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Old 11-16-2018, 05:33 PM
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That’s why they charge you all those tolls to get out of New Jersey , it’s worth every penny lol
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Old 11-16-2018, 06:06 PM
Location: SW Missouri
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Oh I'm so glad that I am not the only non-retired person posting on the retirement forum. I was afraid I was going to be tarred and feathered if I participated.

As mentioned I'm not, nor do I plan to retire despite being 63. I work hard and all the time but I love having my own business.

I live in Branson, and that has convinced me more than anything NOT to give in to getting old. Most of the people I meet on a daily basis are so over medicated that they are not even aware of their surroundings.

Prior to Branson I've always lived in big cities. Phoenix, San Antonio, New Orleans to name a few. Being highly intoverted Briggs-Meyer INFP) my small-town living experiences have not always been good but I do love the freedom of rural living with NO RESTRICTIONS as tomy lifestyle!!!

For a while I took a stab at the back-to nature i.e. sustainableliving movement but it was NOT my cup of tea. I am still very much a city girl living in a rural environment.

My future goals include the beach. I would LOVE to live somewhere along Coastal Texas, South Padre Island would be my first choice. Somewhere that I continue mybusiness while enjoying the ocean.
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Old 11-16-2018, 06:13 PM
Location: SW Corner of CT
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Originally Posted by mathjak107 View Post
i think most know my story already . but for those who don't :

i am 66 , live in queens in nyc . my dad was a pro drummer and my mom was very sickly , with huge medical costs . we were forced to live in a nyc housing project . that was a life i hated and i promised myself i would do everything possible not to raise my own family in one .

i was a pro drummer up until my mid 20's . i shifted careers in to being an hvac tech when dee jays started to replace live music in venues . .

hated it and became a climate control specialist for the malls and theaters .

moved on to selling electrical supplies and i became a motor control specialist . i retired 3-1/2 years ago .

i still teach controls 1 day a week and love it .

my wife and i love photography and have a little photography thing going on selling files and our photos .

once i retired my wife pushed me back in to trying the drums again . bad move , she gave a recovered druggie , drugs .

now i am obsessed with drumming again and she created a monster and i think she may regret what she created ha ha ha .

she gave me a shirt that says " you think i am listening to you , but i am really playing my drums in my head "

now i put hours a day in and have a famous drummer as a coach who loads me up with material to learn .

the best thing is after not playing for more than 35 years i accepted an offer to do some songs with a very well known group on their 50th anniversary tour .

so needless to say with our 6th grand child on the way life is very hectic , they all live local .
Totally blew my mind....I thought for sure you would have been some sort of Hedge Fund Manager, or something to do with money management
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Old 11-16-2018, 06:31 PM
Location: SW Corner of CT
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Grew up in a broken household, with a weekend Dad, and when Dad didn't take us, Mom would take us out to the local bar so she could dance the night away.....and not always go home alone.....had many "Uncles". I remember Dad was physically abusive, but once divorced, they were like best friends, always there for each other, and still called each other "Husband" and "Wife".....Dad once told me "I love your mother, just can't live with her".....I believe it. Anyhow, I was the first in my family to graduate HS (#4 out of 6 kids), and first to attend college, didn't last long, liked to party and just wanted to get on with life. Worked as a Pinsetter Mechanic at a bowling alley for about a year, then started working at a local dealership who provided factory training. I worked the first dealership for around 20 years, and achieved Master Tech for Volvo, and Senior Specialist for Nissan, then onto a high line dealer for 3 years as a new car prep and detail manager.....which is harder than it sounds, had to balance between sales, finance, parts departments, and body shop to get cars out the door....had quarters that had CSI ratings between 98-100% for the 3 years I held the position. Currently, working for a school system and cruising toward retirement with pretty decent bennies. Married 28 years after dating her for 11, so we are looking at 39 years in total....should of married her earlier....no kids, just a dog or two and trying to figure out our next step.
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Old 11-16-2018, 07:29 PM
Location: Middle Tennessee
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I grew up poor with parents who were not very good at connecting with their kids. Not mean or anything, just not that interested. Quit school when I was 16 as it didn't interest me. Was in the college prep lane but I was more interested in things like agriculture. Was told by my "guidance counselor" that was for dumb kids and that I had to take geometry, Latin, etc. So I said so long and worked at various odd jobs.

