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  1. Help us pick a Town to Move to on the Coast!: foreclosures, insurance
  2. The Ohio Town Hall meeting last night on C-SPAN Radio: program, state
  3. Where to move for a recent college grad: affordable apartments, rent
  4. USPS and moving out..: apartment, live, store
  5. In a quandry about when and where to live long term.: rent, buying a house
  6. Are rents going down anywhere in the U.S.??!: foreclosures, renters
  7. Small City/Big Town near/in Mountains in NW?: home, organic
  8. Need an opinion on where to move: to rent, unemployment rate
  9. Singles in the USA: Gender Demographics: vs, places, between
  10. Know The Particulars on How A Foreigner Can Purchase Investment Property in The USA?: real estate
  11. Which area?: drive, hours, looking for
  12. Area (square miles) of all Metropolitan Statistical Areas: home, college
  13. Most interesting American accent/local affectation?: cars, subway, winter
  14. what are the most family-oriented towns: best cities, renting, to live in
  15. Southern Culture: new home, live in, moving
  16. Thoughts on Federal shutdown and politicians still getting paid?: houses, military
  17. Supermoon Tonight: activity, trees, cold weather
  18. Feds move more radiation monitors to West Coast: air quality, pools
  19. Favorite musicians/bands to come out of your favorite city?: chapel, school
  20. Most Accessible Ski Resort?: ski resorts, unemployment rate, living
  21. Boise, Ogden or Colorado Springs....Or...: homes, universities, to live
  22. Survey on services: Contribution to education: school, business, Chinese
  23. Need help deciding where to move for school!: home, schools
  24. New Grad from Philly looking for a new place to live/work: low crime
  25. Disgraceful?: job, value, testing
  26. List of States / Cites by Adult Literacy Rates?: buy, high school
  27. Broadcaster (tv and radio) terms for your region: live, vs.
  28. help confused chick decide where to move?: to live in, young professionals
  29. cross country fantasy trip or road trip?: to rent, hotels
  30. effects from the Japan earthquake felt in the US/Canada?: cities, location
  31. Where to Live for 23 year old female?: lease, crime
  32. U.S. Census: 2010 state estimates vs. 2010 official state results: estimated, rating
  33. Help us find home!: hair salon, homes, movie theater
  34. 25 Year old man. Single. Self employed. Where in the northeast?: crime, college
  35. US-Canada Phone Plan: cost, deals, money
  36. Which (warm) city [USA] for international mature age returning to college student?: university
  37. Another 'where should we move': crime, house, neighborhood
  38. new : help us find where we could live happily :): real estate, hotels
  39. Vintage Videos of Proposals For The Interstate Highway System: live, costs
  40. Would High-Speed Rail Make America Better?: suite, suburbs, highway
  41. U.S. consumer confidence highest in three years: coupon, buying
  42. Inspire Me with Great Ideas for a New Place to Live: lofts, condos
  43. Moving from Miami: apartment, home, job market
  44. Feeling in a Rut?: rent, health insurance, loan
  45. Best place to live for married 20-somethings?: for sale, real estate
  46. Relocating advice (mostly animals, insects, ): apartment, condo, house
  47. Where should we go?: lease, hotels, house
  48. Looking for an affordable oceanfront east coast city kind of like Monterey Bay: live in
  49. Where should I live?: job market, college, salary
  50. Census: South second to West in diversity: to live in, suburbs
  51. Job location options: what to choose: college, living, cost of living
  52. Looking for a City in One of Southern States...: RV park, apartments
  53. Article on midwest economy: maps, great, interest
  54. searching...: low crime, living, cost
  55. Moving the USA!!: transfer, university, to live in
  56. Seasonal jobs anywhere in the country: hotels, Home Depot, unemployed
  57. Relocating family to new place, Denver? Ft. Collins, Carlsbad, CA?: real estate market
  58. News, Study: Texas has low tax, expenditures.: high school, taxi
  59. place in the US for me?: apartments, houses
  60. Worst Cities for Speeding: law, ticket, summers
  61. I need help, because I don't know what direction to go.: apartment, rentals
  62. Where should I move: college, to live in, to move
  63. Could New York (City) have lost population?: housing, metro area
  64. best city in the southwest?: buy, versus, land
  65. Help! Moving this Summer and Narrowed Choices to NC,TX or CO: chapel
  66. portland, fairfax or greenville: best city, best, should
  67. Tips for Rural Drivers heading into a Big City: moving, estimate
  68. Reasons why places might experience Census losses: houses, unemployment rate
  69. Moving back to the US: low income, best cities, sales
  70. looking for a CITY to retire to: lofts, townhouse
