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  1. Which one of cities would you love in (if they were your only choice)?
  2. help, trying to find a home!: fit in, homes
  3. near Yellowstone: safe, move to, friendly
  4. Where To Move?: homes, prices, suburbs
  5. Greenest state in the U.S?: disposal, garden, air quality
  6. Birth / Community Center, BUT WHERE?!: renting, food, areas
  7. Is Las Vegas, Palm Springs, or Phoenix hotter?: live, station
  8. In your experience which has the friendlier neighbours: new developments or older neighborhoods?: houses
  9. Employment help: job market, purchasing, salary
  10. Where to move, someplace cheap, safe, warm: for sale, new home
  11. Southern/northern viewpoint: 2013, house, living
  12. Hello!: club, clubs, area
  13. Your favorite Things to do in Cities?: neighborhoods, live in
  14. Job Transfer...Need Advice: appointed, real estate, condo
  15. Colorado or Florida: home, triathlon, moving
  16. Where would you move to:Iowa City, IA, Ft.Collins,CO, Columbia,MO or Bloomington, IN?: best town
  17. Help!! Where to relocate??: best cities, low crime, home
  18. NAR Q2 2007 Median Home Prices, Most Expensive US Metros: live, association
  19. relocating to charlotte at 24 yrs old: apartments, to rent, colleges
  20. best paying jobs in your city: sales, college, best place
  21. A: home, to live, permits
  22. Trades and Service: house, tile, to live in
  23. Most livable big cities/metros for a $45-50k salary?: apartment, college
  24. Best and worse dressed cities: year, qualify, recent
  25. Housing Five-Year Projection is Down, Down, Down: to rent, loans
  26. Most Visited Cities: estimated, metro area, area
  27. Small or mid-sized cities with boring or plain skylines: dental, skyline
  28. When looking to relocate, what kinds of taxes do you concern yourself with...: sales
  29. Phoenix landscape: homes, neighborhoods, restaurants
  30. News, States pass new laws to battle rise in copper thefts.: utilities, electric
  31. Magnificent Mile vs fifth Ave: streets, better
  32. Salaries: how much, home, living
  33. Immigration & tax help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :S: taxi, tax return, to live
  34. Best U.S City to Intern?: college, to live in, internship
  35. Where should I move ?: school districts, college, moving
  36. Have more police presence.: live in, cost, residential
  37. Best cities for architecture/art?: city hall, homes, neighborhoods
  38. Learning German: best cities, rent, high school
  39. Cheapest and Safest cities ever heard of: homes, housing
  40. Where to move when you're a new grad?: best cities, look for a job
  41. Looking for family friendly town with lakes: theatre, schools
  42. Americans giving thanks: real estate, how much, college
  43. Louisiana vs. Texas: beaches, racist, best
  44. City/Town's with the Most Entrepreneurial Spirit: taxes, safe
  45. How did you do it? (Relocate): new home, neighborhood, living in
  46. Liberal small towns?: real estate, prices, estate
  47. Can You help me find the place I am looking for: lawyers, job market
  48. Beautiful Flowers: Represent your home region!: shop, places, pictures
  49. Is there such a thing as a city mecca ?: best city, spring break
  50. Which city pays good and is affordable?: college, living
  51. where to stop for the night in Texas: safe, station
  52. Sizable Cities (100k+) dominated by one company?: insurance, layoffs
  53. Moving back to the Midwest: college, live in, moving to
  54. Best Cities for 25-30 year olds?: schools, university, live in
  55. Pay my own relocation...: movers, job market, school
  56. Advice on Where to Move: neighborhoods, university, living in
  57. Family Time, Country Life vs. Hectic Stressful Lifestyle: sale, condo
  58. Sending out antennae: maintenance, living in, suburb
  59. Real Photos of your Neighborhood: homes, neighborhoods, place to live
  60. Worst area/zip code in your city?: neighborhood, live
  61. Georgia vs Texas vs Florida: real estate, foreclosed, HOA
  62. Looking for a large LIBERAL city w/ a LOW cost of living - HELP!: low crime, home
  63. Will Texas Surpass California in population?: transplants, camps, statistics
  64. Favorite City Nicks and Monikers: home, live, centers
  65. how long: safety, places, photos
  66. Famous old songs about your city.: home, bill, suburb
  67. What is the northernmost Southern city? Southernmost Northern city?: live, design
  68. Best citiessss=P: home, good schools, taxes
  69. moving to southeast U.S. what is best family place to live near major airport: low crime, house
