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  1. Cities that work AND play together.: college, gated, live
  2. Which N.E. state best represents New England?: beach, associations
  3. Google Streetview Game 2: similar looking places on different continents: neighborhood, title
  4. Sports: college, live in, metro
  5. Most popular: Boston or Phili?: live in, move to, vacation
  6. My Trip to the Ghetto: how much, neighborhood, live in
  7. Which is more urban, MA or PA?: title, metro area
  8. What associations do you make with Maine?: homes, living in
  9. Relocation ideas-Go West Young Man?: crime rate, houses, find a job
  10. What is the Best”/Most Adequate Post-Secondary/Higher-Level Educational Setting for Educating Black Children?: school
  11. My Route: Duluth, MN to Phoenix, AZ: safe, move
  12. New Restrictions on Telemarketers-Yipee!: sales, live, delivery
  13. What do women in your city look look for?: live in, gangs
  14. Added fees can easily quadruple the cost of traffic tickets in california: ticket
  15. New England Hunt: sales, apartment, rentals
  16. What is the city for me?: apartment, to rent, employment
  17. Give me pros and cons of your city: sales, transfer
  18. What modes of transportation do you have in your city?: oceanfront, rental
  19. The trap of searching for the Perfect City: appointed, living
  20. Video, The Cactus Cuties sing The National Anthem Original Video.: moved
  21. What region of the country do City Data members Live?: live in, color
  22. Uk vs USA vs Japan: university, salary, standard of living
  23. Does such a place exist?: college, live, move
  24. Almost done college student, trying to find a new state to live: living in
  25. Easter Monday / Boxing Day - Should they be public holiday in the U.S.?: schools
  26. Looking for a city in the Southeast: condos, high crime
  27. Im russian im moving to usa. Where can I move to with a population mostly of white Europeans?: home
  28. Visiting us!! Help: sublets, chapel, home
  29. city fountain breaks, not enought money to fix it.: place, how to
  30. High Pay & Low Cost of Living + Numerous Fortune 1000 HQs...: cities, pay scale
  31. Living In New England: fit in, sales, real estate
  32. What do people think of Nicknames!?: live in, areas, cities
  33. I can possibly move anywhere in the United States, where do I go?: apartments
  34. College Football Help Needed!!: to buy, tickets, pay
  35. Relocation: public school, college, quality of life
  36. What do you think when Your city Grows?: neighborhood, prices
  37. Inner tug-of-war... to move or not to move: homes, college
  38. States , green energy and....Jobs: employment, manufacturing, electric
  39. When the well runs dry: homes, gardens, slum
  40. about how MSAs are determined: how much, home, living in
  41. Searching for a New Place: place to live, to move, bicycles
  42. Pet friendly towns: neighborhood, live in, stores
  43. What is the rudest state?: transplants, live, vs
  44. US Map Showing Location of Immigrants From Around the World: immigration, interest
  45. Taking a sabatic year in the states: safe area, safe
  46. The New Census Update Shows...: job market, estate, farmers
  47. Did the Recent Federal Minimum Wage Increase Help You?: apartment, house
  48. Tired of being a nomad!!!: real estate, rent, how much
  49. Where is the skyline on this page?: top, toxic
  50. Best Place to retire in Florida??: live, counties, villages
  51. Architecture School + Career: New York City or Washington DC: real estate, schools
  52. Where are the jobs?: house, employment, income
  53. Online friendship and American geography/sociology: fit in, living in, areas
  54. Where to buy a license plate?: store, license plates, best
  55. Where should this uprooted brit move to?: crime, house
  56. Where most grandparents live-fun survey: movies, living in, farm
  57. What is the Best State Shape or Best and Worst: students, district
  58. Survey- Which location is the most stereotypical for retired folks?: moving to, association
  59. which city is better for a career in HVAC: new home, construction
  60. Crime... Why do Americans glorify it.: middle-class, crime rate, homes
  61. Humidity and Winter: New England vs Midwest ??: college, live in
  62. What celebrity encounters have you experienced where you live?: salon, how much
  63. My Dream City Does NOT Exist! Or Does It?: oceanfront, crime
  64. Looking for a quaint small to mid size town/city: crime, homes
  65. Who Are the Funniest Comedians/Comediannes of All Time?: school, bill
  66. Macy's and their popularity...: home, buy, live
  67. Do you have a different accent from where you live?: neighborhood, live in
  68. Hate the heat! Where are summers comfortable?: camping, live in
  69. Need Help: health insurance, crime rate, how much
