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  1. list 4 top relocation cities: low crime, schools, contractor
  2. living in SF vs Florida (moved from Canada forum): cost of living, stats
  3. States with people having biggest feet: buy, land, Polish
  4. How much is rent in your area vs. cost to buy?: apartments, lease
  5. Where to move along the coast?: casino, taxes, living
  6. Good Places To Live In The U.S.A.: low crime, private schools
  7. Good Climate and Economy: living, costs, friendly
  8. 2 Year or Less Transplants!?!: home, school, income
  9. Single mother trying to find the best place to relocate: health insurance, school district
  10. american version of pei: yard, island, places
  11. ideas?: transplants, crime, home
  12. Tips for Feeling Out a City: landscaping, neighborhoods
  13. help finding a state to live in: houses, to buy
  14. Best Cities to be Pregnant / Raise a Baby: daycares, home
  15. Good Sites For Narrowing Place To Live: home, zip code
  16. Opionions by the media on Omaha: best city, insurance, new home
  17. sponsor for working visa: school, designer, best
  18. America sure loves dope: sale, how much, tax
  19. Houston or Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point (the Triad)?: to live in, to move
  20. Very Close Knit cities with strong sense of community?: house, neighborhoods
  21. Best affordable city?: best cities, 2015, crime
  22. Do Portland, Eugene, Olympia or cities in B.C. have best quality of life?: homes
  23. Where's home for a young couple?: real estate, job market, living
  24. Does the dry midwest cause skin problems?: low crime, houses
  25. emagrate to the usa: moving to, train, Amtrak
  26. Cities with the best employment prospects?: insurance, crime rate, how much
  27. Since the Great Depression...: foreclosures, skateboarding, mortgage
  28. What are medium/big cities with very few/no run-down areas?: crime
  29. Best prospect cities?: insurance, crime rate, house
  30. Why do states ignore critical comments while others embrace them?: house prices, taxes
  31. Wonder what the average temperature is? I have the data!: to live in, stats
  32. moved from MI to NC or Texas: sales, insurance
  33. Posted this in state forums but would like other opinions: schools
  34. Looking to move from Orange County, CA: home, good schools
  35. A good website that shows lots of photos of cities?: licenses, vacation
  36. Relocation help....Ozarks, Appalachia, or the Cascades?: low crime, homes
  37. Moving to USA from UK: schools, university, to live
  38. Help me find a place?: low crime, homes, neighborhood
  39. VISA SPONSERSHIPS: i really need advice: living in, best
  40. trying to find my ideal area: buy, school, university
  41. POV on Living the 'Urban' Lifestyle: home, neighborhood, buy
  42. where is a good place to move in the US: cheap apartment, low crime
  43. Where is the best place to live?: schools, quality of life
  44. Wish to locate to SE in a town that is easy to navigate: for sale
  45. Home Owners Associations: HOA, condos, buying a house
  46. Want to relocate to New England or NY: sales, apartment
  47. New Areas, New Cities(lets build affordable family cities): crime, mobile home
  48. Key West unaffordable..where do I go now?: condos, house
  49. A Yankee looking to move to South: school, university
  50. IS this Right?: stats, estimated, metropolitan area
  51. Great location to be based: theater, living, prices
  52. Places to go Suggestions (based on education): high schools, college
  53. Are Apartment rental rates increasing?: apartments, rentals, mortgage
  54. right to work states and: living in, lawsuits
  55. Looking for a new place to live: renting, job market
  56. Looking for ideal area, but does it exist?: real estate market, oceanfront
  57. Comfy Northern Climate?: to live in, best, area
  58. city/state w/high divorce rate: relocating, rated, cities
  59. thoughts of a kansas city LEO: for sale, crime, how much
  60. Has quality of life in Florida and California gone down-hill?: real estate, insurance
  61. The Best of the West: schools, living, cost of living
  62. What is your ideal outdoor temperature?: appliances, house, live
  63. Heat wave warning! Near records in places!: live, average
  64. What city do you really want to visit or planning to visit?: college, stores
  65. Place to live with ualifications: low crime, house, schools
  66. buying beer at a convenience store-all states???: sales, house
  67. Wisconsin vs. North Carolina: ski resorts, low crime, home
  68. Housing prices crashing in CA.: for sale, real estate market, condos
  69. Carolina's are Hot right now!: real estate, low crime, house
