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  1. Canadian shoppers......: live, prices, cities
  2. another looking for my place -- rainy, mild-to-warm, & peaceful: appointed
  3. Rank the Top 10 Metropolitan Populations: where is, based, experiences
  4. Has Had a Chronic Cough...: house, transfer
  5. News, About 40,000 state laws taking effect at the start of the new year.: bankrupt
  6. Should the US have a National Tourism Bureau?: salary, taxes
  7. Need to move, but where?!: neighborhood, salary, safe
  8. IPhone 4s vs others????: to move, better, owner
  9. Population Densities: live, square, interest
  10. How are you going to do things different this coming year to IMPROVE your life?: 2013
  11. Relocate from Cincinnati (OHIO) area: rent, buy, camping
  12. If You Are From A Smaller City/ Town, Do You Dress-Up More When You Visit the Big City ?: hairstyles
  13. US Cities With The Most Disposable Income After Housing: rent, insurance
  14. Why Do You Live Where You Do...? And,...: rent, car insurance
  15. In What State Should I Buy a House?: real estate, big house
  16. West Coast City with the best German Venues: restaurants, bars
  17. Alright so.. Driving from Florida to Washington State (Seattle): deal, map
  18. which of Southern U.S. cities would be best?: friendly, area
  19. what i can do if i come to US: home, find a job
  20. Are there HS in Texas, Southeast and Florida that isnt competitive in Football: chapel
  21. Suggestions on where to relocate: ski resorts, low crime, house
  22. Best Arts and Artistic Communities: theatre, live, restaurants
  23. Your vote for the Iowa caucuses.: office, democrat, great
  24. America's Most Stressful Cities: real estate, unemployment, estate
  25. Looking to relocate from NY to Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas or Colorado: low crime
  26. Relocation After Graduation: fit in, taxes, living
  27. Affordable cities for actors?: how much, theater, living in
  28. Moving across the country?: college, living, moving to
  29. Ghetto Urban areas: crime, neighborhoods, incomes
  30. The 10 Worst Cities for Finding a Job: job market, construction
  31. Cities Where People Dressed Better (or Worse) Than You Expected?: suburbs, area
  32. National Harbor and City Center( Salt Lake City): construction, price
  33. Which big city has the most friendly people?: allergies, to live in
  34. Should my gilfriend, infant son, and myself move in with my parents?: rent
  35. Atlanta drops to No. 9 in gayest U.S. cities rankings: military, gay
  36. Cities with the best Performance Opportunities: living, cost of living, moving to
  37. USA is very sunny country compared to other places: live, area
  38. Looking to start my life.: health insurance, house, university
  39. northern transplant areas: transplants, living, cities
  40. Retired with 2 small children-- where to live?: renting, low crime
  41. Crop Circles Seen From Airplane: gated, pollution, land
  42. How Does Knowing the Population of Each Region Put Things Into Perspective?: land
  43. What state in the western Lower 48 has the most unique culture?: land, reservations
  44. Small towns with lots of charm: ferry, area, place
  45. Why does the midwest feel like home?: transplants, to live in
  46. Changing Demographics: population, Hispanic, race
  47. How to make friends in a new city: movers, co-op
  48. Looking to move after college, need advice: rentals, chapel
  49. Cities that are constantly mentioned by the media: movies, live
  50. Mountains and Beach With Little Rain: crime, bill, parks
  51. want to relocate after graduating to alabama or georgia: should
  52. Wanting to move but not sure where too.. help ! !: crime rates, hotels
  53. need help - Would (seeking alternatives to South Florida): rent, earthquakes
  54. Charlotte vs richmond vs tampa,fl vs norfolk va: university, place to live
  55. A better way to draw state boundaries: how much, hotel
  56. New Years.. Vegas,Chicago, Miami or NYC???: house, rooftop
  57. How Disaster Proof is Your City?: live, rankings, cities
  58. Want to move to big Jews for Jesus area in USA?: live in, safe
  59. Top 5 metro area's most in need of a good old Grid set up.: neighborhood
  60. US cities that are booming: unemployment rate, wages, costs
  61. Most isolated sports city: home, schools, university
  62. Do you wish your hometown was growing faster?: houses, unemployment
  63. The East Coast traffic - where is it the worst?: rental, home
  64. Are Ethnic Enclaves Becoming Extinct?: transplants, how much, new home
  65. Houston Leads Nation for Tech Growth, Crushes Silicon Valley at #2: how much, home
  66. When/how did sushi become trendy/popular in US (urban) culture?: high school, college
  67. other than this oil patch, is there anywere in this country where work is so plentifull & the wages are as high? thanks!: employment, construction
  68. Can't decide on where to start a family: apartments, rentals
  69. stereotypes of all 50 states on video: best, accents, baseball
