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  1. What is the best town to spend Christmas & New Years in New England?: ski resort
  2. Relocating - Where is clean water and great hiking and dog friendly??: chapel
  3. If you could live anywhere in the Phoenix metro or the Dallas metro, which would you choose?: income
  4. Help me escape California - what's the best alternative?: credit, universities
  5. Most Peaceful/Pretty Nature Spot (Within 3 Mile WALK): city hall, home
  6. Largest Metro Areas by Federal Locality Pay Areas: how much, wages
  7. What other large and mild winter weather metros are reminiscent of Phoenix?: suburb
  8. Looking for my own Mystery, Alaska: condo, how much, townhomes
  9. What genre(s) of music are popular in your area?: live, nightlife
  10. States/regions with heavy Scots-Irish influence: 2013, credit, home
  11. Recycling Changes - What's Happening Where You Are?: live in, prices
  12. Arizona or another promising/perspective State: apartments, how much, house
  13. I am looking for the right balance of city/suburbs/culture/lifestyle- help: taxes
  14. What Cities have the least amount of traffic, million or less people, and the least amount of snow?: metro
  15. Where to move to for my family?: real estate, loan
  16. Take me to the beach...: 2015, homes, best school districts
  17. Millennial hotpots in 2018: Has San Francisco lost its luster?: 2015, rent
  18. Where to homestead...: to rent, low crime, house
  19. Most Significant Geographic Point with Most Insignificant City: beaches, metro
  20. Virginia Beach vs Knoxville vs Raleigh vs Richmond vs Asheville vs Austin: vs.
  21. State attractions: amusement parks, restaurants, shop
  22. Has hopped from city to city every 6 months or so just for fun? 😁: apartments
  23. Dilemma, dilemma - where to check out for a move?: tax, living in
  24. Ecological/environmental risk - how big is it in determining a place to live?: tornado
  25. In the entire Sun Belt (excluding CA), which city is best for an upper middle class late 20s person to live?: neighborhood
  26. Who has seen shopping malls open and close?: real estate, 2013
  27. Where should I branch out to next (SoCal to Knoxville to ?): how much, neighborhood
  28. Sacramento vs Tampa Bay - how do they compare?: quality of life, price
  29. What are of the best Southern California alternatives?: credit, pros and cons
  30. Looking for Advice on Moving Destination: transplants, houses, buy
  31. Public humiliation criminals: fingerprints, crime, lawyer
  32. Most Safe Cities in U.S. Ranked: crimes, law
  33. Which other warm winter cities/areas feel like Western Austin (TX) and South OC (CA)?: suburban
  34. Best Place for Me?: house, safe area, live
  35. Doggonit, cities: ferry, best, park
  36. A different kind of Amazon aesthetics: airports, public transportation
  37. Radius for Population and Demographics: real estate, university, estate
  38. Best state for men?: 2015, wages, quality of life
  39. Top Beaches For Wealthy African Americans and Black Celebrities: beach, island
  40. Where find weather like OH-PA, rain near Mts?: taxes, rated
  41. I can't decide if I should move, and if I should, should I move to LA, ATL, or Austin? or: neighborhoods
  42. To who grew up in a large city...: middle-class, rent
  43. Best city to form punk/cabaret act: university, live in
  44. Which cities are more similar? Portland and Las Vegas or Atlanta and Miami?: metro area
  45. Most efficient route to visit all lower 48 capitals: 2015, road
  46. , move is needed: crime rate, living, low cost
  47. Looking for my new home!: dorm, job market, school
  48. Help me find the perfect place!: how much, house prices, employment
  49. Metros with small strip malls vs big strip malls: homes, taxes
  50. Which cities do the best job of interweaving their natural features into urban life?: neighborhoods
  51. Did moving states change your life, for better or worse? Is it more up to the person, rather than place?: new home, neighborhoods
  52. Where ____ and Modified ____ have the most equal footing: universities, living in
  53. Advice needed on moving to the US within certain parameters.: fit in, amusement parks
  54. Best State for a 22 year old from Europe with a Law Degree ?: 2015, health insurance
  55. Are the wildfires indeed happening only in the Western part of US?: asbestos, live
  56. How great is the north-south and/or east-west divide in your state?: fit in, home
