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  1. Driving from B.C. to SoCal in late Dec. with a trailer. Which route to avoid OR snow?: suburban
  2. 2018 most deadly cities: DMV, most dangerous, safer
  3. US Housing Data Article and Map: stats, design, builder
  4. Should I leave Southern California for Sacramento or Phoenix?: ski resorts, apartments
  5. Scandinavian/Nordic Spas, and dog sledding anywhere in New England/Upstate NY: 2015
  6. Southern cities with the most vibrant downtowns (2018): neighborhoods, live
  7. Why Does North Carolina Have So Much Activity on Forum?: 2015
  8. Which major cities in the US have held onto the nuclear family template the most?: buying a home
  9. Is there a suburb like Scottsdale (large pop/sprawly/resourceful) that has the energy of a city like Portland?: neighborhoods
  10. Are internet forums only good source for relocations: unemployment rate, wages
  11. Skiing the East: ski resort, live in, restaurants
  12. Need advice on retirement location: home, buy, income
  13. Healthiest States/Communities 2018: motels, buying, live
  14. Geography of Undocumented Immigrants by Metro Area: home, construction
  15. Which cities have the fastest growing rental markets?: homes, buying
  16. Moving for health: living in, cost of, budget
  17. How strong is Delmarva identity days ?: live, beaches
  18. Small towns that aren't trendy/popular, but could become so...: real estate market, crime
  19. Where are of the highest quality places to live in the USA?: house
  20. San Antonio, TX compared to Atlanta,GA: live, professionals
  21. Best metro area for IT manager to move to with a family?: school districts
  22. core city in metro's percentage of metro's population: are the stat's listed?: calculator
  23. Eight of America’s most digitally inclusive tech cities: venue, town
  24. have off tomorrow, USPS and Other Federal Agencies Closed for President Bush Day of Mourning: closing
  25. What are other places in the US that have upscale dense sprawl similar to South OC and Scottsdale?: shop
  26. Best of the Largest U.S. Airports 2018: airport, rankings
  27. CD posters have evacuated CA homes due to fire: motel, centers
  28. Great Lakes - Pollution VS Non-Pollution: cost of, law, agriculture
  29. Inclined railway systems (funiculars) still operating in the US: school, station
  30. Major North American City-Best Surroundings: crime, parks, metro
  31. Is there website that states what region of the US the domestic transplants of a city/county/metro area hail from?: 2015
  32. Let's imagine WDW had a City Showcase: co-op, hotels
  33. Driving from Naples to Pigeon Forge Tennessee: hotel, vacation
  34. Postgrad moving to a new city: rental, homes, find a job
  35. Best towns / communities for young families who enjoy nature but being able to walk everywhere?: low crime
  36. Nursing in southeast: condo, chapel, home
  37. How many Americans get married, have kids and settle down still find time to party?: home
  38. Newly Retired and Relocation Advice: insurance, low crime, how much
  39. Has moved from Los Angeles to Portland?: transplants, living
  40. Relocating from Hemet, CA: living, low cost, to move
  41. What's the best alternative refuge from Southern California?: college, pros and cons
  42. What are of the safest AND largest patches of land mass/cities in the US?: high crime
  43. Moving - But to Where?!?: lease, landlord, taxes
  44. What city do you think is growing at the fastest rate?: chapel, college
  45. I'm planning on moving out and need help narrowing down my options: apartments
  46. Best major cities/metros for meeting people/making friends?: chapel, neighborhood
  47. Packed my luggage still don't know where to go: rental, job market
  48. “Graduated FROM xx” or “graduated xx”?: 2015, high school, college
  49. Cities in the US that the party crowd heads to AFTER college.: schools, salaries
  50. What is the best alternative city for Southern California native who has been priced out?: sales, income
  51. Which cities do (and don't) have a large, signature park?: rating, large parks
  52. Which place in the US am I describing?: universities, taxation
  53. Cities similar to Chattanooga, but sunnier/less cloudy & rainy: college, salary
  54. cities with music scenes?: live, design, ranked
  55. Where In The U.S. Is Justin Bieber & His Ilk Most Popular?: live, club
  56. Which Southern state do you find most underrated and why?: living, beach
  57. For between 2 close by cities: neighborhoods, school, living
  58. Major metros with no toll roads?: construction, airport, metro area
  59. Why land/homes in the Western US are so expensive?: real estate, mobile home
  60. Which major American city has the best day/weekend trip options?: live in, ferry
  61. Bikeable Towns: low crime, house, neighborhood
  62. Ten things about your city that the average outsider might know: 2013, buy
  63. Best populated East Coast city for me to move?: apartments, to rent
  64. What are the most affordable safe urban big city neighborhoods in America?: apartments, townhouses
  65. Which city/state is right for me!: home, live in
  66. Lowest COL metro that you're willing to live in?: job market, neighborhoods
  67. Best city for a single 24yr old male remotely making >140k: rent, condos
  68. Moving out of California: transplants, low crime, home
  69. American Cities: the ten places test: move, beaches, train
