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  1. Celebrity Views of Comaha: home, tornado, centers
  2. City with the most drama: low crime, live, suburban
  3. Origins of Sayings: college, top, Indians
  4. Least Knowledgeable Drivers Live in New Jersey: transplants, insurance
  5. Psychology jobs in the U.S.: income, health, best
  6. Looking for someone: day care, high school, moved
  7. Relocating from SF.. spiritual communities out there?: neighborhoods, colleges
  8. Massachusetts VS Africa: living in, winter, state
  9. Cities That Are Faster-Paced Than You: live, moving
  10. Georgia vs. Japan: low crime, living, cost
  11. Where next?: homes, best schools, living
  12. What if Hollywood moved to another city: plastic
  13. What states have you been to?: live, cities, places
  14. Moving from Ohio to Seattle or Portland: apartment, homes
  15. Want to move but unsure where to!! help!: tornadoes, living
  16. Single no ties to anywhere looking to relocate: job market, living
  17. Best City to Work as Mechanical Engineer: schools, college
  18. Conservative City?: public schools, ranked, teach
  19. Does have the July '08 estimates for all cities?: rankings, metropolitan area
  20. Best Overall Quality of Life: college, casino, living in
  21. Help me decide between Austin, Boston, and Denver: transplants, job market
  22. Looking for a city with a great art school plus..: schools, university
  23. Does one know about traveling in Australia?: where to stay, best cities
  24. Safe Southern State for Young Family???: crime rate, home, best school
  25. What does a licensed driver have to do to et a driver license in another state?: safety
  26. Idaho vs Uzbekistan: hotel, live, close to
  27. New Orleans or Athens, GA or Tampa Bay: quality of life, best
  28. Where should I move to find what I'm seeking???: universities, living in
  29. Safe Southern Cities: crime rate, to live in, safest
  30. In Defense of Multiculturalism: fit in, loan, house
  31. Eugene, Ruidoso or Colorado?: house, job market, movies
  32. My 3 picks- help?: fit in, rent, construction
  33. Who goes to the Indiana Black expo besides people who live in Indiana (tell me what you about it): best
  34. 23 year old professional.. Need help talking through a city to decide!: low crime, school
  35. What city do you most enjoy?: living in, vs, nightlife
  36. Blacks no longer love nyc?: living, price, moving
  37. Best mid sized college town (100k to 300k): universities, towns
  38. Time to move from CA....where to go in the Southeast?: best towns, sales
  39. Small towns to live in: high school, standard of living, suburbs
  40. Jury duty scams: company, phone, date
  41. Are people who prefer city life typically lonely compared to the general population?: apartments
  42. Home sweet home: sales, real estate, waterparks
  43. Lesser known cities and towns with Pub. Transport: living in, floor
  44. Age demographic differences of the rural North and South: college, statistics
  45. The most expensive U.S. city 2008: renters, houses, buying
  46. The Economy is NOT in Recession!: insurance, credit, loan
  47. UShip bidding on moving: relocating, company, used
  48. Which Southern city is the most urban??: gated communities, medical center
  49. Houston - Good Choice?: house, job market, quality of life
  50. Hartford, Providence, or Glendale: crime rate, living, cost of living
  51. Cities with the most pollution: America: top 10, year-round, environment
  52. movies, camping, activities
  53. Mountain metros-growth: prices, centers, moving to
  54. Living on an income: apartment, rent, insurance
  55. looking to visit the west coast...where should i go?: nightlife, vacation
  56. MOVING: Know what I am looking for, but need suggestions as to which places in the US might fit the bill... help?: to rent
  57. Seattle with better weather?: university, camping, living
  58. Small world/ small town: sales, house, buy
  59. Do you think San diego is americas Finest city?: mayor, Republican
  60. Liberal East Coast Beach Towns?: diverse
  61. Want to rent room by a lake in forest AND near lively city: to move
  62. Nashville, Huntsville, Burlington, Wilmington, Portland, Boise, or Denver: Which city would you live in?: public transportation
  63. Earthquake in Los angeles/SoCal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: city hall, how much, construction
  64. what city/town is the best for me.: fit in, transplants
  65. Paying with a German Mastercard ..: car rental, rental, credit card
  66. Greetings, non- europeans. :): buying, living, versus
  67. Your Favorite National Park: living, cabin, move
