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Old 08-17-2014, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Jkgourmet View Post
Careful, there. I believe the exemption of state income tax in NC applies ONLY to the military pension, not to any other income/pensions you may receive. For example, if you have IRA's that require an RMD, you ARE going to pay NC state income tax on that.
Lower NC taxes compared to else where are nice but the deal maker is so much more.
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Old 08-17-2014, 04:28 PM
Location: We_tside PNW (Columbia Gorge) / CO / SA TX / Thailand
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Originally Posted by RobertaWa View Post
My husband and I "flip/flop" all the time about retirement. When we first started thinking about it over ten years ago we were all about retiring to the Berkshires. Then we soon realized that it is only nice there for two months of the year when Tanglewood is in session. ..

We cannot afford to own two places, so it would mean renting in Tucson for the winters and how long can you keep that up. The moving back and forth would seem to get old very fast
. ..

If we sold our place here then we could have a beautiful place there. But if we sell we could never afford to come back here. That would be it. What if we change our mind.....what if......


U Can have your cake and eat it too (multiple places and commute via air). I keep a $100 car at each location (diesel, so no problem with car sitting a few months or even a few yrs). Tuscon has EXCELLENT onsite parking!!! (covered, near airport, CHEAP). Even my spare motorcycle (100 mpg) started on 1st kick when I arrived home yesterday after being gone 9 months. No Battery required! better yet! My car also started and ran fine... Needed new wiper blades, cuz it had to sit outside) My tractor and bulldozer needed battery charged.

I will admit... I enjoy PNW in Summer, especially during Chamber Music NW
(Similar to tanglewood fest.) That is one thing that keeps me here in summer (Free rehearsals and ushering for free season tickets) 20 minutes away.
Weather, excellent hiking, fresh Salmon, and homemade Ice Cream with fresh wild berries help too (all enjoyed today and everyday July - Sept)
All are available within 5 minutes from my rural location.

I appreciate sleeping w/ 55 - 60F night temps and windows open, only coyotes and owls to disturb me.
Originally Posted by brightdoglover View Post
I do daydream of living in a small Western town in the summer but have not been able to figure out a way to live in two places, like a snow-sun/bird, when the two places are 2,000 miles apart. I'm sure I'll feel less and less like schlepping any distance to a place to live, and then there's the question of pets, suitable car, and if driving, driving that much alone. Don't think I'd care for it now, and will less and less care for it in the future.
Thus I use CHEAP commercial 2 hr airfare ($80) to 'commute' between locations. Pets to an extent.. can come along (Free on SWA), but since I have 'farm dogs and farm cats' (NEVER penned or leashed) they prefer to stay home and 'hunt' / guard. Since I keep a renter, or do home share and have nice neighbors my pets can stay at each home while I venture around the globe. (Free salmon, garden / orchard produce and beef helps repay the neighbors)

Originally Posted by Windwalker2 View Post
I wonder if, now that people are living longer in retirement, it might be better to think of at least two different stages. The first stage might be active retirement, when you can live almost anywhere and do pretty much whatever you want to do. And then come the later years when age begins to catch up with you and If financially feasible, it seems like planning to move more than once during retirement might be wise.
fortunately we (USA) enjoy lots of freedoms to move a lot! and freedom to travel a lot.
I am planning a 3 stage retirement and have tentative places lined up:
1) Active = now (retired pre age 50) to ~age 70 - I will keep the various 'rented' rural homes and RV spots for freedom of movement
2) Passive = age 70 > ~ age 80 - 88 (health and wealth dependent) Sell 4 of my rural places on 'contract' for income to provide living 'wherever'. fixed locations and NO maint!!! Cruising / river barges in Europe / international retirement locations (medi-vacations / medical tourism), retreat centers, Senior co-op (like Enjoy Active, Independent Senior Living in Minneapolis at Becketwood). Or a senior cottage village I hope to build by then,

3) care - need.. (~age 90 + or earlier if needed)
(My own parents needed care from age 49 to age 82, so... I'm currently on borrowed time). I have LTC and high home care policy. I will seek to get into WY pioneer home or equivalent. (Senior care home within a beautiful state park!) currently $1600/month!!!! bargain

access to good healthcare becomes more important.
EZ, and much of the world has been doing this for 50+ yrs. I get my surgeries quoted in various regions.

