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Old 03-06-2017, 10:07 AM
Location: Los Angeles area
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Originally Posted by Moonlady View Post
I'm not nightbird, but my brother is in the same situation. $134 represents a good chunk of his current SS income. As for health insurance, he has been lucky to have good health so he opted to pay the penalty rather than pay for health insurance he couldn't afford and didn't need.
Originally Posted by JOinGA View Post
"Good health" does not account for accidents, which can happen to anyone at any time. A jewelry store owner in our area considered himself in good health and took the same risk. He was working in his yard and the equipment he was sitting on tipped over. He had extensive injuries ended up begging for financial assistance to cover his medical bills on Go Fund Me.
Your borther "didn't need" health insurance? JOinGA gave an excellent response to that. It's like saying your house hasns't burned down in three decades, so you don't "need" insurance on it. The whole point of insurance is the coverage it affrords us in case there is a claim. People without insurance are running a hell of a risk, whether its for the house or for medical care. Sure, lots of people run the risk and come out "winners". I placed "winners" in quotes because the lack of peace of mind wouldn't make me feel like a winner in that circumstance.
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Old 03-06-2017, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by nightbird47 View Post
What are these special circumstances? I am going on medicare in two months and losing that much will mean the budget always in emergency mode. Some of my medical costs are 'durable medical' and I should be able to get those, but in order for them to stay put (they stick on in place, and must ahere well) I have a lot of other products which I buy from Amazon, for cost since its cheaper, and as they are hard to find. These are as vital as food. My house needs some work, mostly dead plugs. And routine maintaince, like the occasional plummer.

This month I started out spending 200 dollars for food, as it was mostly out. That was basics needing replacing. I have to watch my diet andI spend 200 dollars on the first trip to the store last month, and as most of its used up, will spend more this month. I don't qualify for food stamps in this state. I buy good basic food, not packaged stuff, and cook my own, and it is very important to maintain a good diet. Mostly I pay cash for food and that deduction could represent most of it.

And when I am worried about money, when its too low too early, I don't do well in the mood department either.

The full SS payment provides fine, but take over a hundred away and it won't. So how to I explain this to them?

I have some work needed on the house too, that I can't do. I've got to have money for that.

And when I feel as if the needed basic stuff might run out before the month, I get very depressed and my moods get the better of me.

I don't do well when life gets tossed into emergency mode. I manage my budget well, but it takes the whole check. I don't do well in panic mode all the time. And FOOD is expensive here, and this state did not expand food and medicade and state services so I'd still not qualify. My needed medical supplies can cost $!00 up in addition to the ones I can order, which should be covered. Many of the other things are, and I buy them online. Losing 135 would threaten my ability to get sufficent supplies which I MUST have on hand. I buy them online since its cheaper than stores if they'd even have the stuff. These are things which medical insurence won't pay for and I must hav

There are months where I have to buy more stuff mid month and run very low on food. I also own my house and have ongoing maintaince for that, which is equally as important, especially if we continue to have strong quakes. And I have property tax. The months I pay that I barely squeek by. But with over a hundred less in the account, I might not be able to pay it.

I own my house and have property tax to pay and need insurence. I also buy my own food as my income is too high for food stamps. I also buy the assorted stuff I need for my health which are not paid for by anyone, some months close to $60. These are not negotable as I absolutely need them..

This is making me very worried and nervous. I have a talk with someone coming up about medicare and social security, but this is making me very scared. Some of my ongoing MUST HAVE medical supplies would be paid for, but in order to get them to work I buy at least 60 dollars more. So, what are these 'special circumstances'. My budget works now but there isn't much 'squeeze'. I may end up using more like 300 dollars worth of supplies some times as well.

Where can I find out about this?

There are several of us at work that are at retirement age or within 2-4yrs. Recently, we were talking about Medicare and how much all the plans cost. One person said she was getting all that they offer with Medicare as her husband has Parkinson's. She thought that that would cost her over 200.00 a month and that they would also need supplemental insurance as well, which will be another several hundred. I was a bit shocked with all of this and although I knew I would pay out od SS for Medicare I wasn't sure just what I would need but also the cost of all of it. Then to think of supplemental and what I needed and what it costs. I am fairly well prepared for it but it was an eye opener.

