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  1. Cities that have jobs that pay a decent wage: how much, living
  2. Where are the redheads at?: areas, population, Irish
  3. southerners, what does down home mean??: family, green
  4. What is a better city for a college graduate... Atlanta or Washington, D.C.?: for sale
  5. moving: renting, how much, budget
  6. North America, original biomes: map, historical, science
  7. America's most diverse zip code is in Seattle!: neighborhood, restaurants
  8. When You Want to Move and Your Significant Other Doesn't...: real estate, apartments
  9. From the melting pot to ???: transplants, neighborhoods
  10. National Wildlife Refuges In Your State: car, land, parking
  11. News, 10 Healthiest and Safest Metro Areas Revealed.: live, restaurant
  12. Tourism and the Upper Midwest - flight of the summer birds: how much, houses
  13. Advantages/Disadvantages of raising children in a large metro area: house, school district
  14. Old Money Cities of the West: hotel, houses, neighborhood
  15. Gallup Well Being Index for MSA'a, Cities, States, Congressional Districts: live in, health
  16. Needs advice!!: sales, apartment, rentals
  17. Cool places to Skydive!!!: college, best, area
  18. Moving companies - need help !!!: mover, moving company, metro area
  19. Best City Size Metro: shop, safety, food
  20. Why Are Cities Incorporated?: zoning, legal, authority
  21. The Decline of a Once-Great City: Reason Saves Cleveland With Drew Carey, Ep. 1: cities
  22. New Year's Eve (Best places for young people): nightlife, beach
  23. The State of Metropolitan America.......: reputations, programs, interest
  24. What's it mean when..: living, to move, Chinatown
  25. Which part of your city/metro area to represent it in the eyes of the general population?: transplants
  26. Moving Without Friends of Family: fit in, university, living
  27. State Transportation Web Sites.: weather, road, conditions
  28. People must forget that KC is near two rivers: to live, vs.
  29. Nice, affordable homes in a generally affluent area with good schools: real estate, house prices
  30. Need Suggestions On Where To Relocate: sales, chapel, YMCA
  31. US Population by City, Town,: places, single, towns
  32. How do you decide on a place to live...?: real estate, college
  33. Southie or Brooklyn?: best cities, neighborhoods, living in
  34. Best Cities in the Sunbelt for Single, Empty-Nester, Female 45+?: high crime, chapel
  35. Best places to go wave watching: island, winter, shore
  36. Green, But Otherwise Conservative Cities: buy, organic, stores
  37. need city ideas, new: low crime, new home, middle school
  38. How We Can Eliminate the IRS: ob-gyn, lawyer, tax
  39. A Chance To Move Anywhere in the US...WHERE WOULD YOU GO?: home
  40. Where can I find modern/green homes for $400K?: home builder, contractor
  41. It would seem mums the word in Vermont!: crime rates, house
  42. Where in the US can you find homes like SoCal Architecture?: real estate
  43. Estimate of the cover of the Great Plains: chapel, university
  44. Best city for jobs in remote sensing / image processing / photogrammetry / GIS: living, oil
  45. Best Seasonal Cities for Working Holiday: to live in, legal, bus
  46. Looking for serious advice, thanks: renting, how much, bankrupt
  47. If you had a place to live ANYWHERE IN THE US...WHERE WOULD YOU GO?: rent
  48. 28yr Single Male pondering leaving California: fit in, rent, hotels
  49. It is really nice to know that people care: drivers, accident
  50. Know of good Apartment Rental sites?: real estate, apartment complex
  51. Healthiest/Least Healthy Cities...: living, restaurants, health club
  52. If you were a city, which city would you be?: rain, room
  53. What would you call this type of city/town?: live, suburbs
  54. Affordable Accomodation in Safe Areas in LA: internship, budget
  55. s of Where to Move?: hotels, house, taxes
  56. General Advice on Moving: apartment, how much, find a job
  57. Best Caves (for touring): Kentucky, South Dakota, or New Mexico?: home, parks
  58. Washington D.C.'s plan to again have streetcars all over the city: neighborhood
  59. Post American beach pictures outside of Socal, SoFlorida, and Hawaii: amusement park, live
  60. Are There Agencies/Organizations That Do Census Work BESIDES the Census?: credit
  61. Dakotas, Virginia, Wyoming, Maryland lead nation in job growth: oil, ranked
  62. where to move....: unemployment rate, wages, live in
  63. How would you describe your own personal culture?: homes, buying
  64. Where Are The Good Samaritans?: transfer, university, taxis
  65. The ultimate Souther Stereotype: high school, college, racism
  66. Moving suggestions Coming from Hawaii...: rental, live in, prices
  67. Best [Alternate] Area for Tech?: ski resort, house, to buy