IBMS International Board of Medicine and Surgery medical tourism medical travel global healthcare
Medical Health Vacation & Tourism, International Healthcare & Medical Care Travel Services - MediTravels
The Medical Vacation - Articles | Travel + Leisure

Daily HC access is another story, and USA will need to become 'inventive'

I have found senior communities that incorporate elements of my Cottage community vision.
1) Seniors caring for seniors (helping as possible / cooking and rides are frequent)
2) Apartment for on-site contract caregiver (shared)
3) On-site Rehab and OT / PT center (self supporting business with priority to profit center / non- profit org) This is REALLY a sweet set-up... apartments for attending spouses, the one I found employed many retired military OT and PT personnel (they got RESULTS!!!, much better than the average OT and PT professional, who gets paid more the longer you stay)
4) On-site food and recreation vendor. (community presence and support)
5) Gardens, workshops, craft rooms, and farm animals and ponds to aid rehab.
6) Mixed age workforce and residents to provide mentor opportunities
7) Managed by residents (keeps them engaged, sharp, contributing, interested in perpetuating for others... one facility was into the 4th generation!)
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Old 08-17-2014, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by TheShadow View Post
I'm here in Tellico Village (near Loudon TN, and 30 min from Knoxville). TV is not your typical community. It is not age-restricted, but it did start out as a Cooper Community, and most of the homeowners are retired. At 55, I am on the younger end of the age spectrum, although there are about 10% younger families. Many (ok, almost all) are transplants from around the country. There are many lakefront homes, and they start at about $500K. There are also golf front homes and interior homes and lots, as well as patio homes and townhomes starting in the $170k area. It is far different from a Sun City type place. The similarities include clubs for every possible interest and many structured activities if that is your thing. The difference is in the "active" end of the activity spectrum. We have a motorcycle club, several car clubs (Corvette, British sports cars, etc), a cruising club for lake boaters (I would guess 60% of residents own boats of some sort), 3 hiking clubs for all levels of hikers, a kayak club, a state of the art fitness center, wine tasting clubs, as well as the obligatory tennis courts, pools, 3 golf courses, etc. So it's not like we are all sitting around discussing our new false teeth. It's far more likely that we are out building a Habitat House for the needy, or attending a photography workshop in Great Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park, or running our dogs in the dog park. The homes are very much individualized as they were built by numerous builders and many are custom. There are no sidewalks, or seas of rooftops here. We are situated along about 8 miles of lake front and the streets are winding through woodlands of hickory, beech, poplar, southern pine, etc. Some lots are small and some are large, some are wooded and some are not. There is a POA, but there are not many "rule Nazis". I can name 5 homes off the top of my head in obvious violation of the exterior "paint color rules" but none have been outted by their neighbors, LOL! For me, it is like living in a very comfortable resort with just about every amenity I can think of. The people are friendly and the weather is pleasant about 85% of the time. We do get some humidity in the summer and a few weeks of cold temps in the winter, but that makes the rest of the time that much sweeter. It's worth a look... www.tellicovillage.org
I've heard so many good things about the place, I plan to visit the end of Sept. to see for myself.