  70. College towns in transforming times...: apartments, insurance, chapel
  71. Affordable big/capital cities: middle-class, houses, income
  72. Smaller metro areas with an opera, orchestra, live theater and/or ballet: home, rankings
  73. Can people stop calling N.C. and Virginia “Mid-Atlantic” states?: transplants, high school
  74. for Nashville natives or ex transplants that left the city: fit in, apartments
  75. Where does one find the younger less uptight fun party crowd in the US?: houses, schools
  76. Are there towns like Portsmouth, NH in warmer, retirement friendly states?: income, organic
  77. Regional Pronunciation of the Word Garage: live, Australian
  78. What you guys think is the best place to travel now for several days till new year's day in the US?: beaches, summer
  79. Most and least insular cities in the South?: transplants, houses
  80. LPN looking to move out of NYC: rent, health insurance
  81. just feel tired of where they live?: how much, transfer
  82. City/County mergers: neighborhood, school districts, live
  83. Which cities have a strong relationship with another city or state?: transplants, home
  84. If You Could Double the Population of City Currently Under 250k, Which Would You Choose?: apartments, insurance
  85. Metropolitan Areas You Know Nothing About: live, airport, suburbs
  86. Best College Town on Football Saturdays: 2014, hotels, school
  87. what cities really have a subway?: neighborhoods, authority
  88. City with multiple affordable walkable areas?: sales, leases, mortgages
  89. What city do you believe best resembles what most people think of when they think of your state?: neighborhoods, new construction
  90. How many Northerners who moved South want to move back North?: real estate, renting
  91. What is your favorite hipster neighborhood in the US?: rent, home
  92. Why do traffic lights look different in certain parts of the country?: neighborhood, construction
  93. Islands in the Rust Belt and Sun Belt?: home, unemployment rate
  94. The Best Christmas Decorations/Displays Ever Seen in Your Area or Your Travels?: home, living
  95. Do cities in the US besides NYC have houses and buildings with no off street parking?: 2015, apartments
  96. Which city will Austin, TX look like 20 years from now?: university, costs
  97. What state do your manners belong in? (30 How Stuff Works quiz): best, phone
  98. Map of the South, upper and deep: transplants, beaches
  99. Outside of California, which city is the nicest warm weather spot to live (not retire)?: school, beaches
  100. Cable Technician and working winters: hardwood floors, low crime, house
  101. Almost all US cities became more integrated between 2000-2014: neighborhoods, school districts
  102. Affordable and urban US cities: apartments, rentals
  103. Which cities are most similar to Irvine, CA?: schools, university
  104. Places you always have trouble spelling: weather, pronounced, worst
  105. Do tourist bus’s annoy you? And do you take them when traveling to other cities?: home, neighborhoods
  106. Openness to Experience - Regional Personality Map: vs, statistics
  107. Large and very poor areas in US.: low income, neighborhoods
  108. From New Jersey to the South ... need help: chapel, home
  109. Major cities of the future?: price, moving, transportation
  110. What are black-immigrant communities across America that arent in NYC, Boston or Florida.: home, neighborhood
  111. What are US Cities with large over all immigrant populations that you would least expect: fit in, public schools
  112. Where do a lot of well off and popular college grads in the US usually go after college?: fit in, house
  113. Do midwesterners call themselves northerners: live in, move, places
  114. I Know Every City Gets Trashed...But Cities Get More Trashed Than Others: low crime, home
  115. 29 year old Male looking to relocate: living, restaurants, cost of living
  116. Huey's Where To Move Game: houses, neighborhoods, school districts
  117. 2017 MSA racial composition...: centers, estimates, ranked
  118. Are people the same everywhere ?: living, rank
  119. Each States Most Famous / Well-Known Bridge: 2013, live, light rail
  120. Young male in 20’s relocating: chapel, middle school, universities
  121. Why Do we say New England is this or that..: home, schools
  122. Which scenery is more dramatic looking, Colorado or Arizona?: camp, living in
  123. Is there a neighborhood bar in walking distance of your house?: live in, restaurants
  124. Texas vs Maine vs New York..: cheap house, school, universities
  125. Need Advice about Relocation and IT Tech Jobs: 2014, apartment complexes
  126. Can Americans really tell a Canadians apart?: movies, live
  127. Cities you were impressed with at first, then your opinion changed: chapel, schools
  128. Which country has a better quality of life - Canada or the US?: how much, living in
  129. Is it common for bars where you live to not serve food?: inspections, salaries
  130. Perfect Place to Live: fit in, living in, professionals
  131. The whole having a lower cost of living is overrated: low income, appointed
  132. Big city or small city. Which do you love?: living in, suburb
  133. Population boom? Crowds crowds crowds!: transplants, real estate market, homes
  134. Suggestions where to retire in the US in a few years: insurance, homes
  135. Which state do you think has the most strip malls?: 2014, how much
