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  1. Warm Weather Detached Home HOAs with No Dogs: apartment complex, HOA
  2. A Stone's Throw: nice areas, areas, cities
  3. Do nip joints still exist in certain larger cities ?: neighborhoods, residents
  4. Retirement tradeoffs - Best Towns & Small Cities in AZ - NM - wTX: 2015
  5. NYC vs Denver weather differences.: homes, high school, office
  6. Can't decide between 3 cities to visit for anniversary: hotels, live
  7. Snow in the west coast.: how much, car, area
  8. I've had my Fill of big cities: real estate, amusement park
  9. What city has the most amount of pets in need of doing a prosthetic?: school
  10. Flat hilly, Hilly Flat..& other things that disprove the rule: neighborhoods, suburban
  11. What is it like in Northern Vermont, Northern New Hampshire, and Northern Maine like: appointed
  12. Which White ethnic(youngest) are tallest in U.S?: high schools, Korean
  13. What major US city has the cheapest one bedroom/studio apartments in the downtown area?: cities
  14. Cities where you feel kind of diificult to get around at night: neighborhood
  15. Undocumented non immigrants in the US: fit in, homes, school
  16. Looking to move to a new City or State.: chapel, university
  17. Which regions are most alike?: cities, comparisons, great
  18. So confused now: condo, mortgage, home
  19. ready for a fresh start: apartment, rental, home
  20. CompTIA Report tech industries by state / metro: contractors, stats
  21. Best weather in the south?: living in, beaches, cities
  22. Which US cities have substantially more or substantially less resources than their population would suggest?: home
  23. Do other states have a Juvenile Conference Committee ?: crimes, live in
  24. What are the best cities for 20-somethings with Aspergers (ASD)?: cliquey, to rent
  25. What regions of the US have a climate similar to France and the British Isles?: vs
  26. What would be a good way to find a rural area or place in the countryside to live in?: living
  27. Where are conservatives the least pro-gun?: 2014, crimes, how much
  28. The Best non-city City in the US: DMV, mall
  29. Moving vs. staying near family: how much, house, to live
  30. Liberal or conservative towns: fit in, low crime, home
  31. When starting a YouTube channel, is it best to register it?: assess, safe
  32. Atlanta Suburbs vs. Orlando Suburbs: Outdoor Work & House with Land: job market, pros and cons
  33. Why doesn't the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic accept more than 2 credit cards per party at restaurants?: tax
  34. Has ever moved based on this forums suggestions?: where to live, moving to
  35. HELP!! Bozeman MT OR Los Alamos NM OR Mammoth Lakes CA??????: rent
  36. What are 'safe' areas in generally 'dangerous' cities like?: crime rate, how much
  37. Canít take Chicago winters more Ė help us decide where to relocate!: low crime, houses
  38. Is Las Vegas the Sports Capital of the U.S.?: college, cost
  39. Where in the South or Southwest can you live on 30-40 grand a year when you are single?: apartments, insurance
  40. What are the grittiest, darkest cities and neighborhoods?: houses, new construction
  41. East Coast beaches vs. West Coast beaches.: live, beach
  42. Where is the Times Square of your city?: theater, activity
  43. Capitals of Minority Groups in the US: 2015, neighborhood
  44. If you love where you live, does it feel exotic to you?: DMV, maintenance
  45. how to find a well managed state with good water: houses, moving to
  46. Analysis showing cost of rent vs wages in Large Metros: incomes, living in
  47. Rustbelt or not Rustbelt?: manufacturing, wealthy, suburban
  48. Corn Belt: live in, ethanol, cities
  49. Mayors & Diversity: how much, mayor, lesbian
  50. Cities that are most distinct or unique in their region?: houses, live
  51. Where is Paradise for a Family of 5 with 3 Kids?: real estate market, how much
  52. Seeking sunshine and sometimes snow: for rent, home, to buy
  53. If you are a top-tier free agent where would you play?: how much, income
  54. Looking for a fairly liberal mountain town: home, college
  55. States where it rarely snows.: area, places, averages
  56. Is the Pacfic NorthWest is the anti bible-belt: schools, college
  57. What do people who grew up in the Western US think of the Eastern US?: live in, bars
  58. Relocating in the future to CO, AZ, NM, or MT: rentals, house
  59. What defines the wheat-belt: farm, deal, areas
  60. Why do American-born Blacks have accents when American-born Asians and Hispanics typically don't?: live in, suburban
  61. To of you who grew up in mountain states, do you find the hills around Austin to be under-impressive?: high school, moving
  62. Outdoorsy single late 30s tech worker looking to relocate: fit in, to rent
  63. Where in the US can you live comfortably on $25,000 a year?: for rent, safe neighborhood
  64. The talk about your ecoregion: how much, house, live
  65. Is there a law against a restaurant selling alcohol for takeout?: to buy, live in
  66. Next national park: transfer, neighborhood, live in
  67. Conservative Atheist in The South?: house, living, legal
  68. Which US State has the lowest summer temps?: living, best
  69. States fit this bill???: homes, tornado, earthquakes
  70. Homelessness in the US: buy, living in, bars