  71. Who knew picking a place to live could be so difficult?: rent, buying a house
  72. ideas?: for sale, house, high school
  73. Help us locate a place: home, cinema, university
  74. What place is best for me? (Homesteading): high crime, credit
  75. Master of science in Finance help which univ): neighborhood, school
  76. 1 out of 4 US Counties Dying: college, live, agriculture
  77. US Cities with Global Underground Release: club, residency, map
  78. looking for cheap rentals with decent economy: for sale, real estate
  79. Raleigh or someplace: university, living, vs
  80. Which state has the best welfare benefits ?: home, unemployment
  81. cookie cutter?: HOA, custom home, landscaping
  82. Borders and Barnes N Nobles closing down many stores...: rent, buying
  83. Stores and restaurants that usually go in more populated cities...: construction, university
  84. What would you miss the most, if you had to move away?: neighborhoods, living
  85. Major cities with major suburbs located in other states: house, transportation
  86. New stage in my life - where to go?: lease, transfer
  87. Guess the city by its Wikipedia introduction: find a job, universities
  88. Lifestyle centers in the smallest cities...: rent, houses, employment
  89. How do Americans feel towards Russians?: living in, beach, public transportation
  90. Moving From Philly, Looking For A Good West Coast Equal City: living in, cost of
  91. How would you compare Virginia to Pennsylvania: home, purchasing
  92. Which US cities have male names and which have female names?: metro area, top
  93. Which Part of the Southeast Has Stayed Truest to Its Roots...: move to, beaches
  94. Single, 26 year old guy looking to relocate from NYC.: hotels, school
  95. Smallest town lived in?: neighborhood, school, to live in
  96. Northeast coast roadtrip: renting, houses, casinos
  97. need to find the flattest road to Kankakee Il from Virginia beach VA.: home, school
  98. The West Becoming America's New 'Heartland,' Replacing Midwest Midwest: agricultural, moving
  99. Favorite Desert Lands in America???: architecture, land, best
  100. How to look like a local in the south?: school, gym
  101. Which State is the most racially accepting.: racist, race
  102. WARM mountain areas in the US?: ski resorts, house, living in
  103. In the Northern States do you use equipment when driving a car in Winter?: how much, living
  104. Forumites like to make up stuff about the south: crime, houses
  105. What is this better life in the suburbs?: real estate, homes
  106. What places are in Appalachia?: low income, homes, income
  107. What are other American cities are like New York or Toronto?: apartment, rent
  108. Trying to change things when you move to a new state.: transplants, buy
  109. Suggest an east coast beach city (south of NJ) with culture?: live in, best
  110. Beach town with year-round neighborhoods for families: rent, houses
  111. Whats the price of gas in your area?: how much, tax
  112. Which city is you would perfer to live in St. Louis or Chattanooga?: college, living in
  113. How Would You Compare Oregon to Louisiana?: spring break, homes
  114. 2010 data on Census Bureau website: estimates, population, community
  115. Future 1,000+ ft Skyscrapers: 2015, loans, home
  116. Least pretentious areas/cities?: schools, restaurants, stores
  117. High Desert Climate With Cheap Apartments: rentals, crime, home
  118. Why Are People Fleeing Midwest Cities?: neighborhoods, quality of life, living
  119. DO you pass roadworks and see no workmen?: construction, contractors
  120. What is the ONE thing you must have in a city?: crime rates, college
  121. Is Baltimore and DC one region?: university, utilities, live
  122. Best cities for bi-racial families: home, public school, college
  123. Cities which have a lower CoL and public transit: rent, condo
  124. i dont know where to move i , i want to be a succesful musician and i dont have to much time to choose:S !: sales, school
  125. Seattle or Baltimore: appointed, crime rates, house
  126. How different is radio in the USA vs other English speaking countries?: college, live
  127. Do you ever get sick of country life?: middle school, college
  128. 7 manmade wonders of the U.S.: horse, building, place
  129. What US city has the best spring foliage: trees, park
  130. Dear Economist, how is Detroit ranked the 7th best city to live in (within the US)?: real estate, how much
  131. Your opinions of the Midwest?: malls, land, metro
  132. Big City Sidewalk Rage: home, high school, living
  133. What Would It Take for Outright Civil Unrest/Revolution in the US?: foreclosures, homes
  134. Rudest encounter that experienced outside of your city.: to buy, restaurant
  135. What The Census Tells Us About America’s Future: quality of life, law
  136. Is there still an anti British vibe in the US?: law, oil
  137. How big is the USAs north south divide?: real estate, how much
