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  1. Which city is better to live in? Phoenix or San Diego?: college, pros and cons
  2. Los Angeles or New Orleans?: extended stay, apartment, crime rate
  3. Suggestions For Geography Major Jobs?: look for a job, school, college
  4. Need to move - but where to?: real estate, apartments
  5. I can't believe people live there: power lines, home
  6. Geography of social networking: cities, maps, how to
  7. Where in the nation is it doing well for IT/Software Consulting Jobs?: live in
  8. Areas where they are actually hiring: home, job market, taxes
  9. China Is Eager to Bring High-Speed Rail Expertise to the U.S.: how much
  10. Spring Storms 2010 - Post Your Best Pics: homes, tornado
  11. Full service vs. DIY moving: movers, how much, houses
  12. may i ask a stupid ...: appointed, gated, rated
  13. What would be my ideal place?: rent, hotels, living in
  14. Where to live: for sale, real estate, mortgage
  15. New immigrants avoiding big cities, study finds: Hispanics, American
  16. Leaving West coast for good, East coast we come! HELP!!: for sale, real estate
  17. Things to see/do along the way?!?: live, restaurant
  18. Cheapest places to live?: for sale, real estate, rent
  19. Moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado: house, school, living
  20. Better Living Phoenix AZ area or Jacksonville FL area: house, to buy
  21. Walkable neighborhoods/areas with good tranportation into heart of the city?: apartment, big home
  22. Which city should I live in?: crime, living, cost of living
  23. Best place for single guy: RV park, for sale, real estate
  24. White Women Influencing Shift to Minority-Majority Nation: residential, park
  25. The fruits and vegetables Americans consume in 2010 - imports and domestic: real estate, how much
  26. Future Librarian wanting a good West Coast city to live in.: credit, schools
  27. What are your thoughts on arrogance and pride that supporters of your city tend to have?: best city
  28. Can this person sue?: how much, car, damages
  29. Taking amtrak across the country, which southern cities should I stop in?: hotels
  30. Leave it to Philly. Flash Mobs turn violent.: high crime, centers
  31. Still searching...: place to live, public transportation, cities
  32. feel like they don't know their state?: live, metropolitan area
  33. Plan my trip for me!!: to rent, hotel, find a job
  34. Can People Still Move to Their Dream Cities in this Economy?: sublease, apartment
  35. City Neighborhoods?: estimates, 2006, census
  36. Looking for a new place to live, would appreciate help!: hotels, job market
  37. Songs That Remind You Of Your Homestate: middle school, live
  38. Moving to US from NZ: low crime, credit, living in
  39. start over fresh!!: section 8, sex offenders, safest
  40. Economically strong... blue collar areas: find a job, live in
  41. Florida Coast Towns (Condos): oceanfront, to rent, purchase
  42. Best places to live and learn........: best cities, schools, moving
  43. A place to live?: crime rates, chapel, home
  44. where to move?!: hotels, income, live
  45. The 4 U.S. Cities that have made it through the recession with the smallest increases in unemployment...: employment
  46. Where do you think I sound like I'm from?: taxi driver, accent
  47. Vancouver, B.C to Los Angeles, CA; can't decide!: apartment, house
  48. Most expensive popular cities in North America: costs, estate
  49. Ranking of Most Important US Cities: how much, statistics, offices
  50. Planned Communities and presence: apartments, homes, school district
  51. other regulars of the General U.S. or city vs city forums who haven't been to the US: live
  52. What state/city warm climates, New England feel?: big home, school
  53. Nice Small City for Retired Gay Couple: real estate, chapel
  54. Central Asians & Arabs in Census 2010: Filipino, Hispanic, race
  55. What are the stereo types of different US states: stereotypes, Americans
  56. How to stop someone from sending me mail?: post office, business
  57. Living in the USA: middle-class, health insurance, crime
  58. cities like Savannah, GA: architecture, architect, winters
  59. Traffic Light: fit in, gated, living in
  60. Help me pick a city?: real estate, apartments, house
  61. I need help, road-trippin' it!: hotels, home, bars
  62. What's the best city for prostitution in the u.s.?: to live in, prices
  63. Most literate big cities in the US: unemployed, university
  64. Need Advice-on living in different locations: house, safe, moving
  65. Best new england family spot to move: for sale, real estate
  66. If you could go back in time and re-live a certain part of your life, WHERE in the US would that be?: neighborhood
  67. how diverse is your town/city in terms of personalities (not race/religion/ethnicity): rich
  68. Visiting USA with children and dogs?: apartments, hotels, camper
  69. Where should I move to?: college, living, shop
  70. Best City To Work In the Summer?: ski resorts, hotels
  71. Need help finding a place to live that has good transit system/and no car: best cities
  72. Sink Holes, have you ever seen one?.....: house, neighborhoods
  73. Small towns/cities in your area you would live in.......: income, to live in
  74. 11 Nations of North America: associations, cross country, places
  75. Interesting Street & Road Names: community college, live, shop
  76. Best/Prettiest Place to Live in America?: low crime, hotels
  77. Furthest North, East, South, & West Been: places, famous
