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  1. Want to move warm!: school, tornadoes, living in
  2. Food from Across the Country: houses, to buy, live in
  3. Fave American Skylines?: guidelines, place, top
  4. I find southern accents charming.: live, moving, areas
  5. new: violent crime, good schools, taxes
  6. A little overwhelmed: how to decide where to live?: chapel, home
  7. Theme songs for your city?: cities, drive, water
  8. What is the effect of using corporate names for public landmarks: how much, price
  9. Share your memories/experiences of how your city has changed over time...: chapel
  10. Which map is right? The States named after the GDP of the country they match...: credit
  11. Need Relocation Advice; From NM to ??: renting, neighborhoods, school
  12. Older Gay Friendly City in SE USA (GA, NC, SC, TN): real estate, restaurants
  13. What is the city for me?: apartments, find a job, construction
  14. Yes, another one of but could really use serious advice: to rent, low crime
  15. Where should we live?: low crime, neighborhood, high school
  16. USA vs. France: high school, pros and cons, wages
  17. Accents across the US: guidelines, map, American
  18. Website w/ city nightlife pics?: restaurants, move to, designers
  19. Best cities to buy rental holding property for biggest and earliest capitol gain?: real estate
  20. Move to Green Bay, WI or Charlotte, NC: apartment, home
  21. Cities with most Engineers (and Architects): home, university, calculation
  22. The Singles Map of of The US: gated, vs.
  23. Cities with most PhDs: chapel, home, university
  24. Comming to Old Orchard Beach, Maine for 4 months via Work and Travel. Advice for 2 job, and housing: apartments
  25. What cities do the meanest people live in?: closing, place
  26. Which of cities better for an older single?: for rent, unemployment rate
  27. Places in your state that should be in the National Park system?: home
  28. What city/metro did you move to that you ended up loving and why?: amusement park
  29. How is neighborhood defined: houses, neighborhoods
  30. Are cities in the US increasing in percentage white, non-hispanic population?: neighborhoods
  31. CA, TX, or DC: Making a final decision: house, job market
  32. Is First 48 proof we are desensitized to violence?: neighborhood, living in
  33. Percent of Housing Units That are Mobile Homes by state: buy, beach
  34. Best Cities for Urban Exploring: squatters, schools, college
  35. 2010 United Van Lines Annual Migration Study: mover, moving, rankings
  36. States with the largest unauthorized Immigrant population: sales, buy
  37. Suggestions for affordable, growing warm weather cities?: bank owned, real estate
  38. Legal practice in New York or Texas (Dallas,Houston): lawyer, law school
  39. Can't decide where to relocate....someday!: transplants, condo, allergies
  40. Best cities to move to for a single mother of 2: public schools, professionals
  41. Are facts still true in America?: crime rate, stats
  42. St. George, Utah or Grand Junction, Colorado: lease, employment
  43. Least anxious city/ Best public transportation.: school, salary, to live
  44. Relocation Pros and cons Dallas, Atlanta: violent crime, school, living
  45. Places where there are safe schools that are racially integrated?: low income, magnet schools
  46. College graduate looking for new home!: how much, job market, living
  47. Educated People Are More Likely to Cluster in Walkable Cities?: neighborhood, calculated
  48. What state should we live to maximize what we have?: sales, renting
  49. Why so much hate on Atlanta?: live, top, single
  50. Best Place To Move???: job market, college, living
  51. Feeling in a Rut?: rent, health insurance, loan
  52. Cross Country Trip, need ideas!: house, eat, places to visit
  53. Perfect place to live? Opinions....: low crime, find a job, school
  54. Advice on what cities might be good fit for me: wages, organic
  55. about moving in the USA: crime rate, home builders, look for a job
  56. So I've Ruined My Life: Graduating English Major seeks fun, friendly city: crime
  57. Friendliest Cities: home, university, taxi driver
  58. I need advice on the areas near Washington DC: school, university
  59. Record U.S. Exports Reflect Midwest Agricultural Boom: insurance, unemployment rate
  60. New Year 2011!!: rated, around, personal
  61. Inconsistant naming of MSA's: chapel, living, suburbs
  62. Can population growth and economic growth be mutually exclusive?: university, educational
  63. 3.4 M U.S. industrial jobs lost last decade: employment, statistics
  64. Help me decide on a place to move to: crime, house
  65. Where is the best place to live!?!?: house, unemployment rate
  66. Our road trip across the US, Advice?: fit in, casinos
  67. Interesting - preserved small towns from the 1950s: restaurants, malls
