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  1. Hidden jewels: motel, neighbourhood, restaurants
  2. Which of metro regions is best place to find a job ?: college
  3. Possibly moving in 2013, need advice, imput, opinions: unemployment rate, college
  4. Need advice on Relocation: Atlantic coast/mountainous areas: home, school
  5. Are rents going down anywhere?!: section 8, apartments, renters
  6. Hawai'i vs rest of US for best farming place ??: home, buying
  7. looking to move and start new advice?: unemployment rate, live in
  8. Looking for Advice on a Relocation: real estate, condo, co-ops
  9. Malls open on Christmas Day?: restaurant, shop, places
  10. i would like to move out of nyc: lease, hotel
  11. Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana?: schools, university, pros and cons
  12. Still Looking For The Right City: to rent, low crime, unemployment rate
  13. Affluent Black Suburbs: county, communities, existing
  14. Status of Census challenges?: houses, neighborhoods, school
  15. Looking to relocate, need recommendations: to rent, home, find a job
  16. The great wide west: transit, dental, cities
  17. Publishing Industry: find a job, school, internships
  18. Florida or Southern California?: apartments, buying a home, buying
  19. Looking for my next adventure/move. help!!!: employment, pros and cons
  20. Maryland vs Georgia: living, cost of living, beaches
  21. What are the warmest cities during winter on the northeast coast?: oceanfront, live in
  22. SHOCKING New Study: internet lists that rank cities are...wildly wrong and inaccurate: best cities
  23. Toronto Road Trip: neighborhood, beach, park
  24. Another Where Should I Relocate ..: to live, moving, area
  25. Where to relocate my family?: crime rates, houses, school districts
  26. How many of you in have lived in a town you really wanted to get out of?: transfer to
  27. Which Cities?: low crime, job market, school
  28. Population Densities: live, square, interest
  29. Combatting SAD by Going to Colder, Darker Places: home, college
  30. State Quiz: See how well you can guess the answers: mobile home, living in
  31. Is it for me to move to the city?: 2013, how much
  32. Clothing that one would buy for winter weather: 2014, to buy
  33. Help me make a life-changing decision: ski resort, apartments, rentals
  34. Migration patterns: college, income, move
  35. about Mountains....: rated, snake, area
  36. Dumb laws #1: sales, hotel, house
  37. Best Cities to Spend 20's and 30's: living, young professionals
  38. Relocation ideas-low COL, decent business environment: house, living, cost of living
  39. What city do you think is right for us?: real estate, 2013
  40. City with Best Industrial Metal Scene?: bars, America, music
  41. Midwest, West highest in contemplating suicide: live in, centers, statistics
  42. Need advice on moving; Syracuse/Rochester, NY or Little Rock, AR: homes, safe area
  43. Best Cops / Police in the US?: condo, crime, home
  44. quick survey: how often do you go out to eat and do u live in a rural/suburb/or urban area?: school
  45. What do you look for in a town?: unemployment, schools
  46. Where to live? Active, community oriented, friendly, green minded, affordable....: camping, to move
  47. Live City Cams/Street Cams?: beach, estate, park
  48. Law enforcement in the US - explain?: crime, houses
  49. If you can ______, then you can _______!!!: eat, winter, drive
  50. Looking to Relocate: adivce?: apartment, rent, home
  51. US Air traffic movement by time: how much, moving, single
  52. Advice about moving away from the cold wanted: violent crime, credit
  53. Where in the USA can you get the most climate change in the shortest distance?: beaches, rating
  54. So why does the US so bad in the rankings?: crime rates, employment
  55. Why do US citizens put down their own country when having a discussion with a foreigner?: how much, to buy
  56. Your three favorite states: houses, agriculture, beach
  57. Is there a town on the east coast for my family and me?: low crime, job outlook
  58. Which Ivy League school do you recommend?: good schools, universities
  59. U.S. Obesity Map (by county): public transportation, food, association
  60. Favorite Suburban Downtowns?: college, place to live, restaurants
  61. Best & worst run states in America: foreclosure, health insurance
  62. Is America under Martial Law right now?: gangs, bill
  63. What stereotypes of your region do you blatantly defy?: transplants, living
  64. America's Worst Cities for Finding a Job: job market, live in
  65. If you had the chance to own a house, would you do it?: real estate, rentals
  66. Why ONLY Christian holidays in America? Unfair!: sales, Valentine's day
  67. The College Network Boston vs San Francisco: good schools, universities
  68. Quest for Good Place For Us To Relocate - Small Town Feel Welcomed: home, movie theaters
  69. Reasonable driving time/distance: rentals, deductible, taxis
  70. U.S. states ranked by population density (2010): sales, sales tax
