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  1. If cities were people, who would they be?: neighborhood, private school
  2. How do people mispronounce your state name?: noise, national
  3. Wanting to go to USA from Australia: to live, move to
  4. News, Man beats speeding ticket by saying sign too small.: city hall, lawyer
  5. America's Most and Least Favorite Cities: best cities, real estate, apartments
  6. How easy is it to get ethanol in your state?: buy, live
  7. San Jose, Denver, San Diego, San Antonio, Nashville, Asheville, Phoenix or Austin?: home
  8. What is the best city for renewables?: homes, to live
  9. Cities With The Most Now Hiring Signs: foreclosure, hotels
  10. Impossible Dream: real estate, allergies, living in
  11. Best City to be a police officer?: crime, income
  12. Relocate from Czech to USA: lawyer, legal, to relocate
  13. City Checklist- For Choosing a New City: crime, schools
  14. Immigration to U.S. through marrying an American citizen: high school, living in
  15. What are the top ten most religiously diverse cities in the United States??: association
  16. Ugly, old, torn-up, out-of-business small towns in the South: power lines, home
  17. Relocating. North Carolina, Arkansas or Texas: job market, live in, best
  18. What Are Your City's Sister Cities?: job, Dominican, towns
  19. Funerals: Why go to the expense?: living, restaurant, money
  20. Planning To Drive from Chicago to Sacramento: hotels, casino
  21. Which athlete/celebrity/actor/actress would you most want to trade places with?
  22. Anywhere out there still alive and kickin, in the dead of winter, with a thriving economy? ;): for sale
  23. High school enrollment per state/city-town: private school, colleges, ratings
  24. Teaching in NYC, LA or Houston?: apartment, home, job market
  25. California passes Canada in population: unemployment, standard of living, agriculture
  26. Moving to US: where to live, airport, nicest
  27. Destinations for Road Trip from Cleveland to Los Angeles: luxury, mall
  28. Help! searching for MY Shangri-la: a neighborhood like the north end of Boise, Idaho: best towns
  29. Living in a City Without a Car: neighborhood, construction
  30. Where to find teaching jobs in other states?: find a job, neighborhoods
  31. Work visa: legal, moving to, to relocate
  32. Most H1 sponsoring states: universities, best, average
  33. Safe and Affordable Cities in the SE U.S.: apartments, home
  34. Match your cities with the 7 Deadly Sins!: worth, state
  35. Big Cities with the bright stars: home, to live in, pollution
  36. Rocky Mountains... Driving from Seattle to the east: how much, buy
  37. Spring Break Getaway!: theater, places to eat, things to do
  38. Topeka or Guam?: train, parking ticket, island
  39. What cities are known for their brotherly love?: friendly, money
  40. Are small towns becoming extinct: shop, parking, park
  41. People who have moved away from friends and family...want to hear success stories: home
  42. Alpharetta,GA and Kettering Ohio:Cost of living: real estate, rental
  43. The 20 Best Places To Kiss In Your City...: neighborhood, restaurant
  44. Malaysia Letter to UN condemns the US and Britain: tax, live
  45. Have you ever moved away from your hometown, and later realized that it is actually rather nice?: how much
  46. Ren Cen Vs. Peachtree Tower: Pick the best cyclinder-shaped building: hotels, home
  47. Compare city sizes. Side to side.: fit in, cities, map
  48. News, Failing Local Economies Drive Traffic Citations Up.: upkeep, tax
  49. Nation-wide fire ant Do you have them?: house, living
  50. THE place to be and meet interesting people...: insurance, cities
  51. Are there other states with a way to check out their school districts........: ratings
  52. History Poachers are buying up newspapers!: sales, neighborhood, price
  53. Cities/Towns that are New Age/Metaphysical Destinations: college, areas
  54. States with the Brightest Future: moving, design, retirement
  55. Is A City Really Boring? Or Is It Just You?: subdivisions, live in
  56. Is the East Coast Less Liberal than Perceived?: construction, college
  57. What are of the cheesiest subdivision names you ever seen?: credit, houses
  58. Need to find hip,laid-back, walkable, urban areas with restaurants, pedestrian culture, coffee shops, friendly locals: crime, school
  59. Most preppy cities?: loan, houses, neighborhoods
  60. Anywhere in the U.S. drive on the left side of the road?: school, mall
  61. New Slim/Fat People Rankings: beach, bicycling, cities
  62. Rather be Banished to Iceland than live in which US cities?: elementary school, places to live
  63. Map of neighborhoods in your city......: fit in, houses, university
  64. State name most/least appealing?: fit in, credit, live in
  65. Where to move? Cheap/Rainy/Liberal/Gun Friendly/Young: low crime, house
  66. Florida coast cities or California coast cities: YMCA, high schools
  67. Which city really defines the US?: build, roach, work
  68. Best States for History Grads: job market, theater, school districts
  69. America's Favorite City 2008: Announced: rank, deals, cities
