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  1. Geologist & an Engineer -- sounds like the opening line of a joke.: new home
  2. have s? Trying to move closer to my family: crime, to live in
  3. Have you ever had to break a law to solve a problem?: safety
  4. Looking for great housing values: real estate, insurance, homes
  5. best building in the united states with a spire or antenna: vs., Sears
  6. Interesting article about U.S. Healthcare: health insurance, home, taxes
  7. Top 50 cities in america by population:: design, housing, estimated
  8. Great City for a New Teacher to Move To?!: job outlook, elementary school
  9. stupid of the day: find a job, school districts, cost
  10. Find my next city...: high crime, college, living
  11. U.S. City HAVES, NEEDS, and WANTS.: low crime, employment
  12. Which city has better music?: cities, options
  13. Colorado or South Carolina?: rent, car insurance, homes
  14. Im back: airport, working, great
  15. Which city has recovered the most after the collapse of the steel industry?: medical
  16. Which state is the most destitute for jobs?: find a job, good schools
  17. place with huge residential developments happening today?: real estate, apartments
  18. Most Economical City to live in that..........: real estate, school
  19. Which city has better music? Chicago Los angeles or new york?: taxi, best
  20. Cities that are undergoing great urbanization: neighborhoods, to live in, suburbs
  21. American city and European counterpart: title, cities, Indians
  22. Relocating to one of cities - which one is best?: neighborhoods, tax
  23. Favorite East Coast Surfing Spot: house, activity, island
  24. If your own brother or sister was a convicted rapists,, would you allow them to move in with you?: live
  25. Thinking about relocating to the US from Canada but where to?: home, theatre
  26. Thinking of Moving to US from UK - help!: insurance, house prices
  27. City with a strong maritime environment and history: seagulls, promenades, ships, marinas,: for rent
  28. Where should we live???: neighborhood, schools, to live in
  29. From what you know about your State sex offender Laws do you think thay are good?: sex offenders
  30. Another hand transplant in Kentucky!: surgery, doctors, center
  31. Best prodominately maritime city? see details): living, cost
  32. 1: sex offenders, live, law
  33. What is your purpose in this life? Why are u: sex offenders, college
  34. Move first or get the job first?: apartment, job market
  35. Where should we look?: fit in, sales, home
  36. Taxes which is better?: real estate, income, living
  37. Are Your Stoplights Sideways?: vs, design, cities
  38. Labor day - when do you take your vacation?: spring break, school
  39. Senate to vote today on major bill to help in foreclosures: mortgage, lenders
  40. How cultures develop in many major cities.: real estate, college
  41. Looking for the right place: condo, schools, university
  42. Migration between states.: unemployment rate, tax, moving to
  43. been approached recently to lease the Natural Gas mineral rights on your property?: how much
  44. American's best small towns!!: low income, chapel, home
  45. Best Counties to Raise a Family in U.S. (yahoo article): real estate, place to live
  46. What Have You Done to Help the Economy?: shop, public transportation
  47. Cost of Government Day: income, tax, costs
  48. How do you actually make your dream of moving reality?: rental, hotel
  49. better living WVA or VA?: home, good schools, moving to
  50. Odd Ball Foods and Geography: college, live, auctions
  51. The Economy may be turning around: buying, live, prices
  52. New Urbanism: homes, neighborhoods, subdivisions
  53. Looking for interesting mountain towns in West Virginia: ferry, culture
  54. America's Most Walkable Cities and Neighborhoods: home, college, live
  55. Weather and Housing ??: college, living, costs
  56. finding home: transplants, apartment, house
  57. Help me out with what Im looking for!!: affordable houses, gated
  58. College graduate wants to relocate from NYC: apartments, rentals
  59. The worlds most sexiest cities: the people have spoken: beach, gay-friendly
  60. Two news articles on America: the US leads the world in illegal drug use and rates itself as one of the happiest: richest
  61. Adults and braces: insurance, how much, live in
  62. Cleanest city in the US: ranked, cities, pictures
  63. dealing with long: how much, new home, school
  64. County with lowest total taxes????: sales, school districts, income
  65. Happy 4th of July!!!!: safe, nicest, friends