  70. Why do so many people hate the Midwest?: crime, house
  71. Enclaves of regions in different parts of the USA.: home, living
  72. Best Christmas cities?: home, living, stores
  73. Where does a broke girl move?: apartment, houses, job market
  74. What is the easternmost western city? The westernmost eastern city?: chapel, homes
  75. Traditionally conservative cities turning from red to blue?: fit in, neighborhood
  76. Where's Christmas Town America ?: houses, living in, shops
  77. Navy War Ships named after American cities.: how much, homes
  78. US Metro Areas with the Highest Median Household Income, 2007: median income, living
  79. Real estate markets, how is yours fairing?: for sale, foreclosures
  80. Should Texas become its own nation?: how much, live, economy
  81. Balanced and Unbalanced States: live, vs., metro area
  82. What are the different sub-regions of the midwest?: credit, home
  83. 5 cities with the most educated blacks: rent, public schools, college
  84. Wash,DC area richest and most educated region of US: live, moving
  85. Most Dangerous Metro Areas in the US?: crime rate, statistics
  86. Is the South rising again?: 2013, to buy, incomes
  87. What colleges meet my criteria?: ski resort, home, transfer
  88. US regions with strongest culture: fit in, transplants, construction
  89. Which State's people are most like the Character Larry The Cable Guy: live, suburbs
  90. Which Southern states are best for aerospace engineering jobs/internships?: employment, transfer
  91. Who has the longest daily commute in America?: middle-class, house
  92. What Do You Like About Your Town?: low crime, homes
  93. portland or oklahoma city: 2013, to rent, living
  94. Portland or Seattle: 2015, home, to live in
  95. The Glamorous Life!: home, buy, luxury
  96. Cities Most Like 1970s NYC?: foreclosure, lofts, condos
  97. Michigan secede from the USA: crime, unemployment, live
  98. Southern California vs. South Florida: job market, tornadoes, earthquakes
  99. Spider-free places/states? Help me: apartment, condominium, crime
  100. Populated Areas with no Bad Areas: low crime, good schools, college
  101. Registered Nurse Wants to Move... Where?: apartments, rentals, mortgage
  102. Beach bum (Idea). Wheres the best beach for a 20 year old to live at?: apartment, rental
  103. Forbes:Americas 30 most visited cities!: hotel, homes, airport
  104. The nicest town or City dominated by African Americans is?: crime rate, neighborhoods
  105. The Great Migration of Sweet Tea: houses, restaurants, move
  106. The Birth of a city!The person your city is named after.: appointed, new home
  107. Interesting town names in your state: hotel, lawyers, home
  108. What's better-growing up in a large city or small town or farm?: ski resort, sale
  109. Most Intelligent Cities or Towns in the U.S.: section 8, transplants
  110. Smoking Bar Only: crime, loans, college
  111. Car/Motorvehicle Horn Usage In Your City: live, moving
  112. Unfairly overshadowed or inferiority complexes which do you think it is?: lawyer, house
  113. Relic Borders between US states/regions.: home, landlord, moving
  114. What states play the most video games?: buy, live
  115. If you could help revive five cities....: lease, condos
  116. best college town: iowa city, ia, bloomington, in or athens, ga...?: appointed, home
  117. How big does a city have to be before...: employment, college
  118. Which one of cities would be your forced choice?: beach, humidity
  119. Cities you never hear about.: credit, suburb, metro area
  120. Which community is most rude to outsiders?: fit in, live in
  121. St. Louis or Huntington Beach: renting, condos, to buy
  122. Natural Gas Compressor Stations: house, living in, safety
  123. Big City University: low crime, safe neighborhood, schools
  124. What American city has most greatly nose dived? (from colonial America onwards): live, housing
  125. best place to be: house, school, college
  126. Extreme Drought or Lots of Rain? Which would you prefer?: tornado, living
  127. Low heat/humidity+educated population+progressive???: quality of life, organic, food
  128. Help me find my dream state =P: rent, crime
  129. Oh man, just WHERE to live?!: best cities, real estate, sex offenders
  130. Is drought affecting where you live?: living in, water bill, land
  131. What do you think will happen to the Rust Belt cities?: crime rates, neighborhoods
  132. Where to choose? Chicago or NJ?: sales, buying a home, buying
  133. Favorite southwestern city: house, live, moving to
  134. Where do the most self reliant people come from ?: live in, cars
  135. Planning on moving: apartment, to rent, college
