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  1. Broken health care system... No health insurance is better than mediocre coverage: credit
  2. Best anual Fireworks display?: title, skyscraper, photos
  3. Moving out of NYC to more rural.... don't know where to start!: fit in
  4. Could Use s On Where To Relocate To.: scorpions, move to
  5. America Student Visa: attorney, employment, school
  6. Outlet Malls: homes, theatre, construction
  7. DC, San Francisco & Chicago Real Estates Expected to Rise: home, prices
  8. Where to move?: condo, house, to live
  9. National Anthem: elementary school, live, friendly
  10. if you could relocate.. where to and why?: to rent, credit
  11. Looking for a Southern town...: low crime, houses, neighborhoods
  12. Best cities to Live in: subdivision, living in, restaurants
  13. Americans want overhaul of health system: costs, health care, money
  14. which side of the usa: best cities, good schools, law
  15. I y'all might find this interesting:: areas, cities
  16. Cities/Suburbs/Towns Search: areas, places, mileage
  17. Wanting to move, but not sure where...NJ?NY?PA?ME?NH?MA?RI?: fit in
  18. Dream Spot: to rent, house, employment
  19. Legal ways to get back at state and federal goverment?: how much, buying
  20. Best Neighborhood?: village, about, unique
  21. Colored water on our water dispenser: buy, hot water, hot
  22. Do cities have a lot of brick work going on?: affordable houses, construction
  23. Portuguese Novels...: to buy, Brazilian, American
  24. NJ, FL or CA?: to live, beach, CPA
  25. Mid 30's and moving to East Coast from UK: crime rates, home
  26. Vienna, Montreal, or Boston?: living in, vs, deal
  27. News, Best places to raise a family in the U.S.: rent, low crime
  28. Why come independent cities cannot annex land?: income, property taxes
  29. Areas and or cities with growing cob home communities?: homes, good schools
  30. Find missing money!: office, property, free
  31. Advice on relocation: transplants, how much, high school
  32. Moving from NY: college, camping, live
  33. The Texas accent is staying: home, place, kids
  34. Traffic Photos: shop, cars, pictures
  35. Favorite National Park System in USA: to live, canyon
  36. Which cities have the most athletes living in it?: house, income
  37. Check this out!: renting, condo, buying a house
  38. More Densest Cities: living in, medical, metro area
  39. Excluding downtown, what area would benefit the image of your entire city most if redeveloped?: sex offenders
  40. News, Best U.S. Cities for Earning a Living.: best city, unemployment
  41. 5 times 5 times the legal limite DUI'S: theater, living in, safer
  42. Jury duty scams: company, phone, date
  43. Where should I go for my winter vacation?: restaurants, shop
  44. Small towns to live in: high school, standard of living, suburbs
  45. Are people who prefer city life typically lonely compared to the general population?: apartments
  46. What does it cost to feed a family of four?: coupons, homes
  47. Help!!! I want out of NY: low crime, good schools, mall
  48. Minneapolis or Saint Paul?: home, place to live, safer
  49. Which Southern city is the most urban??: gated communities, medical center
  50. movies, camping, activities
  51. City with 90% white: high school, live in, friendly
  52. courses or field of study in US: how much, careers
  53. Houston - Good Choice?: house, job market, quality of life
  54. The most expensive U.S. city 2008: renters, houses, buying
  55. Help Us Find The Right Property to Purchase:: for sale, real estate
  56. Age demographic differences of the rural North and South: college, statistics
  57. Affordable Living: sales, real estate, houses
  58. MOVING: Know what I am looking for, but need suggestions as to which places in the US might fit the bill... help?: to rent
  59. Best place to move: sales, apartments, rental
  60. What makes a city a city: vs, airports, suburbs
  61. Testing 1,2,3..: law, woman, should
  62. Hartford, Providence, or Glendale: crime rate, living, cost of living
  63. TO US University: universities, top 10, program
  64. Videos of Movies set in your city.: hotel, house
  65. find my own utopia...taking suggestions: fit in, new home
  66. What is the most racially and ethnically diverse & integrated city in the U.S. South/Southeast?: neighborhoods
  67. Does Saturday really count as a day off?: house, live
  68. what is the deal with the Macy's craze?: Home Depot, price
  69. Is the U.S. South still laid-back and slow paced?: transplants, living
