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  1. College student thinking ahead: apartment, rent, home
  2. help us find the perfect city!: how much, living in
  3. Morgantown,WV v. Burlington,VT: appointed, rent, universities
  4. Advice on the City with the Best Job Outlook?: houses, contractors
  5. Do you think watering plants is a waste of water?: live in, metro
  6. Has moved to a South American city and really ejoys it?: crime
  7. Where do we live?? HELP!!!: hotels, cheap home, find a job
  8. Sense of Humour Required: places, famous, snow
  9. Looking to move and wanting opinions as to cities: lawyer, home
  10. Which swing state is more important? Florida, Ohio or Pennsylvania: bill, residential
  11. NYC or L.A. Where would you rather live?: transport, places
  12. U.S. to the U.K. (After Graduation-Highschool): high school, college
  13. Does your local media ever create unnecessary panic over small issues?: crime rate, houses
  14. What states/state regions/provinces would you consider to be Pacific Northwest?: county
  15. Seeking region to relocate to with the following criteria:: home, tornadoes
  16. Power Shifts From NY to DC: condos, home, living in
  17. Child Abandonment: tax, legally, safe
  18. Rules for Driving in Your Region: home, shops, gangs
  19. Cultural differences between the West and Midwest: to buy, rich
  20. Investment advice: real estate, rental market, house
  21. Southern Oregon and Far Northern California counties want their own state-Jefferson: live, move
  22. So What you do think of the New TV ratings???: sunny, nanny
  23. New Castle PA has a 2008 cost of living index of 84.5 where 100 is avg. What is lowest in US?: population
  24. John Tesh is a Dolt: live, radio, entertainment
  25. finding the perfect place to live: home, find a job, transfer
  26. Concrete Jungle: best, DSL, graffiti
  27. Warm eastern communities with trails: best cities, home, to live in
  28. Your Opinions: Best Southern towns/cities: quality of life, living, cost living
  29. An S.O.S. to Silicon Valley: transfer, college
  30. Where can I find this?: houses, subdivisions, restaurants
  31. Atlanta,Charlotte,no longer southern?: transplants, mold, cities
  32. Metric units: stores, places, roads
  33. Best Safe Towns/Cities in The US: real estate, low crime
  34. Lakes in the North Eastern Regions: homes, good schools, to move
  35. Barack Obama proved Pundits wrong.: residential, resident, news
  36. How's the economy/job market in your area?: hotels, casinos
  37. tennessee vs alabama: home, office, cities
  38. Best Location for a Honeymoon (in the states): beach, best place
  39. Query from Saudi Arabia to the American people: mortgage, credit
  40. Where Filipinos live in the U.S.A?: moving, best
  41. Reverse migration: homes, legally, radio
  42. Opinion as to factors for city to move to: lawyer, school
  43. Driving From Washington State to Wisconsin in early December: home, living
  44. Suggest License Plate Slogans: license plates, best, famous
  45. the look and feel of people in different regions: live, moving to
  46. Where Jobs are Created and Sustained - Top 10: home, finance
  47. How much is too much?: living, areas, population
  48. Scientific Studies shows regional stereotypes are true!: live, pool
  49. Advice on relocating.: movies, earthquakes, living
  50. Put in Order of Best to Worst!!: fit in, rent
  51. Looking for a place to live!: apartment, dorms, job market
  52. China has an ANNUAL outmigration of 500,000 people: vacation, rated
  53. What I like with the USA: best cities, houses, school
  54. Do proposals for state border changes, combinations, or splits have serious support?: area, island
  55. North American Union & the Amero: house, live in, bill
  56. Largest Vietnamese Population?: neighborhood, live in, mall
  57. New State Motto: prices, statistics, estate
  58. Coastal living: Do you enjoy it.: mobile home, construction, living in
  59. How many U.S. states have you been to?: hotel, buy
  60. New York/New Jersey/Connecticut: crime rate, taxes, living in
  61. Are people getting meaner?: law, best, population
  62. TOP 10 Walkable Cities: credit, neighborhoods, live in
  63. Made in the U.S.A.: to buy, live, moving to
  64. Downtown or Uptown: upper-class, home, live in
  65. To Facebook or not: fit in, home, high school
  66. Origin of the Cities: why, how and when did the one you live in come into existence?: house, camps
  67. Is it really selfish to want to live and travel wherever you want?: living, moving to
  68. New game: rename cities: neighborhoods, electricity, park
  69. Student Exchange, Really worth it?: 2013, how much, high school
