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  1. American Jewish Population Project: schools, university, income
  2. Redfin Market Report: wages, moving to, bars
  3. Iranians (all religions) and Jews in the U.S. tend to live together: living
  4. Los Angeles and New York: Then and Now: living, pollution
  5. Where are utility-pole street lamps more and less common in the US?: power lines
  6. States that you have shared longitude and latitude with: living, island
  7. How much time to get an idea/feel of a location?: houses, homebuyer
  8. US metros by extent of suburbanization: metro area, cities, American
  9. Do official coordinates of a city ever change?: city hall, parks
  10. Have you lived in MSAs, μSAs, or rural counties?: neighborhoods, school
  11. Bluegrass musicians/general music lovers, describe the music scene in your state: 2014
  12. New housing developments that look like before 1980s: apartments, custom home
  13. Medical Diagnosis Complex Best Cities: apartments, rentals, insurance
  14. Is there a macro where you can put in ideal temperatures for a match?: 2015
  15. Smaller Cities: employment, college, median income
  16. Florida, Missouri, or ?: insurance, crime, how much
  17. Where to move? Weather, cost, mountains??: house, neighborhood, colleges
  18. Low Elevation Low humidity: live, metro, cities
  19. Looking for a city to retire with my kind of weather: tornadoes, live
  20. A of optics: Manhattan skylines & across both rivers: movies, ferry
  21. U.S. towns like an English village in the west? 😊: fit in, home
  22. US Postal Service returns mail: home, to buy, live
  23. Relocation: ISO Mountains, Forestry, Sorta Seclusion,: vacation home, construction
  24. Which state has the best job market: California or Florida?: rent, neighborhood
  25. Largest rural and semi rural communities in the US?: homes, live
  26. Road trip from Florida to San Diego during February: buy, living
  27. Did in the USA still grow their own food in the 1970s?: house
  28. What comes to mind when you think of cities?
  29. Where to move to in NJ or NY?: homes, neighborhood
  30. Top Ten Real Estate Markets for 2020 revealed: housing, best
  31. Nature-Based Schools in the US?: preschool, living, kindergarten
  32. Coastal MS vs Alabama panhandle: house, to live in, shop
  33. Comparing NC, VA, and SC...: amusement parks, insurance, houses
  34. places similar to Eugene but with cheaper housing?: violent crime, house prices
  35. General - Waterfront properties / rural areas: houses, living in
  36. Trying to find a town/city in the high desert, help: apartments
  37. I'm thinking of a hilly grassy meadow with trees and a stream or two: law
  38. If Manhattan Did Not Exist as is, Would North Jersey Be Its Own Large Metro Area?: neighborhoods
  39. What are rural places that have surprisingly good theater scenes?: top, summer
  40. Most major attractions within city limits: neighborhoods, theatre, university
  41. Is the Southern accent dying out?: transplants, education, areas
  42. Cites turning 400 in the 2020s: houses, restaurant, suburbs
  43. Relocation help- East of the Mississippi/East Coast: low crime, safe area
  44. Top 15 Fastest Growing States by Population: Predictions for 2040: home, buying
  45. Does Sports Help the Perception of a City or Not?: how much, home
  46. Which city might fit the bill?: renting, crime rate, chapel
  47. What's with collapsed old houses (and ghost-looking towns)?: real estate, high crime
  48. What state-line area is your favorite to visit or live?: low crime, living
  49. Top 25 Metro Areas Make Up Half of US GDP: middle-class, school
  50. Cities with most millenials percentage wise?: houses, university, military
  51. areas a lot like Orange County, CA without the crowds?: beaches, suburban
  52. Why isn't the Mississippi considered a tributary of the Ohio River where they meet?: appointed, estimate
  53. The Mountain West: I-10 vs I-40: train, cities, distance
  54. California, Florida, or Hawaii for tech jobs?: job market, buying
  55. Least Pretentious/Non-Gentrified/Non-Trendy and Non-Hipster Dominated Cities You Would Want to Live In and Make a Living: transplants, apartment complex
  56. Electricity rates by state: how much, house, utilities
  57. Soon to be university student looking to go out of state? [CO]: home, dorms
  58. Black Median Income By Metros: unemployment, buy, organic
  59. Which U.S. states do you think should split?: centers, to move
  60. Southern accents in South Florida: neighbourhood, high school, college
  61. LIRR vs NJ Transit which is the better overall transit sytem?: transfer, to live in
  62. Poll: West Texas or Southern New Mexico: high school, income
  63. help me determine the correct alternative metro area and city alternative to Southern California!: chapel, purchase
  64. Cities that have an impressive built environment but a mediocre natural scenery, and vice versa.: neighborhoods, live
  65. Why are safe, clean cities automatically dismissed as boring?: houses, luxury
  66. Road trip advice- OH/IN/KY--- TN/AL: rental car, where to stay
  67. Where do people say howdy?: hotel, university, live in
  68. If your state split, what to call them.: college, live
  69. Contrasting Images of the South: Redneck vs. Refined: live in, moving
