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  1. Advice on where a UK student should go for a years internship: neighborhoods
  2. Most Australian parts of the US?: neighbourhoods, living in, restaurants
  3. Traveling for christmas..Need advice!!!: hotel, live in, safe
  4. Help With MSA Maps: cities, map of, file
  5. Happy halloween!: pictures, famous, couple
  6. Need help relocating with my family!: townhomes, transfer, safe area
  7. Small Mortgage?: lender, house, buy
  8. Best City for A New Family?: homes, job market, neighborhoods
  9. Top 20 Cities For Energy Star Homes: big home, metro, building
  10. Relocating ... but don't know where!: how much, home, theater
  11. about the South and house prices: transplants, buyer
  12. Find me my city!: to rent, best schools, DMV
  13. ERYT Yoga Instructor looking for quaint New England town: real estate, new home
  14. Where To: to live, moving to, areas
  15. In search of real southern hospitality!!!: home, neighborhoods, university
  16. Top 101 City List - Missing lots of them ?!: houses, income
  17. looking for the right place for me...: to live in, cheap housing
  18. Cultural Regions of the Americas: fit in, live in, areas
  19. Looking for good place to raise family with good weather: coops, transfer to
  20. a move out of state...: affordable apartments, low crime, homes
  21. What city would best fit me? (currently living in southie): low crime, how much
  22. Scared To Relocate, But Have To Go: home, job market
  23. What is Idaho like? Would you consider it part of the PNW?: living
  24. Which coast has the worst rip currents?: dangerous, moving
  25. US Census Project Help on NY MSA: home, suburbs
  26. what is the best city for study english ??!!!!: homes, college
  27. What is the best state for an autistic child to get a good education?: crime
  28. Relocating to the South: apartment, renting, house
  29. america's best parks: garden, safe, beach
  30. I need the cheapest house in a place with mild winters: for sale, insurance
  31. help me find my dream town?: houses, school district, college
  32. New York or Los Angeles?: for rent, live, moving
  33. Census or Other Reports On Projected COUNTY Population Growth: home, moving
  34. Life change needed soon: appointed, employment, law school
  35. Unemplyment by County Jan. 07 to Sept. 09: unemployment, housing, natural gas
  36. Single mom starting over new?: low income, apartment, to rent
  37. Six flags coming to nashville!!!: bankrupt, parks, quality
  38. Public Education Across the US: purchase, school district, club
  39. Most Toxic American Cities by Forbes: living in, centers, air quality
  40. Anywhere but ...: houses, live, professionals
  41. Where is acreage cheap: sales, attorney, buying
  42. Moving Help Needed!!! What to avoid when buying a house, education, employment in USA?: get credit
  43. Where is the USA is the best places to live for flight nurses?: find a job
  44. Seattle or Austin for the music business?: camping, live in
  45. Where to settle down with a Son diagnosed with Autism: school district, universities
  46. Which City????: college, to live in, young professionals
  47. What are Spooky or Odd Things About Your State?: house, living
  48. What makes your city or town the best place to live for families?: good schools
  49. South Dakota vs. Wyoming.: real estate, how much, houses
  50. Does your city have a native DaNcE?: party, free
  51. Have a Little Fun & Help Me Find a Place to Live, Recommend a State For Me to Relocate.: home
  52. Brag on your big city and help us research our move, :-): to rent
  53. Which US state would be the best for me to visit?: home, camping
  54. Light shows for the holidays........: neighborhoods, live, beach
  55. Fast growing cities: How fast is too fast?: crime, live
  56. Leaving Michigan for higher ground. Need suggestions.: fit in, sales
  57. Sunny places to live...: areas, weather, good
  58. Post a screen shot of how far away your city's skyline looks from your home using google earth.: areas
  59. Best Bang For You Buck Metro Areas: real estate, home
  60. Where is that place I seek?: chapel, home, high school
  61. thematic maps of the USA: home, university, camps
  62. Looking for character...: real estate, apartment, rent
  63. Mexican drug cartels making colombian and the Italian Mafia look like the lil rascals!: schools, live in
  64. If the U.S. had exactly same amount of speakers, what second official language would you have chosen?: population, snow
  65. What if Dallas and Fort Worth merge into one large city?: gardens, best
  66. Single Mom Thinking of Moving to Another State w/ No Family or Friends: insurance, house
  67. Pecan. How do you pronounce it?: live, tree, accent
  68. Which state has the best amusement/theme parks?: amusement parks, home
  69. British: home, to live, cost of
