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  1. Best and Worst Places to Call on Businesses: metro, territories
  2. moving to Europe and why?: find a job, university, market
  3. looking for advice !: apartments, for rent, crime
  4. I am freaking out worrying that skyscrapers are harmful to the environment.: homes
  5. Recommend a place with Low/Median cost of living, Good weather and Good Ranked universities?: low cost
  6. Mid Atlantic Moving Destination: crime, chapel, home
  7. Finding an Enjoyable City: Dog friendly/affordable/near cultural centers/welcoming/good metros/public transportation: where to stay
  8. Searching by terrain....: live in, areas, places
  9. States/Cities With Anti Gang Legislation?: maps, people, information
  10. Do you feel like an outsider in your new city?: home, living in
  11. Big City Threshold: neighborhoods, transportation, transit
  12. Home Search ~ or ~ Trying to Everybody: new home, construction
  13. Traveling by train.. should I?: fit in, buying, movies
  14. Help me find that perfect place.: for sale, real estate, crime
  15. Filmmaker cities: home, movies, live in
  16. Where should I go?!: real estate, transfer, school
  17. State with most square footage public lands per resident?: lease, houses
  18. Easy, fun way to compare unemployment between states.: unemployment rate, counties
  19. job: money, cities, jobs
  20. Best stretch of old Rt 66: motels, live, restaurants
  21. Cities/towns and economic situations: unemployment rate, construction, moving
  22. Where to buy Del Monte Katchup in Phoenix, AZ: food, Wal-mart
  23. I've recently been all over the US...: buy, movie theaters
  24. Want to move need help narrowing a location.: best city, for rent
  25. Moving from PA to CO, WY or ID?: real estate, house
  26. NYC = San Francisco + Chicago?: vs, suburban, best
  27. where is the closest nice weather ocean beach for a midwesterner?: cities, places
  28. jamaica: salary, retail, about
  29. Driving across country vs. shipping car: hotels, school, cost
  30. Want to move. (Want rural area with dry weather, blue skies, blue politics, near mountains, not far from a big city.): house
  31. Where to go? Want southern warmth, an auto race track and steam pipe construction work: appointed
  32. Looking For a Move, Help?: find a job, tornado, costs
  33. A winter without snow?: guidelines, room, degrees
  34. In what cities has urban culture crossed over the most.: county
  35. Where in the US is the best place for a foreigner to settle down?: fit in
  36. do-over: what city would you have built differently?: best, cities
  37. 1-day cruise from FLL to Freeport, Bahamas... Will hurricane cancel our trip 8/22?
  38. Relocating from NH to ??? California? Florida? help: apartment complexes, rentals
  39. Rudest people?: vs, friendly, driving
  40. Route from El Paso to Seattle with Trailer: rental, car
  41. trying to find a better place to live.. need help: chapel, home
  42. Metro Areas With $25B Or More In Personal Income: tax return, rankings
  43. Where should I move next? (24yr old electrician): best cities, 2015
  44. Bahamas 8/22 - HURRICANE?!: insurance, weather, percent
  45. Where to live next?: amusement park, home, university
  46. How come all the good high-paying jobs are in regions I don't want to move to: college
  47. Wanting to move out of IL: for sale, real estate, chapel
  48. Canadian wanting to apply for US Social Security Number.: costs, moving
  49. Boston - Chicago - Denver - other suggestions?: condo, neighborhoods
  50. Moving back to the States: home, living in, safety
  51. Cities most open to newcomers/transplants: home, unemployment rate, living in
  52. Is it an oxymoron?: college, suburban, relocation
  53. Architecture forum or sub-forum?: vs, residential, rated
  54. Suburbs vs City: schools, pros and cons, living in
  55. what state would be the best to move to?: rent, homes
  56. General process of getting a drivers license when switching states: moving to, bill
  57. how is Myrtle Beach in winter months?: should, pics
  58. The Future of our cities...: quality of life, live, gangs
  59. General Moving questions: how much, employment, movies
  60. Top (Large) Cities: Organic Consumers: shop, grocery, market
  61. Which state has the best summer?: beach, place, coastal
  62. Pondering move and what cities to look at: chapel, lawyer
  63. Thoughts on Madison, St. Louis, Pitt, Columbus, Providence, Austin?: schools, college
  64. Which states have all-year-round good weather?: assess, to move, best weather
  65. A good state to starting a business: credit, landscaping
  66. Seattle crosswalks: used
  67. Need road trip advice - Moving from LA to Baltimore: amusement parks, crime
  68. Which state has the least slum/bad homes?: best neighborhoods, mobile home
  69. looking for the perfect place: place to live, stores, budget
  70. top 10 meanest cities in America toward the homeless: live, vs