  71. Big City Unemployment Rates: job market, college, income
  72. healthcare work in fun young city?: chapel, loans, house
  73. What are alternative cities to LA and NY for a high number of film (not theater) acting and auditioning opportunities?: school, tax
  74. Are people in the Northeast, Midwest and South more passionate about sports/sports teams than people out West?: 2014, home
  75. Cities where the greatest % of residents 'have an accent'?: transplants, established neighborhood
  76. What states have you been to.. living, visiting, driving thru?: chapel, unemployment
  77. What do you like most about the U.S.?: lofts, houses
  78. Most ignorant you have heard from a foreigner the U.S.?: movies, college
  79. Dead mid-size downtowns ten years ago, now lively?: for sale, lofts
  80. Where Are Leather-Jackets Most Popular?: motorcycle, increasing, people
  81. Best Dressed: San Francisco vs Seattle vs Vancouver: buying, organic
  82. Should we wait it out or move?: transplants, real estate
  83. What cities have the hottest gay men, or men in general: neighborhoods, restaurants
  84. MAP of names by states (2010): live, 2008, green
  85. What big city would you want to live in the most?: best city, moving to
  86. Little-know facts about your city?: moving, station, areas
  87. Will The Sunbelt Experience The Same Plight as The Rustbelt Did in The Coming Decades?: real estate, foreclosures
  88. which Midwestern city would you recommend?: best cities, low crime, job market
  89. Christmas Lights in your area: Increasing in number, or decreasing over the years?: big house, neighborhoods
  90. Favorite college towns.: schools, universities, campus
  91. Where is the best city to live relying on public transporation: to buy, to live in
  92. Christmas in NYC was wonderful... what other cities offer the same?: best city, neighborhood
  93. What are the most crime ridden dangerous places been to?: houses, unemployed
  94. Do you see large cultural differences between the various parts of America?: gated, live in
  95. Which city is right for me?: low crime, transfer to, school
  96. If you had to choose a Second Person Plural what would it be?: live in, car
  97. America's 10 Best Downtowns: restaurants, shops, rank
  98. Looking for a place to relocate in the states: tree, park
  99. Non Drinkers: Big or Small city?: motel, home, neighborhood
  100. Single lady, hates city life, loves animals....where to go?: house, find a job
  101. Of States with the Most Socially Liberal Policies, Which Has the Lowest Personal Tax Burden?: sales, real estate
  102. Would You Like it if Your Local Newscast Spoke the Local Accent?: live, train
  103. Money or location, whats more important?: how much, house, look for a job
  104. Living in small cities near major cities: fit in, house prices
  105. What are the origins for the name of your city?: home, live
  106. I want to leave Texas: buy, pros and cons, move to
  107. If you worked from home, could live anywhere (US) - where would you?: chapel, homes
  108. An exchange student needs help :): crime rate, school, universities
  109. Could not agree more.: homes, camps, taxes
  110. a Relo to one of cities. advice?: job market, neighborhoods
  111. Which tropical US city has the best public transportation 24 hrs?: bus, move
  112. What are the cities/counties in Florida where you have to watch your back the least?: home, neighborhoods
  113. Places that say wicked: transplants, area, island
  114. Wanting to move: condo, new home, transfer to
  115. Income Inequality Growing As Affluent Blacks Leave Cities: Census: transplants, neighborhoods
  116. Top 10 colleges academically and in reputation in your state?: schools, university
  117. 2.4 million northeasterns without power... time to considern underground power!: power lines, how much
  118. How many states/cities have you been to: live, train
  119. The Best and Worst Big Cities to find a job: real estate, job market
  120. Most Progressive Southern State: living, moving, suburbs
  121. Manageable annual amount of snow???: how much, house, schools
  122. Is 28 years old too old to relocate and start a new life?: apartments, renters
  123. Options have changed. Where to relocate?: apartments, insurance, house
  124. BOXING DAY why not celebrated in USA?: sales, college
  125. US cities leading in job growth: unemployment rate, best, metro area
  126. Great Plains region: differences from the midwest: apartments, coop
  127. How Free is Your State?: university, taxes, live
  128. Best Cities to Live in Car Free: apartment, neighborhoods
  129. Have you moved from sun to snow ?: living in, moving to
  130. Vibrant, International, car friendly and relatively cheap cities?: rent, car insurance
  131. Which southern city would you live in?: how much, home
  132. The Best Cities to Live in Car Free: home, neighborhoods
  133. Best city for an aspiring musician? s?: home, school
  134. Transplants picking up local accent: school, college, live
  135. What is your concept of the MidAtlantic region?: castle, Amtrak
  136. Favorite Midwestern city?: neighborhoods, architecture, friendly