Joined the US Coast Guard when I turned 18 to avoid the draft and Vietnam. Wound up doing a tour over there anyway on a cutter. Made E-6 in four years and thought about staying in, but wasn't that fond of sea duty. Came back home to Florida and got a job at a tire and auto service store.

Got married in 1974 and in 1977 we decided to leave Florida. Moved to Rock Hill South Carolina and things were pretty good. I worked for a wholesale tire center and then we got a new manager who wanted to hire a buddy in my position. So I was out and in 1980-81 jobs were hard to come by. My previous employer in Florida offered me my old job back so away we went. Worked for a couple of different tire stores for the next
11 years. At my last job, the owner's son had a buddy who had just got out of rehab and needed a job, so he was in and I was out. Seemed like I had seen this movie before.

Then I had the opportunity to reinvent myself. I had always been interested in investing and the stock market and I got lucky in 1993 and was hired as a trainee for a national financial services company. We did have to move from the Florida East Coast to the Orlando area. Wound up getting multiple securities licenses and was with the company for 21 years. We were double lucky that my wife, who was working at a bank, got hired a month later by the same company in a different department. She also got multiple licenses and worked there until we retired.

My mother passed away in 2015 so we had no more ties with Florida and could now move wherever we wanted to. Wound up here in Cookeville and we love it. I do some trading in the stock market to make some $ and keep me busy. Play cards or go out to dinner with friends, over to the university in the winter or to the local park in the summer for a concert. My wife likes to crochet and makes baby afghans for the hospital. Once I get my knee replaced this coming spring,I plan to get back into fishing, which I haven't done in years.

Never had any kids; just the two of us with two cats. A pretty quiet life that we really enjoy.
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Old 11-16-2018, 09:14 PM
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I started on this forum as I approached retirement and was trying to plan my retirement including possible locations. I found along the way that I learned a lot about alternatives not just locations but lifestyles.

My background was in medical technology. It was a tough field with lots of downsizing, consolidations, mergers, bankruptcies and the like. I lived and worked in many parts of the country as jobs came and went. Very stressful. The job uncertainty was stressful as was the work. Errors in the medical field are not well tolerated and a significant part of my job was reducing errors and improving quality. I worked in large labs mostly with lots of automation and computers talking to computers to computers to networks of computers. There was a lot of satisfaction in addition to the negatives, but 12 hours a day finally took a toll.

When I retired, I wanted something completely different than long, long stressful hours working with disgruntled employees and high tech. I started with travel and photography. I worked very hard at photography as a form of artistic expression. Now I also paint. I continue to travel and have been on the road in my truck camper for close to 4 months. Currently I am making my way back east to Long Island for the holidays. Most recently I was in Death Valley and the Mojave Preserve. Now I am spending the night at a rest stop just West of Phoenix. I have vague plans for tomorrow. I will be heading south and then continue my easterly trek across country seeing some of the few remaining States I have never visited. When I return I will go back to taking seminars and classes in photography and the arts. I also have tens of thousands of images to cull through, process, and to present to others.
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Old 11-16-2018, 09:36 PM
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I am 51 and hoping to retire by age 58. I could retire now but would be on too tight of a budget to do the things I really want to do.

I live in the Sierras of California; moved here just over a year ago from the San Joaquin Valley. I am living on a beautiful piece of land my SO owns. There are three ponds, a creek with trout in it, some meadow land, but mostly it is wooded. We see critters of all sorts. We have been living in a 22 ft travel trailer this whole time. I hope we will be moving into a 748 sq ft 1/1 cabin home before much longer. It has a wrap around deck and is next to a decent sized pond (maybe 1.5 football fields). It is very rural which is a big change for me. We want to hit the road and travel about half the time, spend the other half enjoying home. Currently I am commuting about 45 min each way to work. I don't really like this part of my new life, especially when there is snow.
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Old 11-16-2018, 10:05 PM
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
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Originally Posted by 20yrsinBranson View Post
Oh I'm so glad that I am not the only non-retired person posting on the retirement forum. I was afraid I was going to be tarred and feathered if I participated.

No one's ever made me feel unwelcome here just because I don't have immediate plans to retire.

Retirement is a huge part of our planning because DH feels he is getting close even though he doesn't want to specify a date yet.

It is early days at what we meant to be our retirement property but we're both a little uneasy, as in "What have we gotten ourselves into?" I'm hoping that's a natural and normal part of the process. The last time we bought a home was 25 years ago.
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Old 11-16-2018, 10:23 PM
Location: Texas of course
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For a long time I just lurked here. Some of you made me smile and a few others made me rather nervous about posting. But one day I decided to just jump in, what was the worst that could happen?

