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  1. Can somebody point in the right direction on which state would be good for me?: new home
  2. Name your top 5 pros and cons of each of states: earthquakes, income
  3. Which American ethnic groups / religions / races do you think are more/less personal than others?
  4. The 9/11 Surfer & The 9/11 Attacks....: home, floors, title
  5. Looking for opinions new interstates & shovel-ready jobs....: moving, metro area
  6. One Year to go Anywhere: find a job, school, living in
  7. Cities with Good Employment and Mild Weather for Young Proffesionals?: job market, to buy
  8. Driving Around New York City (1928): live, activity, area
  9. To who relocated this year: Where did you move from and and where did you move to?: house
  10. Issues/Ongoing Projects in States?: condos, hotels, luxury
  11. Does the western U.S. feel really dry to you, almost desert-like, for the most part?: land
  12. Atlanta vs Chattanooga: transplants, to rent, house
  13. corp HQ's that have recently moved to downtown locations: mortgage, loans
  14. Homeowners Poll: condos, house, purchase
  15. Advice: apartments, renters, good schools
  16. Best Southwestern City if you aren't rich and have no kids: best city, low crime
  17. Salt Lake City vs Nashville vs Atlanta: quality of life, living
  18. How to get a feel for a city before moving: hotel, neighborhoods
  19. School Holidays Around the USA....: spring break, how much, school districts
  20. Moving to someplace new- Denver or Twin Cities?: home, unemployment rate
  21. Looking to relocate from Erie, PA: apartments, rent, crime
  22. American city migration: calculating, living, to move
  23. Which place is the best to relocate?: neighborhoods, private schools
  24. what city has a 1989's 'the burbs' neighborhood?: houses, landscaping
  25. SLC vs Denver 2012: apartments, tech jobs, school
  26. Small Eastern Mountain towns?: house, university, live
  27. Very thick Southern accent in Vienna, Illinois: transplants, purchase
  28. Best Cities for Entertainment/Media...: home, movies, cabin
  29. Best places to live when earning $25K/$50K/$100K or $250K/yr: homes
  30. differences in height by region?: school, live in, to eat
  31.'s list of 10 Top Small Towns That Are the 2012 Version of Mayberry: condo
  32. Looking to move down south: suburban, small town, near
  33. ISO smaller, safe, town near city - Mid-Atlantic or Pacific NW: home, live
  34. Do people hitchhike in the South?: homeless, trains, distance
  35. Best Southwestern Vacation: hotels, restaurants, nightlife
  36. Does this place exist??: living in, cost of, vs.
  37. My perfect home state?: sales, low crime, homes
  38. for parents with small kids: 2013, rent, day care
  39. What part of Europe do the different parts of America resemble?: pollution, pine
  40. Emigration to the States,: sales, rent, houses
  41. west elm outlet: shopping center, suite, warehouse
  42. Since this is the General United States forum . . .: good, black
  43. Problematic Most Dangerous Cities Methodology: low crime, neighborhoods
  44. Percentage of populated with religious affiliation: statistics, cities, membership
  45. Advice for Single mom with teenage son seeks perfect relocation with 4 seasons!!: real estate
  46. Military spouses: favorite and least favorite duty stations: apartment, crime
  47. Workplace Ethics Questions: sublease, floors, safe
  48. Graphic Design Entry-level Jobs?: sales, apartments, rentals
  49. What is The Right Place For Me To Start Live in U.S ?: apartment
  50. Tired of Florida, help would be: transplants, real estate market
  51. Help me decide where to move: to live in, gay, state
  52. Golf cart Communities in Florida or South Carolina: homes, stores
  53. Newspapers Around the Country: real estate, bankrupt, club
  54. Do people in the East coast tend to swear more than other parts of the country?: homes, live
  55. Riddle for all of you CD experts out there...: home, medical
  56. Best City for Defense jobs?: houses, employment, schools
  57. Will the Zombie thing get out of control this year?: live in, safety
  58. What communites in the US are majority-atheist?: neighborhood, live in
  59. When did Wal-Mart first start to become prominent in your area?: sales, live
  60. Pacific Northwest vs New York/New England for new physician: loan, school
  61. Which area of the US is generally the most integrated? (culture, race, religion, everything): gated, live
  62. Where to move for a career in biotech/pharm?: 2015, to rent
  63. Mention the major metro areas where you can easily drive and see a nice sunset on a coast: live in, beaches
  64. Best Cities for young professionals?: fit in, real estate market, apartment
  65. Where is this Southern city?: for rent, chapel, how much
  66. Do you consider students studying in your state, to be from your state?: home, high school
  67. What state do you think is the most corrupt?: bankruptcy, live in
  68. America's Filthiest Cities: assessment, safe, rating
