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Old 01-22-2007, 09:38 PM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
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Thanks for that article link you posted. That was a neat article and a very beautiful picture.
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Old 01-23-2007, 08:37 PM
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Unhappy Don't understand the negativity either

Every place in the U.S. has its bad areas. My husband and I are wanting to relocate to the Ogden area also. I live about 55 minutes Northwest of Atlanta, also 20 minutes from the Georgia/Alabama line....we have our rough areas of town everywhere.

It's so hard to relocate...across town, across state...definitely across country to an area you know nothing about. I've done it when I was a child with my grandparents.

I'm wanting to know if Mountainfaith has moved yet. Please email me. I'd love to chat with you. My daughter is going to be 17 next month and I'd like to have some insight on what all you've found out.

etc (my initials)
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Old 01-24-2007, 12:04 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
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Thumbs up teamcambron

HI there. Just saw your post. No, I haven't moved yet, but it IS official that my family & I are moving there soon. My hubby DID accept the job there, so it's all a matter of time now.

We just found out when he needs to be in Utah (mid-February). So, he'll be moving in just a few weeks. I'm jealous!! He does fly out for 1/2 week soon and then come right back to finish up where we live now. My kids & I will move sometime in the next couple months hopefully!! The sooner the better of course.

My goal was to be able to get out there to househunt for a week w/my kids, too. We were all looking forward to it. But, with the timing and all, it may be that my hubby will have to pick out the house for us and we move there as soon as it's ready. I can send him favorite online pics and then he can househunt after work. We did get to visit for several days, so we have an idea of the areas we like most. And I've done TONS of research online, and chatted w/local Utahns at this site and elsewhere. So, it's all helped a lot! Thanks to all who've given great info. already.

Still hoping we can work it out somehow to get out there to find a house. My kids & I would hate to miss out on that. Maybe we'll go at the same time my hubby does. At least my kids & I could drive around during the day and find the houses for sale that we liked most online, or have our local realtor do that job for us. We go thru his work's Relocation Specialist and their realtors, so that will help a lot. I just wish they'd call soon so we can get this all started.

The waiting for the whole process to get thru is the hard part. Just can't wait to BE THERE together as a family! That will be awesome. We're greatly looking forward to this move.

BTW, I know people who haven't moved there yet always want to know what it's really like there. So, just from my few days there, here's some neat observations:

Everyone treated me nice. And I couldn't tell an LDS from a non-LDS. Can't you guys wear LDS uniforms or something?! haha. The LDS here said that it's important to come with a great sense of humour. So, gotta have that. And I know I just made some LDS laugh with that one. haha.

And at restaurants, even places like the Outback and more expensive ones, most everyone wore jeans. That was a great sign for my hubby & I. We like things casual. People might have a nice shirt on or sweater w/their jeans. And his workplace was similar - very casual w/jeans. Another plus.

And when going out to eat or shopping, people actually 'smiled' at me when I smiled at them first. That was a pleasant surprise. And people of every race were as friendly w/us as we were w/them. That was also great! I sure want my kids to grow up experiencing that - that different races can get along, since we're all just regular people. While I pray people soon come to a personal relationship with Jesus as Lord & Savior, as my family & I have, I do know that God made us all and each person has to make that important choice for himself/herself.

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Old 01-24-2007, 12:16 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
Reputation: 51
Cool Ogden review...

Also, on the note of Ogden...I read all the bad Ogden reviews here & a few good, but still went w/an open mind. See, I've lived not far from Chicago for much of my life, and then also in a southwestern state for several years inside a million+ metro city. I was the minority white person, while most all my co-workers and some of my best friends were Mexican. They were so precious to me and I didn't feel any difference, except that they were much more open & friendly than most. And that's why we got along so well, as I'm like that anyway. And while my family & I don't currently live IN a metro area, we live near several big metro areas that we travel in. So, I didn't feel the scary feel I expected to, driving thru Ogden. I think it mostly depends on what you've experienced or lived near or have driven thru before. But it seems much less than what I've seen. Chicago & Gary scare me & the bad sides of major metro areas, too. And there's nice small cities I've lived in that have bad streets that they say not to hang out by at night. So, that's just part of the thing you get to know when you're in Utah especially.

