can't walk!

I compare how friendly locals are to when I lived in the south, so nothing compares. People overall are friendly but I think just like everywhere else you will get a mix of people. Some people really make your day, but others are just rude. I believe that's anywhere you go (except the south LOL)

I live in the North Valleys. I started out in the Northwest I really liked that area. 4 years ago when I moved up here I really liked it too, but I just took a 3 mile walk my dogs around my neighborhood and there is so much graffiti it was just ridiculous. I don't live in a bad place at all that's why I was so pissed. My sister lives in South Meadows. I really like it down there as well. I think anywhere on the outskirts (avoid downtown and Sun Valley) I think are good. I am sure you have visited here and know a bit about the areas...

I like living here because there is so much to do if you like the outdoors. You can drive to Tahoe and have a day at the lake, go skiing, whatever... Drive to Squaw have some hiking in beautiful surroundings, drive to Northstar and downhill mountain bike ride... And if you dont want to drive, there is the truckee river that we float down during the summer... There are lots of events... right now it is Art Town in July. Then we have hot August nights, and in September it really gets good with the rib cook off, street vibrations, reno Air Show, and the hot air balloon races. Now not all of these interests everybody, and that's OKAY.

But if you are in the mindset that AED is, you will not like it here. I don't defend this place because I am a local, I defend it because I have lived other places, and I know that where you live is what you make of it. The only thing I agree with her about is that looking at pics and stats online really doesn't give you the whole picture, not even half even. I do totally agree that things can look much better on the internet than in real life.

and I am not sixDemonBag, and I am not trying to jump down your throat, but people disagree about what "congested" means obviously. I think the OP coming from the Bay area, (just a guess) will NOT think this is congested. and let me get this straight, driving under the speed limit is bad, compared to driving over it? I mean I am pretty sure with all this CONSTRUCTION you speak of, it's better to go under than over! I don't need to do a back and forth about what each of us thinks, but I felt the need to respond to her post as well to let you know how someone else sees it. the driving thing, man I think AED you have road rage or something... there are people that drive stupidly... just like EVERYWHERE ELSE in the country!!! DBs all over the place. talk about driving under the speed limit, again ive asked you, have you ever been to SF? Take the drive from here to there, when you reach sacramento on to San Fran, let me ask you how many people sit in the fast lane and DONT GET OVER to let you pass? just try it out if you want to talk about dumb drivers...

The worst part about living here right now is the economy, but that is Nevada for you, and I know Cali isn't doing much better. (I hope Clarks isn't lingering on this forum he will really get me for calling it Cali)...
The best part is that it still has a small town feel with anything you really need (depending on your personality).

Good luck!!
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Old 07-07-2010, 10:18 PM
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I have driven in California, which has traffic. Obviously. I have also lived in Philadelphia, which is not much better. I have also driven from Pennsylvania, down the east coast, into Miami, FL when I helped my brother move into his college dormitory. You are correct in that perceptions of congestion are different, depending on where you live. But coming from someone who has lived all over the U.S., I am certainly not impressed by the "congestion" I have observed in Reno.

Also, driving under the speed limit isn't considered "safe." Ask any police officer - you are just as likely to get pulled over for driving under, as you are driving over. Maybe I should have clarified, I think speed limit signs and traffic signals were placed in designated areas for a purpose - safety. But when people don't obey them, that is a disaster waiting to happen.

I lived in a very metro area, where public transportation is the suggested means of transport as a result. I have also driven in very metro areas, but my observation was that the people here are a great deal more wreckless than drivers I have observed in other places I have lived.

Once again, I apologize you don't agree with my opinion - but it's just that. Mine.
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