  68. Best Place To Raise Biracial Child: renting, home, neighborhood
  69. Which City Epitomizes the West Coast More?: movies, university
  70. What things about a transplant angers locals of your city?: transplants, how much
  71. In Search of Mayberry: for sale, real estate, houses
  72. Preconceived notions vs. reality: amusement parks, hotel, home
  73. What was the reason/cause that your city was founded?: house, neighborhood
  74. What is your favorite North American airport to land or visit?: apartment, home
  75. Most underrated national parks: live in, gardens, best
  76. Seeking a move, Help - Southeast city comparison: condo, chapel
  77. America's Layoff Capitals (by Forbes): sales, mortgage, lenders
  78. The dangers and pitfalls of moving to popular cities ....: buy, movies
  79. geography of the 1990s grunge phenomenon: house, neighborhoods, suburban
  80. After the recession will the sun belt boom continue?: living, low cost
  81. Seattle: Nation's Best Economy: real estate, homes, unemployment
  82. Why Texas is doing so much better economically than the rest of the nation.: mortgage, new home
  83. Do Google truck drivers get paid more to drive through the rough part of town?: crime, neighborhoods
  84. Article: The Top 10 Cities for 2010 Grads: best cities, apartments
  85. An embarrassing fact about your city/metro?: hotel, felony
  86. Weird U. S.: Strange Creatures, Spook Lights, Haunted Roads or Cemetaries? Tell Us About Your Local Legends: houses, theater
  87. large U.S. cities that vote Republican?: beach, suburbs
  88. Does Los Angeles have an upstate like NYC has The Catskills?: camp, live
  89. Streetview of affluent/upper middle class communities in your state.......: 2014, neighborhoods
  90. Do you think this country is the most beautiful country?: how much, beach
  91. Best cities and festivals to visit in the USA: sales, hotels
  92. Favorite Chain Restaurant: how much, houses, organic
  93. Freedom and the south: fit in, transplants, for sale
  94. A place with no children: neighborhood, to buy, gated community
  95. A new capital, but where?: home, moving, offices
  96. FBI Crime Statistics: to live in, safe, move to
  97. News, 50 Stupid Laws From 50 States.: sales, law, shop
  98. What US cities are similar to Boston and Chicago?: neighborhoods, school
  99. Where to? Final decision needs to be made... Need pet-friendly area (dogs) with take it as it comes attitude: job market, high school
  100. U.S. cities with a lot of diversity and inter-racial/ethnic harmony?: house, live
  101. Does the Mason-Dixon line run through Illinois?: rating, metro
  102. Would you use High Speed Rail in your region?: 2013, college
  103. I have to move and I need help figuring out where.: renting, chapel
  104. low humidity in the summer and snow (not tons) in the winter: apartments, for rent
  105. Cutest Towns in New England: hotels, restaurants, shops
  106. How many wireless networks reach your home?: houses, neighborhoods
  107. Something your city is remembered for?: 2014, live in, gangs
  108. What do you consider a small town?: how much, water bill
  109. Looking to relocate? Advice :): apartments, rentals, house
  110. Easiest state to found a town in...: for sale, lease
  111. Places to see from Texas to Mississippi and southward.: casinos, restaurant
  112. Best Spring Break place: colleges, beach, friendly
  113. Need Advice from NJ: real estate, foreclosure, crime
  114. Your local commercials: home, school, taxes
  115. What cities within the US have the highest percentage of caucasian people?: live, stats
  116. Diners: food, farm, best
  117. Best Affordable Beach Towns in the US (or close to a beach-town): condo, hotels
  118. I'm Moving... I Just Don't Know Where: apartment, transfer
  119. American media hysteria: how much, transfer, tornadoes
  120. What is the best city for a single 49 yr old female (straight) with a young child?: real estate, hotels
  121. The most traditional, conservative town/county/areas in the US: cars, racist
  122. Democratic state: high school, centers, title
  123. Is Texas/Atlanta/The South In General Going To Be Super Expensive Soon?: houses, college
  124. Most remote highway and road in the lower 48: houses, pine
  125. Most impressive bridges in the US (photos encouraged): 2014, live in
  126. Nowhere and everywhere to go...: transplants, employment, school
  127. Marijuana Vs. Alcohol. Which is your city more accepting of?: lawyers, high school
  128. Which cities are in the peaks right now?: how much, live
  129. In light of AZ's new laws this year: bankrupt, compensation
  130. Best local arts scene in the U.S.: home, neighborhoods
  131. Best Resort Island in the US: hotel, beach, ferry
  132. Where out west?: high school, community college, camping
  133. Great small towns in the US?: hotels, houses, job market