There's many things (museums, Ice Sheet, Nature Center, restaurants, etc.)that I'll definitely be taking my kids to do in Ogden. And we drove around there and didn't feel worried. We did stay near the main roads tho', like 25th street since it's that Historic Street especially. We drove to the East side and some other main roads as well. Of course we especially liked the area from 12th street and north of that. And the very east side sure had a pretty view. And the area down by Weber State University sure was pretty at night. We drove thru at daytime & nighttime. I'm sure there are the bad areas that we didn't drive thru, but still can't imagine it's anywhere near what I've been used to in the past. So, it's probably relative to what you're used to already. If you're from the country or not near any really big metro areas w/big crime ever, than it may be more scary. I'm sure I'll quickly learn what areas are safer or not.

But they are at least working on a major Ogden revitalization plan and it sounds GREAT! They're working on making it an even bigger hotspot for tourism and linking it more w/the ski slopes, etc. And the light rail will be coming up to the area, so that will save a lot of the congestion in the area on I-15 as well.

I can tell you that an area that I live by now, women cannot believe I drive thru by myself at times. They keep telling me to go a different way, which would take too long. But I knew this was the fastest and it's main roads still. I wouldn't have done the backstreets. haha. Anyway, it was a tad creepy in part of the drive years back, but the city did a major revitalizing of some tall business buildings where it was getting gang-like & graffity around, too. And of all things, just with that little change in building design, I haven't seen that bad stuff around in years now. When people start caring about their town and revitalizing it and making it into the very great thing it can be, it just can turn things around. Now, I see lots more business people walking the streets safely. It's a night & day difference just from making the business buildings a fancier style. You just get a good feel when driving thru now. Funny how making something LOOK better, changes attitudes so quickly. So I'll hope & pray for the best for Ogden and the surrounding areas, too. Maybe it will happen there, too. God can change anything if people believe as well.

About the views around the area from Salt Lake to North Ogden: amazing, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, incredible, and very hard to leave because of that. The mountains are just so massive when you're there in person. And talk about EZ to tell which way you're going. When going North, you'll see the massive Wasatch Mountains on your RIGHT. And the Great Salt Lake will be on your LEFT. Also, I never drive to airports. But I really thought the I-15 layout was so simple to understand. Just takes ya right down to Salt Lake to get to the airport. So, I even volunteered to drive all the way there. Since we didn't go at rushhour (big hint) it only took us about 35 min. maybe.

The area is a lot more compact than I pictured, so I guess that's why it seemed easier. The cities are very landlocked in between the mountains and the Salt Lake. So, you drive up from Salt Lake going NOrth and see Bountiful, Farmington, Kaysville, then Layton and Syracuse, Clearfield, Ogden, etc etc. All the cities are pretty much connected, so very EZ to find. There are TONS of sidestreets, so make sure you have a map, as it can get a tad confusing. I'm sure once we've lived there, it will be much simpler. But as long as you know where the main roads are, that's a big help already. And those were EZ to find.

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Old 01-24-2007, 12:31 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
Reputation: 51
Wink Final post in this 'observation series' (haha)...

Many on here (LDS & non-LDS) gave great hints about non-LDS usually doing best in the newer subdivisions where the outsiders are moving in. That makes for a bond right there, the newbies. They said the older established neighborhoods tend to be mostly LDS. And that LDS normally are going to be very nice to us regardless where we live. My family & I (non-LDS) are the type that like to be great neighbors and be there for them if they need us. So, I'm sure we'll fit in fine. I'm going with the attitude that there's good & bad wherever you move and every place has its own cliques. It's like that where we live now. We moved to a small area in the MIdwest where most people have known each other all their lives or are related somehow. So, that's hard to break into, but eventually we were able to. Didn't bother us as a family as we're very independent and make friends fast. And we were patient w/people til they felt ready to extend friendship back to us as well.