  70. Help with mountain town options: university, living in, restaurants
  71. Cities as High School Student Stereotypes: homes, university, live
  72. Is Oklahoma's southerness understated on: transplants, living in, agriculture
  73. Where to meet highly-Cultured/Creative type of people?: home, tech job
  74. Bugs in southeastern U.S.: real estate, house, buy
  75. Cities that surprise you with unique ethnic foods: rent, houses
  76. Nicest conservative leaning city or large town: low crime, restaurants
  77. Do you consider Texas cities to be part of the South?: fit in, live in
  78. Is there a city within the United States of America: middle-class, 2015
  79. States With the youngest Marriage Age: 2015, loans, school
  80. Top 50 Current US City Skylines: condo, office, rankings
  81. Empty Manhattan Storefronts, Happening: sales, neighborhoods, buy
  82. Why do you live where you live?: construction, schools
  83. Major US States? (Population, Economy, Politics): agriculture, residential, top
  84. Moving from SW Arizona - looking for small mountain town: apartment, to rent
  85. Midwexit?: to live, water, American
  86. How you know you’re in the deep south ?: homes, manufacturing
  87. No state income tax - do you really see the difference?: sales, to rent
  88. 2019 U.S. Census Estimates for states: home, estimate, island
  89. Why is walkability important if nobody is walking????: transplants, sales
  90. Similar to Boise ID: low crime, job market, university
  91. Most Italian regions (city/town) in US?: 2015, neighborhoods
  92. Furthest South on the East Coast you'll see snow: schools, contractors
  93. City with the best skyline vantage point(s): condos, university
  94. Where in the US do people appreciate unique, colorful housing?: real estate, houses
  95. Do you think there should be a forced redraw of state/county lines? If so, do you think it should happen periodically?: fit in, university
  96. Best Place (city) To Move in USA for IT Professionals with traveling job: chapel, house
  97. States where largest city eclipsed by 2nd largest?: insurance, vs.
  98. In what parts of the USA is it still to avoid cannabis exposure?: apartments, tech jobs
  99. What County Do You Live In? What Do You Love About It?: crime, house
  100. Where would you live? Where would you vacation? Virginia or North Carolina: public schools, universities
  101. places to relocate to in the future: crime, homes
  102. US city % of minority conservatives: home, income, Vietnamese
  103. Why is the Hispanic presence of Texas cities other than San Antonio and the border regions downplayed on: suburbs, population
  104. Only I can decide, but feedback might help get past being stuck: chapel, houses
  105. A Conservative New England Like Area? Does it exist?: home, school districts
  106. Where is this terrible traffic located?: construction, inspection, suburban
  107. Did moving to a warm climate have effect on your mood?: house, quality of life
  108. Areas in the USA similar to Fairfield County, CT: home, neighborhoods
  109. Lack of fences in American towns in the East/Midwest: houses, landscaping
  110. What is the biggest place you have ever lived in???: home, standard of living
  111. Where is there a Trader Joes closest to a rural area?: university, live
  112. Most Hipster City in Your State: neighborhoods, live, suburbs
  113. What States have Changed the most DEMOGRAPHICALLY over the last 1-2 generations (30 years): public schools, live in
  114. Where do you see your city in 2030?: apartments, condos
  115. top three fanciest city in each state: to live, garden
  116. North American Cities that transformed the most (2010-2019): 2015, hotels
  117. Would Arkansas or TN be better for me if I move out of Texas?: public schools, high income
  118. Suburbs That Are Close to This Description: HOA, crime rate
  119. relocation to Milwaukee or Kansas City MO: best suburbs, home
  120. Why Are Canadian Cities So Much Less Segregated than US Ones?: crime rates, employment
  121. Density of the city, town or suburb you live in?: suburbs, cities
  122. Closest major cities to yours that never been to?: transfer, live in
  123. Cities with disproportionately large associated “Hinterlands”: bars, money
  124. Generally speaking, which state as a whole would you argue has the friendliest people?: how much, live
  125. Which neighboring state would you choose?: loan, neighborhoods, living in
  126. Are there Cities/States that actually don't mind people from...: fit in, renters
  127. Southerners and Midwesterners reaction to European immigrants: neighborhood, camping
  128. Homeless Situation in Your City: city hall, insurance, condos
  129. Black Demographic Growth By City, 2010s: gated, living, cost of living
  130. Can a Southern Californian get used to the cold?: how much, house
  131. Another fed up Californian. What state is best for me?: real estate, renting
  132. Jacket climate metric: buying, live, prices
  133. U.S. Millennials Continue to Leave Big Cities: to live in, moving to
  134. Top 5 job/employment centers in your metro: tenant, university
  135. Dense in the future?: transplants, houses, neighborhoods
  136. Which zoos or aquariums punch above their weight?: landscaping, middle school
