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  1. Looking for general advice and more possibilities: real estate, apartments
  2. Teaching jobs: neighborhoods, middle school, salary
  4. states and natural disasters: insurance, tornado, earthquakes
  5. Best BEACH TOWN to live in: employment, living, restaurants
  6. Another America's Most Afforable list.......: real estate, how much, job market
  7. United States tornado death toll reaches 520 after more bodies found in Joplin: mobile home
  8. Smart 23 year old wants training as diesel mechanic: buy, school
  9. Your US Vacation: rent, hotels, school
  10. Looking For City Recommendations: middle-class, tech jobs, high school
  11. Canadian immigration to the US: home, casinos, income
  12. What foreign city do yo think your city has the closest economic ties with?: job market
  13. Anythin similiar to Miami -> fun-wise?: moving, nightlife
  14. Road Trip from Dallas to NYC and back! Places worth visiting??: amusement park, home
  15. Attraction to cities with high-end businesses...: live in, restaurants, price
  16. Moving choices-Need wisdom: Denver/Colorado Springs; Virginia Beach; Sarasota/Jupiter, FL; Austin TX: good schools
  17. August Vacations: real estate, rent, hotels
  18. If you were young, had 10K to relocate, which area makes sense?: living
  19. Northern Whites Vs. Southern Whites: live in, racism, areas
  20. Stereotypes of the other states: transplants, crime, houses
  21. help concerned mom moving: hardwood floors, chapel, homes
  22. Upstate New York to Washington State and Oregon has the best Job market: colleges
  23. Property Taxes by County Across US: sales, homes, buy
  24. Greencard Holder Social Security Benefits: income, moving, retire
  25. What are specialities of each of the regions?: school, college
  26. Americana Music/Alt-Country CAPITAL cities?: universities, suburb, places
  27. English, official language?: marketplace, required, place
  28. Cities that appeared in the top 100 Cities for the Census the most times: credit
  29. What do you like best about big cities? Towns? Suburbs? Census Designated Communities?: big house
  30. Best city to move to for a young couple...: construction, transit
  31. What state/county/city fits this criteria (for immigrants)..?: rent, chapel
  32. Looking to move...want 4 seasons, family friendly, lots of outdoor activities: public school, university
  33. Small towns for that like big cities: real estate, house prices
  34. Where to go in month of June ?: amusement parks, live in
  35. Does you city have a park where it was first settled?: camp, mall
  36. Race Ethnicity 2010 Maps: cities, Hispanic, photos
  37. 2010 Census Results: More Men, Men Living Longer, US older: construction, yard
  38. Your city's counterculture neighborhood: live in, suburbs, area
  39. Captain Blackbeard's anchor found: area, work, banks
  40. Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and the Dakotas versus Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Idaho: transfer
  41. Only in New York and New Jersey: sales, real estate
  42. So much hatred....: deed, live in, relocation
  43. Which one to choose:Houston or Dallas?: university, living
  44. funny names: schools, cities, towns
  45. What did you expect?: to live, moving, title
  46. Albuquerque or Seattle?: neighborhoods, university, living
  47. Where is Cheerleading Least/ Most Popular?: schools, areas, soccer
  48. Best City For a 19 Year Old Entrepreneur?: apartments, high school
  49. Help A Wonderful Family: for sale, real estate, apartments
  50. Relocation from Wisconsin, Can you suggest a new place?: unemployment rate, live
  51. Best cities for sailing: move to, place, water
  52. Which US states' residents do you encounter the most abroad?: passport, America
  53. Moving South: transplants, home, wedding
  54. need help: job market, best schools, college
  55. What's good shopping and dining to you? AND is the clothing department store dying?: houses
  56. Ex-New Yorkers: insurance, violent crime, home
  57. NPR - Cities in Transition special: population, pay, jobs
  58. Confused about 2010 Census data: income, live, zip code
  59. Experiencing more stereotypical southern culture in an area/city north of the deeper south?: transplants
  60. Transplants from New England -: school, live, legal
  61. Massage Therapist Looking For a New City: chapel, college
  62. suggest a city: low crime, how much, activities
  63. Greeting...for a new member: community, accepting, state
  64. I'd like to relocate and would love advice: crime rate, home
  65. Searching for a city, warm weather, good cost of living: rent, neighborhood
  66. Best area for single woman in 30s?: chapel, home
  67. A different photo of your city: gardens, realty, medical center
  68. Your state's most underrated river town: home, metro area, areas
  69. Can forests develop in desert areas?: gated, pine, land
  70. Delaware, Maryland, DC, Northern VA...What's the difference?: transplants, sales