  66. News, Oh, say, can that Sanford woman sing!: living, cottage
  67. Forbes: Best Places to Raise a Family: schools, safest
  68. Wildlife details: food, car, rating
  69. Cotswolds anywhere?: houses, living in, areas
  70. In which ways Canada beats the US and the US beats Canada??: taxes
  71. Cities and states w/ a broad-brush assumption on races VS who judge minorities by an individual-case basis.: live
  72. Key West, Naples, or Cape Cod: Which city would you live in?: restaurant
  73. Propane vs Natural Gas: buying a house, buying, live
  74. How Is Small Town USA Coping Days?: buying, living
  75. How Many cities Have You travelled on the Trained: transfer, buses
  76. How much property tax do you pay in your state?: condo, townhome
  77. Which has the better scenery reno or flagstaff: university, campus
  78. US City with the prettiest botanical gardens: live in, garden
  79. What state do you live in and what do you like about your state?: low crime, neighborhoods
  80. Transportation in different cities. How is yours?: best city, landscaping
  81. Open a map, give me a dart!: best cities, to rent
  82. Which US City presents their history the best?: homes, shop
  83. How many cities have you lived in?: college, to live in
  84. Which cities would you consider to be the So called Capital of the South?and why?: best cities, live
  85. Which is the most favorable part of the South: live in, bill
  86. Do most Americans live in rural areas/small towns?: home, unemployment
  87. Sacramento or Houston?: crime, college, living
  88. Great Waterfronts: neighborhoods, live, restaurants
  89. The best states for beaches: price, beach, vacations
  90. The South remains Americas fattest Region: low income, income, living
  91. Good city for someone with arachnaphobia.: house, living in, dangerous
  92. Thinking about packing up and leaving town: sales, new home
  93. UK or Texas help me decide ...: universities, living
  94. Southern California or Southern Florida?: home, quality of life, live in
  95. Top ten best cities for business in2008 by mover, employment
  96. US/Imperial vs Metric system: live, ticket, resort
  97. Which US regional Variation of pizza is better??: kitchen, best
  98. Best State For Higher Education: loans, best schools, universities
  99. What accent do you have?: neighborhood, university, live
  100. Blue Areas of Rural America?: college, camping, taxes
  101. America's Next Lost Cities: live, agriculture, transportation
  102. Nicholasville, KY: America's best small city: fit in, sale, homes
  103. 15 Most Dangerous States For 2008: sex offenders, crime rate, unemployment
  104. new supertall skyscrapers: hotel, construction, design
  105. Best Mid-sized City in the US: move, best economy, metro
  106. Inner ring suburbs: middle-class, real estate, low crime
  107. How Are the Drivers in Your Area?: home, construction
  108. Light Rail Ideas: rental car, rental, how much
  109. Things that should be in metric system in the U.S: sales, buying
  110. America's worst tourist traps and towns.: college, prices, shops
  111. How come USA has so many names?: living, island
  112. Going to Florida!!: live, pictures, humidity
  113. What is one thing you wish you could change about your state? Politics, Geography, Culture: home, public schools
  114. What State Should We Move to? Or Theses Are The States We Can't Move To...: sex offender, good schools
  115. 33yo SWM, need relocation suggestions: best city, apartment, lease
  116. Do you prefer northern colonial buildings or southern colonials?: homes, design
  117. Alabama or Wyoming?: living, vs., beaches
  118. The Rural Ghetto: house, college, gangs
  119. Greatest transportation need in the US right now?: condos, big home
  120. City where low wage labor can still live a middle class lifestyle?: house, job market
  121. Nagging?: sales, credit card, how much
  122. Is our economy in a Recession?: credit, employment, salaries
  123. ok: transplants, military, business
  124. For who didn't care for Chicago...: transplants, quality of life
  125. Relocating to the US: houses, salary, living
  126. A for black city data members: homes, living in
  127. Low income equals high crime??!: crime rates, homes, neighborhood
  128. help me decide where to live!: fit in, waterparks, crime
  129. Could you ever live in Hawaii?: apartment, condo, living
  130. Is TX the best state of USA ?: buy, quality of life
  131. Gay young professional needs on where to relocate!: home, school
  132. Cities with Greatest Concentration of Top Universities: chapel, schools
  133. which skyline is the best lite?: home, health, rank