  134. Most Maritime City?: ferry, area, cities
  135. USAF Bases: home, neighborhoods, construction
  136. notice how Ar + Kansas = Arkansas?: baptist, places, small towns
  137. Thoughts on 'trendiness': real estate, countertops, condo
  138. what are the alcohol rules in your city?: sales, house
  139. U.S. postal service's idea of city boundaries: insurance, living in
  140. Types of American Preps: homes, neighborhood, private school
  141. Public transportation maps........: homes, neighborhoods, live
  142. Why do people get SO DEFENSIVE about their particular region/state/city?: fit in, crime
  143. Is it just me or does it seem like people from the South really hate California?: living in, prices
  144. places with the less thunderstorms: tornado, live in, best weather
  145. From how far away can you see your skyline??: areas, island
  146. Why are Americans so patriotic?: home, live in, land
  147. About To Graduate, Figuring Out Where To Go: apartment, rentals
  148. Which State's Residents Travel the least/most?: transplants, spring break
  149. Conservative small cities: homes, neighborhoods, moving
  150. buy the famous Amityville horror house?: for sale, real estate
  151. 2010 Census participation rates in your area: required, county, places
  152. Why does everybody not living on the west coast...: crime, layoffs
  153. Aggressive Panhandling: hotels, to buy, tenant
  154. which state/city would suit us? ( english couple emigrating ): best cities, chapel
  155. What do you think of Denver (outside point of view): neighborhoods, places to live
  156. Puerto Rico becoming 51st state?: crime rates, income, income tax
  157. where should I move? (Wants: no snow/entertaining/somewhat liberal/spacious and roomy): job market, schools
  158. what is considered a desirable community in the USA now-a-days?: low crime, townhouse
  159. What states would you consider Southwestern ?: live, areas
  160. What's the worst month weather-wise for you?!?!: cities, place
  161. What southern cities and midwestern cities have mild(er) climates?: college, live in
  162. Ever Traveled US By Car?: appointed, flat fee, credit card
  163. Greek-Americans: neighborhood, wedding, university
  164. Why didn't Portland on the coast: neighborhoods, earthquake, to live
  165. Historic Suburbs...: house, living, bus
  166. What kind of home can you get for around $100k in your area?: for sale, real estate
  167. white person moving into a (mostly) all-black neighborhood: low income, high crime
  168. Best city/state for perfectionist?: house, landscaping, university
  169. East Coast City Most Conducive To Suburban Living?: transplants, prices
  170. Suggest me a place.. from England, be nice: luxury, school
  171. Your State's THREE Capital Cities??!?: house, taxes, live
  172. 21 Year Old Looking To Move: crime, theatre, living in
  173. Have you ever heard of St. Cloud, Minnesota?: how much, university
  174. Do you have commercials for places that aren't where you live?: college, restaurants
  175. Best States for business climate 2010: crime, employment, live in
  176. What types of wildlife do you have in your state/area?: houses, neighborhoods
  177. Jersey Shore or Texas Gulf Coast: beach, best, palm trees
  178. What is your favorite state song?: sunshine, roads, great
  179. 31 year old single male looking for a fresh start: best cities, apartment
  180. Is it normal to hate where you're from when you're young like me?: apartments, how much
  181. Regions of South: homes, college, plantations
  182. Common surnames in your area: suburb, areas, top
  183. for people that live in walkable areas: luxury, eat
  184. What kind of house can you get for 200k your area?: for sale, real estate
  185. Relocation Ideas: to rent, houses, job market
  186. Has Ever Changed Your Impression of a City?: live, food
  187. Relocating... Where are teachers in high demand?: home, teaching jobs
  188. Foods that aren't nearly as good outside your metro area.: school, living
  189. What is your favorite New England state: best city, live
  190. Continental United States' 3rd Coast: title, area, water
  191. Along with English, which official(s) language should the U.S. have?: schools, universities
  192. You know when you're from your state if....: appointed, mineral rights
  193. A good thing drivers did!: run, color
  194. Looking for a place to live! Suggestions: shop, safest
  195. is there this place in midium size city -warm, walk distance to library and grocery store: bus
  196. Where does your metro add up?: metro area, areas, business
  197. Best Cities to Work as Occupational Therapist?: best place, places
  198. Sunflower Fields (Available for Private Gatherings): wedding, locations, place
  199. NMDA anti receptor encephilitis: kids, doctors, between
  200. Tax Burden and Return by state: best, per capita, federal