  68. How are YOU handling the downturn in the economy?: coupons, health insurance
  69. Have You More Mopeds Lately?: college, gated, live
  70. The ATL makes perfect sense...: appointed, transplants, low crime
  71. Recent college grad: No clue where to re-locate!: ski resorts, apartments
  72. Don't talk to the police: crime rates, living, costs
  73. Does traffic stress you out?: quality of life, place to live, moving
  74. Does your city have a theme song?: home, college
  75. Wildlife in the City: house, neighborhood, school district
  76. What does hometown mean to you?: home, high school
  77. Just A Why Do People....: new home, subdivision, taxes
  78. Favorite Mega-City?: cities, population, places
  79. what city do you envy?: low crime, beach, transit
  80. What world city is your city most similar to?: airport, architecture
  81. Website showing in/out migration for every US county!: live in, vs
  82. Towns with great downtowns: How do they do it?: apartments, buying
  83. Great Neighborhoods that are Adjacent to Universities: condos, townhouse
  84. Which is worse- too hot or too cold: to live in, pool
  85. Favorite states?: pre-k, to live in, vacation
  86. America's Future- The year 2010: real estate, foreclosures, credit
  87. Why does everyone think Denver is cold?: living in, vacations
  88. Need Re-Location Help ~: rentals, low crime, mortgage
  89. Do you pronounce cot and caught the same?: live, vs.
  90. Which state capital city do you like the best?: area, cities
  91. World's Most Economically Powerful Cities i am surprised: how much, purchase
  92. Which midwestern states have the most forest land, hiking, and outdoorsy lifestyle?: home, to live
  93. Best California City?: best city, home, living in
  94. Virginia Beach or Charlotte?: good schools, to live in, statistics
  95. Consider a Big Mall Not so Cool?: how much, quality of life
  96. Which state, on average, do you think is the warmest?!: college, live
  97. Favorite Pennsylvania City(Cities)?: best cities, buy, live
  98. Which city is experiencing the most gentrification?: low income, 2015
  99. Urban American cities: houses, neighbourhoods, live
  100. Favorite peninsula in the lower 48: versus, land, county
  101. What should the minimum wage be?: renter, homeowners association, health insurance
  102. Why is the USA still so violent?: crime rate, incomes
  103. Have you ever move someplace based soley on Best Places to Live ranking?: apartment, chapel
  104. United States vs Canada vs Germany: low crime, house, schools
  105. Desperate for opinions on a place to move: best cities, renting
  106. Hottest guys and girls: college, cities, entertainment
  107. Best place to rent a cabin for writing?: rentals, live
  108. What Can Be Done to Curtail Unprovoked Mass Killings?: crimes, houses
  109. Name One Thing Great A State Gave Us: bill, motorcycles
  110. Hot Hot Hot (moved from the Dallas, TX forum): apartment, home
  111. Friendliest huge metros in America: school, live, friendly
  112. America's Most Expensive City: salary, to live in, prices
  113. The most Infamous U.S. cities: crime rates, schools, bus
  114. need to know where are the worst drivers: home, live
  115. When will the south stop being southern?: transplants, live
  116. Looking for larger city with fantastic summer weather.: affordable apartments, living
  117. The most boring US City.: place to live, bars, title
  118. Why do People still Stereotype the South?: how much, home
  119. Best places to live - 2008: best cities, credit, homes
  120. Help an older teen find his place: home, neighborhood
  121. Top 10 World Class Cities: Where would you place Omaha?: buy, live
  122. College campuses: chapel, construction, school
  123. Should we lower the speed limit in the U.S.: insurance, tax
  124. Liberal East Coast Beach Towns?: schools, place to live, safety
  125. Coral Gables, Fargo, Charleston, Greensboro, Grand Rapids, or Annapolis: live in, cities
  126. help me find my place: apartment, rent, affordable house
  127. If there is ONE city in the U.S that you want to see reach its which one is it?: tenants, transit
  128. Do you have Rowhomes in your city?: credit, houses
  129. Where are the jobs????????: home, unemployment, high school
  130. Mall Photos: live, floor, shop
  131. Do you want LA to get flatten by a Earthquake?: to live in, cities
  132. Year to Date City Murders: crime, live, murder rate
  133. Would it be weird for a non-white person to fly the Confederate flag?: high school, colleges
  134. Do you find trees growing through concrete disturbing?: better, sidewalk