  70. Under-rated cities for arts, entertaining areas and interesting neighborhoods?: how much, homes
  71. What are of the nation's heavily gay neighborhoods?: apartments, houses
  72. How far do the suburbs in your city/metro area go?: schools, subdivisions
  73. Nicest Mid-Sized City?: home, live in, metro area
  74. How do Southern People View Californians: house, unemployment, private school
  75. If money was no object....what is the best city/region in the United States?: house, to live
  76. Cities with of boarded-up homes and buildings?: houses, neighborhoods
  77. looking for a really low humid place..: low crime, schools
  78. Safe Place to Raise Children in South: fit in, for sale
  79. Cheapest states/cities/towns in America for housing: houses, job market
  80. States with least pests: home, scorpion, live
  81. Where to move to?: real estate, apartments, renting
  82. Childfree and athiest freindly, antizoning, warm, dry, cheap places?: schools, taxation
  83. need your help! what state to choose?: house, high school
  84. What's your favorite Southern State ?: stats, beaches, food
  85. Is it worth the price to live in a place you love?: apartment, house
  86. if you could pick: greensboro, nc; portland, or; colorado springs, co; boise, id; warwick, ri: house, schools
  87. if you could pick: portland, or; colorado springs, co; boise, id; greensboro, nc; warwick, ri: crime, house
  88. Do of you feel that jobs in unaffordable cities are a waste of time?: mortgage, house prices
  89. Small rant: to rent, insurance, credit
  90. San Francisco Fog...: rent, how much, house prices
  91. What mid to large Metro Area has the most trees?: construction, airport
  92. Do Cities with Cold Climates have better people?: low crime, live in
  93. Early summer? 96 degrees in Knoxville, TN!: house, move to, oil
  94. Is Florida the only state WITHOUT a State Tax or 2 license plates on the car?: sales, real estate
  95. Rural, suburban, city?: houses, to buy, pros and cons
  96. East Coast kids vs MidWest vs South vs?: countertops, condo
  97. Living in the USA: home, find a job, purchasing
  98. Is there a location that has ALL of this, or at least MOST of it.....: low crime, chapel
  99. Taking offense when others criticize our city or state....: crime rate, how much
  100. How much did your house drop in price? State your location.: sale, real estate market
  101. virginia or massachusetts: homes, best schools, university
  102. America's most underappreciated/overshadowed cities: colleges, live, suburb
  103. Looking forward to summer? feels like it in the midwest!: oil, suburban
  104. Fab Oil City Unmasked .....Who Got It Right?????: real estate, new home
  105. How do you/did you organize your move?: car registration, insurance
  106. Best walking cities/town?: house, living in, cost of
  107. Are you happy where you are or plan on moving?: assessor, low crime
  108. Place with the handsomest men: colleges, live in, best place
  109. Cities with fastest and slowest drivers?: neighborhoods, live, garden
  110. States with the ugliest people?: live in, title, agreement
  111. Home Prices in the USA are Getting Insane: apartment, foreclosures
  112. Why is the midwest in bad shape?: for sale, real estate market
  113. Best State: college, living, beaches
  114. Help me choose a city to live in: crime, living
  115. photos of Beautiful Richmond, Virginia.....: neighborhoods, subdivisions, plantations
  116. What cities/states are housing way overly priced?: real estate, condo
  117. which city/town is most picturesque?: restaurants, shops, parking
  118. Casual/formal cities: hotels, schools, live
  119. Weird names for cities or towns.: condo, taxes, to live
  120. News from Tennessee. Midstate's lower home prices, insurance beckon Floridians.: real estate, cheap house
  121. Best city???: college, living in, restaurants
  122. Out of ideas on where to move...: transplants, low crime
  123. Which state is the best migrating to usa from Ireland: low crime, home
  124. What states do you consider Southern/Northern?: how much, living in
  125. Advice : Move From Nice Climate To Midwest?!!: how much, house
  126. Which southern, east coast state to move to?: apartment, condos
  127. Suburban, Urban, or Rural: theatres, university, disposal
  128. Which city has the most (undeserved) bad reputation?: crime, houses
  129. Something we DON'T need.: cul-de-sac, transplants, house
  130. Price debate: real estate market, rental, crime
  131. The first series on this Forum .: title, water
  132. my favorite white collar suburban middle class hometown: middle-class, house
  133. The heart of the U.S: homes, universities, to live
  134. search the real US: rent, felons, buy