  57. US Cities: the best of the Brand: city hall, live
  58. What are areas that should be National Parks but aren't? Or that are but shouldn't be?: appointed, buying
  59. the best of the frozen-in-time cities: neighborhoods, restaurants, shops
  60. Where should I visit first of areas i'm moving?: appointed, real estate
  61. From which area to which area is the hardest adjustment?: college, gated
  62. Single girl in her late 20’s looking to make a move?: sales, apartments
  63. Rhode Island vs Delaware vs New Hampshire vs Eastern Connecticut...: home, buying
  64. What does the judgmental map of your city look like?: 2015, living
  65. Which US Cities Have Houses with Basements?: fit in, to rent
  66. Help me find the proper state(s) to build a new life!?: real estate market, apartment
  67. Which US city has the highest concentration of social misfits?: 2013, schools
  68. Small senior friendly town: university, income, income tax
  69. Which Region Has The Best Climate?: home, tornadoes, earthquake
  70. Predict the future: 5 largest cities in North America in 2030: cost, stats
  71. Why are so many Americans anti-cities?: apartment, high crime, neighborhoods
  72. What cities have the most TOD( Transit oriented development and urban villeges?: school, train
  73. How much does a standard beer at a bar tend to cost where you live?: neighborhood, buy
  74. Best cities/suburbs or states to raise families: best suburbs, apartment
  75. The period of ca. 1966-ca. 1997 like a dark period in US history. Why do so many seem to pine for times?: crime, unemployment rate
  76. Low COL, Property Taxes and Home Prices In A Walk-able Smaller City: wood floors, fit in
  77. Most Dangerous Metro Areas: crime, neighborhoods, college
  78. Heatmaps of Facebook friendships by county: hotel, subdivisions, live
  79. It's OMB releases new Bulletin No. 18-04, Revised MSA/CSA Delineations: metro area, area
  80. Which town or city would best suit me?: car insurance, low crime
  81. Rust Belt Surprises.....: lawyers, neighborhoods, income
  82. Your commute: home, live in, bars
  83. Best metros for QOL: university, quality of life, places to live
  84. Best Commute in the US: houses, neighborhoods, live
  85. Hip-Hop albums that represent a city.: neighborhood, live, cost
  86. Name 3 Things You Love about Your Town: low crime, home
  87. mild winters,good school,cheap land,30 min to big city,: homes, good schools
  88. Have you guys watched A World According To Briggs: move to, design
  89. America's Crime Cities: 2013, crime rate, neighborhoods
  90. I want to relocate but I have almost no criteria about where to move to: to rent, university
  91. The 25 Coolest Cities in America per Matador Network: home, living in
  92. MLB & The City: the sociology of two team cities: 2014, versus
  93. Tallest Mountain in your city and county?: ski resort, house
  94. Advice on where to move next?: home, living in, restaurants
  95. Think about moving down south but where?: sales, apartments
  96. Ethnolects by region?: home, neighborhoods, live
  97. Thinking of Relocating to warmer weather: apartment, homes, find a job
  98. The Wide Open, Call your own shots, legendary/iconic cities: money, metro
  99. Housing prices are the highest they've been. How come lower cost Rust Belt cities aren't benefiting?: sale, rental
  100. Columbia S.C., Columbia M.O., or Columbia M.D.: college, live
  101. Major City Black Demographic Growth, 2010-2016...: transplants, home, neighborhoods
  102. City with the best climate: best weather, areas, cities
  103. The Great Map Display Project: home, to buy, casino
  104. Notice an Influx of Poor Whites in America's Ghettos: houses, neighborhoods
  105. Is there city that has addressed its homelessness issues?: apartment, how much
  106. Most Park-Like Cities: neighborhood, gated, gardens
  107. Where can I get horse property, good schools and within an hour of airport in the 500's?: for sale, houses
  108. Is the West not as expensive as people say it is?: real estate, 2014
  109. 2017 ACS Numbers Out...Demographic Observations: shop, estimates, suburban
  110. Pick six: City ↑, City ↓: apartment, lofts, credit
  111. Friendlier people: California or Texas (includes poll): transplants, living in
  112. Are people happier if they stay close to family and the culture they grew up in?: fit in, transplants
  113. “Coastal”: is it an American thing?: how much, home, vs.
