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  1. How many homes is to many homes to own?: apartment, rent
  2. The most amazing stats ever: to move, island, existing
  3. Best place for a college grad: best city, crime, job market
  4. Which of cities? (music, cost of living, relocate): school, low cost
  5. Wich city is best for a recent college grad: apartment complexes, rent
  6. what are the trending cities today: interest, trends
  7. Moving to USA, need help of where???: oceanfront, apartments
  8. Looking for my simple Utopia!: apartment, to rent, condo
  9. leave the high pay for the high life?: house, schools
  10. Best city for 23 year old recent grad?: university, self moving
  11. backing of businesses and factories off other street: homes, utilities
  12. Are you a social, political or religious migrant?: fit in, appliances
  13. Omaha Vs Colorado Springs .. Which Offers A Better Package: real estate, rent
  14. Which US city has the best public housing?: real estate, low crime
  15. Moving help!!!: live, centers, best
  16. Want to move to a new state!!!!: house, buy
  17. Cheap Places / Cities to Buy Clothes: home, prices, outlet malls
  18. city with best schools, cost of living, easy to travel: real estate, home
  19. Streetscapes / views that define your city?: city hall, income, living in
  20. Interesting things about your cities: house, gated, living in
  21. from the northern parts of the U.S.A and canada?: nicest
  22. Most populous US counties... in 1950...: stores, housing, title
  23. Santa Maria-Lompoc, CA Vs. Miami-Dade, FL: real estate, rent, house
  24. 30's, single and feeling stuck in a rut: fit in, apartment
  25. Where is the southern boundary of the region where retirees are snowbirds ?: live
  26. most evocative cities: best, American, definition
  27. What New England state do you think has an overall cheaper COL?: apartment
  28. Best Cities for J1 Visa Holders: universities, camp, wages
  29. What Are America Healthiest Job Markets in 2012: live, rankings
  30. Narnia PT 2: employment, buying, movies
  31. Older Asian Americans in the US With Traditional Accent: home, elementary school
  32. Land registration: assessors, to buy, property taxes
  33. Really need help narrowing down...: crime, homes, neighborhood
  34. Interesting Street names: home, neighborhoods, luxury
  35. summer/winter home: vs, best, county
  36. ideas on where I should move to?: ski resort, spring break
  37. Best way to drive cross country with a trailer, lowest grade roads: legal
  38. Most powerful cities: ranking, business, top
  39. population of us cities: neighborhoods, suburbs, best
  40. Looking to moves outside new york state: apartment, rent
  41. Southern California and California in general, haven for interracial relationships to blossom?: moving
  42. City, Suburbs, country?: apartments, amusement parks, house
  43. need help picking a city: apartment, rent, hotel
  44. Old Restaurant Signs across America: zoning, restaurants, store
  45. If every MSA with 1,000,000+ population disappeared tomorrow...: design, rankings
  46. US epicenter of what existed in 60's bohemian location's: price, affordable housing
  47. What states have property tax caps?: sales, apartments, rent
  48. Your Opinion..Best Cities For Summer Vacation Near East Coast: disposal, beach
  49. Southern Town for Senior Woman: chapel, neighborhood, university
  50. help me decide!: camping, live, to move
  51. What are uniquely American values?: school, university, tax return
  52. Where in the US to Live?!: fit in, apartment, rentals
  53. What parts of the US are sheep the dominant grazing animal?: statistics, estimates
  54. Where is a safest place to camp for a while???...: safest area, camping
  55. Regional Identities... What are the people like in your part of the USA?: how much
  56. Percentage of Population Living in Metropolitan Counties By State: employment, calculated
  57. News, Funniest town names: Tightwad, No Name: sale, elementary school
  58. News, North, South Carolina to Get New Border—Their Old One.: house, legal
  59. What Shall Be An Ideal Place To Start For A New Migrant Family: for sale
  60. s for a young man?: transplants, apartment, insurance
  61. New to the US, looking for a new adventure. Where?!: real estate, chapel
  62. Best place/city to start fresh?: how much, home, employment
  63. New City after graduation: school, college, living
  64. Best Place To Live For Me: hotel, houses, landscaping
  65. Ukrainian diasporas in the U.S.: neighborhood, live in, club
  66. Small cities with urban character?: fit in, real estate, houses
  67. What are the ethnic enclaves in your city, if: apartment complex, rent
  68. 25 year old looking to relocate; help!: for sale, real estate, sublets
  69. Big Bad Auto Companies or Impractical Streetcar Systems?: sale, crimes
  70. USA Road Trip: crime, moving, beach
  71. Best City for an African American Gay Male: best cities, rent