So, NB, I understand your surprise and worry. Can I ask you what your understanding has been about medicare and did you know or not know it was a monthly cost?
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Old 03-06-2017, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Escort Rider View Post
The whole point of insurance is the coverage it affrords us in case there is a claim. People without insurance are running a hell of a risk, whether its for the house or for medical care.
I always carried health insurance, even when I was a hippie/dippy waitress in Santa Fe. Had already had drunks run red lights twice on me (and there was one more time after that) and there is also cancer all over my family background. Those were the days when BCBS only covered hospitalization, but it sure came in handy when I needed 35 stitches in my face after drunk #2.

I have never gone a minute in my adult life without insurance. When I retire, I think my COBRA will overlap my Medicare because I am moving right after my 65th birthday. I'd rather double pay than risk a slip up, and I don't get sick. (Car crashes, as above, dog bites, preventative health care).
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Old 03-06-2017, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by SportyandMisty View Post
We love Dollar Tree and the other dollar stores as well. Plus, you don't have to get all dressed up.

I've yet to see one in my area, a dollar store that was actually that... a dollar store. I wish there was one. My mother has a fabulous one where she lives, in VT. Ha, 700 miles away!!
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Old 03-06-2017, 10:42 AM
Location: SW Florida
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Originally Posted by galaxyhi View Post

Could your eldest disabled son qualify for SSI? It might be worth it to look into.

I also know what it is like to literally make $1.35 over a limit!

I might be one who who took the thread a little off course, but, I HAVE "been there, done that", and who knows, may have to do it again.

MOH and I have not checked out what will happen SS wise with me on SSDI, and MOH able to draw SS, will we get separate payments, will we be converged into one SS payment, or what?

I DON'T turn to SS eligibility until 62, I think it is due to getting SSDI, they convert to regular SS then, IIRC. I will have to look that up again. MOH COULD draw SS at that time, being 66, so maybe both will be converted and combined?

Even IF we have other arrangements, We DO need to know where we stand on SS, a few shorter than we'd like years away. SO I guess I'd better start looking into it.

PS: I used to Live on Cape Cod, and loved it, until the depression set in and jobs became scarcer, hours became shorter, so I left, moved to another state, and eventually moved back "home" to NY. One thing for sure is I won't miss the high taxes here to run the state when we move further south for warmer drier winters. It will take some of the aches and pains out of my OH's and my joints!

Far as I know couples each collecting SS always each get a check (or direct deposit into an account, actually), the amounts aren't combined into one check for spouses, even if they go into the same account. I'd guess that makes the accounting easier for SS.
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Old 03-06-2017, 11:18 AM
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Geoff Are you sure that taxes on ss of that amount is $4.000? Seems awfully high. We have researched and figured that receiving the max SS for my husband after delaying and taking the standard deduction for the age help taxes are considerably lower. No where near that amount! He will be receiving the max at 70 plus my pittance gives us a generous amount and the taxes would be practically nothing. We can live carefully and meet all our needs with that amount. Of course we have paid off the house and have no car payments. That helps. But your tax figure I hope is incorrect !

Last edited by Mawoods; 03-06-2017 at 11:27 AM.. Reason: address
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Old 03-06-2017, 01:46 PM
Location: Kronenwetter Wisconsin
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We will not have much saved when we retire. Bad luck in the last few years for my husband in jobs. We will carry a mortgage. But my husband has taken a drastic pay cut and when I look what we will get in SS it is not much less then we are making now. A few tweaks to our budget and we should be okay. We both plan to work part time when we collect SS to supplement while we can.
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Old 03-06-2017, 03:05 PM
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Originally Posted by dbsteel View Post
I know you said you plan to sell one, but that is amazing to me that you can maintain two homes and snowbird on just SS alone.
Yes because my husband and I combined make over 40,000 a year, both places don't have mortgages, and taxes combined are still much less than one would pay on just one house. I'm shut everything down in one place when I am in the other. And we both worked. I get a small pension, as well. So technically it's not JUST on SS.

I don't have 2 places and snowbird, one of the places is a small condo to,which I snowbird too. Your making it sound more than what it is. We drive down, I watch our spending like a hawk. And, yes, there are times I have to draw from savings to meet my monthly bills if something comes up. That's why I will sell the north home.

You made it sound like I was lying, and your post sounded very unkind. That really hurt my feelings, as I am an honest person just sharing.

