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  1. where would you say we fit in???: real estate, apartments
  2. Immigration statistics from 2010 released !: cities, top, Dominican
  3. What's your favorite place in your state/city?: 2014, neighborhoods
  4. College towns?: home, gas, cities
  5. Living in WI, need to find a new home. Help?: fit in, for sale
  6. first trip to the states- advice: food, car
  7. I'm relocating and I need help narrowing down my options!: rent, homes
  8. Moving to be with you guys from the UK.. help needed !: house
  9. Austin or Raleigh for a 26 year old NYC guy: fit in, transplants
  10. Thanks for the Recommendation!: places to live, to relocate, rated
  11. Young & single people living in family towns?: fit in, houses
  12. Help me find a place to move! (Specific criteria listed inside): high crime, new home
  13. Best southern town?: low crime, good schools, live in
  14. Which SE City Has The Best Economy Right Now?: chapel, hotel
  15. Recommendations For Beach Towns (To live in): motels, house
  16. Don't know where to move?!: rental market, mobile home, school
  17. Americans are driving more, but traffic deaths down: insurance, stats
  18. Where is the best sailing/sailing communities?: activity, relocating
  19. City Jobs and Economy: unemployed, cities, payments
  20. Middle Ground: home, to live in, costs
  21. worry that where you want to move will turn into where you moved from?: transplants
  22. Seeking medium sized city with diverse geography and culture, moderate climate...: home, school districts
  23. Best larger city?: apartments, rent, condo
  24. Most annoying moving threads on CD.: best neighborhoods, movers, house
  25. Research hitting potholes!: apartment complexes, low crime, hotel
  26. What states offer Share of Cost Medicaid for adults?: low income, insurance
  27. Summer getaway suggestions: real estate, rental, condos
  28. Where's a good place to move to?: living, moving
  29. More midwestern: places, typical, based
  30. The best cities for ART...: college, live, rankings
  31. In Your Opinion which are the top 10 most welcoming city?: place to live, cities
  32. travel to US city? help!: sublease, sublets, apartments
  33. Cheap/Affordable power costs.......: credit, how much, neighborhood
  34. Has Made A Move To A Place Suggested To You On The Forum?: rent
  35. Which region(s) do you rank highest in terms of friendliness of people?: live in
  36. America's glory days - when were they?: new home, to buy
  37. How much will it cost drive from Portland to SF?: costs, car
  38. Easiest state to live in and find a job? Must be beautiful state :D helpppp: job market
  39. Most midwestern: fit in, best, areas
  40. Counties leaving a metro area: living in, cost of, suburbs
  41. Places like El Dorado Hills?: homes, gated communities, living
  42. where is this place?: house, live, garden
  43. Cool events/ festivals on East coast in August/September: school, live
  44. Where to move someday?!?!: job openings, schools, living in
  45. To achieve economic security the avg. min. income needed for a family w/ 2 workers and 2 young children is $67,920: health insurance
  46. Where should my boyfriend and I (mid-20's) live next?: apartment, hotels
  47. American cities, through the eyes of car salesmen: low income, transplants
  48. best mid sized town ror outdoor coffee shops: neighborhood, suburbs
  49. Need ideas for coastal cities for a vacation home: renting, condo
  50. Need advice...moving from Houston to Pacific Northwest: live in, trees
  51. What would be the best place to start over: home, find a job
  52. census maps: housing, population, county
  53. suggest a city: low crime, how much, activities
  54. Cheapest small beach towns: amusement park, living, to move
  55. is Vegas country?: transplants, bill, vegan
  56. Yearly population estiamtes --> a complete waste of money!!: vs, estimate
  57. Young low 20's couple to start something new!!: rent, school
  58. Best cities for sailing: move to, place, water
  59. Desperate to move: neighborhoods, public schools, live
  60. Is there such a place?: crime, chapel, home
  61. Where should I move my family?: for sale, real estate, houses
  62. Best City in the US to Live???: military, law
  63. Family moving out of ohio.... But we need help... WHERE????: employment, schools
  64. dallas and houston have worst traffic in south as of this year: cities
  65. How to Avoid Bad Apartment Management: apartment complexes, renter, credit
  66. Most cultured Southern cities: neighborhood, university, to live
  67. Ideas of places for perfect summer weather & music: apartment, rentals
  68. GFCI 9 Released: centers, rankings, cities
  69. Observation about trends/norms on com: move to, cities
  70. Best N. England state & resources for Disability fixed income person?: sales, home