  70. Worst U.S. Housing markets 2009-2010.: house, prices, stats
  71. Tiny towns in your area that should be annexed to neighboring big towns?: crime rate, school district
  72. What is the most conservative small town (Pop. < 10,000) in America?: low crime, schools
  73. Canadian wanting to move to America: health insurance, how much, home
  74. Urban affluent or upper middle class neighborhoods: homes, university
  75. Name One Hidden-Gem Vacation Town That Everyone Should Visit: restaurants, beaches
  76. Conservative\Outdoorsy\Religious\Low Crime\Lack of Diversity: neighborhoods, gay friendly
  77. Which of the main 3 cities in U.S. has best outdoor activities?: live, store
  78. U.S. City Stats (Racial Demographics, Population): metro, Hispanic
  79. Industrial/Blue collar suburbs: renters, lofts, homes
  80. Out of the big 3 Metro's which one would you want to live?: apartments, condos
  81. The density of my area is 12,225/sq. mile (Austin) - what's yours???: zip code, suburban
  82. stuck you aren't crazy about?: job market, transfer
  83. What US city is the biggest bang for your buck?: employment, property taxes
  84. Philly or Pittsburgh: school, live in, cities
  85. It's cool from my state.: school, island
  86. The United States according to Europeans.: live in, locations, place
  87. Something about my city that most people won't know is...: hotel, homes
  88. I'm embarrased that....... is from my state: live in, tunnel
  89. Urban vs Rural: neighborhood, theater, college
  90. What do you think is the most overrated city in the United States??: neighborhoods, college
  91. Don't just complain about where you live, Do something!: new home, neighborhood
  92. How are the people in the West percieved?: lawyer, to live
  93. How high above sea level is your town?: place to live, areas
  94. 5 Things People Don't Know About Your State: ski resort, home
  95. Small-town, scenic getaway: camping, place to live, cabins
  96. Will You Be Viewing the 2009 Presidential Inauguration Tomorrow?: home, school
  97. How does the majority of your town feel about Obama being officially in?: appointed, moving
  98. The Best Public Restroom City in the U.S.?: hotels, to buy
  99. Liberal states and dying economies: home, unemployment, incomes
  100. If You Were to Move to the Midwest (Not Chicago): cul-de-sac, university
  101. If your city was a car, what would it be?: luxury, automobile
  102. Worst news event in your city?: middle schools, living in, mall
  103. Pick a home site in each US REGION!: house, neighborhood
  104. Circuit City to close remaining U.S. stores (30,000 jobs): sales, Home Depot
  105. The ten best cities for african americans 2008: loan, home
  106. Advice needed: I WANT OUT OF CA!: houses, schools
  107. Match a US city with a song that best represents them.: house, park
  108. Rate Your City's Downtown Area: apartments, city hall, condos
  109. Biggest event in your city: home, light rail, golf course
  110. Miami or LA, where would you rather live and why?: neighborhoods, price
  111. How is your state for attractions and crowds?: spring break, waterpark
  112. Gas Prices Increasing: tax, live, shop
  113. America's Most Educated Cities: high school, university, doctorate
  114. Which city has the least logical Combined Statistical Area?: live in, vs
  115. How many murders did your city have in 2008?: crime rate, suburbs
  116. Is San Diego the most Overrated place in the world?: best city, promotional
  117. What Norhtern big city do is your favorite?: neighborhoods, to live in
  118. What cities in the South have the most Mega churches?: hotel, neighborhood
  119. Nicest coastal towns in the US?: real estate, credit, college
  120. Least humid Southern state?: live, prices, best place
  121. Rank The Midwestern States: tornadoes, to live, rankings
  122. Russian Professor Predicts End of America by 2010: appointed, credit
  123. Where Should I Go to find a US city like Toronto or Vancouver?!: rent, job market
  124. Ultimate Categorization of U.S. Cities: buy, architecture, metro
  125. What Regional Grocery Stores are in your Metro Area?: neighborhood, pharmacy
  126. More liberal: soCal or TX cities?: credit, stats, office
  127. if Rust Belt has been hurting for so long, then why are so many people still there: credit, homes
  128. Which Chain Store does your area have an overabundance of?: to live in, shop
  129. Best city in U.S.?: low crime, tech jobs, live
  130. What if other U.S cities had the density of NYC?: fit in, houses
  131. Most Polluted Cities (air quality) according to the American Lung Association's State of the Air Report 2008: living, health
  132. Does it bother you when people use nicknames for you state or city?: live, beach
  133. How rooted are you in your area of the US?: how much, houses
  134. Where to go- where it has boomed, or where it will boom?: transfer, colleges
  135. Strip and Swinger Clubs Cities: condo, houses, club
  136. Slow-paced towns with good weather year-round?: living in, moving, area
  137. Which Census metro region's boundaries are the most overextended?: how much, college