  136. CALIFORNIA or FLORIDA?: crime, how much, place to live
  137. Do you think Chicago will ever surpass LA in population?: fit in, apartments
  138. Will LA ever surpass NYC in population?: cheap home, live in
  139. (our) most dangerous cities...(with a spin): sales, apartments
  140. Conde Nast 2007 :World's Favorite Cities for International Tourism: architectural, rankings
  141. Do you really need a HUGE house?: apartment, condo
  142. Best, cold weather downtown living?: how much, employment, safe area
  143. America's favorite cities: The results are in: best city, neighborhoods
  144. Help me find a city!: houses, tech jobs, buying
  145. 25 Largest Churches in the United States, 2006: chapel, school, square footage
  146. Accents in all states: college, commuters, area
  147. Most Workaholic Cities in the US: unemployed, tornado, calculated
  148. There may have been a white flight to suburbia, but it the ones who stayed are doing really well: pros and cons, high income
  149. Another Reason to Love Scranton! Be Careful What You Say to Your Toilet!: neighborhood, to live in
  150. Largest downtown: square footage, live, floors
  151. Big drought in the south: skatepark, houses, purchase
  152. POLL: Leaving Scranton---Where to Next?: salon, crime, how much
  153. How did you choose where you currently live?: home, job market
  154. Milwaukee: Would you live in MKE?: living in, bars, architecture
  155. Cities for a European Teacher: apartment, how much, employment
  156. How and Why has Atlanta Grown So Much?: real estate, job market
  157. Hippie / alternative vibe: colleges, organic, restaurants
  158. Name the prettiest small cities (population btwn 40,000-100,000): home, stores
  159. HOUSTON--Let's get this over with!: home, vs., transit
  160. How Low Can They Go? America's Incredible Shrinking Cities! (Northeast Version): middle-class, home
  161. Which of Great Plains Cities would you live in?: real estate, houses
  162. Towns or cities with the weirdest slogans.: crime rate, place to live
  163. 50 States and DC Population Projections, 2030: move, estimates, rankings
  164. Billboard Cities: store, paycheck, places
  165. What are the most lively downtowns in the U.S.?: hotel, homes
  166. Photos That Capture What You Love About Your City/State: to buy, theater
  167. Philly's a Joke...: live, homeless, mayor
  168. Match an Eastern U.S. city with a Western: neighborhood, vs.
  169. best city: crime rates, buy, living
  170. How to Make Your City Grow: transplants, sales, apartments
  171. Portland, OR & Seattle, WA: What's the difference?: best city, sales
  172. Cities that snow in Winter but arent blistering hot in the summer: house, live in
  173. The Best looking/ugliest buildings in your city?: city hall, hotel
  174. Lazy Cities: home, taxi, live in
  175. Most walkable cities in the U.S.: hair salon, credit
  176. If money wasn't an issue-where would you live?: loft, houses
  177. Charlotte or Atlanta: crime, homes, job market
  178. easiest state to get a driving licence: DMV, drivers license
  179. Best Southern Beach Town: transplants, wedding, movies
  180. Fastest growing downtowns: condominium, hotels, new construction
  181. Effect of gays on real estate value in your city: loans, houses
  182. Which is your top 3 favorite states and why?: transplants, house
  183. The next Detroit: condos, crime, homes
  184. Bugs: north, east, south, and west: house, scorpion, gated
  185. Will you share your Culture?: amusement parks, receptions, chapel
  186. Cities like San Francisco, but NOT San Francisco: employment, camping
  187. State with the Weirdest Festivals: home, theater, live
  188. What are of the most beautiful, vibrant Midwestern college towns?: county, downtown
  189. American Cultural Experiences - Folk Festivals -come Be With Us!: RV park, theater
  190. Be an Ambassador in your own town: home, live
  191. Total Value of all Housing Units in the US now exceeds $20 Trillion: beach
  192. Mountain Hotels: best, lodge, similar
  193. Most Expensive Residential Blocks across the US: real estate, apartments
  194. Writers Strike in LA, Broadway Shows strike in NYC: cities, short term
  195. US Expats: moving to, foreign, outside
  196. Chat with Mercy Me - TONIGHT!!!!!!!!: live, people, recommend
  197. Selling furniture classic models: to buy, living, factory
  198. Chicago and Pittsburgh: Similarities and Differences: violent crime, taxes, living
  199. Best area for Alternative Healers: relocating, practice, interest
  200. Something reliable or risky - which one to choose? I need your advice.: legal