  70. Church in the South...: home, schools, live in
  71. Writer looking to relocate to a liberal city like Minneapolis, but not Minneapolis. Suggestions: best towns, apartment
  72. Does California dominate american clothing?: high school, university, live
  73. Cities we dont hear much about--Show love: crime, neighborhoods
  74. State where rural folk are kind of sophisticated and not redneck: crime, college
  75. Supetalls(900+) or New Highrises(500+) in Your city: hotel, theatre
  76. courthouses----post the pics: construction, school, living
  77. Cities/States with of Scots?: metro area, areas, island
  78. Looking to move back to the US: crime, home
  79. Better decision for a multiracial student???: ski resorts, fit in, school
  80. Lowest humidity, mildest winters?: home, living, prices
  81. How is the fall colors in your city this year?: house, cost of
  82. Favorite mountain ranges: school, pine, yard
  83. Largest Salvadorean Population In The U.S: neighborhood, living in
  84. Will San Diego pass Los Angeles in population?: job market, earthquake
  85. Let's Stipulate: You have a three-day weekend.: theater, casinos
  86. got the DNA ancestrial test done?: cost, county
  87. Liberal Diverse Coastal Town (East Coast)?: homes, to buy, live
  88. U.S. ¢ents hard to know them!!: live in, move to
  89. Match a U.S.A. city with a South American city.: neighborhood, agricultural
  90. New Jersey vs. Florida: crime, live, beach
  91. Denver, Philadelphia or Sacramento?: ski resorts, crime, homes
  92. looking for this specific place...: house, private schools, universities
  93. Asians with southern accent: elementary school, live, Hispanic
  94. Lack of diversity a good thing perhaps?: school, university
  95. What Metro Area has the greatest large Regional Shopping Centers?: hotels, square footage
  96. My map of America into four regions - your agreements and disagreements: live in, moving
  97. Killing Steryotypes: neighborhood, living in, firms
  98. If you could travel to U.S. city, which one would you choose?: shop, swimming
  99. Family name: Irish, music, Spanish
  100. What state or states have nice summers (temp wise) and no humidity?: live in, install
  101. exciting day trip--Raleigh,Birmingham or Omaha: hotels, home, movie theater
  102. Warm cities/areas with intellectual climates: universities, live in
  103. Rank the Midwestern Cities: neighborhoods, movies, tax
  104. Suggest A Place For Me To Live: for sale, apartments
  105. How would a full-blown depression alter the US landscape?: how much, home
  106. Barrel Of Oil: house, buy, prices
  107. Regions of the U.S. Final version: design, retiree
  108. If the Meltdown Happens, Where Should You Be?: real estate, houses
  109. Most dangerous North East Cities/towns: neighborhoods, rich, suburbs
  110. Why do you live in the town tou live in?: apartment, rent
  111. Gay Marriage Just Rendered Legal By CT State Supreme Court: law, homosexual
  112. Warmer cities that can be compared to Boston?: living, transportation
  113. Seattle still doesn't have Google Street View: metro area, area
  114. isolated areas or off the grid: homes, camp, to live in
  115. Natural Disasters: house, school, tornado
  116. Proof of American Indian Ancestry: fit in, high school, club
  117. Why did the South used to have positive stereotypes and now only bad ones?: movies, live
  118. Which state to choose....: quality of life, live, prices
  119. What are the Richest States?: apartment, hotel, home
  120. State-Regional Jokes: car insurance, house, wedding
  121. Places you think should be under the National Park Service?: cost, beaches
  122. Liter vs. Gallon: move to, best, company
  123. Southern Port Cities: Which one is your favorite?: crime, houses
  124. Favorite Bos-Wash Corridor City: college, suburbs, population
  125. flat states: statistics, rating, areas
  126. The large City or Metro Area with the least shopping and dining options?: to buy, restaurants
  127. Surprisingly good places to live w/out a car: apartment complex, neighborhood
  128. Cities Undiscovered. True Pictures: foreclosures, mover, crime
  129. Metro area where they are still building lots of new homes: real estate, home sales
  130. Ethnic Neighborhoods in the US (with pics): metro area, areas
  131. San Jose surpasses Miami as US Metro with highest percentage of foreign born residents, 2007: metropolitan, cities
  132. If American cities were cars what would they be?: limo, taxi
  133. Forbes: Most stressful cities: buy, living, prices
  134. Californians: Friendly or unfriendly overall in your experience?: transplants, apartment