  69. Rural Blight: middle-class, houses, incomes
  70. Where to move for engineering jobs in/near the mountains?: job market, school
  71. water... to support life: real estate, taxes, to live
  72. Single man getting the heck out of dodge. Miami: taxes, live in
  73. Mountain Phobia-Driving from Houston to Philly--help!: rental, college, taxes
  74. Smaller cities that are much more important than their population would indicate?: insurance, university
  75. Differences in States often considered Twins: live, centers
  76. What is the smallest town in the U.S. with a Wal-Mart?: home, college
  77. Does your state/area have reflectors on roads?: garden, areas
  78. Small vs large mid-sized metros: job market, live, shop
  79. What areas of the U.S. have the pretties Springs? :): tornadoes, horseback
  80. Each city is what you make of it True/False?: home, living in
  81. San Diego vs. Phoenix vs. Albuquerque: how much, new construction, living in
  82. Just graduated college .. now I want to leave NJ! Help!: 2014, schools
  83. Region vs Coast: buy, live in, estimated
  84. What is the best thing about the area you live in that you want the world to see or know of?: houses, move
  85. Finding a new State: rental, how much, neighborhoods
  86. Looking for a cheap (SMALL) house: real estate, apartment, condo
  87. Uptight/Serious vs Relaxed cities: living, costs, club
  88. We need to find a new home state?: living, young professionals
  89. Best Cities of America: crime, unemployment, public school
  90. Suggestions for another not-so-humid place to move: living in, cost of
  91. Where Should Our New Home Be? From NC -> ??: apartments, renters
  92. Would being ARMED really help that much if you were walking around the hood?: how much, hotel
  93. Are you disappointed that there is no state where Native Americans are the majority?: living in, legal
  94. Living downtown in Major East Coast cities all priced out of reach?: apartments, rentals
  95. Your cities most Prestigious street?: apartments, houses, universities
  96. Control city on highway signs in your state: home, garden
  97. Top 10 Murder Cities of the U.S.: middle-class, violent crime
  98. Cities where people get insulted if you express interest in wanting to leave: college, living in
  99. Which city has the highest percent of out-of-staters?: transplants, restaurants
  100. Top 5 Cities in the South You'd Want To Live In: low crime, chapel
  101. Mixed family looking for a good neighborhood to move to: renting, home
  102. Top 10 Most Educated Cities In America: chapel, private school, university
  103. What is most liberal?: wedding, live, areas
  104. US town most like a European village: motels, restaurants
  105. Percentage of Asian Americans who can speak a second Asian language: how much, buy
  106. Places that are surprisingly expensive: sales, real estate, apartment
  107. Houston or Chicago: which city would be good place to live: apartment complexes, houses
  108. relocation suggestions: real estate, condo, homes
  109. How many of you in have lived in the deep south and what did you think of it?: live in, gardens
  110. Would you consider the Dakotas more Northwestern or Northeastern?: live, rich
  111. What's the least materialistic major city in the US?: house, to live in
  112. States that are underrated for natural scenery: oil, slums
  113. Which area of the US is toughest for men dating wise?: how much, live
  114. help me decide what cities I should look at living in?: appointed, to rent
  115. My experience after I moved off of LI: house, job market
  116. How much cheaper is the cost of living in Philly comapred to NYC?: crime, neighborhoods
  117. How far away can you hear certain FM radio stations from their city?: live in, legally
  118. Why American girls take a simple hello as a treat?: wedding, living in
  119. What nice relatively large city has the lowest rents?: apartment complex, rent
  120. Relocation from Orange County to Seattle or San Francisco: sales, real estate
  121. Places with little humidity!: house, live in, beaches
  122. West of the Rockies which city would fit?: transplants, crime
  123. Does the sun-belt punch below its weight culturally?: suburbs, metro
  124. The Pacific Northwest: more in common with Canada or the US South?: suburban, areas
  125. Starting a London-esque Nightclub in Portland or NYC or Toronto?: house, taxes
  126. Im so sick of living !: credit, home, unemployment rate
  127. US cities with most beautiful churches/cathedrals: credit, rank
  128. Upper South or Deep South...Which kicks more ass?: live in, vs
  129. Looking for city suggestions: fit in, chapel, job market
  130. Do British accents grate on you?: title, radio, accent
  131. Distance between your city's Airport and Downtown: taxi, buses
  132. Best cities on the west coast to live in without a car: rental market, credit
  133. When are you considered to be a 'native' of a state?: homes, school
  134. Help us find our dream town/city/area, pretty: low crime, chapel