Still hoping the non-denominational or sound doctrinal Baptist type churches we visit there are much more open & EZ to make friends. I'm thinking they will be since so many of us moving in from outside Utah would be going there together. So, I'm going with a silver lining attitude and very excited about this family move across the country. It's been fun telling people we're moving OUT WEST TO THE MOUNTAINS. And my family & I love that it's Mountain Standard Time, too. Being on EST can make for such a late night.

Housing: Very expensive, so that was an issue for my family. But, God will work it out. I know He's got a house out there for us when it's just the right time. The locals have said the housing prices were way better, but in the last year or so they skyrocketed. But we'll make it work. We're sure hoping to be in East Layton or North Ogden area, or in the very outskirts of Ogden, or Clearfield. Those are the areas we felt best in for ourselves at least. And we've got to go where we can afford. Our goal is to have a life outside our mortgage payments. haha. On that note, we were told the new hopping area is Syracuse. Boy was that ever true! They have tons of new subdivisions being built right now and a brand new Super Walmart that looked like it was very close to opening. We walked in a Super Walmart in West Layton and were totally amazed at just how HUGE it was. The aisles were super wide! Wow! And the workers were very friendly to us.

Another cool thing: The city parks around the areas are so beautiful with great mountain views about everywhere you go. Each city has many parks in them. There are great individual city links I found online where you can click on each park for pictures. And you can find tons of info. or new resident type FAQs about each area. Well, enuf for now. I better get some sleep.

Sure hope you enjoyed some of my own humble observations. Remember, it can be different for everyone tho', as everyone has their own perspectives and that's ok. So best wishes on your own visits to Utah as well. Can't wait til we're all UTAHNS!! It's been fun chatting on here. I'm sure I'll be on a lot with the move coming up within months now. Can't wait to just be there w/my family all together again. To think our new 'home' will be in Utah before we know it. Cool!
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Old 01-24-2007, 01:08 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
Reputation: 51
Wink teamcambron

Just noticed you were from outside of Atlanta. Wow! I had relatives there long ago, and know friends that have moved there. Can't imagine Ogden or Salt Lake City being scary compared to the rough areas you've dealt with. That's kinda what I was trying to say in my posts...that it's probably really so relative to what we've lived thru in our lives. Of course there must be rough areas, but from the areas we've been thru growing up, I'm thinking IMHO that we've been thru worse. Know what I mean?

And for affordability, at least for my family, we may need to live on the very outskirts of Ogden at least (North of 12th) or like South Weber area. Like I said, our favorites are Layton, North Ogden, Pleasant View, newer areas of Clearfield. Some cities we didn't have time to drive thru. I didn't have a good 'feel' when driving thru Clinton, but I'm sure that's different for everyone, too.

We didn't have time to drive thru Brigham area. Heard they have lower cost housing available. It looks pretty from pics. But, I was concerned about maybe being a minority non-LDS up there. Not saying that in a bad way. Just mean that I don't know if it's diverse enough for my kids or if it would be too far for us for all the activities we'd want to try. We were trying to be close to my hubby's job, so he might be able to have lunch at home sometimes. Or we could meet at a park for a picnic. That's something I've always wanted. Now he has too long of a drive, so hoping to shorten it up. I want him to have more family time than time on the road. But I"m keeping open on where we'll end up living. God has some place for us there and soon enough we'll be there. BTW, we're a very family-oriented family, so that's what makes Utah a great place for us to move. We love the whole conservative, family-oriented, and major nature-view environment.
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Old 01-24-2007, 11:36 PM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
Reputation: 51
Post Davis & Weber county websites


The above link gives info. on population, housing, weather, crime, education, etc.

Make sure to go thru the Utah city links and read up on all the detailed info. And if you search in your search engine for each city your interested in by name & state, you can get to their official city websites which help A LOT, too. Since this thread is about Ogden, here's their websites & the Weber County website if you're looking at other areas in Weber, too:

http://ogdencity.com/index.php (broken link)

If you are also looking at Davis Cty., here's their links:


Hope that helps. Our family's goal is to live outside the busy metro areas. Hoping to be in the cities just outside it. And we want to be in the safest family areas of course. Housing costs will also play a big factor in where we can live. So, time will tell.
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Old 01-25-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default moving

Layton and Kaysville have better reputations. We are currently looking at Syracuse. They seem to have nice homes and prices. I currently live in West Valley and have for about 10 years and have liked it. The only thing I haven't liked is the mall and that the neighborhood I am in is older and doesn't have a lot of kids (which we have). So please stop bashing West Valley. Sure, there are pockets here, like any other city. I grew up in Sandy and could tell you the areas to avoid there. Unless you have lived in a city don't talk about it in disgust.
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Old 01-27-2007, 08:45 PM
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Thumbs up Wonderful!!