  70. What kind of culture do the largest Midwestern cities have?: houses, theater
  71. Which places have the most Granola people?: organic, living
  72. The most stereotypical Urbanite things you do?: taxi, organic
  73. Is American culture vengeful?: crimes, how much, live
  74. Why do people give money to homeless?: rent, neighborhood
  75. Another poll...: transplants, home, college
  76. torn between Denver and Pittsburgh: to rent, house, salary
  77. Help me find the perfect place to be!: construction, high school
  78. New York, Los Angeles or?: for sale, rent, insurance
  79. Eye colors in America?: live, statistics, drivers license
  80. What is your favorite place lived so far?: move, title
  81. What are the most liberal areas of the Union?: loans, unemployment
  82. Austin - Overrated or Underrated?: college, live, suburbs
  83. boxy skylines in the USA: neighborhoods, design, properties
  84. Where's the BEST air ?: air pollution, association, smog
  85. Black Wall St: homes, neighborhoods, live
  86. Daylight running lights on U.S. Vehicles: calculated, cost
  87. First snowfall in the Northeast tomorrow: areas, island, summer
  88. What city has your most ideal weather?!?!?: rank, best weather
  89. Looking for my ideal college town.. HELP: home, university
  90. Density of light eyes in the States: live, stats
  91. Five cities that will rise in the New Economy: home, buy
  92. A map of your county's school districts........: live in, counties
  93. What $ Dollar coin/paper bucks should we get rid of?: hotel, to buy
  94. Looking for a liberal, diverse, vegetarian friendly city: house, to buy
  95. Where should I move--warm, public transit, jobs?: job market, living
  96. New York City has the best 4-season weather in North America: houses, dryer
  97. NEED help! Need a small town with a lot of rainfall.: movies, moving
  98. Current Temp.: Cold everywhere Florida!!!: to live in, winter, year
  99. Anywhere but: houses, live, professionals
  100. Diversity In Atlanta: live, estimate, deal
  101. Quebec French or Standard French taught in U.S. schools?: public schools, colleges
  102. Best city for Indian/American couples: low crime, good schools, living in
  103. Supper or Dinner?: house, high school, live
  104. Most gorgeous American cities/towns/villages? include pics or :): low crime, neighborhoods
  105. Would you say US and UK are on opposite ends of the English-speaking cultural spectrum?: deal, places
  106. Where are regional malls built?: sales, buying, sales tax
  107. Turning 50 and want to start over....where?: foreclosure, to rent
  108. If your city were a person, what would it look like?: credit card, home
  109. Need your vote - best East Coast city/town for us to ENVY?: cul-de-sac, condo
  110. What U.S. cities have the most open and friendly people?: credit, living
  111. Best size for a college town?: low crime, chapel, home
  112. NBA, NFL, MLB: What cities should be next to get their own major league sports team?: construction, universities
  113. Inexpensive rentals in safe place - Anywhere?: apartment complexes, chapel
  114. Videos and Pictures of Mansions in Your City: middle-class, apartments
  115. Desert City?: apartment, foreclosure, rent
  116. What Out of State Cities populate your college: transfer, high schools
  117. The Desert States (Compare/Differ): unemployment, schools, minimum wage
  118. Do you have wanderlust?: sublease, apartment, home
  119. U.S. should have French as second language: schools, areas
  120. Most Beautiful Historic Residential Neighborhood on New England Coast: for sale, houses
  121. Most Popular Tourist Attractions: live in, marketplace, gardens
  122. Affordable cities with a large variety of ethnic food and decent public transportation?: living, restaurants
  123. Which southern cities are the best...: fit in, high crime, neighborhood
  124. Smart Hot Gay & 43 Wants To Leave LA For Smaller. Suggestions?: chapel, cheap house
  125. 2 to 5 hours from your city - mini vaca's: living in, beach
  126. Cities Are Like Television Shows...: foreclosure, crimes, how much
  127. Why aren't sales taxes always included in the price?!: how much, to buy
  128. is there an affordable city with abundant seafood?: real estate, best school
  129. What U.S. cities reming you most of the caribbean?: middle-class, house
  130. People who live in cities with population 200,000 and lower?: house, school
  131. State association: middle-class, foreclosure, insurance
  132. Is NYC the most ethnicalty diverse city in the U.S.?: place to live, military
  133. Moving for warm weather? Where?: landscaping, buying, schools
  134. If you are gay, where are you most likely to be assaulted?: crimes, live
  135. What city can I move to where men actively pursue black, african women?: college, living in
  136. beach and mountains?: homes, good schools, living