  71. Are jobs from the coasts moving more inland?: job market, best schools
  72. Why I Left Seattle.: middle-class, real estate, 2014
  73. In your state, what states do people you are weird for wanting to move to?: living in, military
  74. Belts in America: middle school, gas, best
  75. What's the longest most ridiculous commute within your Metro?: houses, tech jobs
  76. Does know what city it is in the picture?: houses, buying
  77. Dockless Scooters in Your City ??: university, bike, companies
  78. Can we all agree that San Bernardino is the Bronx of the West Coast?: real estate, bankruptcy
  79. Cities with rough / sketchy nightlife: neighborhoods, theater, safer
  80. Which state would you want to live?: home, job market
  81. Which neighborhoods or towns in the US have characteristics?: real estate, apartments
  82. Oklahoma or Arkansas for me?: home, universities, tornado
  83. Cities/states with Bad drivers or an anomoly They have really good drivers there!: statistics, safety
  84. Best Urban Neighborhoods for New Construction: 2015, to move, rail
  85. Would you rather have a California with crystal clear beach tropical weather or a Florida with Mountains?: place to live, move to
  86. Metro population game: suburbs, dental, metro area
  87. Northern New Yorker the South West: fit in, transplants
  88. Born and Raised: The Parts of America With the Most Natives: transplants, living in
  89. Warm weather, bike-friendly, slow pace of life.: neighborhoods, buying
  90. Rustbelt regions in the Sunbelt and Sunbelt regions in the rust belt?: education, health care
  91. Is the Long Island the most similar accent to Australian in the US?: school, live in
  92. Most explorable cities?: high crime, houses, neighborhoods
  93. Healthiest Small Cities/Towns: fit in, job market, university
  94. Climate change benefit the Great Lakes region?: tornado, earthquakes
  95. What is the most Floridian city in Florida?: transplants, living in
  96. Where to move my young family from the UK - Wisconsin, South Carolina or Georgia????: oceanfront, renting
  97. Downtown parking prices in your city.: home, incomes, costs
  98. 50 States Arts and Cultural Production GDP Data Released; NV, WA and GA see Double Digit Growth: theatre, tax
  99. Where to live when I retire - Western Liberal: living in, eat
  100. Relocation destination: Anywhere: rent, loan, home
  101. Santa Fe, NM or Gainesville, FL?: apartment, rent, crime
  102. What's your favorite TV show, movie or video game to take place in your city?: 2013, house
  103. 50 States and DC GDP Data Released for Q3 2018: how much, club
  104. Difference between Upland South and Appalachia.: appointed, living in, vs
  105. Besides the city of Chicago, what other city offer this type of experience in the summer?: architecture, rated
  106. SLC vs Boise vs Billings vs Spokane: crime, living
  107. What is the most affordable city with a 1M+ metro population?: home, neighborhoods
  108. Cities with most car tag variety: bus, stats, license plates
  109. City with best rooftop bars, restaraunts and lounges.: hotels, house
  110. Outer Suburban Growth Slowing: low crime, buying a house, neighborhoods
  111. What would be a good place for a shy person?: moving, business
  112. Can you succinctly (generalzie) and describe the culture of the following cities that Iím moving to?: hotels, new home
  113. TOP 5 most marvelous (crown jewel) landmarks of the U.S.A.??: city hall, castle
  114. Should I move to NC or FL: chapel, homes
  115. North American Cities you enjoyed visiting: live, metro, area
  116. Regardless of cost, which US city offers a more conservative & less claustrophobic alternative to So Cal coastal living?: transplants, houses
  117. relocate to....?: low crime, home, employment
  118. Should state income taxes be a big enough issue for me to stay in Texas?: sales, leases
  119. If you wanted to live in an urban city, but had to live in a suburban city permanentl, which would you choose?: neighborhood, good schools
  120. Trying to find a cool town or small city for me! Single, male,32 years old. Tried to be as specific about likes/dislikes: apartments, neighborhoods
  121. What places in the Midwest have the highest population of French Americans?: rapes, area
  122. City with $800 or less in rent: apartments, rentals, loft
  123. What If -- GA-400/U.S.19 limited access to Asheville NC | I-575 biult to Knoxville TN: houses, income
  124. Cities whose names include their state's name: beach, county
  125. How many of you have pretty much spent 90% or most of your life living in the same city/metro?: college, to move
  126. City & State: what do they call you???: living in, cities
  127. I will likely be homeless soon. Where should I move?: apartment, rentals
  128. What Kind of Home Will $250K Get You in Your Area?: for sale, apartment
  129. What season is it in your city currently in terms of the vibe/mood?: middle-class, transplants
  130. Black conservatives: living, military, to move
  131. States comparable to Maine...: camping, to move, beaches
  132. Whitest Major Cities in the Western USA: pierogi, living
  133. Which cities use (donít use) N, S, E, W with street designation?: neighborhoods, gated
  134. Which states have metro areas with more than one of their 5 largest cities?: live, estimates