  71. Help with moving to the U.S from the UK: rental, low crime
  72. What is the least crowded East Cost Ocean Beach?: camping, ferry
  73. Renting out rooms in your house, host family: sublets, rent
  74. Challenge: Decent house, 1/2+ acre, under $75K: real estate, neighborhood, to live in
  75. Los Angeles is underrated...stop calling it suburban: apartment, rent
  76. Online Crime Mapping: neighborhood, live, basement
  77. African Americans/Blacks: United or Divided?: upper-class, appointed, fit in
  78. Best city for a very gifted elementary aged kid with a poor single mom?: home
  79. People.. Ohio isn't flat and all farmland: high school, live in
  80. who are the 3 percent not covered in Health INsurance plans?: MBA, cash
  81. Out of States, What are the most interesting to live in?(culture,living,environment): vs
  82. Reminder: ******* read the STICKY, folks! *******: houses, vs, relocation
  83. Very young male looking for the right place: fit in, home
  84. 24 y/o single white male move: high crime, school
  85. Greencards/Visas: home, to live in, moving to
  86. Which state is the most family friendly?: low crime, public schools
  87. Best state to be/live in California?: house, unemployment rate
  88. Experiencing new places: apartments, how much, home
  89. Looking for a new place to live: apartments, amusement park
  90. east coast cities with low humidity?: earthquakes, beaches
  91. What is your limit?: apartment, to rent, house
  92. Looking for a nice,temperate,progressive and affordable place to retire: neighborhood, buy
  93. Which state has the best WINTER: live, beach, cross country
  94. Overpopulated regions ......: transplants, how much, house
  95. What is your culture and enviorment?: college, live, suburbs
  96. Best city for a mid-twenties professional: cliquey, crime, home
  97. Cities in Western USA: leases, crime, employment
  98. similar cities like San Diego on the east coast?: home, living in
  99. East coast cities like Portland?: colleges, camping, living in
  100. Does your neighborhood have block parties?: rent, mortgage, house
  101. What makes the North Northern ?: live, agriculture
  102. Accent map: live in, island, Cuban
  103. Which state has the cheapest land?: buying, taxi, high income
  104. favorite and/or least favorite midwest state(s): home, school
  105. Forbes Americas's best colleges 2009: best schools, universities, military
  106. Hometown: high school, college, suburbs
  107. Small Town Resident: How often do you get to the biggest City of your State/Region?: to live, prices
  108. Your PERSONAL favorite mid-sized city?: living in, shop, public transportation
  109. If you had to move to another city in your same state, which would it be?: chapel, suburbs
  110. California, Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada: home, wages, taxes
  111. Which state's citizens have the largest ego?: transplants, greatest
  112. which new england town/city would you live in besides boston.: living in, suburbs
  113. Need advice on relocation, WHERE do I move to?: low crime, chapel
  114. Yahoo Travel's list of Overrated Tourist Attractions: house, restaurants
  115. From Italy to USA: for sale, real estate, to rent
  116. Which State Has the Best Universities?: public schools, incomes, authority
  117. I'm gonna party like it's 2229!!!: to live, food, estimates
  118. Where has beautiful hiking with both sun, clean air and greenary?: universities, activities
  119. What city would be the best where I could enjoy near-Phoenix summers but that are urban?: university, to live
  120. Why are the most sparsely populated states always the most conservative?: schools, taxes
  121. my time in the South and the stereotypes opinions: construction, school
  122. Which cities with a Southern feel have the most culture and nightlife?: areas, location
  123. Why do MOST chinese people living in the United States have English accents that are difficult to understand?: restaurants, shop
  124. What kinds of animals do you have snooping around in your yard?: neighborhood, subdivision
  125. Has move from South to North and liked it???: transplants, credit
  126. Surprising...states w/ highest rates of skin cancer: salons, high school
  127. NJ the only state having full service on gas?: live in, cheapest
  128. need help in figuring out where to move!: fit in, apartments
  129. Best city for a transgender person to live/work?: crimes, safe area
  130. best places to live: best suburbs, crime rates, homes
  131. Vegas, Houston, Tampa/Orlando???: low crime, chapel, hotels
  132. Urban crime heading out towards the suburbs.: upper-class, low crime
  133. Your City's Elevation Range: eat, suburb, basement
  134. Intellectual, warm people; mild climate? What do AL, GA, IL, ID, IN, MD, LA have in common?: transplants, neighborhood
  135. Feeling overwhelmed... help with ideas of where to move to next!: rental, low crime