Is the lake sort of a greenish color like it appears in the photos, or is it blue?
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Old 08-17-2014, 06:13 PM
Location: Sierra Vista, AZ
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i am 16 years into retirement and things have changed any number of times. Originally it was a small house in a 55+ Community, then my son moved back and the house was too small. Then a larger house in the same community which became oppressive. On to a flat in San Francisco which was too expensive and finally a house near an Army Base,I am a retiree. in our 70s the upkeep of a house is getting beyond our ability. Things we used to do on our own are now impossible. All I can say your health may not last that long so minimize the upkeep
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Old 08-17-2014, 07:04 PM
Location: Amongst the AZ Cactus
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I think it's difficult to know where one really wants to retire in without spending some time in said place. Reading articles about how great this/that place is just someones view after all of their ideal. That's why I think it's a good idea to rent in a place one thinks they want to retire in for a spell on their vacations over the years and get a good feel for the place before settling anywhere. And next time maybe rent/spend some time in another area that sounds appealing to see how it might fit. My wife and I started this process in our 20's, always keeping our eyes open when we traveled on where we would like to retire one day.

And who knows....maybe what sounds like a good place today to retire/settle in might not hold the same allure after a period of time. If that's true, it might be time to move on to another place to experience. Retirement is about freedom after all.
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Old 08-17-2014, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by TuborgP View Post
Sorta funny we moved to SE side of Raleigh because it had what we wanted including two hours to the beach. I95 is wonderful for east coast travel
LOL. See, it all comes down to individual preference and day-to-day priorities. I think this area is great! We are currently in North Raleigh. We have family in South Raleigh, Clayton and Durham. And I love Durham for the arts scene and overall vibe. Like i said, I could live there (Durham) in retirement if it was simply up to me. But I can't convince my husband to stay. (Even though Durham has GREAT minor league baseball...) So we are heading on out. We've been here 28 years. Lots of good memories!

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Old 08-17-2014, 08:55 PM
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Ever thought of Lake Chapala, Mexico, or any of the other ex-pat filled towns in Mexico? Cost of living is supposed to be much less, medical care as good as the US and much cheaper, and depending on where you go, air travel to the US not a big issue. The central highlands in the Lake Chapala area are supposed to have some of the best weather in the world, eternal spring-like, rainy season is summertime. The coastlines will be hotter and filled with tourists and the Baja is famous for being a bit of a hide out for people who need to do that sort of thing (from the law) but I've also heard people rave about the feeling of freedom compared to the US. One friend who retired there after the military said he would never return to the US...

Here's a randomly picked blog, a quick googling will bring up much information: Our New House in Mexico - RambleCrunch | RambleCrunch
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Old 08-18-2014, 06:23 AM
Location: Tampa, FL
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Originally Posted by BucFan View Post
I've seen that concept a few times (GO GO, SLOW GO, NO GO phases).
Three Phases of Retirement
I'm a younger retiree (early 50's) and find from one week to the next, I'm in the Go-Go, Slow Go, No Go phase - not sure why. Seems like the energy to do stuff changes on a weekly/monthly basis.
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Old 08-18-2014, 06:47 AM
Location: Loudon, TN
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Originally Posted by GotHereQuickAsICould View Post
I've heard so many good things about the place, I plan to visit the end of Sept. to see for myself.

Is the lake sort of a greenish color like it appears in the photos, or is it blue?
To me it looks blue from the shore. Up close, when swimming or fishing, it is clear with a greenish cast. All the plants are a pretty green here all summer long, so some of that could just be reflected (?). It's not like it's algae-filled or anything, I mean I just swam in it yesterday, and I wouldn't swim in algae, but it does have a greenish tint to it. It's relatively shallow (30-70 ft) so it is a very comfortable temperature, cool and refreshing but not cold.
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Old 08-18-2014, 07:06 AM
Location: Whidbey Island, WA
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For us the Arizona choice is just too hot. We are in San Diego now and while I find it very pleasant, it's boring really. Everyone into themselves and on and on. We plan to live part of the summer in Alaska to avoid the heat. Both of us have family here in So Ca. We would love to find a smaller community and are looking at Valley Center and Julian for the rural feel. It has taken a lot of time to get to know places. We would love to have a place in Maui but it's cost prohibitive at this point in time. All said and done, follow your own line and the muse will find you. ~~
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