  138. Seeking friendly place with homes under 150K and good schools: for sale, real estate
  139. Which US city do you think has the most attractive men and/or women?: how much, home
  140. Favorite Urban radio stations in the US......: school, university
  141. Common misconceptions about your city: crime, neighborhoods, theater
  142. US Regions According to the NFL: best place, place, historical
  143. Quotes showing pride about the city you're in: apartment, house
  144. Have You Ever Been Someplace When a Natural Disaster Struck?: apartment, house
  145. Houston or Fort Lauderdale???: fit in, credit, loans
  146. What state offers most overall variety of different places within the state?: casino, beach
  147. Interracial couples: Where do you live?: section 8, best city, renting
  148. States in Songs: house, best, top
  149. Teacher Demand in: Columbus, Madison, Milwaukee, Portland, Colorado Springs, Boston, Indianapolis and the Twin Cities?: teaching jobs, school districts
  150. What makes a town ugly to you?: cul-de-sac, big house
  151. How many cities have you really seen?: school, college
  152. Are the Ozarks Southern, Midwestern, both, or their own region altogether?: transplants, how much
  153. What are the most intellectual places (full of life-long bookworm-types) in the US?: houses, movies
  154. Do you have a problem with CALIFORNIANS moving into your area?: live, price
  155. Why did Texas become the most misunderstood/least understood state?: high crime, suburbs
  156. Where should the next Real World be?: to live in, cities
  157. What are you most proud of in your state or city?: transplants, credit
  158. Cities in music videos?: gym, park, skyline
  159. Top North American cities to meet single women?: colleges, live
  160. What city should we choose to move to from Charlotte, NC???: lease, insurance
  161. About how many miles is your commute?: house, unemployed
  162. Difference between houses in the East/West: hardwood floors, apartments
  163. America's Fastest Growing Combined Statistical Areas (by %): statistics, ranked
  164. Favorite coast to coast Highway.: store, beach, castle
  165. If you're thinking about relocating from Long Island to Raleigh, North Carolina...: apartment, crime rates
  166. Leaving CA, moving to Iowa, how to adapt to the Midwest lifestyle?: real estate, how much
  167. What state in YOUR opinion best embodies what America is?: home, incomes
  168. How many Historic Skyscrapers does your city have?: apartments, city hall
  169. What is the most popular sport in your city?: basketball, baseball
  170. Seeking Recommendations of a safe city that has a strong arts and music culture: crime rates, home
  171. Does Organized Crime Still Exist in the U.S.?: neighborhood, school
  172. Most dangerous Cities UNDER 75,000: pine, rated, corporate
  173. Do people in your area generally drive faster, slower, or at the posted speed limit?: live, dangerous
  174. Metro Area Job Gains & Losses (2007-2008): employment, buying
  175. States with highest teen pregnancy rates - All southern states, for Nevada: condo, home
  176. Is it alright to say your from a city when you are really live in a suburb?: home, high income
  177. Which major city do you notice most a inferiority complex? Version 2.0: crime, live
  178. Interesting NYT article about the beginning shift of film industry away from LA/NY to Texas: transfer, dollar movie
  179. Best Island outside the US?: rain, great, definition
  180. Which major city do you notice most a inferiority complex?: crime, living
  181. Does it really matter where you live?: home, living in
  182. Which city is experiencing the biggest demographic shift??: schools, universities
  183. 100 Million more Americans: fit in, lease, living
  184. Which city would knock my socks off?: ski resort, best city
  185. Defend your city!: best city, violent crime, hotels
  186. What is the United States' premier sports arena (Outside of New York City and Los Angeles)??: home, garden
  187. If the USA as we know it dies, where will you go?: closing, food
  188. America's 60 largest Central Cities ranked by Violent Crime Rate: most dangerous, statistics
  189. If You Had to Move to the South: beach, cities
  190. Which city in the states has the same atmosphere of london uk?: neighborhoods, gated communities
  191. out there know anywhere i can go to get back on my feet and have hope of being somewhat successful????????????: cheap apartments, rent
  192. Top 10 best cities in the US: college, move to, water
  193. A city/town with Low property taxes & many good church pipe organs...
  194. I Just Gave Bank of America More Than $100: money, average
  195. Moved to a city from a small town, or a small town from a city; How do you like it?: suburban
  196. ideas for where to sell very old rare Hawaiian Seashells?: living, prices
  197. Advice on where to relocate to find diverse 30-something people, 4 seasons and job opportunities?: areas
  198. Where is a good adventure?: restaurants, nightclub, cities
  199. Employee Allowance and Benefit: insurance, to buy, salary
  200. News, Fewer Americans move out of state.: live, moving