  78. Most notable suburbs in major metro areas: home, live
  79. Where would you rather live? Nebraska, Kansas or Oklahoma?: casinos, tornadoes
  80. Looking for a warm, not-car-depenent city: sales, job market, universities
  81. What city is your favorite artist/music group from?: theater, move
  82. Reasons why the South has highest obesity rate?: neighborhoods, buying
  83. Tired of seeing Southern * insert stupid stereotype* threads: buying, to live in
  84. My estimate of America's ethnic makeup: population, Hispanics, Cuban
  85. Best Places For Us: real estate, houses, landscaping
  86. Who has left their home state without intent to move back?: fit in, new home
  87. What's the farthest distance you can see a mountain?: live, beach
  88. The origins of the future American Elite: home, private schools
  89. Do you say block, road, or street?: neighborhoods, subdivisions
  90. Most Common Mispronounciations: stations, metro, cities
  91. Good ol' home made wealthiest towns list: university, gated communities
  92. What is the demonym of your city?: live, cities
  93. Looking for a family-friendly area with a high number of extremely conservative Catholics...: home, school district
  94. Athletic offerings at school in the school district you live in: taxes, club
  95. Do small towns in the Midwest and Northeast not have a bad part of town: crime rates, houses
  96. After high school and college, where should I move too? Portland, Madison, Chicago, ect.: apartment, day care
  97. News, The 15 safest states to live in, based on 2010 crime rankings.: crime rate, vehicle
  98. What cities in the U.S.A. do you think are the most unique and beautiful ?: houses, neighborhoods
  99. American States That Almost Were.: horses, land, island
  100. What does a Cosmopolitan city really mean?: theater, university
  101. Why is racial diversity so important to people?: school, gated
  102. Do names seem more common in particular areas?: live, tree
  103. Mansions/Celebrity homes in your city/metro: house, theater
  104. Best, non windy place to live: smog, bike
  105. Which southern state has the most natural beauty?: cities, island
  106. Street Systems in Your City: city hall, home, neighborhood
  107. Best Places to Live In US?: low crime, how much, colleges
  108. In America, what counts as a big city ?: live in, land
  109. Cities with the least amount of bugs?: house, gated
  110. State License Plates Requirements: live in, cars, cell phone
  111. What is the southern boundary of the Pacific Northwest?: fit in, live
  112. Part Of A State You Live In You Don't Feel Part of that State: beaches, stations
  113. What state should i move to?: transfer to, best schools, university
  114. Thinking about moving south: homes, job outlook, school
  115. Looking for Utopia: best cities, foreclosures, low crime
  116. National flags besides the US Flag that you see in your area....: homes, neighborhoods
  117. Best/prettiest/most luxurious hotels/resorts in your city.: home, luxury
  118. Regions: live in, vs., beach
  119. Minneapolis takes down Portland as most bike-friendly city?: live, transportation
  120. A small town with a lot going on?: for sale, real estate
  121. YouTube videos showcasing your city: live, cities, places
  122. Study in the SF bay area, Tampa or Houston?: neighborhood, schools
  123. What type of building is the tallest in your town/city?: condos, hotels
  124. Where Mid Atlantic meets the South: restaurants, versus, money
  125. Where to live?: for sale, real estate, apartments
  126. Most Urbanized States: to live, statistics, farms
  127. News, List ranks best, deadliest U.S. roads.: home, to buy
  128. The 10 Unhappiest States in America: unemployment, income, taxes
  129. Relocating to the Mainland: ski resorts, crime rate, neighborhoods
  130. Fellow Pakistanis' help us find a good state!: low crime, theater
  131. Downtown ?: live in, activity, suburban
  132. Where should I go to the beach this summer?: to live, ferry
  133. Favorite road to drive with the windows down on a sunny Spring day?: fences, horse
  134. When was your city/town incorporated: college, to live in, water
  135. Cities in the south that are friendly towards immigrants, blacks, interracial couples, and social liberals?: find a job, college
  136. Intentional communes? For artists?: for sale, rent, mortgage
  137. Tell about culture shocks you have experienced: condo, how much
  138. Help Me. Where Should I move?: apartment, for rent
  139. City Anthems: homes, food, town
  140. ghost towns in New york/ New Jersey?: houses, car
  141. How is a city Overrated ?: transplants, houses
  142. How important is DIVERSITY when moving?: live in, restaurant, eat
  143. Southwestern Beauty: live, pine, rank
  144. What is the BEST city for an interracial (Asian M / White F) couple? share your thoughts on best/worst places 4us: condo, new home
  145. Driving from San Francisco to NYC: 2014, motels, home
  146. Which decade in American history would you like to have lived in?: vacation home, salary
  147. What century was your home built?: houses, schools, live
  148. What attracts Dillards to an area?: neighborhood, closing, price
  149. Beaches in your area........: apartment, new house, live
  150. Does your city have a homeless problem?: live, stores
  151. What are your favorite U.S. beaches?: living, beach
  152. City which draws good selection of outdoorsy/earthy/crunchy women?: school, live
  153. ghetto vs hillbilly: low crime, living in, vs.