  71. Top 20 Radio Markets: vs., licensed, design
  72. The Top 20 Inbound Overseas Travel Destinations from Abroad to the U.S.: dangerous, vs
  73. WHERE are the TREES!!!: best city, price, yard
  74. Could gas prices reverse the migration trend?: rent, salary
  75. To from the old south, describe life before Civil Rights Movement: sales, crime
  76. Census Designated Place recognition.....: housing, rated, areas
  77. Beyond My Short List, What Lower Class-Friendly Cities Would You Recommend What I'm Looking For?: lower-class, fit in
  78. Can someone tell me which city is the 'real' gateway to the west?: bill, graphic design
  79. Move to another city in the U.S. or go back to Australia: appointed, how much
  80. Pumping Gas: credit, buy, live in
  81. Where to retire? warm weather, low humidity, great fishing, reasonable cost of living: real estate, home
  82. Best Zoos and Aquariums: amusement park, credit, houses
  83. Why do city folks always put themselves on a pedestal above country folks?: homes, construction
  84. Is the North becoming uninhabitable?: best cities, apartment, for rent
  85. Will NYC lose its status as the Financial Capital of the U.S.: apartments, foreclosed
  86. Are the Northern states in danger of losing their Northern-ness?: transplants, to live in
  87. City living without a car?: cliquey, apartment, credit card
  88. What are the Best and Worst places in the states you lived in?: best towns, crime
  89. getting the day off for Good Friday in the U.S. ?: spring break, schools
  90. Good States to attend University out West?: low crime, home
  91. Where Do You Live and Have You Ever Encountered a Mormon/LDS Prosletizer There?: high school, college
  92. Polarizing Cities: schools, living in, vs
  93. I can't stand the United States as it exist today.: home, live
  94. Best age range to live in a big city?: home, universities
  95. Seeking advice on four specific cities to relocate: transplants, real estate
  96. How much of a life did I really miss out on by living in a dry, plain, boring area?: fit in, violent crime
  97. Biggest shame in America today? Unreal rate of people in has it gotten to the point where....: rent, crime
  98. to the people in the mid west: living, to move
  99. It would seem to me, that apart from Celebrities, Atheists keep their heads down.: bankrupt, colleges
  100. You can never go home again: transplants, how much
  101. Your city's public library: school, university, design
  102. Have you ever done a road trip across the country?: apartment, motel
  103. To Who Have Left Behind Elderly Parents Just to Avoid Cold Weather...: school districts, living in
  104. Most Photogenic State: home, tornadoes, living
  105. Small size, large population.: beach, land, square
  106. Best all around climate year-round? (READ): refrigerator, live, dangerous
  107. What part of N. America do you live in?: to live in, areas
  108. Best places to live after Peak Oil: how much, standard of living
  109. CITY vs. COUNTRY: home, college, living in
  110. Southern Whites Vs. Northern Whites: neighborhood, live in, statistics
  111. City Miniatures: construction, shop, cities
  112. Washington (state) vs Colorado: earthquake, quality of life, to live
  113. Help me find my dream town: Places like Atlanta, but with little-to-no hot weather?: real estate, homes
  114. Faster growing metro areas = faster income decline + poverty (Houston Tomorrow / Study): foreclosure, credit
  115. Advice for to spend summer in USA: theatre, restaurants
  116. The AMERICAN DREAM.......does it still exist?: low crime, find a job
  117. Would you move to Cincinnati if it had streetcars?: condo, live in
  118. Americans flocking to London for the royal wedding?: vacation, donate
  119. Most Expensive House in Your State: for sale, real estate, houses
  120. Will Brooklyn Eclipse Chicago in Population?: buy, centers, areas
  121. best places for four seasons: crime, school districts, to live
  122. Importance of living near family?: how much, house, college
  123. If you could change just ONE thing about your city, what would it be?: real estate, rent
  124. Northern Blacks Vs. Southern Blacks: live, versus, to move
  125. the Top 10 Cities For Hispanics: foreclosure, homes, public schools
  126. best southern state to live in- college: chapel, private schools
  127. Metro Area Population for 2010 Census: guidelines, commuter, areas
  128. Community racial demographics......: beach, sushi, suburb
  129. Most Beautiful Suburbs of America (Post Photos!): houses, neighborhood
  130. Which Cities Offer The Most Recreational Opportunities Within Their City Limits?: rentals, living in
  131. Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census: neighborhood, stats, cities
  132. Funky City/Town Close to Nature: Returning to America: Thoughts on Both,: for sale, rentals
