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  1. Ohio to Denver: How long does this drive take?: hotel, live in
  2. Moving soon..need ideas for larger size places: employment, wages
  3. Best US cities for AM/WF couples....: to live in, to move
  4. the future of the US: home, high school, live
  5. Friendly!: move, vacation, metro area
  6. Firs Hispanic (Puerto Rican) female from the Bronx NY in US supreme court: appointed
  7. Canadian looking for good US medi care provider while living in US: insurance
  8. Did you know if you draw a straight line from Atlanta to Boston?: considered
  9. Advertising Your City: home, college, suburbs
  10. North American Nations, to my reckoning: colleges, taxes, live in
  11. Chattanooga or Athens?: chapel, schools, camping
  12. Reccomendations for eastern states to move to: rent, house
  13. Moving-Ocean freight from NY to CA: water, east coast, shipping
  14. HELP finding a new city to live in.: job market, neighborhoods
  15. National Road Yard Sale!: sales, houses, garage
  16. Spanish Steps North American equivalent: living, shops, design
  17. Atlanta must be doing somthing right....: cities, single, America
  18. End vs Ayyyyynd: area, population, pronounce
  19. In a two-region western/eastern model, where would you divide the US?: transit
  20. Cross Country trip: which way better??: apartment, safer, moving van
  21. help with moving out of mn: transplants, renters, appliances
  22. Hawaii vs Western U.S.: public school, universities, tornadoes
  23. A good budget?: short sale, renting, condo
  24. Where the worst drivers live: how much, population, density
  25. Finishing degree online for the final year-where should I move to?: apartment, for rent
  26. Economic Stress Index Map: foreclosure, unemployment rate, bankruptcy
  27. Looking to live anywhere but Maryland: for rent, insurance, house
  28. where to relocate: apartments, renting, townhouse
  29. Looking for smallness: to move, best, area
  30. Current Temperatures & Precip. forecast: weather, precipitation, black
  31. Advice on careers and life: dangerous, safe, slums
  32. Liberal, socially conscious, young environments without the prevalence of drugs?: neighborhoods, theater
  33. where to move: renting, home, construction jobs
  34. Roadtrip: Fla to PA/NY (Tips needed): cheapest, cities
  35. Need to find a better place to live: apartments, for rent
  36. what is the term?: school, student, foreign
  37. is San Diego Affordable and safe ?: low crime, earthquakes, salaries
  38. Illegal immigration.........: area, Asian, around
  39. Where do artists live and is it working out?: neighborhoods, buying
  40. affordable apartment and crimes: section 8, to live in, safe
  41. Radon Advice: house, construction, basement
  42. Help me find the perfect place to relocate: rent, low crime
  43. HELP! Looking for a new place to call home?: real estate, high crime
  44. what is your favorite name of the US states: plantations, best
  45. Graphic timeline of Job loss in USA: rated, sunny
  46. will unemployment increase because chrysler went bankrupt?: business, room
  47. If you could, how would you realign state borders?: move, map of
  48. PNW Map - updated: fit in, best, area
  49. Will General Population Receive Swine Flu Vaccine? Could it Be MARK of the BEAST?: home
  50. Is there true Wilderness Hidden (Deciduous) Forest left on the East Coast, That's been undisturbed by People?: gardens