  72. Where should I move for the next year or two?: homes, school district
  73. Best US city/town to live within 6 hour drive of Toronto: real estate, houses
  74. Lively Northeast Cities: college, casino, to live
  75. Bos-Wash area: Best sports city?: home, title, cities
  76. What do you think is the most beautiful US state: farms, transit
  77. Best major city for a young, religious, conservative, and outdoorsy homeschooling family?: neighborhoods, taxes
  78. How many different 'American accents' would you say there are?: schools, living in
  79. Current US metro populations and projections.: move, estimates, land
  80. How does your state view neighboring states?: live, getaway
  81. Where should I move to?: school district, college, places to live
  82. And the wealthiest metro in the world is: *drumroll*: insurance, live in
  83. If you could not afford SanFran or NYC....which vibrant city would you move to?: lofts, neighborhoods
  84. Open carry - legal anywhere in the US?: buy, live
  85. United States of Shame/ United States of Awesomeness: big home, purchase
  86. Midwest vs the West: how much, house, income
  87. Which of 8 places would you choose ???: appointed, homes
  88. New study shows younger generations are driving less.: how much, homes
  89. Cities with lots of transplants / Cities with fewer transplants: established neighborhood, living in
  90. Why were the 70s and 80s so dangerous?: middle-class, crime rates
  91. Where is this place: high altitude, warm...?: university, taxes
  92. We should take a poll to find the North/South dividing line: home, to live in
  93. Would you want to live in a state most everyone has been??: quality of life, living in
  94. TV and Radio in the South vs. the Northeast: movies, college
  95. Help us find our city!: home, to buy, university
  96. Which is the most quintessentially American state?: homes, income
  97. NOT like capital cities?: college, quality of life, moving
  98. How Tolerant Is Your City, Town Or Metro?: crime, houses
  99. why would one prefer to live in USA over Canada: public schools, income
  100. Name Cities That Get 3 Moderate Seasons: areas, humidity
  101. Is the Pacific Northwest more regionally distinct than the South days?: fit in, home
  102. Percentage of all children under age five in the central counties of the 50 largest MSAs that are racial minorities: neighborhoods, calculation
  103. What is your city's penultimate street?: neighborhoods, ferry, suburbs
  104. What is the best Southern US to move to?: living, moving to
  105. Negativity Toward California And Texas: apartment, to live in, vs
  106. Which Pacific Northwest major city resembles California the most (culture, geography, ?: to live, price
  107. Quiet beach/coastal town?: amusement park, motels, place to live
  108. Which cities or states in the western U.S. feel the most traditional ?: suburb, friendly
  109. How patriotic would you say you are?: neighborhood, buy
  110. Which city is considered as the NYC of the South?: universities, live in
  111. how likely are you to use public transportation.: home, to live
  112. Liberal cities in the South or West??: employment, living
  113. Which state has the most songs written about it?: home, high school
  114. East Coast Beach Season: Where do you plan to vacation this year?: amusement park, college
  115. Where should I live? Help!: for sale, lease, insurance
  116. best cities to move to after highschool for me? read: apartment, rent
  117. For which songs do you stand up when they are played in public?: home, taxes
  118. Do you know of funky, progressive towns or cities?: crime rate, university
  119. U.S. cities porn capitals: clubs, health, ranked
  120. Heating and A/C in your area: apartment, new house
  121. which cities are at the highest elevation in U.S.: living, rated
  122. Can't figure out where to move.: fit in, apartments, renters
  123. Where do I fit in??: middle-class, renting, mobile home
  124. Where in US you get a high quality of life without spending too much: rentals, insurance
  125. Minnesota vs.Wisconsin Accent: how much, house, live in
  126. Which of cities would you relocate to?: rent, find a job
  127. Help choosing the right southwest city.: best city, university, allergies
  128. Counties with an image: transplants, home, employment
  129. Survey: Maine ranked 'most peaceful' state; Louisiana last: estate, murder rate
  130. Which US city has Mediterranean feeling?: low crime, neighborhoods, quality of life
  131. Where should I move? young prof, ~45k salary: chapel, find a job
  132. State streotypes: credit, home, live in
  133. Nature loving/granola, intellectual city in Southeast similar to Ithaca, NY?: how much, job market
  134. Great places to visit but not so great to live?: houses, school district
  135. Why people think all Hispanic people are Mexican?: living in, legal
  136. State License Plates With The County Listed: DMV, beach