  135. Have You Ever Been to Scranton?: credit, hotel, home
  136. Want to see how Fat your state is?: fit in, homes
  137. Are there other Tri-State Metropolitan Areas?: metro area, business, county
  138. City with the best weather: safest area, tornadoes, to live
  139. Why Are People In The South So Much Fatter Than The Rest Of The Country?: live, restaurants
  140. Where Artists Live in US: fit in, apartment, condos
  141. Best and worst city on the other side: condos, home
  142. How Many States Have You Been To?: live in, airport
  143. Which US Performing Arts Center looks the best?: theater, construction
  144. Baton Rouge, Little Rock, Savannah, Madison, or Plano: Which city would you live in?: transplants, crime
  145. The Most Exciting State: houses, nightlife, cities
  146. The Most Exciting City: best city, live, shop
  147. Good Weather, Low Cost of Living, Strong Economy: best cities, real estate
  148. What areas of your city are being gentrified ?: for sale, condominium
  149. What city do you think strated Gangs: in modern life?: transplants, home
  150. Columbia, Knoxville, Norfolk, Spokane, Lexington, Providence, or Reno: Which city would you live in?: crime, homes
  151. The Prettiest Region in America: to live, pine, palm trees
  152. What city lacks Amusement?: amusement park, credit, live in
  153. greenest cities in USA: live in, restaurants, smog
  154. Where is the Boulder of the East Coast?: crime, living
  155. What would you like from Germany?: insurance, live, food
  156. Single, late 20s, looking for a new place: job market, salary
  157. A late Boomer asks, what is a Senior: credit, houses
  158. The New 7 Wonders of the World: fit in, park, buildings
  159. Cities that have an impoverished impression?: how much, unemployment rate, neighborhood
  160. Help me decide: Boston or Austin: transplants, loans, job market
  161. 4 season City?: to live in, retirement, campus
  162. San Diego vs. Japan: apartment, low crime, homes
  163. Portland, SanFran, or Denver?: rentals, low crime, home
  164. Is It To Live Rural: buy, college, income
  165. Best cities/towns/communities across the country for live music: homeless, trendy
  166. Visiting a major city alone: hotels, neighborhoods, live
  167. How was the U.S in the 60's & 70's?: middle-class, student loan
  168. What are great (larger) cities for being outdoors in the 'lower 48'?: camping, beach
  169. What will the USA look like in the year 2040?: how much, bankrupt
  170. Hip city with a warm winter to open a record shop?: neighborhoods, theatre
  171. how about a sticky photo: cities, photos, top
  172. Better racetrack: Indy's Brickyard or Louisville's Churchill Downs: hotels, living
  173. America's busiest airports: go bankrupt, prices, airport
  174. I asked you first........: home, standard of living, move to
  175. Blight in the City: crime, homes, unemployment
  176. Which US City has the most diversity?: racism, area
  177. places you'd consider living...: moving, radio, metro
  178. The most ignored big cities: crime, movies, college
  179. The rest of the south's view of Kentucky: transplants, college
  180. City with the nicest girls??: best city, low crime, high school
  181. Metro areas with the largest AIDS rate per 100,000 people in the South: school districts, statistics
  182. What tired sterotypes about America irk you the most?: appointed, house
  183. You Know You're from... When...: credit card, house, neighborhood
  184. I am angry, i am furious, i am mad!!!!!!!: dangerous, store
  185. 23-year-old spanish guy needs help picking a city: best town, crime
  186. whats your favorite casino city?: limo, casinos, price
  187. Moving from Houston to Kansas City or Indianapolis: job market, neighborhoods
  188. America's Most Expensive Cities: best cities, real estate market, rent
  189. Why do so many people get angry over negative about their city?: home, tornado
  190. Wanting to Relocate: sales, job market, to buy
  191. Which US City is being developed too fast?: condos, construction
  192. allergies & moving rural to city: house, live, farms
  193. Land Lease in US: leasing, cheaper, Asian
  194. MOVING: Know what I am looking for, but need suggestions as to which places in the US might fit the bill... help?: to rent
  195. Need help with moving from Sparks to ????: schools, allergies
  196. Termite advice: construction, kitchen cabinets, cabin
  197. Proposal For Board Administrators: post office, rated, island
  198. municipal incorporation: middle-class, schools, contractors
  199. United States vs. Europe
  200. Which state for me?: home, transfer, to buy