  68. What Metro Area gives a Barber/Hair Stylist the highest standard of living?: colleges
  69. college outdoorsman looking to move out west: appointed, student loans
  70. good places for child modeling or acting...: move to, beaches
  71. Need retirement location in SE U.S. w/ reasonable cost of living: high crime
  72. Most recent crime rates?: statistics, murder rate, where to
  73. Unique stops between LA & Tallahassee: to buy, movies, casinos
  74. Does Beverly Hills have a bug problem?: houses, scorpions
  75. Australian moving to the USA: rental, neighborhoods, pros and cons
  76. Cross country road trip: eat, park, location
  77. Help me find a warm place with low humidity that's close to skiing.: ski resorts, to live in
  78. Can think of a Place in the U.S. that is nice Neighborhoods & Natural Disaster Free?: how much, houses
  79. The Sunbelt Boom is Not Going to End: real estate, construction
  80. Cheap and warm place to live, what city/state fits for me?: insurance, tornadoes
  81. The Post Office that (was) near you: lease, home
  82. Canadian thinking about relocating: houses, unemployment rate, to buy
  83. Small towns on the East Coast or Mid West that are cute and perfect for families.: low crime, hotel
  84. Interactive: Is your state a debt disaster?: credit rating, house
  85. Wisconsin, Minnisota, Iowa, which is best?: home, living in, move to
  86. Red Light Districts: buy, clubs, trailer
  87. The US is Not The First Civilization on its Land Mass: school, deal
  88. 2010 Census maps - population change by county (as state maps are released): credit, schools
  89. What is the best and worst state in the U.S.?: bankruptcy, taxes
  90. What metro area's will add counties into their MSA for the 2010 census?: 2013, statistics
  91. The 'North' is one state wide at Ohio!: live in, vacation
  92. Forbes America's 20 Most Miserable Cities: foreclosed, power lines, low crime
  93. Do you get bums like in the US?: gated, live
  94. Where do carribean people migrate besides Florida?: live in, rankings
  95. How much is a gallon jug of skim milk in your town?: organic, live
  96. Nation’s Youngest, Analysis Finds Fewer Whites: preschools, college
  97. Top ten US art cities: buyers, rank, best
  98. Moving from Northeast to Midwest: low crime, home, college
  99. Quality of Life in Regions: real estate, apartment, rent
  100. To all transplants: do you prefer where you live now or where you came from?: living in, cost of
  101. time to leave Texas: appointed, home, high schools
  102. Most liberal place in America: low income, neighborhood, university
  103. Where in NC or SC?: crime rate, house, new construction
  104. What is Middle America?: middle-class, income, living in
  105. What are the US cities that has large Filipino population?: real estate, neighborhoods
  106. Which 2 of 5 towns would be on your short list ?: sales, transfer to
  107. How will my array of assumed British regional accents go down in the US?: college, living in
  108. The Positive: crime, best, cities
  109. American Indian names in your state: live in, area, Dutch
  110. What's good about the U.S. right now?: violent crime, home
  111. city with the kindest, gentlest, most tolerant cops: neighborhoods, live in
  112. What non-southern neighborhoods have large white and black populations living side by side?: schools, university
  113. Cities with snowy, but non-gloomy/gray winters?: moving to, title
  114. The most significant event in your city: club, move
  115. Where exactly is the heartland ?: vacation, title
  116. How many of you are with the term Sundown Towns ?: insuring, gated
  117. Census estimates show big gains for U.S. minorities: new house, island
  118. Growth in N. vs S.: Thundersnow Blizzards vs Hurricanes: houses, earthquakes
  119. How many generations has your family lived in your city?: homes, neighborhood
  120. What is a good area in the eastern side of the US for a low income family?: apartments, for rent
  121. States Where Ice Skating is Most Popular: home, college
  122. why are ppl from small towns scared of the city?: crime, house
  123. City enthusiasts: how much, living, rich
  124. Which fun, interesting, hard-working city should two 25yr old female best friends move to?: neighborhoods, live
  125. Safe & Affordable?: real estate, apartments, renters
  126. Newlywed couple from Ohio seeking a place to settle down: apartment, home
  127. Southern smaller cities and towns with the most intact and vibrant historic commercial districts: cinema, zoning
  128. Recommend a low-cost coastal city with plenty of jobs?: sales, renting
  129. Was Atlanta deserving of the 1996 Olympics?: high school, gym, move
  130. What do Europeans think of American history/culture?: fit in, how much
  131. I can't believe how expensive rents are...EVERYWHERE: apartments, renter
  132. Show us where you live: credit, house, school