  51. If Fiat dumps Chrysler, will GM and Chrysler merge?: business, good
  52. To move or not? If so, to where?: best city, apartment
  53. I am confused: how much, live in, vs.
  54. News, Report lists worst, best cities for air quality.: live in, air pollution
  55. Most over-crowded cities?: houses, rank, metro
  56. Climate Change - Southwest: moving to, activities, metro area
  57. Best cities for job growth in 2009: rankings, jobs, where to
  58. Summer road trip...needs a bit of trimming...: appointed, home
  59. wild fires coming to the eastern u.s.: moving, pollution
  60. Best City for Finance Professional: insurance, brokers, home
  61. Not Everyone With A Southern Accent Is From Texas!: neighborhoods, live
  62. Tipping: mortgages, credit card, how much
  63. Graduate School (Business): credit, home, transfer
  64. What city best describes the following...: colleges, living, cost of living
  65. What is the largest suburb in your metro area.: home, neighborhood
  66. help me! Need a place with construction work and a nursing school.: home, find a job
  67. Going on Vacation this Year?: prices, vacations, horseback
  68. Where to go?: for sale, purchase, taxes
  69. How BIG is the big city: how much, home, to live
  70. Most affordable big city suitable for college grad?: title, land
  71. Road Trip from LA to Denver - Clueless about what to see: rent, theater
  72. Map of U.S. Regions: live in, suburbs, parks
  73. The Stereotypical Northern Accents: college, live, radio
  74. Northeast versus Florida: to live, centers, cabin
  75. Areas where people say God bless as a greeting: live, communities
  76. Dealing with winter in the Midwest (and: house, closing
  77. Documents needed to enter/exit Canada: casino, license, best
  78. TRAFFIC LIGHTS (Post pictures of your state's/region): design, highrise
  79. Do you believe in wealthy only communities, or should all towns be mixed income?: apartments, crimes
  80. What Comes to Mind when I say Wisconsin: house, live
  81. Demographics of your neighborhood: middle-class, apartments, houses
  82. Proms......: house, school, living in
  83. ranks Top 20 Cities for Fresh Start: sales, big house
  84. Better Climate, Lower Crime (Than Omaha): apartment, rent, low crime
  85. Which cities have great nightlife but are affordable?: college, prices
  86. Looking for a place to live with art scence and moderate weather.: houses, neighborhoods
  87. Your dream road trip: home, live, prices
  88. Texting While Driving - Americans Worse ?: live, most dangerous, cars
  89. Which type of city pop. do you live in?: suburban, metropolitan
  90. Pawpaws: does your city have them?: buy, gardens, to eat
  91. What's Your Perfect City Size: prices, metro area, areas
  92. Need recommendations on a new place to live: student loans, houses
  93. Looking for to move from Chicago that is safe and affordable.: apartment, rentals
  94. Whose America is this?: homes, live, manufacturing
  95. Best Retirement town in YOUR State.: best town, real estate, rentals
  96. Advice on driving route from Houston to Philadelphia: rental car, rental
  97. Why is the City more liberal and the Country more conservative?: neighborhood, public schools
  98. News, Has economic twilight fallen on nation's Sun Belt?: middle-class, for sale by owner
  99. What state in the US has the coolest summers?: live in, relocate to
  100. What kind of area do you live in?: suburb, horse
  101. What kind of drive-through places does your area have?: buy, restaurants
  102. Jews: ya got 'em or not?: high school, live in, racist
  103. HELP, From Egypt to US, Where to?: best cities, schools
  104. Places Where Two Or More Cities Merged And Then The City Was Renamed: live, suburban
  105. Which college town is best value? For Apartment??: sublet, apartments
  106. America's top 5 most dangerous cities according to Forbes: real estate, crime rates
  107. Define Blue Collar?: apartment, insurance, school
  108. Most desirable metro areas???: standard of living, cost, transportation
  109. Why Pacific Northwest?: promotional, university, live
  110. Which GM plants will close?: houses, unemployment, buy
  111. The least and most affordable housing markets in the country: real estate, houses
  112. Moving from Australia to US - How?: transfer, living
  113. Where does the West Coast become the Mountain West?: living, gardening
  114. Looking For Just The Right Western City: apartment, renting
  115. Best outdoor activity city for me???: living in, price, airport
  116. Cultural regions of the south map: live, transit, area
  117. What is your favorite house style?: houses, neighborhoods, living
  118. relocate from San Diego to east coast... where?: chapel, neighborhoods
  119. Puerto Rican Day Parade: live, shop, food
  120. When Southerners were mass migrating to Northern cities, did people lament the loss of northernness?: credit, movies