  70. What do you do when you explore other cities?: houses, neighborhoods
  71. What large metropolitan area would you like to live in the most?: move to, metro area
  72. Most Hollywood cities?: movies, to live, bill
  73. Check Out Your State: purchase, college, salary
  74. What part of America has the strongest ties to Canada?: vacation, stations
  75. Looking for small town in warm climate: apartments, townhouses
  76. why are Charleston and Savannah not major southern cities?: construction, college
  77. My ideal place -- can you help me find it?: crime, chapel
  78. Where in the US can I rent a $500 studio, safely?: apartments, renters
  79. Fear of the Country?: crime, university, taxi
  80. What will happen after Gentrification: middle-class, section 8, apartments
  81. Looking to move.. Seattle or Portland: best cities, sales
  82. Least sprawly metro: houses, land, metropolitan area
  83. Help us choose a large, coastal, foodie city: income, living in
  84. What's the 'gayest' U.S. city? Not necessarily the most gay friendly: rating, cities
  85. What large Southern US metro area would you want to live in?: neighborhood, living
  86. How racist is the rural South?: high school, gated, live in
  87. Best southern sports city.: houses, college, live
  88. 50 states stereotypes: photos, state, hippies
  89. Golden Ages of Various American Cities: crime rate, to move, wealthiest
  90. New American Architecture?: houses, new construction, schools
  91. Skyway Systems: live in, restaurants, shops
  92. What Cities/States Are Asian-American Friendly?: college, live in, moving
  93. How is life in America days? How much are the rents? Grocery? things in general...: apartments, to rent
  94. What's life like during winter in places with severe winters?: houses, buy
  95. Cities with lots of neighborhood bars: houses, live, shops
  96. Most Urban place ever lived?: amusement park, house, neighborhood
  97. Mountain Towns - what one would you want to live in?: home, rich
  98. Cities where teenagers still work in Fast Food restaurants?: high school, minimum wage
  99. If an American is opposed to white people becoming the minority, where should they live?: place to live, moving
  100. Scenic, laid back, low cost towns/cities?: apartments, rental
  101. 10 College towns/cities. Which would you choose?: chapel, homes
  102. How to Become a Blipster: how much, neighborhood, move
  103. Looking for a place to relocate in the states: tree, park
  104. Most scenic highway/route driven?: camp, best, park
  105. What the USA does better than: amusement parks, movies
  106. What big city has the friendliest, most nicest people?: live in, suburban
  107. Whats the least friendly pedestrian states/ cities?: college, to live in
  108. What is the most wholesome city and state in America?: college, estate
  109. If you had to move to a state that borders yours, which would you move to?: home, living in
  110. Suggest a new city for me: job market, college, living
  111. The 10 poorest counties in america: home, neighborhoods, buy
  112. Are there Asian ghettos?: low income, real estate, crime rate
  113. East Coast Seaside Vacations: restaurants, beach, food
  114. Cost of Living and Wages: low income, unemployment rate, purchasing
  115. Do the Asian-Americans Outside the West Coast Speak the Local Accent: transplants, chapel
  116. Suburbanites: How often do you visit your central city???: home, find a job
  117. Just curious, which state do you think has more to offer? Ohio or Tennessee?: sales, real estate
  118. How would you rank all of the places lived?: crime, how much
  119. Give me your top 10 places to visit in the US: vacation, parks
  120. What is your favorite type of geography?: live in, beach
  121. Most and least centralized major cities in the US?: fit in, real estate
  122. How's the weather where you are?: grocery, better, channel
  123. initials and clipped forms of their name: homes, estate
  124. What is a Transplant and What is a Native? Can there be gray areas: transplants, law school
  125. Colors that match the city: universities, architecture, cities
  126. Where is the best place in the US to live in the wilderness?: living, title
  127. What city has harshest sports fans?: live, place, great
  128. Does the Pacific Northwest seem isolated from the rest of the United States?: military, cities
  129. Westernmost and Southernmost Southern Cities: fit in, movies
  130. Cities have smaller apartments...what are your biggest city living apartment peeves?: fit in, lease
  131. Why do people still hold to the belief that the South is rural and the Northeast is urban?: chapel, living in
  132. What region of America is closest to the accent used in television?: implants, cities
  133. Have core cities been passed up in population in own metros?: beach, design
  134. exchange student coming to the US - best place to go?: 2013, apartment
  135. Which states have the cheapest and most expensive car registration rates?: sales, how much