  135. Why do people think redneck is the same as being Southern?: college, live in
  136. Which state?: crime, houses, employment
  137. Would you stay in your location if you found affordable housing?: apartment, to rent
  138. Where is this place to live for me??All answers researched...: low crime, house
  139. Road Map: Suggestions :): crime, hotels, home
  140. Stupidity, everywhere?: high school, universities, live
  141. Strange cold seeping into northern states!: house, oil, trees
  142. Ny,boston,la, Chicago Are Doomed And Will Collapse Over The Next 20 Years: condos, house prices
  143. help English girl find ideal location!: home, buy
  144. Gay friendly: chapel, university, income
  145. America's most intergrated city?: renting, neighborhoods, gated
  146. The frustrating paradox: apartment, condo, low crime
  147. Is renting worth being in a place you love?: low income, apartment
  148. Crime Stat: crime rates, safe area, gated community
  149. A Very Disturbing Scene: crime, live in, store
  150. Good wages AND low housing/cost of living: real estate, low crime
  151. Pretty Cities/Towns: apartment, chapel, houses
  152. The location debate: for sale, real estate, low crime
  153. Are you happy and proud of being born in the USA?: homes, living in
  154. Favorite City in the Mid-West: homes, neighborhoods, university
  155. Winter is about over if not Look at the warm temperatures!: live in, bills
  156. What cities and states are popular for the rich people?: upper-class, how much
  157. Trouble in Paradise: for sale, crime, how much
  158. Suugestion for relocating to Philly, Boston or Atlanta area?: transplants, real estate
  159. Which cities are cold personality wise?: fit in, homes, neighborhoods
  160. Favorite West U.S. City!: quality of life, living, price
  161. Up and Coming cities and in the next decade?: condominium, homes
  162. Friendliest States: ski resort, houses, quality of life
  163. Are crime figures adjusted for climate?: how much, home, neighborhoods
  164. Want to move...: crime rates, loans, hotel
  165. State capitols you wouldn't think would be capitols: most dangerous, oil
  166. What's the Best Downtown living?: insurance, loft, condos
  167. Would you live in a gated community?: apartment, homeowners association
  168. A Place to Call Home as an Inter-racial couple: apartments, neighborhoods
  169. What are your favorite beach areas in the U.S.?: clubbing, yard
  170. Most vibrant medium-sized city downtowns (less then a million people metro): best city, real estate
  171. If you are stuck in a bad area in the U.S...: condo, crime
  172. Complaining about the cold? Its -50 in north Canada!: renting, how much
  173. Forested cities in Eastern half of US: lawyers, neighborhoods
  174. Places No One Wants to Move To: crime, houses
  175. How important is weather in choosing where to live?: houses, quality of life
  176. advice on where to move....: chapel, schools, organic
  177. What is a good city for a non-driver?: 2013, college
  178. What is your favorite River city?: house, taxi, live
  179. What is the state of the cities you are with: downhill, uphill, steady?: for sale, apartments
  180. Moving South, recommendations?: low crime, school, living in
  181. Which city has the best/worst drivers?: house, construction
  182. Where are the friendly people?: motel, house, buy
  183. GRRRRR Don't you dare say bad things about my state: how much, home
  184. Why do so many people want to move to expensive cities?: apartment, rent
  185. historic eastern towns: homes, school, college
  186. Best place for lakes??: houses, taxes, prices
  187. Big Metro areas with low cost of housing and apartment rentals (Million plus metro): chapel, neighborhoods
  188. Are halfbacks (middle states) the wave of the future?: transplants, insurance
  189. Which city has the most beautiful and breathtaking skyline?: transfer, designs
  190. where are the celts outside the big cities in america?: houses, neighborhoods
  191. if evrybodys moving to the south...?: transplants, homes, live
  192. The Harsh Realities of Life in the Fast Lane: how much, houses
  193. Worst natural disaster?: tornado, earthquake, to live in
  194. A list of cities/towns with the most public parks?: neighborhood, dog parks
  195. Property tax rates in your state?: home, school district, community college
  196. Military life around the US: living, installation, cities
  197. Hawaii Vs Mainland: pros and cons, living in, cost of
  198. Can online Cost of Living Calculators be Trusted??: rent, car insurance
  199. From Hawaii To Texas!: relocating to, moved, originally
  200. belvedere island in marin county ca or medina in wa: to live, exclusive