  137. A US city to Host Olympics in the Future?: airport, bill
  138. What makes New England different?: how much, home, neighborhood
  139. Most culturally/economically polarized states: transplants, house, college
  140. Need help deciding where to go: for sale, real estate, apartments
  141. Define the BosWash corridor. (to what extent is it's reach?): college, living in
  142. African Americans and the South: homes, schools, university
  143. What's the population of your zip code? Lol. I'm curious.: rain, square
  144. Why the Midwest is gonna boom again.: real estate, houses
  145. What Cities Have Songs Written After Them?: house, live
  146. Murder Rates for States: violent crime, statistics, safest
  147. Pick a City For Me: parks, metro area, area
  148. The most detailed dialect map I've seen: credit, live
  149. Which of do you see as one metro area?: chapel, camp
  150. America's hidden Jewels: houses, military, backyard
  151. Enchanted Vagabond -- from Asheville, NC, back to New England: fit in, for sale
  152. Retaining accents: fit in, how much, high school
  153. City Climate: bill, areas, place
  154. wanting to move cold..: houses, college, property taxes
  155. Bank of America in a New York state of mind? Will it move its HQ from Charlotte?: home, to live in
  156. Is Boston an Overrated College City?: home, top schools, universities
  157. Overall moderate cities?: to live, restaurants, bars
  158. Wisconsin or Minnesota?: university, live in, vs.
  159. Do African Americans travel less than other ethnic groups?: live in, bus
  160. Does your city have residential alleys?: apartments, houses, neighborhoods
  161. Fastest Growing Desirable City?: transplants, low crime, university
  162. The American Experience: transplants, homes, living in
  163. Does relocate to another city because they like the Winters?: transplants, college
  164. Are you attached to your hometown?: fit in, homes, neighborhoods
  165. If you could live anywhere...: for sale, apartment, to rent
  166. What is the drive like from Boston to DC?: school, suburbs
  167. In what state would you say style of homes belong in?: real estate, live
  168. What North American city most closely resembles Paris?: neighborhoods, live in
  169. Where can you go for a beach vacation in March/April? (Not Florida): spring break, island
  170. Want to retire someplace warmer, walkable, welcoming: sales, insurance
  171. the south has the meanest people: lower-class, live, gangs
  172. New 2009 Most Dangerous Cities: insurance, crime rates, neighborhoods
  173. Lesbian-friendly, artsy or educated rural town?: apartment, rent, crime
  174. Is it me or does it feel like the Christmas season has started earlier this year: homes, camper
  175. Which fourth language would be best in the US - Espanol or Francais?: high school, deal
  176. Cool, affordable city for young-ish couple?: rentals, house, job market
  177. 50 miles from ANYWHERE?: buy, live in, zip code
  178. Conservative southern rural community / state - left?: transplants, sales
  179. Is the stereotype of the hard-drinkin' moonshine-brewing, Jack Daniels-swillin Scots-irish Southerner all wrong?: weddings, movies
  180. place in USA with the most pro-islamic non-muslims: live, deal
  181. Shortage of Teachers?: transplants, teaching jobs, school districts
  182. Southern Equality Movement: title, racist, rated
  183. What states have legal sports betting in their casinos? Help from people living in nevada, oregon, montana, delaware!: lawsuits, horse
  184. Ten Most Troubled States- Yahoo Finance: live, wealthiest, budget
  185. Which state has the best fishing?: live, areas, island
  186. Where the hell can an electrician make a good living?: low income, lease
  187. Southerners, Grits, Cornbread and Sugar...: live in, eat, best
  188. Large Muslim population growth in the U.S.: fit in, estimated
  189. Why is income in US cities lower than that of other places in the country?: big house, incomes
  190. wanted: mountains, snow, nice people, job: low crime, school districts, wages
  191. Healthiest States: health insurance, live, restaurants
  192. Where should I go?: real estate, apartments, chapel
  193. City Population -v- Metro Population?: how much, neighborhood, living in
  194. If Florida didn't exist, which state would have the most biodiversity??: ranking, climate
  195. Planning the move , looking for a warm, friendly, medium-sized town or city: crime, chapel
  196. Which city has the most premier venue in the country?: appointed, houses
  197. Census: Small cities lose luster in downturn: home, neighborhoods
  198. Why do US cities have income per capita lower than their states?: richest
  199. Veterans Day: price, women, families
  200. Better and more job opportunities for engineers: Florida or California?: find a job, electrical