  114. Does Your City Have a Lot of State Streets? Which Ones?: house, neighborhoods
  115. How strong is Anti American sentiment in the Southern US ?: live in, beach
  116. National Brands that were founded in your city & Household Name Inventions: Home Depot, camping
  117. What states in the West are full of young people?: to live in, moving
  118. Standout suburb for your city: amusement park, home, wealthiest
  119. Does ANOTHER town like this exist? (It has to!): transplants, real estate
  120. What would happen to the land if NYC was not built?: beaches, pine
  121. How would the US change if the Houston Metro just disappeared?: prices, gas
  122. What geographical region feels most out of place in its own state?: condo, beach
  123. How alive is burnout culture in the US ?: house, neighborhood
  124. Which Road Trip would be better ?: rent, loan, home
  125. Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C./NOVA -best place for interracial dating, diversity, and multiculturalism: movies, living in
  126. Cities that don’t provide transportation to school kids: neighborhood, school districts
  127. What are the nation's most popular ethnic pairings ?: rated, Korean
  128. People vs. Climate in picking where you live (all being equal)?: tornadoes, quality of life
  129. Wisconsin vs. Iowa: tornadoes, quality of life, taxes
  130. Too many options! late 20s couple in NYC looking for large spread out cities with yards: schools, income
  131. Suburban vs Exurban?: university, living in, price
  132. Towns in the city: are NY & LA in different stratosphere?: neighborhoods, college
  133. help me out of NYC: transplants, apartment, rent
  134. Most underachieving city: live, title, business
  135. Best U.S. city to move to?: best city, apartment
  136. What are culturally rich, aesthetic, cities/metro areas with mild winter weather?: how much, live
  137. What is the go-to Food/Beverage in your city?: home, garden
  138. Cities w/ Sizeable Black Populations But Few Black Professionals: middle-class, fit in
  139. Egyptian Americans and Moroccan Americans in the USA: dentist, Hispanic
  140. Kansas and Missouri the regionless states?: how much, home
  141. Cities with the most friendly women: best cities, how much, live
  142. Maryland vs Massachusetts vs Virginia....: violent crime, houses, incomes
  143. Top Cities with large concentration of Asian-Americans...: 2014, college
  144. Why do people erroneously consider Virginia and North Carolina to not be in the South?: transplants, university
  145. A/C set too low in summer?: home, to buy
  146. What U.S. cities could use light rail systems?: mover, neighborhoods
  147. why is it legal to have two cities in the same state with the same name.: school district, live
  148. What lower 48 state is the hardest to regionally classify?: live in, garden
  149. Midwest regional identity.: fit in, homes, to live
  150. small towns cities if small) that are pedestrian friendly ?: renting, home
  151. What video game is the best representative of your city?: construction, title
  152. What are things the entire Midwest has in common?: live, shops
  153. Does the Midwest not have many trees like Google Earth shows: tornadoes, living in
  154. Does the PNW have a magical feel?: real estate, live
  155. North Atlanta vs North Dallas living - How do they compare?: houses, income
  156. Comparing Southern 1/3 of IL, IN, & OH, with places N and S: fit in, income
  157. Location dictated: a major city had to be: agricultural, rich
  158. Does the eastern Midwest have the highest concentration on mid sized peer cities?: buying, rail
  159. Crunchy, cheap, family-oriented cities: chapel, universities, price
  160. Which metro area can I find the American dream?: best city, 2015
  161. Should we actively try to preserve local/regional dialects that are at-risk of dying out in future generations?: new home, neighborhoods
  162. Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities for White, Black, Hispanic, Asian Demographics: 2014, crime
  163. Looking for perfect lake town? Cool Summers, Restaurants, Live on Lake: for sale, 2015
  164. Which smaller or mid-sized cities have the best urban bones ?: how much, design
  165. Ethnicity and taste in music: high school, living, station
  166. Cities with lift bridges/drawbridges: neighborhood, bankrupt, university
  167. areas that don't get hotter than ~60 degrees F/low UV index?: live, moving to
  168. What Is Middle America ?: wealthy, areas, cities
  169. Was/is heavy metal music popular Rust Belt blue collar whites ?: live in, dangerous
  170. Are Expensive Cities the Best Cities to Live In?: rent, house
  171. Moving options for a dog loving lesbian: for rent, car insurance
  172. The Bird scooter craze: neighborhoods, live in, law
  173. Which cities have the best outdoors opportunities or most natural beauty within 1-2 hours?: title, areas
  174. Most vibrant streets you know of with google street view?: park, places
  175. Which US City best meets Criteria?: renting, to buy
  176. Advice on Towns and Cities with Good Public Transport & Other Qualities: real estate market, how much
  177. Most affordable safe walkable urban neighborhoods in America?: real estate, rent
  178. Best four season areas?: schools, living, groceries
  179. Best urban neighborhoods in the West: apartment complexes, university, living
  180. Which U.S. city do you recommend for me?: find a job, schools
  181. Districts/neighborhoods that get old quickly: live, nightclubs, beach
  182. East Coasters, does find humidity exciting at first, but then you hate it?: living, medical
  183. Should I move to Oregon or Texas or Colorado or????: mobile home, to buy
  184. Getting an accurate picture of most visited cities?: hotel, calculating
  185. What are Boston and DC doing right that NYC and SF are doing wrong?: real estate, rental
  186. Where should we lay down roots?: middle-class, apartment, condos
  187. Which cities are currently experiencing the greatest renaissance ? (2018): neighborhoods, shops
  188. Best city to live without a car: renting, job market
  189. Which states do you immediately think of when you think of the South ?: home, cities
  190. Most quintessential mid-western state?: cities, east coast, towns
  191. Do you know a town that has things?: fit in, crime
  192. Top 5 Largest Black Communities By State: live in, vs, stats
  193. Looking for a new city to call home...: apartments, rentals
  194. California vs Michigan Mentality: credit, live, deal
  195. Huckster cities: they sell themselves the BEST: title, annex
  196. US cities with tunnels: light rail, suburbs, park
  197. Best Movie that shows off your city: money, singles
  198. What are your dream cities?: live, eat, suburban
  199. Big Update From Statistical Atlas (Big Gains For African American Income Nationally): neighborhoods
  200. An Interactive Google Maps US Cities Quiz: largest, figure