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

I hope everything pans out for us as well as it has for you! My husband and I, along with my daughter, are going out for a visit in March.(we hope )

I have a thing for older houses, and remodeling them...so I am hoping that the older homes I've found on line in Ogden are what they seem to be on line. I enjoy a challenge! Mountainfaith, did you go thru the old neighborhood downtown Ogden when you were going down 25th? My husband and I are penny pinchers and definitely do not want to go into debt for an expensive house, so an older one that we can work on is definitely our thing!

I've checked out all the websites! They are wonderful! I can't wait to see the mountains! God is Great! God is Wonderful...What a place...this earth!
Things He has created I've yet to see!!

I really think I'll love Ogden.

I lived in Atlanta for almost 4 years and it was scary at times. Especially downtown at night. There are places here in Rome, Georgia that I won't go at night...so I'm not so worried. Crime is everywhere. You just have to watch yourself and your family.

Keep me posted and I'll be in touch! Happy home hunting!
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Old 01-29-2007, 08:07 AM
Location: Utah (from Midwest)
132 posts, read 632,128 times
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Smile teamcambron

Thanks for writing back. I just noticed your post. Yeah, if we ended up in Ogden, I'd especially like the very northern end near North Ogden or the very southern end.

I'm similar to you, the Utah housing prices are just so high for us. Sure hoping we can find something in a nice safe area. I just want to know that my 2 kids can walk around or ride bikes and feel safe and have fun!

I'm sure you wouldn't have much of a problem finding an older house to fix up in Ogden. Make sure you ask which are the nicer, safer districts - but very affordable.

I don't know about safety, but I did think 25th street (Historic Street) was very neat. We went to Union Station and the Visitor's Bureau in that big building which has lots of neat stuff in it. Hard to find the Visitor's Bureau, but it's there - upstairs. And the guy was SO NICE and helpful to my hubby & I. He could probably tell ya the known 'good' areas, etc. for your family to look at especially. They have lots of great brochures and booklets on the area there, too.

We also went to a restaurant on 25th street. It was nice! They have lots of neat restaurants to try of different cultures. And we went to the Prairie Schooner restaurant. Talk about awesome. We love the whole prarie theme in the place - just like you stepped back in time. Cool! A little pricey, so it will be more a celebration type place for us and place we'll take family when visiting. Too cool to pass up. Maybe lunch prices would be more affordable. It's just such a cool place. Look it up online. I've also researched the Ice Sheet for ice skating. Very nice! And we especially like the website for the Dinosaur Park and the Nature Museum especially.

Ogden city links:

http://ogdencity.com/index.php?module=ibcms&fxn=parks.dinopark (broken link)

We also drove on the far east side - the bench. That at least appeared to be nice to us. It was so pretty right at the mountain. People have said the safest areas in Ogden are the far north, the far east, and the far south. But like we have been talking about, it's all relative to what we're already used to from where we've lived.

Please keep me up-to-date on how things are going. MY hubby goes to work for 1/2 a week soon to start his transition to Utah. Then he comes back for a little bit and then will move out to Utah. It's going so fast!! We're in the 'cleaning up the house to sell' process. Can't wait to be done with that!

My goal would be to take my kids out to Utah and they could help me a lot with househunting for a week. And then, if (hoping & praying) we find a house that week, we could start the closing process. And putting our house for sale at the same time. I KNOW the Lord has a house out there for us, we just have to find it. Whatever city we end up in, it will all work out in due time.

It's so neat & fun to chat with other 'outsiders' moving in to Utah. God be with you and bless you in your move, too!

Last edited by mountainfaith; 01-29-2007 at 08:47 AM..
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