  71. Bin Lauden Dead!!!!!!: place, showing, streets
  72. Relocation: crime rates, employment, neighborhood
  73. best place to live for handicapped?: employment, college, living in
  74. wants to get away from arizona: living, cost of living, relocating to
  75. Best Places for a Lesbian to Live on East Coast: home, neighborhoods
  76. native american family moving where?: for sale, real estate, apartments
  77. Which of cities would you consider Subtropical?: places, average
  78. Favorite village or small town to spend a few months in: real estate, apartment
  79. Affordable, liberal, city that is friendly to without cars.: best city, apartment
  80. Looking to move but have no idea where...Help?: rentals, low crime
  81. Unusual pronunciations?: rated, area, places
  82. Top 10 Most Conservative Cities With Population Of Over 100,000: suburbs, residential
  83. What are all the states in the USA that you could live in and enjoy?: living, move to
  84. Do you think the American West is in the process of developing regional accents?: transplants, movies
  85. planning to leave the U.S when: living in, moving
  86. Similarities and differences between NY and PA: houses, buy
  87. Do you wish more people worked in your downtown?: pros and cons, wage
  88. Why are Macy's in so many cities with wealthy people, while being in other cities with lots of poverty?: for sale, income
  89. English-only movements: homes, schools, college
  90. Dallas, Albuquerque, or Oklahoma City: high crime, transferring to, neighborhoods
  91. What city do you consider to be the capital of Appalachia?: culture, historical
  92. cuba opening up to US tourism: hotels, quality of life, living
  93. Would you want to live near where you did growing up?: apartment, big house
  94. Would you rather have grown up someplace: neighborhood, movies
  95. What city should I move to?: apartment, job market, movies
  96. dense, urban neighborhoods that vote republican: live, club, rich
  97. Which U.S City With Less Than 500,000 People Has The Best Nightlife ?: club, beach
  98. Your favorite state highway shields: gated, eat, design
  99. News, America's 10 Least Stressed States: Gallup-Healthways.: live, moving, estate
  100. What Is Your Definition Of A Big City ?: living, statistics
  101. Are There Cities With Less Than 100,000 People that Have Night Clubs ?: college, casinos
  102. Which U.S. suburb has the most impressive skyline?: gangs, suburbs
  103. Which Is The Biggest Suburb In The Entire Uniited States ?: population, city limits
  104. AZ in comparison to Portland OR...: homes, job transfer, living in
  105. How would you rank the states for each region of the USA?: ranked, cities
  106. Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities: crime rates, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  107. Where was this (Appalachian? New England?) photo taken? Reward!: pine, estate
  108. Young couple trying to find place to live: for sale, real estate
  109. Best city for young gay male: fit in, rental, unemployment rate
  110. Ten American Cities Dying of Thirst: transplants, subdivision, live in
  111. The deep north: live, location, places
  112. Best American Trip?: amusement park, hotels, college
  113. Worst Drivers: Young people, women and motorists who live in the Northeast: appointed, insurance
  114. Small towns outside the SW w/ surprisingly large Latino populations?: motel, theater
  115. Eating behavior in USA: school, live, food
  116. It's official...We are moving (YEAH!!). Now to find out where...: apartment complex, low crime
  117. 10 best cities for African Americans 2011: cinema, hippest, income
  118. pitch me a slice of Bohemia: job market, neighborhoods, private schools
  119. Germans in America: rentals, new home, safe neighborhood
  120. Places in your state that would or could attract more visitors if more exposure.: real estate, amusement park
  121. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia... What's the difference?: low income, Home Depot
  122. How Come Canadian Accent Has More Influence in Upper Midwest than Pacific NW: transplants, movies
  123. Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma: job market, school, universities
  124. Alabama Vs Tennessee: home, unemployment rate, private schools
  125. Ethnicity vs money in the US?: high school, gated communities, living in
  126. Am I the only one who still likes the Northeast?: employment, tornadoes
  127. Why doesn't the US have urban beach cities?: neighborhood, live
  128. Injured Soldier looking to relocate...HELP !!!: chapel, house prices, private schools
  129. Moving from Ireland to America: apartment, rent, low crime
  130. Could one improve their quality of life, and career success, by moving ?: unemployment rate, income
  131. Has the idea of being a 50-state union run it's course?: buy, subdivisions
  132. What region (and states within the region) has the best education system?: public schools, universities