  70. Metropoliton areas where the most populated city is not the main city: to live in, beach
  71. Drinking age lower to 18?: buying, school, live
  72. NY, chicago or boston as a young architect?: house, to buy
  73. Outside of NYC and Chicago, what is America's most intimidating, exhilarating city?: casinos, best
  74. What are America's Global Cities?: colleges, farmer, place
  75. The most spread-out major city in the US.: cul-de-sac, live
  76. POLL: What would be your perfect city if...: rentals, condos
  77. United States Balkanization. Your Thoughts?: home, buy, high school
  78. Do you get peeved when someone bashes your city, despite never being there before?: taxes, to live
  79. What is the most ignored geographic region in the U.S? According to where you live, that is!: home, population
  80. Are there plans in your city to rip up downtown highways?: how much, neighborhood
  81. Is there celebs or pro athletes that own a business in your city: movie theaters, live in
  82. Densest cities in the United States: land, area, population
  83. Best state and why?: sales, how much, universities
  84. The most underrated cities ..: how much, place to live, moving
  85. What city do you think is the Ture secound city of the U.S.: centers, ranked
  86. Cheaper Northeastern Cities: high crime, house, unemployment rate
  87. Do you read metric or U.S units?: how much, live in
  88. Schooling for illegal immigrant?: lease, house, neighborhood
  89. Best city for culinary.: school, quality of life, restaurant
  90. Your city's Biggest movie star: living in, gangs, bill
  91. Wisconsin vs Minnesota, where would you live?: to live, mall
  92. A signature highrise from anther city you would like in yours: design, radio
  93. America's Best College Town(s): chapel, home, school
  94. Ginnyhere Looking For Relocation Help: rentals, amusement parks, crime
  95. looking for a new seacoast home: loans, construction, incomes
  96. Conservative, family-friendly places to relocate (North): condos, homes, luxury
  97. Los Angeles Today: beaches, skyline, place
  98. HELP us find our new small town!: house, buy
  99. town of my dreams, where are you?: real estate, house
  100. is Los Angeles Over Exaggerated on this Forum?: how much, live in
  101. States with the biggest identy crisis: location, population, places
  102. The Current & Next Gay Friendly States: health insurance, schools
  103. What is the worse thing to smell in your neighborhood: home, living
  104. Which big city fits my needs?: condos, crime rate, neighborhoods
  105. Percentage of Metro Area Residents Living in Main City: how much, income
  106. Split your city into two or three smaller cities?: apartment, neighborhoods
  107. USA states w/ snowfall: live, station, areas
  108. What state thinks they area better than the rest of the country overall??: live, centers
  109. Rate on cities: low crime, houses, neighborhoods
  110. Why are there so many blacks in US cities?: house, neighborhoods
  111. 7 ROOMS of the US: living, mall, garage
  112. Least Expensive cities in US: hardwood floors, house, safe neighborhoods
  113. Did you know Los Angeles had a Subway?: apartments, homes
  114. Boston=much nicer than Chicago...: safe area, live, safe
  115. Comedy, Southerners.: house, classes, single
  116. Favorite New England state?: best city, sales, home
  117. Let's play a little game...: to live in, move to, place
  118. What cities has the worst Humidity?: live in, beach, place
  119. What city is the best for a person on SSI/disability to live?: section 8, apartments
  120. Name the best mid-sized cities to relocate to: apartments, low crime
  121. Streetcars........: university, live in, prices
  122. The 5 drunkest cities in America! P.S. Milwaukee isn't 1st!: place, town
  123. Good sides of your city: Free Gloating: best city, homes
  124. moving but where: good schools, income, place to live
  125. Should panhandling be fought in downtowns?: legal, shop, homeless
  126. something positive about a city you don't like: houses, restaurant
  127. What Happened to this Forum?: public schools, live in, vs
  128. City Counterparts: schools, smog, architecture
  129. The Seven Wonders of America: rated, subway, best
  130. Did you know you are Googable?: house, to live, area
  131. Americas Problems: crime, neighborhoods, middle school
  132. Which U.S region has the most palm trees?: architecture, metropolitan area
  133. When people say a City is boring and nothing to do...: theater, college
  134. Are You Watching the Olympics?: beach, swimming, relocation
  135. Black Americans: real estate, crimes, neighborhood