  138. Looking for relocation suggestions: low income, best city, transplants
  139. Like Santa Cruz but....where ?: transplants, chapel, hotels
  140. Mpls to Billings in 1 Day?: camp, area, winter
  141. How long does it take the DMV(DOL) to send you new car license plates in your state?: sale, insurance
  142. Vote on a new American flag: home, oil, station
  143. What state has the best health care: health insurance, to live in
  144. The 11 Most Dangerous Cities: violent crime, living, fence
  145. Am I the only one that think the census is wrong?: new home, living
  146. Help me understand the geography of Southern states: to live in, land
  147. Only 5 of the 25 Largest US Christian Churches report Membership Growth in 2010: high school, Mennonites
  148. Should other cities get important events besides LA?: centers, move to
  149. Cities with large department stores and in downtowns, and towns that have similarities...: home, employment
  150. Do you think everyone will start moving South because of the economy?: house, unemployment rate
  151. Help! Where in the Southeast should we live?: chapel, home
  152. Movies that really show off your city: wedding, live in
  153. Where to live in the south??: to rent, crime rates, home
  154. In what environment were you raised in?: crime, houses
  155. 2010 US Census Diversity Index: live in, stats, manufacturing
  156. Would you live in a major city if the cost of living were as low as a Texan city?: rent, condo
  157. Best mid-size/large Cities for biking: best cities, rental, employment
  158. What is your state best known for?: house, unemployment rate
  159. Do You Love City Life?: house, camping, pros and cons
  160. [Census 2010] Hispanic responses on race give more exact breakdown: cities, island
  161. Where would you go and why? D.C. area or NYC?: home, theatre
  162. What's the general attitude towards Natural Hazards in the US?: crime, scorpions
  163. How many times can a foreigner enter the U.S. as a tourist per year?: bankruptcy, incomes
  164. Why do most people who move from the NE to the South feel the need to then bash the NE?: fit in, lease
  165. cities to move to if you have no job lined up ?: look for a job, salary
  166. Best City in the United States: amusement parks, restaurants, centers
  167. what are the MOST conservative suburbs?: fit in, apartments, loft
  168. Are there subdivisions with houses on the river in the U.S.?: real estate, new home
  169. Route to take on a coast to coast road trip?: how much, car
  170. Where on the east coast should I move my family?: real estate, house prices
  171. Best places to live - if poor and ill: real estate, rent
  172. Where In the US Should I go? (Want a place that's warm, near water, Conservative and laid-back.): house, neighborhoods
  173. Help me pick a 50-100k city!: apartment, rentals
  174. Most Affluent Black Communities in US: high crime, neighborhoods, median income
  175. Texas VS Florida which is better? I can move anywhere... Where would you move?: for sale, real estate
  176. Whats your cities population in a 100 Mile Radius?: neighbourhood, calculation
  177. towns with good ol'southern culture?: live, moving, food
  178. America's Laziest States 2010: swimming, activities, rankings
  179. Where's the best place to live?: rent, how much, find a job
  180. Best midwest cities for hiking and kayaking/swimming?: private school tuition, universities
  181. The Good Old Days... Or Were They?: crime, houses
  182. Cities to avoid/ reccomended cities: low crime, tax rates, living in
  183. Professor From California State University Proposed The US to Redraw State Boundaries to 38 States in 1973: tax, living
  184. Best skiing states in USA?: university, club, teaching
  185. The Old Good USA: violent crime, house, job market
  186. Would the Midwest be better off as its own nation?: fit in, home
  187. Charleston or Nashville???: for rent, job market, college
  188. Great Lakes underrated?: movies, live, beach
  189. how much does where you live influence how happy you are?: cul-de-sac, fit in
  190. identify utility company for a zip code?: best, state
  191. Best west coast location to work in Education and raise a family?: job market
  192. How many Top 50 cities have you lived in, and what did you like or hate about them?: rank
  193. Looking to relocate on the East Coast: find a job, high school
  194. The New Mteropolitan Map of The US: college, income
  195. Which race do you have?: racism, Persian, German
  196. lets compare cost of living prices in your area: costs, land
  197. Discovered: The Happiest Man in America: income, live, health
  198. Bill Would Require Kan. Babies To Undego Paternity Test: live, community
  199. Challenge: Create the Longest Road Trip using Google Earth/Maps: distance, time
  200. Where to get reliable statistics as to how many are homeless?: people, current