  136. Poll time, vote: Do you prefer where you live?: apartment, crime
  137. Hatred against the South?: crime, hotel, homes
  138. Folks Hanging Out In Same Ethnicity Groups And Language: crime rate, house
  139. Which of the following regions of California are you most likely to live and visit if it were divided into states?: living, beach
  140. If you could live anywhere with 200K to spend on a house...: houses, buy
  141. Does this Dream Place Exist in the US?: for sale, real estate
  142. Salary Comparison Calculator Discrepancies: buying, utilities, living
  143. U.S. TRAFFIC LIGHTS 3 way vs. 4 way: legally, moving
  144. Is there anywhere in the U.S. that sells authentic Australian food?: restaurants, stores
  145. Largest Metro Area Surrounded By The Largest Amount of (National or State) Park Lands?: houses, camps
  146. Can you make an informed opinion on a city without living there: crime, hotel
  147. Places Rich In Colonial American History: houses, military, plantations
  148. Name one US city with a population of 100,000+ without a Washington St.: military, metro
  149. Where is the largest city not actually the largest city ?: rent, condo
  150. Which state has the most forum users (lets see by voting for the state you currently live in): population, residence
  151. If you could move anywhere for pleasure, where would you move?: home, purchase
  152. Best Place to Raise a Family?: apartment, renting, condo
  153. Where can I find ocean, mountains, and snow ... in one city/place?: real estate, low crime
  154. I've lived all over the country!: home, live in, moving
  155. Creative Class Cities Website: best cities, quality of life, military
  156. Favorite City in the Midwest??: move, place, close to
  157. What Would The U.S. Be/Look Like If It Was Settled West/East First?: moving, land
  158. Where to move for 4 seasons and outdoor life?: home, find a job
  159. NYC's winter or Florida's summer heat?: to live, cities, average
  160. Where are America's Famed/Influential Suburbs: school, income, wealthy
  161. Does your tap water taste different from the water bottles?: buy, college
  162. What city should I move to Chicago or Denver?: live, versus
  163. Where is a libertarian to go?: house, school, taxi
  164. Do you prefer Full or Self-Serivice in gas?: station, cheap
  165. BUCKHead of Atlanta what do you think of the pics: companies, building
  166. Post a photo/photos of the view from your front door facing outside..: apartment complex, house
  167. (USA) I want to feel like I'm living in Europe...: fit in, apartment
  168. Want to move, not sure where.: best cities, for sale, real estate
  169. Best season in your city?: college, live, beach
  170. that's green?...: living, prices, trees
  171. Southern states an epicenter for U.S. job losses: unemployment, construction
  172. Create your own climate for your city: to live, cities
  173. What's wrong with rural areas and small towns?: neighborhood, theatre
  174. Has the South lost its slow-pace way of living?: transplants, suburbs
  175. Why do people living in the city: to rent, condo
  176. Three Bases, Three Cities (Deciding between Augusta, DC or San Antonio): best neighborhoods, neighborhoods
  177. Why are the suburbs of NYC so slow?: apartments, wedding
  178. Most magical city to visit during the holidays?: shop, best
  179. Are cultural regions around the country staying intact or changing?: moving to, pine
  180. city with beautiful waterfront and mountain, plese post pics: cities, pictures
  181. U.S. metropolitan with 2nd worst traffic: construction, area
  182. Describe your city in detail!: section 8, apartments, houses
  183. Checking Out: low crime, vacation home, unemployment rate
  184. Video of Regional Accents....: hotel, home, movies
  185. How happy are you with your current location?: high crime, neighborhood
  186. Do you live close to your parents and extended family?: houses, to live
  187. Hidden tourist attractions in your state.......: amusement park, home, theater
  188. Moving to US frm India, help select location: fit in, renting
  189. Does Low Unemployment = 'Good Economy'?: employment, living in, prices
  190. Where is the place that i'm searching for? (low crime/low cost/pro sports x2/D1 college/no freezing/American/laid back): university, living
  191. Is the South more foreign than Canada to Northerners/Westerners?: home, school
  192. white picket fence towns: real estate, home, school districts
  193. How walkable is your residence?: house, neighborhood
  194. What city is best for getting a job as graphic designer??: best cities, find a job
  195. driving: Upstate NY to Southern CA: live, county, ranch
  196. best city to move to: expense, small town, small
  197. Driving from Boston to Charleston (with a trailer): parking, places to visit
  198. The price of gas: tax, oil, cheap
  199. Most Affordable Homes: incomes, live in, money
  200. Sites to compare life expences cities.: price, expenses