  70. What American Accent do you have? (Part II): house, living in
  71. Best Metros For College Students: apartment, rent, unemployment rate
  72. Different types of communities: income, taxes, costs
  73. How do you adjust to live in a small town from living in a big city?: theater, school
  74. Describe your car radio station presets: home, license, county
  75. the dakotas: university, Mennonites, versus
  76. What is your most liked state, other than your own, or one lived in: living, moving
  77. Where is the safest state to camp out at?: rent, camping
  78. What is the Most Racially Tolerant/Liberal City in the US?: low crime, incomes
  79. What accents do you like and dislike?: home, live
  80. What part of the US are the best movie actors from?: home, movies
  81. Is it Just me or does California and the Northeast use more Vulgar language.: how much, school
  82. The Perfect U.S. City for Me: low crime, homes
  83. Where are sunny temperate climates in the US?: tax, car
  84. Looking for small town, low crime, low cost of living. Where?: how much, new home
  85. Are there small diverse towns with good economies in america...: home, colleges
  86. Living in a town without ever knowing the street names: apartment complex, house
  87. Houston's next mayor: openly gay liberal or liberal from Cal Berkeley - is this the trend in all the U.S?: stats, moving
  88. Is this a wedding tradition in your part of the country?: limo, house
  89. The best places to feel history.: houses, school, living in
  90. describe a city in one word.: road, history, good
  91. Best small east coast town (on water): where to stay, real estate
  92. What percentage of Northerners have moved South?: move, relocating
  93. Your experience with the projects?: sales, apartments, crime
  94. Looking for a city in wwhich people are not in such a rush?: apartments, condo
  95. Calif. ranks 14th for moving-van exits: real estate, unemployment rate, quality of life
  96. 10 Smartest Fortune 500 Firms (from Newsweek Green List): fit in, live in
  97. Cuban friendly towns? (other than Florida): university, living, restaurants
  98. moved?????????Help!!!!!!1: real estate, apartments, rentals
  99. after the recession?: loans, houses, richest
  100. Looking for a fresh start: fit in, for sale, rent
  101. Where is our place? (Conservative Values & Politics, Good Schools, short winters, low crime, activities and friendly): transplants, cliquey
  102. North Carolina vs. New Mexico: homes, living, to move
  103. Overpriced cities.: apartments, rent, job market
  104. what city is a great hub for road trips?: home, moving
  105. Nashville v. Charlotte or durham area (taxes , the future, migration: apartment complexes, crime
  106. Do you like this skyline?: design, architecture, properties
  107. Best places to vacation in the Midwest?: rent, amusement park
  108. Want to Move out of Texas: sales, real estate, apartments
  109. Where to move betweeen NY and DC?: job market, transfer to
  110. Why are Americans More Optimistic Than Their French Counterparts?: unemployment, live
  111. Moving from Sunbelt states to North Four-Season states.: for sale, insurance
  112. Have You Ever Left a State/Area Because You Just Didn't Like Living There?: moving, beaches
  113. Why do Americans work so much?!: spring break, health insurance, schools
  114. Best Small town in northeast: sales, real estate, house
  115. Is there a city where it's always Spring, so to speak?: beaches, areas
  116. When you are out of state, what do you wear to represent where you are from?: camp, beach
  117. Which genre of music, do you think is the most popular in the US?: sales, cheap home
  118. How does your state stack up?: crime, taxes, prices
  119. What's Pennsylvania like?: high school, associations, farms
  120. Firework laws throughout the states: homes, buy, living in
  121. Is D.C. really the Northeast?: neighborhood, area, cities
  122. Besides NY, which city do most movies take place in?: top, filmed
  123. When you think of New England, what images come to mind?: homes, living in
  124. Difference between U.S. Citizen and a U.S. National?: inspector, law
  125. Which state is most like New Jersey?: income, richest
  126. What associations do you make with Massachusetts?: colleges, live in
  127. Are ck towns and llbilly areas the same?: low crime, home
  128. When you think country do you think more farm towns or mountainous areas?: live in, restaurants
  129. A new America's Most Expensive Zip Codes by Forbes was just issued.: renters, homes
  130. Is Pittsburgh a big city ?: neighborhoods, yard
  131. Gimme the best mountain towns of the west.: house, price
  132. Help me find a new place to live~: crime rates, houses
  133. Horse Riding Towns???: house, neighborhoods, high school
  134. Newer vs Older cities: crime, houses, pros and cons