  133. Where to go from Las Vegas?: sales, salons, homes
  134. I've narrowed down to a few cities - help me choose!: apartment complexes, rentals
  135. What city is best for me?: houses, universities, to live in
  136. The Texas Omen: Hard Times Hit Texas: house, unemployment
  137. Census Has Released Their 2011 Data Book: homes, homeschooling, earthquakes
  138. durham or atlanta?: fit in, transplants, chapel
  139. richmond,va native looking for more outdoors, snow, nice people :): real estate, hotels
  140. Possibly Leaving Austin, Texas...Would Like Suggestions: chapel, neighborhood
  141. Worst Cities for weather?: tornado, live in, deal
  142. Smoking rates by races, what do you think about it ?: school, college
  143. Warning: Brace for $5/gallon gas in 2012!: costs, light rail, food
  144. Advice on Best State to Move to Without a Job???: rentals, credit
  145. the most typical housing styles in your town/city: apartments, townhomes
  146. small town experts?: home, university, living
  147. Little Big Cities: fit in, theater, university
  148. What's Your State Good At ? Funny map !: home, buy
  149. Cities with the coolest cops: violent crime, college, live
  150. Post recession skyscraper boom!: transplants, leasing, condos
  151. Being Happy, Anywhere?: fit in, chapel, home
  152. What are Southern American accent pronunciations?: cost, beach
  153. New York Times : Houston is a green model for the US cities: city hall, university
  154. Which city influences Washington DC more?: transplants, live in, vs
  155. Best non-major city for non-driving 30-something?: transplants, rentals, home
  156. Southeast VS. The Rest OF The Country: condo, home
  157. What is The Country's Perception of Orlando?: home, living in
  158. Demography (Democrats) vs. Geography (Republicans): Understanding the Political Future: tax, live
  159. Discouraged 22 year old post-grad advice and suggestions: neighborhoods, university
  160. Where to move from Boston?: fit in, real estate, to rent
  161. Best States in the South: best city, job transfer, school
  162. How old is everyone?: to rent, live, average
  163. Area in U.S. that looks and feels like England?: neighborhood, university
  164. Name that state..: low crime, scorpions, luxury
  165. Why Does The Sunbelt Region Have Higher Unemployment?: real estate market, mortgages
  166. Bestcity/area for Europeans to live in USA: living, areas
  167. What are you lookin' at? America's rudest cities!: best cities, hotel
  168. for with SAD: living in, smog, health
  169. Which city has the best public transit?: low crime, living in
  170. Houston 2nd largest city in the U.S. in the future?: how much, houses
  171. How many suburbs in your urban area?: live in, zip code
  172. Which state is quintessential United States?: unemployment rate, DMV, live
  173. How big would the Rustbelt/Northeat cities be today if they kept on increasing in population in 1950 instead of decline: vs, estimates
  174. Spiritual Destinations of the US: high school, beach, rating
  175. Best Cities for an Introvert: live, restaurant, shops
  176. Numbers vs Percentage?: home, living in, title
  177. Most down-to-earth places?: living, to move, farms
  178. Where are all sidewalk towns?: houses, neighborhoods, schools
  179. Are small cities with low rise development but aren't suburbs still suburban?: neighborhoods, malls
  180. What's Your Favorite City in the United States?: best city, home
  181. Where should I move after I graduate? NC, TX, CO, or the NE Coast?: renting, crime
  182. Where should my boyfriend and I live??: apartments, rentals
  183. Would you move to Detroit like how two outsiders did?: neighborhoods, places to live
  184. Why would want to live in suburbia?: apartment, houses
  185. If you live in Boston or Philly... (How often do you go to New York City?): how much, price
  186. Are there such things as Pre-WWII suburbs?: houses, landscaping
  187. Advice on Artistic Towns in US: chapel, home, job market
  188. The Kids In Your Neighborhoods: apartment complex, condo, school
  189. South Draws U.S. Blacks: college, income, living
  190. National High Speed Rail: design, cars, best
  191. Social Conservative to Social Liberal Rank the top 15.: credit, neighborhood
  192. Most Affordable Home Buying Cities In U.S.: middle-class, real estate
  193. Good place to view a history of crime for various agencies in your state: statistics
  194. The Serial Killer Detector: county, homicides, news
  195. What are the quintessences of each of the four regions?: agriculture, population
  196. What are tier 1 market cities/towns referring to the economy of cities...: how much
  197. who's ragin where/doing what for NYE!!: dinner
  198. Are there nice, friendly people ANYWHERE?: living, cost of living, shop
  199. Moment of Silence 11:00 AM EST: online
  200. Help with suburban loud music issue: home, live, ordinance