  135. Nation, the Ike Gas Crunch and You: home, live in
  136. Bailout Did NOT pass: coupons, mattresses, credit
  137. Metric system in the USA: income, taxes, move
  138. Hollywood or Las Vegas-- which is more impressive?: hotel, neighborhood
  139. Your top 10 states!!: home, tornado, to live in
  140. Yes Chinese Produce is crashing our economy!!!!: insurance, buying
  141. Colleges with the Hottest student Bodies.: high school, university, rich
  142. How would cities dress: golf, baseball, white
  143. Louisville To the Rescue: homes, neighborhoods, taxes
  144. San Diego overrated?: best city, real estate, neighborhood
  145. Which forest type do you like better: Deciduous or Coniferous Forest?: living in, pine
  146. United States to ban homeschooling: renting, public schools, college
  147. Going out of Country with outstading traffic ticket: house, living in
  148. How bad does it have to get for you to leave the United States: crimes, how much
  149. Most Misunderstood US City?: crime, neighborhoods, colleges
  150. Best place to live in a shack?: real estate, renting
  151. Can U.S. city really compare to Los Angeles, California?: to live, beach
  152. What weather would you pick between two cities if you had to?: home, best climate
  153. Out Of Choices, Which is Best?: village, near
  154. How do people in the south deal with all nasty bugs?: fit in, apartment
  155. What city upon first visit changed your perception to positive, what you expected or negative?: appointed, schools
  156. Americans are living inside their cars.: foreclosure, rental, new home
  157. States and their murder rates surprising: crime rate, how much, stats
  158. If American cities were people WHO would they be?: bill, food
  159. Is the Western US transitioning into being forestless?: house, live
  160. US Combined Statistical Areas Ranked by Gross Product: activity, suburban
  161. Halloween Costumes: neighborhood, office, venue
  162. Greater Miami or Metro San Diego: Which area has the highest quality of living?: low crime, home
  163. What don't you like with the USA?: buy, school
  164. How Is HollyWood Dying?: houses, neighborhoods, theater
  165. which one? rural (non-urban), ex-urban, suburban, urban: middle-class, apartments
  166. most dangerous cities in the south.: low crime, law, statistics
  167. Are Italian-Americans losing dominance in Northeast U. S???!!!: living, vs.
  168. Should the UN be Moved From NYC?: hotels, restaurants
  169. Dallas or Denver without a car?: how much, living, buses
  170. Most dangerous cities on the West Coast: crime rates, home
  171. Honeymoon- Charleston, SC or New Orleans, LA? help!: best cities, restaurants
  172. DC & LA metro rails to receive funding: live in, vs
  173. Is California the consensus favorite US state?: schools, quality of life
  174. Does LA mean Louisiana or Los Angeles on this Forum (You decide): estimates, population
  175. Whites to become a minority by 2042? Is this ANSWER!!!!!!!: home, universities
  176. New Mexican or Tex-Mex??: restaurant, food, phone
  177. British Americans.: best, average, Dutch
  178. Best Performing Arts-Centric Cities: apartment, rent, layoffs
  179. future in us mega cites ?: living, commuting, money
  180. An exciting city, with culture, friendly people, varied job market, for a 30 something single?: theatre, places to live
  181. Why do People from the North think their better than everyone ??: home, universities
  182. i dont get why people dont like miami ?: crime, live in
  183. Are basements common in your metro area: houses, garage
  184. Smaller cities with a big city feel... part 2: hotels, casinos
  185. USA would have metric system if Jefferson didn't say no: sale, neighborhoods
  186. Do tell: Where in America is the economy NOT in the toilet?: real estate, how much
  187. Best City to live, housing price, weather, pubic education and pay.: renting, insurance
  188. Tell me why you like the city you live in: hardwood floors, ski resorts
  189. Teacher Need ??: house, buy, relocation
  190. New Baby on the way, may move outta state: best cities, best
  191. Thrift Stores
  192. 1 Generationers on: home, town, state
  193. Rust Belt Alliance: suburbs, cities, town
  194. The community of cameroon people ?
  195. Why don't elected officials have to be held to the same standard as working class people?: associations
  196. Opinion on factors for moving to a city.: lawyer, school
  197. Buildings with solid glass exteriors: windows, heat, inside
  198. Deadiest Natural History in Recorded History: earthquake, flood, free
  199. The better states for the employers: about
  200. The best cities for the AAS ?: black, 2008