  154. snow?: transplants, home, live in
  155. Where would be MY perfect place to move to? (Like L.A., but cheaper): home, to buy
  156. Canadians who moved to US, what do you think?: crime rate, roughest
  157. Best East Coast city to live and raise family?: best suburbs, renting
  158. Filipino vs Filipina. (Hispanic) American English?: how much, living in, friendly
  159. Pittsburgh, Boston, St. Louis, or other Suggestions?: fit in, renting
  160. What City/ Region Was More Laid-back Than You Expected?: transplants, live
  161. Best warm places to relocate for teachers and librarians?: real estate, crime rates
  162. Picking a place to live in the Southeast: fit in, house
  163. Midwestern girl looking to move to a big city: transplants, cliquey
  164. miami vs california: employment, subdivisions, living in
  165. The view from your home(pictures inside): house, school
  166. New Ikea's?: stores, suburbs, cities
  167. Latino v Latina v Latinos v Latinas: to move, deal
  168. Driving an 1/8 mile: hotel, house, neighborhoods
  169. Why is Easter not a big holiday in America as for Christmas & Thanksgiving?: home, to eat
  170. What do you think of Southerners with no southern accent?: fit in, transplants
  171. Tell Me About Your Move to the Perfect Place That You Ended Up Hating: low crime, how much
  172. Where to live? warm, good jobs, safe, not too pricey ...: rent, daycare
  173. Cities and Towns with Yellow Plated Stoplights: live in, housing
  174. Is Your City and/or State Pro or Anti Business?: credit, home
  175. What is the best public transportation sytem in the US?: 2015, rental
  176. Best College House Party City Ever: school, university, move
  177. Map of counties, by quality of life ranking: unemployment, income
  178. Will you move to California if California legalizes marijuana?: layoffs, buying
  179. Finding a city that supports your values- LIBERAL folks!: neighborhoods, theater
  180. My map of the psychographic regions of the United States: area, interior
  181. Have your expectations of a city changed from visiting both good and bad?: fit in, crime
  182. Do you feel like you live in God's Country? Where?: best, places
  183. Plains states compared to Midwest states: living in, statistics, estate
  184. Is It A Southern Thing?: homes, high school, living in
  185. east coast states like California?: bankrupt, live in, cabin
  186. Which Cities/ Regions Have the Most Plain Jane-types: living in, nightclub
  187. Visa help /schools: public schools, requirements, kids
  188. Obesity rates for 2009: state
  189. Help for final year project.: university, American, between
  190. Emergency Medical Costs: insurance, house, salary
  191. Healthiest Counties: rankings, best, town
  192. who relocates more often? Women or Men?: relocation, cities
  193. Looking For A New Home: renting, living in, shop
  194. Need Feedback for which is best.: live, move to, friendly
  195. Regional marketing: areas, residents
  196. 2025 Population for Metropolitan Areas according to how much, county
  197. Cincinnati to Los Angeles route?: to live, to move, distance
  198. AAG Conference: area, pay, job
  199. In Which States Can I Get Driver License in 3-4 Days?: university, living in
  200. MO/KS/NE corners: living, cost of living, shop