Have a blessed day.
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Old 03-06-2017, 05:16 PM
Location: Southwest
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Thumbs up Somewhere else

Originally Posted by galaxyhi View Post

May I suggest somewhere else? (We retired in Calif, moved to Florida, then to Arizona, stopped briefly in N Carolina and now in the Boise Area)
Like southern states. Where we are looking, houses to for about $30-35k. (What state and county is that? I'm curious.) Sure they need a coat of paint, but that is easy. (We can paint etc) Some are brickwork some are cinderblocks so hurricanes won't affect the as much, except for the roof, and I'm talking only the possibility, not a routine thing, it's a small risk and likely to bring only lots and lots of rain.heck here in NY we get hurricane backlashes. (Thats what I figure, we spent 5 yrs in central Florida, some rainstorms were worse then the minor hurricanes we went thru.)

The COL is cheap, though anywhere you go prices will go up as the national rise to the$15/ hr min wage comes along. (As long as they dont tax groceries like they do here in Idaho, it is bearable for us.)
There are services as I noted above in my posts to help out. (Somehow, altho we dont feel it, they always say our income is just above the qualifying for a "program")
One thing you may have to get used to is the higher population of blacks, but they are generally great kind people, not the hooligans you see in the news In places like Chicago. (That is not even on my mind, we are all created equal.)
Instead many would give you the shirt off their back as long as you treat them the same. (Our last evening in Florida was spent at our neighbors overnite after the moving truck came, so I am also sure he would have given us his shirt had we needed it.)

The weather is nice so if you can bear some heat in summer, and an occasional chilly night in winter without climate control, you won't have that expense. (We did fine in FLA)

The computer makes it easy to research various southern small cities where this is possible BEFORE you make the move. (No, that is how we ended up in 2 places in N Carolina for a few weeks each, we researched beforehand and even made apartment reservations online and then got there and the scene was not what we were told. One of them was under construction, literally still banging on our walls, the other one was over run with Halal stores...and that was not what we had envisioned for our retirement.)

You might even be able to get a part time job there. (That was my original plan when we got to central Florida in 2010-2011, Obama shut down the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Program as soon as we got there and the Gulf Oil Spill also happened simultaneously....which made for me, at age 55 not being able to even find a position mopping floors even though I am a highly trained electrical journeymen/computer tech/Realtor. NO WORK FOR ME, I couldnt even get ONE interview.)

Research various southern areas and find one you like. We have and are planning several vacations there over the next few years, that may not be an option for you, but the computer is full of accurate information. (We did that starting in about 1999 until we retired, we visited all over the south because our grandkids are there, but now we dont care if we are close to them, we can visit from anywhere.) (We went to Tenn, Ky, SC, NC, FLA, GA. it never seemed right place to us. Until we got the great deal on an auction foreclosure in FLA at 70k)
Try Zillow or Trulia for real estate for sale s and info on what they are actually selling for. (I was a Realtor in California for 12 years, I use these sites daily... it seems to have dried up in our price range almost everywhere except Tucson Az a place that I find hazardous to my allergies, remember when people with asthma used to move to Az because of the clean air?) In our case they are selling for $5-10 k BELOW asking! (Please inbox me the state and county so I can check it out, thanks!)
Check it out before you just jump in the U-Haul and move. (Our plan is to jump in the UHaul, return to one of our previous locations and keep the truck 3 extra days, do a 1 yr lease and then we have time to shop the entire area before buying again, it WILL be our FINAL home purchase! We vow it.)
The computer is invaluable. (Yes, I've had a desktop of some sort ever since 1991) You can look up grocery prices by finding out what grocery store s are there, then check the computer for their weekly ads. (Good tip!) There is always a Walmart every small city we are looking at. And a dollar tree store there too, aND credit union s. (Yes, when we went to NC, the Professional Moving Co would not deliver our stuff until they had a cashier's check for A LOT of $$$$, it was only then that we found out there is not one CHase Bank in N Carolina!

So do some research and plan ahead this time. (We are constantly researching....but it's hard to find one place that has 100% tick all the boxes.)
Best of luck to you! (Thank you!)
Please see my answers in parentheses.
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Old 03-06-2017, 06:27 PM
Location: Paranoid State
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Originally Posted by Marble cake View Post
Very interesting thread. We, too, only have SS. I also get a small pension.
It seems you do not, in fact, only have SS -- you also have a small pension.

Originally Posted by Marble cake View Post
We are currently snowbirding in Florida. We bought a condo, cash
Ah. It seems in addition to SS and a small pension, you also have a pile of cash.
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