  135. Help me find a new home meeting this criteria: crime rate, neighborhoods
  136. 10 thing about your city that the average outsider does NOT know: transporting, home
  137. Nice house or nice area: condo, neighborhood, to live in
  138. Which US cities posses the greatest concentration of politically moderate people?: suburbs, hospitable
  139. Are Americaís liberal cities really liberal?: live in, licenses
  140. Which of cities should I leave Los Angeles for?: transplants, real estate
  141. Where in the U.S. to Go?: hotels, homes
  142. DC or Houston for Lawyer with Family: house, public schools
  143. Successful neighborhood rebrandings?: real estate, neighborhoods, buying
  144. Wouldn't the greater Baltimore-DC area be best described as a border region between North and South ?: houses, neighborhoods
  145. What is the best city for us?: house, job market
  146. Most Exurban large metro areas (> 2 million MSA): cul-de-sac, transfer
  147. What areas of the U.S. are known for being epicenter for the medical field...: house, university
  148. Dry Heat Cities v Humid Cities: live, stats, moving
  149. Is the BART more comparable to the Washington DC Metro or the Atlanta MARTA?: home, construction
  150. Would you rather have a deep freeze or a snowstorm with your typical winter temperatures?: house, school
  151. 2019ís Most & Least Educated States in America: transplants, public school
  152. To who grew up in a small town...: real estate, insurance
  153. Would love city suggestions for my move: employment, living
  154. What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Has An Inferiority Complex About Their City?: pros and cons, living in
  155. What city should I move to? State.: apartments, rentals
  156. Cities with modern streetcar networks: neighborhood, construction, live
  157. Which state is best for me - pick 1 from my list!: 2015, big house
  158. Do You Think The 16 Personalities Map Of The United States Is Accurate?: living in, vs.
  159. Relocation to American City: real estate, condo, home
  160. Help find my dad a place to retire: condo, buy
  161. The overdone what city to move to: new home, neighborhoods
  162. What kind of home can you get for around $75,000 in your area: condo, townhouse
  163. States with the most cooperative metro areas: home, university
  164. What state would best fit me??: construction, camping, living in
  165. How does your city's suburbs divide into regions?: apartments, new house
  166. Does still refer to the Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression?: houses, school
  167. To Northern Californians Who Relocated - Have you found a State that offers a Northern California-ish Lifestyle?: house, to buy
  168. Which area has the best music festivals?: condo, high school
  169. Where do southerners go to escape the weather?: waterparks, live in
  170. Remote worker looking for LCOL city: fit in, sales, to rent
  171. Which city lowered its crime the most in the shortest period of time?: crime rate, car
  172. NE City vs. Southern City: salary, living, budget
  173. Which 3rd metro of a state is the most overshadowed: how much, assessments
  174. What kind of home can you get for around $150,000 in your area: apartments, rentals
  175. States that feel longer to drive through border than border than it would seem?: 2015, construction
  176. What will your city's climate feel like in 60 Years?: how much, estates
  177. What kind of home can you get for around $750,000 in your area?: apartment complex, condo
  178. What Kind of Home Will $500k Get You in Your Area?: 2014, HOA
  179. Unique Attractions in Your Area That are Not Widely Known Nationally: home, university
  180. Early 30s woman looking to relocate, where to?: rent, job market
  181. Change cities names: place, towns, American
  182. Where Will Workers NOT Follow Jobs: appointed, motel, house
  183. What kind of home can you get for around $1 million in your area?: 2013, apartment
  184. What is the most laid back big city in the Northeast?: college, live in
  185. Difference between Southern and Western people.: neighborhood, live in, land
  186. Best combination of beach and urban experience.: 2013, hotels
  187. Best City For Type A Personalities?: gym, move, cities
  188. 10 Most sinful states in America, what cities are causing this..: eat, relocate
  189. Late 20s couple looking to relocate but where?: transplants, how much
  190. You have an island the size of New Jersey and can only have 5 cities on there. Which would they be?: live, airport
  191. Best Cities to move to 26 year old man: appointed, apartments
  192. Biggest differences between Virginia and New England?: transplants, movies
  193. Best Cities If You Can't Handle Crowds: real estate, rental
  194. Which City do you think fits me Best?: dermatologist, gyms
  195. How long do you have to live before you say us and we about it?: moving to
  196. Getting your med's along the border: where do you go?: buying, price
  197. Best (and Worst) Cities for Immigrants Seeking U.S. Citizenship: office, metro area
  198. Area near major or growing city for horse property/acreage?: renting, home
  199. ďThe Best Things To Do In Americaís Top 25 CitiesĒ: homes, neighborhood
  200. Maine vs Michigan UP vs Northcentral AR vs North ID culture: real estate, home