  137. If there is no ocean in your region, how busy is you area in the summer when nobody goes to the shore?: rent, condo
  138. What are small town gems with warmer weather?: house, high school
  139. Good place for male in their 20s with savings to get a fresh start?: transplants, real estate
  140. The Western US is not overcrowded: appointed, houses, living in
  141. Census worker trespassed: home, high school, gated
  142. Where should we head?: home, neighborhoods, school district
  143. The US’s healthiest and unhealthiest cities: spring break, allergies
  144. Best Desert Scenery State: to live, rated, park
  145. How common is it for people to love their parents to death and live with them forever where you live?: for rent, loans
  146. Cities that most people don't realize border other states: college, metro
  147. Suggestions can move anywhere in the US--where to go: home, school district
  148. Your most important factor when deciding where to move: house, employment
  149. Tallest RESIDENTIAL Highrise outside downtown metros under 3 M: 2015, apartments
  150. Moving out of CA. Where ?: low crime, how much, public schools
  151. Deciding which region or city to relocate to: apartment, houses
  152. Which city should I relocate to?: chapel, house, unemployment rate
  153. City for computer science grad with nature, culture, and jobs?: low crime, neighborhood
  154. Preferred winter staycation out of areas: ski resort, condo
  155. Move to less desired place for work in FL: apartment, rental
  156. 22 year old with zero debt/baggage wants to move: lease, month to
  157. Living in marijuana-friendly states: house, employment, to buy
  158. Are you unhappy with the maximum speed limits in your state? If so, what do you think they should be?: insurance, live
  159. Retirement friendly location with attributes - where?: condo, neighborhoods
  160. Cemetaries worth visiting in your city?: neighborhood, weddings, university
  161. Difference between New Southern and Unsouthern: transplants, 2013, home
  162. what would be your favorite state to live?: sales, houses
  163. Driving in the US?: to rent, DMV, live
  164. Smaller cities and towns with a large amount of local businesses/commerce: Home Depot, college
  165. Which Mountain Town to Move to: college, living in, prices
  166. What would be your top states to move to if you were single and looking to date?: low income, income
  167. Things About Your State That Contradict The Stereotypes: appointed, transplants
  168. What is your favorite Sun Belt state capital?: transportation, architecture
  169. Inspired by other What businesses indicate minimum livability?: neighborhoods, buy
  170. Which is a more important region for a city to be located-Gulf Coast or Great Lake?: 2013, houses
  171. Do You Need to Be a Tourist in Your City To Appreciate Your City?: how much, hotel
  172. Best cities for young, single conservatives: transplants, contractor, living in
  173. Cities with highest violent crime rate per capita: unemployment rate, public schools
  174. Would a canal from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes make sense?: transfer to, cost of
  175. California, Oregon, and Washington residents, would you like to be an independent nation?: how much, living in
  176. I made a point system to find the best state to live: sales, home
  177. Metros where the suburbanites are 'afraid' of the core city?: neighborhoods, dangerous
  178. What Sought After Big Brand Chains Indicate a City/Metro has Arrived?: middle-class, hotel
  179. Which Fast-Paced, Ambitious Metropolitan Area is the Best One to Relocate to? (Read: Fast-Paced, Ambition): best city, houses
  180. Does my accent sound New York: 2014, theater, high school
  181. Why does Nevada only have 1 National Forrest? NM has 3 and AZ has 6!: design, activities
  182. Chicago vs boston vs austin vs miami: transplants, rent
  183. Places in the United States where snow is present for most of a winter.: to live in, rated
  184. Warm weather metros most like NoVa?: tech jobs, suburbs, metro area
  185. Appalachian Mountain Social Myths: extended stay, rental, evictions
  186. What big Midwestern city needs more density and walkability the most: neighborhoods, transit
  187. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I find that culture within the US doesn't vary much based on region: living in, food
  188. Best state in Upper Midwest?: job market, safe neighborhoods, best schools
  189. Where would you recommend for a young person to just start working?: low income, home equity
  190. Western and Central Europeans in the US: home, military
  191. Texas Gulf Coast vs Mississippi Gulf Coast: homes, casinos
  192. Large metro with small city limits: land, rated, metro area
  193. What is the best place to retire with horses?: house, university
  194. Best State Capital: rank, top, weather
  195. Largest Cities without TIER ONE pro sports: home, college
  196. The states you think of when you hear holidays and why: houses, movies
  197. Mountains vs. Hills: living in, costs, vehicle
  198. US States rated by their Food: house, live in, restaurants
  199. Hood to Burb drastic change: 2015, roughest, houses
  200. people over 50 still to work.: house, transfer, live in