  133. Publix, Piggly Wiggly, or Pathmark-What Supermarkets Do You Have in Your State?: shop, Whole Foods
  134. What's wrong with Philadelphia?: high crime, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  135. 2010 Immigration Yearbook - Metro Area Results: legal, statistics, deal
  136. which location to pick, NYC/LI, DC/Maryland/VA, or The triangle Area in NC: chapel, home
  137. What major city has the most poverty stricken Whites?: middle-class, mobile home
  138. $40 Billion in 1st Qtr Oil Company Profits: sale, maintenance
  139. News, America's Fastest Growing Cities, 2011: real estate, incomes, live
  140. The Royal Wedding: mover, weddings, live in
  141. Hispanic Buying Power in the US hit $1 Trillion in 2010: 2015, how much
  142. Why is New York City and Philadelphia not viewed as Mid-Atlantic cities?: association, island
  143. You can never go home again: transplants, how much
  144. It would seem to me, that apart from Celebrities, Atheists keep their heads down.: bankrupt, colleges
  145. Most Photogenic State: home, tornadoes, living
  146. Have you ever done a road trip across the country?: apartment, motel
  147. Your city's public library: school, university, design
  148. Why are Americans so obsessed with crime?: neighborhood, earthquakes
  149. Greatest Difference in Cultures in the U.S.?: fit in, live in
  150. State Partition Proposals?: live in, cost, military
  151. Get me out of the Northeast: living in, low cost, activity
  152. Parameters I'm looking for...: cities, buildings, humidity
  153. Where to Hang My Hat?: apartments, lease, crime
  154. Which cities crime stats are pulled down by only a few easily avoidable neighbourhoods?: neighborhoods, gated
  155. Southern weather.: tornado, living in, money
  156. What is the point of owning a home if you don't like where it is?: apartment, foreclosure
  157. Beach Town: amusement park, living, cost of living
  158. Where is a good educated, green, multicultural city?: lawyers, house
  159. Southern haven for retirees?: sale, house, college
  160. Biggest Cities Before there were Cars: to live in, design, automobile
  161. Which state comes to mind FIRST when you hear Carolina?: live, vs.
  162. To Who Have Left Behind Elderly Parents Just to Avoid Cold Weather...: school districts, living in
  163. Growing American Cities (The Quiz): live in, metro area, area
  164. was there city besides NY in the US with a 90% for McCain: neighborhoods, statistics
  165. Moving:Arizona vs. Texas?: employment, high school, salary
  166. Lyrically Lovely and Bullfrog Croaking state names: home, live
  167. Where are the jobs at?: transplants, job market, college
  168. Brick Bungalows and Vinyl Villages: real estate, rental, how much
  169. Do you still live in your hometown?: home, schools
  170. Is the South more racist than the North ?: transplants, school
  171. Will Spanish ever become an official language?!: high school, living in
  172. What do YOU consider diverse ?: employment, neighborhood
  173. How do people live in the Northeast?: universities, salaries
  174. Is the grass sometimes greener on the other side? who have lived in bad areas): transfer, middle school
  175. Light Pollution: camping, live in, versus
  176. Single gal in mid-thirties - Best city?: apartment, rent
  177. Young couple thinking about moving from EU to USA: rent, hotels
  178. Do East/West Coasters consider Cleveland to be part of flyover country?: how much, beaches
  179. Which state/city more appealing as a place to live?: fit in, house
  180. Most attractive small-medium skyscrapers.: credit, hotel, to move
  181. Best Metro Areas in the Midwest: neighborhoods, income, living
  182. Local people pronounce their names funny: luxury, live, oil
  183. Struggling...Where should we move?: short sale, foreclosure, credit score
  184. Referring to Anglo Whites as 'Americans'?: hotel, business, distance
  185. Lack of street lights on Freeways: safer, pollution, suburbs
  186. Do you ALL really hate winter THAT much?: taxes, live in
  187. GAME: Name that airport!: heating, file, satellite
  188. U.S. and Europe City Equivalents: centers, vacation, racist
  189. Where to go on the East Coast?: fit in, transplants
  190. Do you believe Forbes Lists?: best cities, unemployment, most dangerous
  191. Sears Holdings moving out of Chicago area: tax, cost of
  192. i need a help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz: work
  193. What do you think of using YouTube for political information?: dangerous, trailer
  194. Great beach towns to work and live: hotel, high school
  195. Driving from CO to CT; where to stop?: campgrounds, safer
  196. Experiences on going from West to East?: university, living in
  197. Recent Immigration Trends: legal, top, Asian
  198. Western places to move without a job: unemployment rate, college
  199. Better Schools, LA or Miami: university, relocate to, teach
  200. Working as CRNP or RN in Pittsburgh: home, look for a job