  121. European license plates in the USA: inspection, law, transportation
  122. News, cities resist recessions, but would you want to live there?: crime rate, private schools
  123. What are nice, East Coast coastal towns?: restaurants, bars
  124. Recommendations for town/small city--decent music, intellectual, liberalish, arts, eco-conscious?: rent, chapel
  125. The most annoying commercials!!: credit, stores, move
  126. Can a line be drawn across the map for snowfall: live, vs.
  127. which u.s. region will global warming affect most?: houses, tornado
  128. Healthy Food in the south sucks...: organic, live in, restaurants
  129. Free KFC 2-Piece Meal w/2 Sides + Biscuit: coupons, food
  130. What is your favorite lake community?: live in, suburban, location
  131. News, Half of U.S. roads in poor shape: Highway officials.: to move, bill
  132. KFC vs Pop'eyes: eat, Americans, state
  133. How much Southern influence does the American West have?: fit in, houses
  134. US Cities you are most proud of? Need help: apartment, to rent
  135. Why are Sheriffs So Much More Active in the South?: schools, live
  136. Unspoken Southern Rules: transplants, home, weddings
  137. 2009 Mercer QOL Rankings: Honolulu & SF top US cities; Atlanta top US City for Infrastructure: crime, utilities
  138. Best southern style restaurants outside the South: price, food
  139. How do Southern Schools teach about the Civil War?: home, taxes
  140. Next Biggest Cities of a Metro Area: neighborhoods, calculation
  141. Who are WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) in the US (officially and unofficially)?: schools, colleges
  142. Days of Sunshine a year do you prefer?: live, move
  143. What is the longest, straight-stretch of highway in the U.S.?: dangerous, cross country
  144. TRAFFIC SIGNAL: lawyers, live, cars
  145. Seattle area vs. Phoenix area?: transplants, neighborhoods, schools
  146. Earthquake Prone Areas: home, university, living in
  147. Foreigner looking for a beautiful and affordable city (college town)..: schools, universities
  148. Where to live in the United States??: low crime, homes
  149. What brand name products do you purchase exclusively?: to buy, organic
  150. Whats the cheapest city In US to rent property: apartments, rental
  151. 2009–America's 11 most Endangered Historic Places: hotel, live, shops
  152. Virginia vs. Tennessee: insurance, homes, cinema
  153. Looking for a college city.: cheap apartments, rent, lofts
  154. Which cities feel bigger than they are or smaller?: living, shop
  155. Boulder in the South?: house, college, suite
  156. Region with most distinct and evenly proportioned seasons?: gated, live in
  157. Did you ever move to the place you wanted to as a kid/teen: big house, middle school
  158. Europeans that speak best English: school, county, accent
  159. The Seven Deadly Sins- State by State: live, county
  160. Pro-Texas bias? Texas dominates with 5/10 on Aol's top 10 natural wonders in USA: credit, living
  161. Help me find the ideal town for our family!!: public schools, college
  162. Looking for a place that's colder, with little pollen and bugs?: house, job market
  163. Cultural Festivals or Parades: neighborhoods, gated, legally
  164. City with most Swedish Fish: best cities, buy, live in
  165. 10% of Americans live in Trailers/ Mobile Homes: RV parks, sales
  166. Google Street View: house, neighborhood, gated
  167. My Opinion On Why Crime Rates Are Misleading: middle-class, crime rate
  168. A list of 'counterculture' neighborhoods across the US.: homes, peachtree
  169. Non- tropical places with lots of sunshine?: statistics, beaches
  170. Has the makeup of your area's elementary schools changed over time?: neighborhood, magnet schools
  171. Should all US cities have an urban growth boundary like Portland & Lexington?: apartment, condo
  172. Which City is this?: eat, place, travel
  173. Does the scenery around where you live play a big role of why you live where you live?: rent, house
  174. How long does it take for a letter to travel cross country: insurance, to live in
  175. Looking to get out and try something new for a couple years...but where?: houses, employment
  176. Where to relocate?: unemployment rate, property taxes, living
  177. Americans are bad drivers!: school, live, move to
  178. 5/17/09 Earthquake in Los Angeles: deal, news, difference
  179. 10 reasons you DISLIKE where YOU live (for of us less fortunate): fit in, transplants
  180. If You Move From The South To The North, Do You Still Have To Refight The Civil War And Other Stereotypes?: transfer, school
  181. Places in the US that have a lot of stone fences: horse, farm
  182. Arab towns: suburbs, Lebanese, areas
  183. Wanting to Relocate and Need Advice on Where to find Mountains, Hiking and High-Speed Internet: to rent, house
  184. What is a city with warm climate that has decent race relations?: gated, to live in
  185. Lost of culture in the U.S.: Are People in Your Town or City, Too Obsessed with Cell-Phones and Texting?: college, metro
  186. What type of winter weather do you prefer?: living in, yard
  187. We need vacation ideas! (nature, hiking, museums, landmarks, ): rent, homes
  188. Newer suburb pictures: 2015, foreclosures, new house
  189. U.S. Cities Resembling Vancouver?: house, job market, transfer to
  190. BIG rumor: GM corporate HQ leaving Detroit, setting up in TX: sales, buying
  191. Are German Americans seen as 'ethnic' in the South?: rated, cities
  192. Do Transplant's kids become southern???: transplants, moving, oven
  193. hillbilies: live in, law, suburbs
  194. Population Concentration by State Game!: college, living, stats
  195. Overall Economy: credit card, loan, employment
  196. Largest Swedish population in the U.S.: live in, Korean
  197. Living Close to the Ocean: How Important for you?: home, college
  198. Looking for a change of scenery and to keep the change of seasons...(TOP TEN NEEDS): rent, neighborhoods
  199. News, Flush with class: Tenn. bathroom voted best in US.: hotel, suite
  200. summing up the character of a city in a few words: cities, time