  134. Use both Imperial + Metric on road signs in the U.S: schools, live in
  135. Balkanized North America?: taxes, designs, permit
  136. Pedophiles: sex offenders, dangerous, legal
  137. looking for young, progressive city with much outdoor recreation: real estate, low crime
  138. List of US cities planning a new tallest building: hotel, construction
  139. If you could go back to college at age 28.....: sales, to buy
  140. Metro growth rates: income, taxes, living
  141. Help With Relocation: home, neighborhoods, purchase
  142. So where do you buy groceries?: apartment, pharmacy, price
  143. 2008 in review: sales, buying, go bankrupt
  144. Mid-Twenties Single Female Looking for New City to Relocate: appointed, fit in
  145. Which locales would you like to live in?: crime rate, job market
  146. 12-hour or 24-hour clock system?: military, work, better
  147. Contrary to popular belief, exurbs more dangerous than cities: crime, home
  148. Need to Relocate because of Migraines: school, college, allergies
  149. Food & Wine- 2 US cities are the world's top dining destinations: how much, restaurants
  150. The Official FORT WORTH Poll:: live, public transportation, best place
  151. Has Actually Visited Anywhere Thanks to Intrigue From This Forum?: home, camping
  152. Largest City without a Starbucks...: neighborhoods, closing, live in
  153. city with the best fireworks: suburbs, cities, summer
  154. Should I move to a new city/state??: attorney, new home
  155. Should names and locations of sex offenders be made public?: crimes, felons
  156. Most popular metro areas in 2007: to live in, stats, moving to
  157. Is CA the best state?: crime, public school, earthquakes
  158. im driving my husband crazy!!: rental, low crime, house prices
  159. New Census Population Estimates: wedding, versus, stats
  160. What is you're favorite resort town?: ski resorts, casinos, living
  161. Race: population, Hispanic, Chinese
  162. Of released offenders convicted of the following crimes, which would you be most concerned about having as a next door n: live, moving
  163. Kentucky or Tennessee? Why?: homes, universities, tax
  164. California or North Carolina...what would you do?: best neighborhoods, apartment
  165. What are your state's largest cities?: live in, estimates, suburbs
  166. Best US Cities for Medicine: transplants, schools, university
  167. Stadiums with downtown view: stadium, yard, best
  168. US cities vs The World: hotels, movies, school
  169. Which City Is Too Overhyped on This Forum?: crime, live in
  170. Radio Presets in your city: university, live in, vacations
  171. Why does the World think Chicago is more grittier than NYC?: movies, cities
  172. East/West Envy: living in, vs., stores
  173. What city will continue to attract more and more people?: good schools, college
  174. Help :): home, good schools, university
  175. Top US towns for girls basketball programs?: public schools, university
  176. Favorite sunbelt city?: live, beaches, things to do
  177. Would You Rather Be a Big Fish in a Little Pond or a Small Fish in a Big Sea?: appointed, mortgages
  178. Billboards in your area: for sale, lease, houses
  179. Wal-Mart or Target?: sales, apartment, crime
  180. What states is fairworks NOT illegal?: to buy, legal, stores
  181. How come no one respects Los Angeles?: movies, earthquakes
  182. America's Most Beautiful Cities: live in, airport, architecture
  183. Confused about whether to move...: college, camper, living
  184. Help find my next city in the west: living, cost of living
  185. I'm 33, single, anchor-free...and I want to run away. Suggestions=awesome. (crossposting...): apartment, rent
  186. Good states for a Geologist: homes, employment, good schools
  187. IYHO,which is the best big city of USA, & why ?: live, suburban
  188. Metro areas that have no plans in place as gas prices rise.: how much
  189. land of the free? not exactly.: military, violations, annual
  190. artist towns revisited: renting, crime, home
  191. Forbes names Best Cities for Young Professionals: top schools, living in
  192. . How do Connecticut car Donation for tax breaks work and are they worth it?: to sell
  193. What is you're favorite resort town?
  194. Ever lack of local media: zip code, places
  195. Another Interesting Healthcare Article....: money, financial
  196. Link to article about High-Priced Oil: looking for, inside, color
  197. Test: road, emergency
  198. Locating a US lady: company, address, event
  199. Safest drivers: live, automobile, cities
  200. Florida Top Job Loss State in the Nation: foreclosures, home