  136. what is the most Bland, Non Scenic, Ugly, Dull, Out of place awkward, Frustrating City in the US?: to live in, airport
  137. Which US City should be next in line to host the Olympics?: 2014, venue
  138. Flat, Hilly, Mountainous, No Preference: home, living, fence
  139. Americas one drop law?: schools, Korean, teaching
  140. Graffiti: Vandalism or a work of art?: garage door, property
  141. Americas Most Overrated Attractions/Land Marks And Historical sites: mall, beach
  142. Consider a Big Mall Not so Cool?: how much, quality of life
  143. A Vacation Home in Each of the 50 States?: lease, loft
  144. What will obesity in the United States look like in 2 decades?: to eat, health
  145. Virginia Beach or Charlotte?: good schools, to live in, statistics
  146. Which state, on average, do you think is the warmest?!: college, live
  147. Which city is experiencing the most gentrification?: low income, 2015
  148. Urban American cities: houses, neighbourhoods, live
  149. Favorite Pennsylvania City(Cities)?: best cities, buy, live
  150. Are the Days of Flipping Over?: real estate market, mortgage
  151. Is NYC the consenus favorite?: apartment, neighborhoods, gangs
  152. Favorite Southeastern Mid-Major Cities/Metros: place to live, friendly, rated
  153. Tornado Sirens/ Siren Testing: neighborhood, live, trees
  154. NEW: US region with the best climate: beaches, palm trees
  155. What cities have the best resturants?: restaurants, food, places
  156. Bash houston day!?!?!: crime, buy, minimum wage
  157. Best US climate: best climate, coastal, humid
  158. What cities in America are coastal and is Houston coastal?: houses, neighborhood
  159. Why were the effects from white flight in Detroit so big?: real estate, houses
  160. Building Skyscrapers in U.S. Cities: construction, school, to move
  161. Best California City?: best city, home, living in
  162. The Best Dense Skyline (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle): cities, largest
  163. why is there a distinction between white non-hispanic and white-hispanic.: fit in, Lebanese
  164. Which U.S. cities would you like most to live in?: rent, low crime
  165. Help me make a decision...5 cities to visit.: school, live
  166. where to find large wooded parks with trails: houses, neighborhoods
  167. DC metro beats Chicago: safer, train, car
  168. What Metro Area has more Top Schools?: universities, vs
  169. single-sex schools: middle schools, college, rating
  170. How walkable is your neighborhood?: real estate, apartments, crime rate
  171. Relocation Help: rental, low crime, houses
  172. Finance Major: Where in the US after college?: foreclosures, university
  173. A defined area in your town that is more sociable/vibrant than downtown ...: hotels, construction
  174. Save our summers: spring break, school, to live in
  175. How bad is geographical ignorance in your area?: income, live in
  176. What $200,000 Buys in Your City: real estate, apartment, foreclosure
  177. A City for Horses and Muscle Cars?: foreclosed, rent
  178. Where do you live now? ---> Where do you want to live later?: living in, restaurant
  179. In what State do the middle class have the highest standard of living?: house, buying
  180. Alabama or New Mexico: home, to live, vs.
  181. The Great State of....: live in, title, population
  182. Cities with the Highest and Lowest Concentrations of Poverty: crime rates, wealthy
  183. Austin, TX: Coolest/hippest town in America?: to live, prices
  184. State forum obervations...: crime, neighborhoods, elementary school
  185. Trendiest/most modern Southern City??: best city, neighborhood, closing
  186. Dallas, TX - more liberal than L.A.!: stats, suburbs
  187. Forbes Best Ten Commuter Cities: best cities, apartment, to live
  188. The Poll to End ALL Polls (... or not): hotel, house
  189. Fun summer city for a student: school, college, nightlife
  190. Sunshine: apartment, to rent, living in
  191. Why is Washington, DC ignored: live in, vs, gangs
  192. Busiest city forums on are.....: living in, moving to, suburban
  193. Unique laws in your state: condo, crime, felony
  194. beaches: live, beach, best
  195. Is America overcrowded? How about another 200 million people?: sales, buying
  196. Houstonians, are Dallas and Atlanta similar to Houston?: houses, unemployment
  197. For all my Darling Texans ~this is FUNNY!: mover, live
  198. Young Married Couple Looking to Move From Ohio!: rent, purchase
  199. What do you think of this video?: cities, America
  200. Foreclosure rate in your market?: sales, home, price