Anyway, this is a somewhat condensed version of my life. I was raised by extremely strict parents. I had a brother and half sister. I had quite a bit of responsibility from a very young age. I watched my brother who was 5 years younger than me after school while I did my list of chores which consisted of fixing supper and housework. I did all this from age 10. I did all the mowing, raking leaves, cutting hedges, laundry, dusting, dishes etc.. and had to keep my grades above a C or I got a spanking with the dreaded belt. My half sister didn't live with us, my mother couldn't control her so she went to live with our great Aunt. I resented the workload I had as a child but looking back, it taught me to be tough and responsible. My little brother was my mothers favorite, he never had any chores and never got the spankings I got. He was extremely intelligent, genius level but ended up with a girlfriend that introduced him to drugs. His life has been a train wreck.

I got married young (18) the 1st time. The old saying you don't know someone till you live with them can be very true. He started beating me almost immediately. This was a different time, there were no battered women's shelters. The police were called often by neighbors with good intentions that were convinced he would kill me. They never arrested him because they didn't see him do it, like I said it was a different time. I managed to leave a few times but he always found me, the last time he caught me he put a gun to my head and told me if I left again he'd kill me and my parents. Well, I finally left thanks to a dear friend I hadn't seen in years that let me move in with her, he didn't know her and it was in another state. I went to college and got a good job.

I met the man I'm married to now some years later, after dating about 4 years we got married. He's my best friend and the best human being I've ever known. We enjoyed hiking, fishing, boating, snow skiing, traveling, reading and having a vegetable garden each year.

Some years back the company I worked for started having financial problems as did many companies that were closing during this time. When they shut the doors I didn't seek employment elsewhere because my declining health. We'd both always been very active and healthy but we now realize your health status can change in a heartbeat. As my Dr. said, this can happen to anyone, nobody is immune.

Financially, we had saved and figured we'd be okay but then we lost almost everything in 2008 when the market tanked. My husband had already retired and had to go back to work. He was diagnosed with prostrate cancer in 2014, after a two year battle he was told he was cancer free. We were shocked at how expensive cancer is. Shortly after this he was told his blood was too thick by his regular MD and he needed to see an oncologist. My heart sank. He now had Polycythemia vera which is a slow-growing blood cancer in which your bone marrow makes too many red blood cells. These excess cells thicken your blood, slowing its flow. They also cause complications, such as blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. There is no cure for this type of cancer. 1 in 3 will now get cancer.

In the meantime we sold our house and moved to a nice quiet mobile home retirement community. We love it and we're just thankful for each day. We now live a quiet life which includes Church, scrabble, cards, visits with some neighbors, cookouts, potlucks, going to the farmers market, beach, free concerts and festivals. Our children are two little chihuahua's that were rescue's, Peanut and Louie. My goal for the future is to see some of the painted Churches in Texas. They are just beautiful and the detail is amazing!

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Old 11-16-2018, 11:04 PM
Location: New Mexico
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I had a fairly uneventful upbringing with good parents in a good neighborhood outside St. Louis -- a Beaver Cleaver life which was fairly normal back then. After college, I began working in government, first as a caseworker and later as a program auditor. I married my best friend from work and we followed job opportunities to the state office and made a life there with our daughter.

I finished graduate school and moved to criminal justice administration as a Governor's appointee and later as research director. It was a good job but politics raised its ugly head more frequently than I liked. I got a new political hack for a boss and we were at odds most of the time. My wife and I eventually retired early (me at age 52) when the state implemented a new retirement formula that fit my age and tenure. I never looked back. In retirement, I worked part-time as a junior city planner, which was a delight, for seven years. I lost my wife, at age 58, to a freak medical situation but we had a wonderful seven years together in retirement. If I hadn't retired early we would not have had any retirement time together.

After about a year and a half of moping around, I decided to reinvent myself and eventually sold my house and moved to New Mexico at age 65. This is paradise or close to it. My daughter moved close by after about a year and she is settled and doing well. I've been here five years, enjoy my independence, just turned 70 and have a new hip to show for it. I have a lot of new friends here but kept the old ones, too. I travel when I want. I'm looking forward to a more active retirement now that my hip problem is resolved. That means more fishing and outdoor hikes and photography. I'm a writer and have a few things published and will continue doing that as well. Right now, life is good.
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