  135. Are U.S. states outside of California really that boring?: crime, place to live
  136. Finding the center of the U.S.: vs, residential
  137. Why is the south slow compared to North?: home, living in
  138. Another best places for me topic: want walkable, politically-moderate city with college football.: for sale, real estate
  139. Is your local library opened on Sundays?: sales, sales tax
  140. If you won 50 mil, what state would you move to?: house, live in
  141. The wannabe Tap Out-fighter type guys-what cities: house, to buy
  142. most wiggers: rent, good schools, rich
  143. shortest route boston to savannah avoid NY & NJ: chapel, construction
  144. How many cities have a Space Needle-style tower?: architecture, building
  145. America's 10 Best Places to Grow Up.......: real estate, houses, transfer to
  146. Would you feel more scared being in a hillbilly area or a ghetto area: neighborhood, place to live
  147. What mode of transportation do you take to work?: taxi, bus
  148. Which state is the most rural?: living, beaches, farm
  149. Which region of U.S. is most RURAL?: living in, areas
  150. Do you give rides to strangers?: how much, home, live in
  151. What matters more to you?: home, live in, areas
  152. no mosquito cities?: restaurants, land, area
  153. Retirement destination: insurance, homes, property taxes
  154. Regional Choices for Grandparent Names (game..kind of?): neighborhood, live
  155. Name a Movie that takes place in your state or city: house, movies
  156. help me find my paradise.: real estate, crime, house prices
  157. How do you greet others where you live?: transfer, college
  158. Importance of Center City to Metro: employment, schools, college
  159. People who have lived all over - how do they do it?: real estate, townhouse
  160. State with the kindest residents: home, live, nicest
  161. Quiz: What American Accent do you have?: live, good
  162. What makes you cultured ...?: theatre, living in, vs
  163. Most affordable place in greater NYC area???: apartments, rental
  164. Resort, Tourist Towns?: condos, houses, wage
  165. Which of major cities have you been to?: winter
  166. aussie asking for help: real estate, to rent, low crime
  167. Moving out of Arizona---looking for a place with all seasons, greenery, mountains, family friendly out west: house, good schools
  168. Best Route from Nashville to Chicago?: construction, universities, safer
  169. Should I move to Cali or Ohio?: home, high school
  170. The Good, The Bad and the Streetview: 2015, roughest
  171. Western Europe population growth nearly equal to America's since 2000: to live in, discount
  172. Small College Towns within reasonable distance to bigger cities: schools, living
  173. How will the Midwest change with the abundance of Fresh Water?: school, university
  174. Have you ever been called a Gringo?: restaurant, kindergarten
  175. 2000-2008 state population change: how much, live, moving to
  176. What city most accurately fits 4 characteristics?: credit, college
  177. Cuban communities outside of Florida?: crime, neighborhoods, living in
  178. Has this forum changed your impression of cities? or influenced you to move?: college, living
  179. How do you travel every day?: school, taxi, buses
  180. Is there place that does NOT have PLAY DATES!!!!!: renting, home
  181. What sized metro do you live in?: home, living
  182. old fashioned towns: sex offenders, houses, live
  183. help me out Want to move to a blue state with a warm climate and pay $50K for a house.: low crime, chapel
  184. How do you tell apart from different similar races: movies, live
  185. Snow In The South: how much, pine, areas
  186. Stars Hollow ~ Warning! DUMB: condos, townhomes, schools
  187. What states have the best future ?: unemployment, taxes, prices
  188. I can't decide between san francisco and nyc, what's your opinion?: unemployed, neighborhoods
  189. US now ranks **35th** in Life Expectancy UN nations: unemployment, to buy
  190. Driver's License in U.S.: sales, transfer, taxi
  191. Cartel Takedown: Mexican, drug, local
  192. Most stressed out cities:Chicago...most stress out city for 2nd year in a row: business
  193. Quality of Life: employment, university, salary
  194. Do you have ITHAGT? This one city can cure you!: market, sold
  195. The Favourite Resorts & The Collecting And Distributing Centre of Elctronic Products-----Shenzhen: buy
  196. How urban do you need to be? Are you a real city person?: neighborhoods
  197. Have you moved from Florida because you disliked it?: living in, move
  198. BRUCE goes to court 14 September: pit bull, dog, showing
  199. Salmon Fishing at Pulaski, NY Sept-Oct 2009: motels, campgrounds, living in
  200. Relocation necessary help us find a new location: foreclosure, transfer to