  136. Most famous American bridges other than Golden Gate and Brooklyn: college, rail
  137. Metros With Remarkably Good / Bad Air Quality: moving, air pollution
  138. What is the most desirable state in the South to live in: rental, transfer
  139. I'm looking to move from Los Angeles to in south-eastern or western America with attainable costs: fit in, hotels
  140. Describe why YOU love your city you live in and why YOU think should: 2015, apartments
  141. recognizable/iconic landmarks and structures: city hall, house, college
  142. Where to go w/ the following details?: HOA, how much
  143. Which areas of the country will improve the most?: salary, live
  144. Fall Foliage lag compared to Northern Maine??: 2013, live
  145. What would it take for you to be able to live in your dream place?: real estate, house
  146. What is the overall least religious region in the lower 48?: live in, rank
  147. Leaving SoCal - help me determine the right city and metro area.: real estate, construction
  148. Places With Past Lives: apartments, city hall, insurance
  149. What are of the most decentralized big cities in the USA?: universities, living in
  150. Will the Increase in Hurricane Activity in Recent Years Make People Rethink Moving to the Southeast?: rent, insurance
  151. Cities you first were not impressed and then fell in love with.: appointed, neighborhoods
  152. Which Cities Have A Significant % Upbeat: 2014, high crime
  153. U.S. has 5 fully functioning downtowns: apartments, condos, new construction
  154. CNTraveler 15 Best Big Cities: best cities, neighborhoods, restaurants
  155. Is the East Coast more work oriented than the West Coast?: real estate, loan
  156. Help finding a crunchy conservative/mild weather place to relocate.: fit in, homes
  157. Is Phoenix the best alternative city to Los Angeles for Millennials?: rental car, real estate
  158. Regional Christmas traditions - share your favorites!: 2013, homes
  159. Living in greenery vs. desert: houses, dangerous, suburb
  160. State Prison Population Rankings: 2015, crime, construction
  161. Best places to live-southeast U.S.: best cities, crime, safe neighborhoods
  162. Surprising Cities with shrinking GDP: 2015, home, unemployment rate
  163. Cities with downtown 2.0: houses, neighborhoods, theater
  164. Ever lived in a college town after college age? What was it like?: rentals, low crime
  165. Big cities with little homeless?: move, money, metro
  166. What's the most expensive city in the US?: real estate, how much
  167. The City: it's got its _______ in another state: airport, stadium
  168. When was the latest been able to swim in a local body of water?: waterparks, subsidized
  169. What Five Cities best represent the United States?: best cities, school
  170. The U.S. States People Are Fleeing (And The Ones They Are Moving To): transplants, new home
  171. Low humidity,mild winters,small town for retirement.: transplants, house
  172. What small-midsize cities feel new?: neighborhood, schools, place to live
  173. What does quality of life mean to you?: low crime, schools
  174. What hidden gems/undocumented areas do only locals know about in your state?: condo, neighborhoods
  175. What's your favorite city in every state been to?: ferry, yard
  176. Have You Ever Judged a City Based on Hearsay, Social Media or the Turnpike?: crime, unemployment rate
  177. Do Southerners have more state pride?: home, university, tax
  178. Do You Feel Your City Should Be the Golden Standard?: violent crime, neighborhoods
  179. Bozeman Montana vs similar Small Northern City: real estate, insurance
  180. New Mega Region Map: camp, bars, commuting
  181. Which state's residents have visited other U.S. regions the least?: transplants, home
  182. For Who Claim To Hate The Northeast: transplants, neighborhood
  183. What is it like to live in a smaller metro area out West?: apartments, crime
  184. What are the 5 boroughs of your city?: theater, university
  185. 2018 State Population Rankings: living, cost of living, bars
  186. Is Halloween (AND Mischief Night) still alive where you live? How is it?: houses, neighborhoods
  187. Does this weather exist in US city?: living, cost
  188. Is there another suburb like Scottsdale in that it is more of a destination than the primary city that it's based near?: university, live in
  189. What are other cities that are similar to Bellevue, WA?: neighborhoods, light rail
  190. What you guys think is the most conservative city cities:: transplants, moving to
  191. I am leaving Silicon Valley and need a good alternative - help!: taxes, living
  192. Lived in Connecticut for 31 years want a change...: neighborhoods, schools
  193. Husband in IT and wife in healthcare field, with kids wants to settle down, but where?: chapel, house prices
  194. Where would you live and Why Pacific Northwest vs Southeast?: quality of life, living
  195. Which MajorUS city is best for driving?: how much, tax
  196. Which large cities and corresponding suburbs in the US have a relationship of easy access?: apartments, houses
  197. Relocation narrowed down to: Pittsburgh vs Syracuse vs Minneapolis vs Arlington. Which should I visit first?: low crime, home
  198. Secondary US Cities becoming New Boomtowns!!!: hotels, home, income
  199. Small Western metro areas: Yakima vs Bend vs Reno vs Albuquerque: job market, college
  200. City Data on National Population Growth: moving, metropolitan, areas