  137. New Census Report- Migration between states: movers, centers, moving
  138. Why aren't U.S. coins numerical?!: shop, bars, bills
  139. US cities with low part of white people.: living, stats
  140. Where to relocate: unemployment rate, neighborhoods, camping
  141. Cross Country Interstates: bars, areas, cities
  142. What states are northern: live in, land, cities
  143. What states are Appalachian: appointed, live in, moving
  144. Depictions of your city in cartoons...?: shop, beach, retired
  145. Unique (& GOOD) Food Concoctions from different cities: credit, pharmacy
  146. Suburbs in a different state than the core city: home, schools
  147. American Citizen currently in Melb. Aus. looking to go back the US... help!: apartment, insurance
  148. SHould the U.S. build a $3,000,000,000,000 High Speed Rail system?: buying, tax
  149. Downtown housing (How popular is it in your city?): for sale, apartments
  150. Car Free Living With a Reasonable Price Tag: rent, high crime
  151. Realistic expectations-Looking for a good small city: rent, job outlook
  152. Best Place in the USA to live on a middle class income?: best cities, for sale
  153. Enough with the bashing of Mississippi and Alabama: population, compare
  154. What City, State, Region is extra sensitive about what?: crime, neighborhoods
  155. When driving through the BosWash Corridor, do you take I-95 through Philly or the Delaware Memorial Bridge/NJ Turnpike?: construction, live in
  156. I want to move that has 4 seasons ..: home, find a job
  157. help a european guy to choose the best state to live in!!: home, safe area
  158. West Indian (Non-Hispanic) American Statistical Portrait: construction, elementary school, college
  159. Rundown sweet small towns?: living in, shop, to eat
  160. Urban belief systems and living vs. rural belief systems and living....: apartment, houses
  161. U.S cities that are praised by foreigners, but put down by local people: homes, buying
  162. Does one wish the U.S was more Mestizo ?: schools, living
  163. Of the biggest Western US cities...where would you want to live the most?: living, metro area
  164. Where do People Drop the T s in the Following words?: dentist, population
  165. Daylight Savings Time Ends tonight - Don't forget to change the clock!: school, cost
  166. Is Philly The Only City That Has Black Muslim Enclaves?: areas, cities
  167. Which metro area / city would best suit me?: chapel, hotels
  168. Planning on traveling to every US State - Need advice: home, universities
  169. Hispanic population pockets in regions with no cultural ties to Latin countries: construction, statistics
  170. Which city has the most socially conservative suburbs?: home, college
  171. why IS md so hated?: houses, neighborhoods, living
  172. Eleven Regional Cultures of North America?: 2015, living, suite
  173. Best big city in america (500,000 plus city): live in, transit
  174. Are Big Cities(NYC, SF, Boston, DC, and Chicago) Elite Cities That Are Gated?: section 8, apartments
  175. Ideal City for Me? (Your Opinions): movers, condo, low crime
  176. How are the public schools in your area?: home, layoffs
  177. Which State is the Least Racist: apartment complex, crimes, living
  178. The Difference Between the South and Everywhere: friendly, rated
  179. Number of Waffle House locations by state: houses, neighborhood
  180. Which is the best city in the US if you have a business degree: unemployment rate, best school
  181. North Dakota or Minnesota?: neighborhoods, live, oil
  182. Does know why Phoenix and Albuquerque have so many small homes and dwellings: house, water heater
  183. Would you live in a majority black town (if you're white)?: low crime, neighborhood
  184. Yes...another where should we live! (Want Good Weather, Low Religion, Liberal, Lower Cost than DC/SF, Smart Talk): fit in, transplants
  185. If you were to create a 'fifth region': land, rating
  186. Is the South the most important region for the development of American music?: home, live
  187. Cities with great cores/crappy suburbs and vice versa: middle-class, section 8
  188. America's Immense Regional Economies. Which do you think would do best as an independent nation?: food, oil
  189. Why do people think Malls ruin cities?: neighborhood, restaurants
  190. What states are Southern .: how much, live, island
  191. What states would you consider Southeastern ?: fence, food
  192. Top 10 cities where people tend to display their wealth?: fit in, lease
  193. Do you identify more with your city or state?: houses, job market
  194. Weekend getaway itenerary in your city/town...: nightlife, eat
  195. from Tahiti to the USA: 2013, quality of life, living
  196. Lifestyle centers vs. Enclosed Malls-Which do you prefer?: buying, movie theater
  197. Over the top Christmas lights: fun, gallery
  198. Comparing Clemson, SC area to Guntersville, AL area: movie theater, restaurants
  199. Senate Wants the Military to Lock You Up Without Trial: room
  200. Looking for land down south: living, activities, horse