  133. Counties whose residents commute to two different major cities: live, commuters
  134. Looking for a cool, funky little town/ America: real estate, renting
  135. Where to find quiet?: houses, neighborhood, construction
  136. Time expressions: market, village, farming
  137. What do you like about dense suburban communities and suburbia?: cul-de-sac, new home
  138. What is Something You Wished People Knew About Your State/City?: insurance, hotels
  139. Comparing crime stats based on metro areas vs cities?: crime rates, how much
  140. What do you like about where you live?: crime, house
  141. Puerto Rico 51st state?: real estate, quality of life, living in
  142. Statehood for Mexico?: unemployed, oil, wealthy
  143. Midwestern accents?: crime, live in, restaurants
  144. Why don't many Southerners know their nationality?: middle school, move to
  145. If cheap rent and job availability were your #1 criteria, where would you move to?: apartment, for rent
  146. Worst place name in the US?: shop, park, places
  147. Are they cities in US where all socio-economic class actually mix? Like millionaires being friends with a poor person?: low income, condos
  148. Possibly Leaving Michigan Soon, Where to Go?: health insurance, chapel
  149. Your favorite Streetview tours: house, groceries, parking
  150. Where in this country can I find.....: calculator, living
  151. Is This Part of Southern Culture Being Affected by Thransplants?: appointed, transplants
  152. You know you're in a big city when...: Home Depot, taxi
  153. Writer who can move anywhere in country?: real estate, university
  154. Cities like Westport CT?: homes, schools, safety
  155. Safety vs. life experiences: crime rate, house, find a job
  156. Which eastern state has the best beaches?: beach, rated
  157. Why are so many state capitals so damn dingy?: university, to live
  158. How Many People That Move South for the Weather End Up Moving Back Home?: houses, transfer
  159. Cities and towns with that ole American flavor?: pharmacy, stores
  160. What makes a place midwestern?: hardwood floors, houses, schools
  161. Classify each state as 'cold climate' or 'hot climate': price, move
  162. Black and White and Married in the Deep South: A Shifting Image: home, schools
  163. The Google Maps guy shot me today: price, club
  164. What region's climate do you prefer?: to live in, stats, beach
  165. I don't know what to think of America!: quality of life, to live
  166. 10 best and worst states to make a living: find a job, income
  167. How do you say bank: design, accent, working
  168. move out west: apartment, to rent, amusement park
  169. Road Trip from Georgia to Kansas: home, university, casino
  170. What are the top Midwest Foodie Cities outside of Chicago?: neighborhood, restaurants
  171. Who is boycotting BP?: buy, bankrupt, price
  172. Best smaller city in the Four Corners region???: college, live in
  173. The places to be by decade: to live in, health
  174. Relocating to a warm place: real estate, chapel, credit
  175. Census 2010 : New Faces of Childhood: how much, living in, assess
  176. How do poor people live in the most expensive cities?: section 8, apartments
  177. Which Gulf Coast state has the best beaches?: hotels, shop
  178. Which state would you pick...: home, taxes, living
  179. If You Ever Moved Thinking That It Would be Better Than It Was...: transplants, rent
  180. Top 10 Amenities for a city?: rent, motels, houses
  181. Is the Pacific Northwest subtropical?: palm trees, average, summers
  182. Same city name list required: centers, suburbs, cities
  183. Which u.s. cities have the best public transit?: live, train
  184. Traffic Noise: how much, new home, neighborhood
  185. What is the most most progressive or liberal city/state in the United States?: college, gated
  186. How easy is it to get hold of a gun in your state?: to buy, live in
  187. What's the best city in the u.s. for black liberals?: living, safety
  188. Appalachian cultural: house, unemployment, Mennonites
  189. Does this city exist?: ski resorts, live, restaurant
  190. Does your city have form based zoning codes?: work, prevent
  191. Living in a shrinking Metro Area? Don't fret my may be better paid. (study): incomes
  192. Best city for single people: long term, accepted
  193. IMW50 CNG Compressor Parts wanted: water, complete, range
  194. Cities, towns, suburbs, and economies...: colleges, live, moving to
  195. Education vs Income - by County: richest, best, worth
  196. News, Nation's most dangerous small city rehires police.: safety, office
  197. Beach Home & Private School: backyard, town, football
  198. Cities with higher murder rates now than during the Crack Epidemic?
  199. 92% of all growth over the last census came from minorities: vs, population
  200. USA mortality inequality: distance, mansions, program