  136. MetroTrends: Economic security of the 100 largest MSAs: apartments, rentals
  137. Introverted Transplants (Read This): chapel, houses, neighborhood
  138. Knoxville, TN or Columbia, SC: sales, real estate, rental
  139. The Best Cities in America (NYC isn't one of them): hotels, houses
  140. Which of the 10 largest city metros would you want to live in?: living in, moving to
  141. What climate zone do YOU live in?: motorhome, living in
  142. HOA's- do you love them or hate them? What's your take?: short sale, foreclosure
  143. When did America decline?: crime, schools, income
  144. Help me find a city??: buy, schools, university
  145. Why are the 'Sun Belt cities and California's unemployment rates so bad??: low crime, roughest
  146. Other Than possibly Texas, Which States Do You Think Would Most Likely Secede?: live, vs
  147. Manliest cities/states: restaurants, law, shops
  148. Gulf Coast Destinations (LA vs MS vs AL vs Fl panhandle): condos, homes
  149. Friendliest cities for extreme tattoos: how much, quality of life
  150. Does the USA have big industrial zones like this?: warehouse, suburbs
  151. Americans minimizing British ancestry in the US?: statistics, estimated
  152. Common city moves: transplants, living in, moving to
  153. What Sunbelt city has best dealt with growth?: schools, airports
  154. Am I The Only One Who is Uncomfortable Living Outside of The Eastern Seaboard?: living in, moving to
  155. Graduating in May, where to move to in the USA --active outdoors guy: rent, violent crime
  156. It's official: Housing market was sicker than we: for sale, real estate
  157. What city or state do you wish you were born in?: stadium, island
  158. What are the best cities or states to have children in?: crime, neighborhoods
  159. State Populations: neighborhoods, moving, estimates
  160. How come there are no towns named Pennsylvania?: living in, train station
  161. Am I The Only One Who Is Uncomfortable Living Outside of The Western Seaboard?: home, earthquake
  162. Which U.S. cities are actively planning its light rail system?: 2014, hotel
  163. What's the next trendy city?: best city, apartment, house
  164. Do you notice everyone bashes the city they live in?: appointed, transplants
  165. Pacific Northwest alternatives - lack of sun: crime rate, vacation home
  166. Should I move to Alabama or Georgia: home, live in
  167. #1 reason you live where you live: Job, weather, school: low crime, find a job
  168. top 10 City Populations in 2030: housing, suburb, land
  169. Cowboy states: horseback, rating, deal
  170. If you could not afford to live in NYC but wanted to live in an affordable large city, where would you go?: how much, income
  171. What is a pster and am I one?: houses, living in
  172. Archie Bunker neighborhoods: house, school, housing
  173. What is the best US city for me?: apartment, universities
  174. Want to relocate after graduating...seeking all advice!: apartments, chapel
  175. Shermans Travel: Top 10 Underrated U.S. Cities: hotels, live in
  176. Sunbelt Bust? Not really: unemployment rate, construction, quality of life
  177. Your Region's Sense of Humor: company, ethnic, historical
  178. So COLD! What city is for me?: to live in, area
  179. where to settle down? cool college town, outdoor adventure, lower cost of living, good sense of community, local food: violent crime, chapel
  180. help ultra-liberal family find home!!: fit in, rent, chapel
  181. Big Family needs to know where to move-help!: fit in, transplants
  182. Am I the Only One whose got merged and closed? (Merged Threads): houses, tornado
  183. As Suburbs decline a bold urban future starts: houses, neighborhood
  184. Which city & state in the SOUTH are all the good ole country boys at?: live in, move to
  185. What will 2012 be like in your area?: appointed, 2014
  186. The Best Cities for European Americans 2011: crime, movies, moving to
  187. What Is Your Region's Version of SoCal's Inland Empire: employment, living in
  188. What Regional Accents Are You Not Able to Discern Between?: gated, live
  189. Why haven't other cities replicated Philly Sports Complex?: neighborhoods, move to
  190. does the term rustbelt prove us to be short sighted & fickle?: tech jobs, living in
  191. Malls that has nativity scenes?: shopping centers, trees, county
  192. To San Francisco..or another similar west coast city?: living, cost of living
  193. MBA in India: schools, colleges, taxi
  194. Dissertation India Help: medical, finance, market
  195. Dog Training Center/ Puppy Training/ Private Dog Training: rentals, preschool
  196. Young newlyweds looking for a place to relocate: apartment, lease
  197. Is this a good idea?: find a job, school, live in
  198. Your 5 favorite buildings at night and 5 least favorite: tower, center
  199. And just when I had up on the world, there was a light....another mall is born: Home Depot
  200. Taxes in Communities near State Borders: live in, commute to, metro area