  137. Funnest Small City/Town in your State: rent, how much
  138. In which cities are strangers most likely to talk to you? In which cities the least?: middle-class, apartment
  139. Relocating - Denver or Nashville?: for rent, homes, unemployment rate
  140. Geography buffs: What are cities with the most sunny, clear of clouds, 70degree days?: living, low cost
  141. place like this for weather?: humid, room, spring
  142. Best place for me to move and get my life started?: apartments, house
  143. American Dream , is it a false one ?: fit in, apartment
  144. My search for the epitome of an All-American, rry neighborhood: low crime, home
  145. Where do the NICEST people live?: neighborhood, to live in, friendly
  146. If American city was 50% born outside the US, would you consider that a good thing?: best cities, neighbourhoods
  147. If you could live anywhere in the US, where would it be?: chapel, coop
  148. Packing Up - 10 hours: apartments, lease, big house
  149. I want the impossible: apartment, rentals, lofts
  150. Why is Diversity held in such high esteem on this site?: neighborhood, to live in
  151. Does have a weird fascination with old rundown buildings and streets?: apartment, home
  152. Was there a North/South flip with building materials?: real estate, low crime
  153. where a widow and 2 daughters should move: to rent, crime
  154. Which cities have their richest neighborhoods within the city proper?: median income, zip codes
  155. Is there city where the inner city/urban area is rich and the suburbs poor?: crime rates, live
  156. Comprehensive richest towns/neighborhoods list: chapel, university, income
  157. Different immigrant groups' influence on American society?: condo, employment
  158. Most gay friendly STATES in America? Vote: chapel, college
  159. Need a city less than 2 hr from major airport AND Mountains!!!: homes, neighborhood
  160. Current Resident of Los Angeles Looking to Move to Mid-Size Cities (Boston, Austin?): neighborhoods, movie theaters
  161. What are cities you both love and hate?: crime rate, house
  162. One thing that makes America special......: extermination, health, rated
  163. How is United States Postal Service mail delievered over long distances? I've never seen a USPS plane: credit card, live
  164. Do you think regional differences are often overstated?: salons, Home Depot
  165. What is the true Divide Line between the North and the South?: transit, best
  166. Where have most of the people you grew up with moved to?: find a job, high school
  167. Have you ever lived in a neighborhood that went downhill through the years?: cul-de-sac, middle-class
  168. The In-N-Out Paradox: home, earthquakes, restaurant
  169. Which of States is the Foundation of Southern Culture: cities, water
  170. Differences between African Americans in Maryland and Louisana: transplants, home
  171. Where in the United States do you think fish/seafood is at its most popular?: homes, live
  172. Should I stay in Montreal or leave to the US?: job market, quality of life
  173. Largest Interstateless City?: dangerous, design, metro
  174. Boat instead of Car?: houses, luxury, places to live
  175. Relocating Suggestions: living, restaurants, low cost
  176. Indie Musician/Songwriter and Pastry Cook looking to relocate from Cleveland: Best Cities for Arts/Culture?: camping, place to live
  177. Proudest state?: unemployed, live, best weather
  178. California Always #1?: taxes, to live in, title
  179. Hurricane Risk??: versus, moving, metro
  180. Best city for aspiring stand-up comedians besides L.A.: buyers, colleges
  181. Which city has the fewest hipsters?: best cities, real estate, neighborhood
  182. Does live in an area immersed in Native American culture?: homes, cinema
  183. Does Your Local News Have An Asian NewsAnchor?: live, stations
  184. Looking to move out of NYC to ??????: fit in, real estate
  185. Best US cities for language lovers?: rent, buy, live
  186. Good things about living in the U.S.: middle-class, sales
  187. Which State has the Most Influence in United States: home, plantation
  188. Why do so many people on ..uhh...not like cities?: fit in, crime
  189. Global Financial Centres Index 11: moving, rating, cities
  190. Looking to move SW): 2013, apartments, lease
  191. ajor city for a young, outdoorsy, religious, homeschooling couple?
  192. Cell phones to begin receiving severe weather alerts in first nationwide system: dangerous
  193. US map showing murder rate/crime... by county?: time
  194. New home for native Californian: quality of life, statistics, relocation
  195. Value of the property?: real estate, housing, estate
  196. Best Cities For Singles, Families, and Retirees
  197. Areas/States in need of Elementary Teachers?!: to move, special education
  198. which is better kumon or enopi: school, program, grade
  199. Single Family Housing Shadow Inventory Data: foreclose, lender
  200. Canadians working in the US: resident, year, parent