  135. cold places....: live, to move, title
  136. What percentage of Native Southerners under 30 have a distinctive Southern accent?: transplants, home
  137. The Difference Between A City & A State....: college, live
  138. No such thing as a neutral/non accent: plantation, area
  139. Want to move to snow: where to go? HELP!: ski resort, insurance
  140. Another help me find a place to live: real estate, apartments
  141. I would like a conservative/libertarian nonreligious place to live: ranked, baptist
  142. Help from az!!!!: home, unemployment, high school
  143. Miami vs Seattle: real estate, renting, homes
  144. Does your state include height/weight on your license?: DMV, law
  145. eyeing NC/SC [asheville, jacksonville, wilmington, charleston, greenville (sc)..]: appointed, obgyn
  146. what cities can you live well in without a car?: neighborhoods, buying
  147. Cities with Great Recreational Rivers: rentals, neighborhood, university
  148. Who lives in a dry place?: sale, buy
  149. One of silly maps...: to move, areas, cities
  150. Best cities for college graduates: job market, universities, to live in
  151. Chicago or New York: which city is better for someone not used to citylife?: to live, best
  152. East coast advice: low income, crime, neighborhoods
  153. Why would willingly live more than a hour from work?: condo, crime
  154. Moved? Is it worthwhile to visit the town you grew up in?: home, neighborhood
  155. Cities that have completely been re-invented in the past 20-30 years?: vs, population
  156. Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods 2012!: to live, restaurants, mall
  157. Best places for work/life balance?: neighborhood, university, living
  158. Cleanest Cities- Visually: chapel, university, live in
  159. Outdoorsy small town/city within an hour or two from a major metro?: real estate, renting
  160. City with the most ranch homes (1960's - 70's): houses, employment
  161. Murder rates done the correct way.: crime rate, safe area, to buy
  162. Where do people live comfortable on Part-Time jobs?: sales, apartment
  163. States with no major league sports, who do they back?: college, live
  164. Rochester, NY more similar to.........: transit, cities, population
  165. Does This Town Exist?????: living in, shop, moving
  166. Which cities are Hollywood terrible at in duplicating??: condo, how much
  167. Breaking down the New South , cities, economy, geography, schools, health care, ect.: transplants, construction
  168. Ever lived in a non-Metro county?: college, living in, moving to
  169. Road trip South in December/January: school, colleges, military
  170. Looking for relocation possibilities similar in culture to Northern California: condo, chapel
  171. bikers with a chip on their shoulder: sales, home
  172. Non-city people (county lovers): apartment, HOA, townhouse
  173. Car-lite in the US?: house, neighborhoods, subdivision
  174. Want to move to a place with more people are like you racially, economically and culturally, or people are different?: schools, living in
  175. Best places to live in the U.S. 2012: chapel, neighborhoods
  176. Being a large list of relocation options, help us pick!: fit in, sales
  177. False Perceptions of States/Regions?: university, taxes, live
  178. Name a top 50 U.S. metro area that has granolas - legitimate read on: neighborhoods, university
  179. Cities with a 'Timeless' feel: neighborhoods, live, restaurant
  180. Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural distances to activities: movie theater, high school
  181. Which city more progressive/more creative? Denver or Atlanta?: houses, neighborhoods
  182. Is the rural Northeast ignored by the media?: college, tornadoes
  183. How is New England culturally different from the rest of the northeast today?: houses, neighborhood
  184. Whats a Holler (Hollow)?: neighborhood, school, live in
  185. Isolated roads in the US?: restaurants, cars, station
  186. Best Mountain States: rank, parks, pictures
  187. Most isolated community in the lower 48?: price, gas, best
  188. What relatively large Southern City has the least Yankees?: transplants, neighborhoods
  189. Why don't people know U.S. geography anymore?: home, neighborhood
  190. Least religious cities?: how much, living in, stores
  191. Do you drink the water where you live?: hotel, house
  192. Maine VS North Carolina: crime rates, vacation home, unemployment
  193. California VS other states: house, school districts, camping
  194. Do people ask for safe areas on your state forums?: crime, houses
  195. by your definition: what states do you consider midwestern?: fit in, tornadoes
  196. Distances to activities v. 2: credit, Home Depot, elementary school
  197. Confusing towns (for your GPS): homes, area, addresses
  198. 20 Largest Southeast-Based Bank Holding Companies: top, banks
  199. Vehicle Hail Damage Study: how much, college, car
  200. Modern day development? Can we do it without being artificial and commercialized? Can still have the magic prior 1960's?: live in