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  1. Best city to raise a kid: middle-class, home, safe area
  2. Does Tucson, Arizona feel bit more urban than Phoenix?: neighborhoods, school
  3. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Arizona: club, night club, areas
  4. Looking for a Small, New England-Type Town on the West Coast: house, college
  5. If Cuba was a U.S. state and a bridge could be built from Key West, how much will FL and CA economies be affected?: hotels
  6. What major city is likely to have a minority conservative base?: live, retired
  7. When did New York City, Chicago, and L.A. become Alpha cities?: housing
  8. Help Direct Me... to a new town: real estate, to rent
  9. Rich Blocks Poor Blocks in your area.........: rent, homes
  10. Data for Census Blocks: income, educational, metro
  11. Travelling in the Western US: rental car, sales, rental
  12. Gallup releases poll results identifying the gayest states: island, lesbian
  13. Seeking Scenic Road Trip: motel, camps, to live
  14. Eastern coastal, low humidity, no alligators, small town near a larger cultured city: rental
  15. Which interstate has two big metro areas passing through the range of mile markers 250-260 in two different states?: beach
  16. German Ancestry in New England: agricultural, estimate, farmers
  17. What part of the country is this supposed to be??: home, landscaping
  18. Where in the U.S. is right for me..?: fit in, house
  19. Which of the following major cities are located along an interstate/highway in a really high-numbered mile?: towns
  20. In what major cities can you get a cheap efficiency/studio in an neighborhood?: real estate
  21. Looking for mid sized moderate weather city that is safe: low crime, find a job
  22. How far west did the eastern forests go?: how much, agriculture
  23. Why are cities known as friendly places and not?: neighborhoods, offices
  24. Restaurants in the US that hire bicycles for food delivery?: house, employment
  25. Sikhs in America: school, live in, law
  26. Recommendations on cities for relocation for a young family.: salons, condo
  27. What if Chicago ended up in Wisconsin?: how much, tax rates
  28. GM Loans Failing ????: bad credit, how much, prices
  29. Did travel or a relocation to a completely different environment change your mind about America?: apartment
  30. Leaving Northern VA for Southern CT on a Friday-Travel Times?: vs., airport
  31. Need opinions on cities.: live in, relocating, metro area
  32. Help finding Adventure: home, living, cost
  33. State names that are tricky for foreigners: land, company
  34. Best state to move?: job market, college, salary
  35. New Mexico, Oregon, or In Between ?: best cities, home
  36. Favorite interstate trails in the East Coast: DSL,
  37. Will regional accents be largely gone within a few generations?: transplants, metropolitan area
  38. Your State's Corporate Icons: insurance, credit, hotels
  39. What place would be a good fit for me?: sales, rent
  40. New Sex Offender Screening Needed to Pass Through Congress: sex offenders, crime
  41. What's one or a few of the oddest things encountered: hotel, to buy
  42. Arizona vs Minnesota: live in, deal, cities
  43. EU tourist travel USA , holiday/vacation USD ?: credit card, hotel
  44. Need help deciding where to relocate: apartments, renters, low crime
  45. Best road trip: East Coast or West Coast ?: home, pros and cons
  46. Picking between Boston Mas/ Nashville TN/ AZ/ GA, seeking information!: apartments, rentals
  47. Recommendations of a city that meets criteria?: schools, university
  48. I want to move from Long Island to TN/TX/CO/NC/WA: for rent
  49. neighborhoods with trails: home, safer, title
  50. Is Phoenix more of a Southwestern West Coast city: transplants, houses
  51. idea where we might find this place?: price, malls
  52. Distinction between different accents in the Western U.S: areas, cities
  53. How small would cities like feel to me..?: house, living
  54. Help Needed ! Looking to move to USA from UK...East Coast... Best area to live with family: low crime
  55. Moving back - where to live?: apartments, house, school
  56. Can of you in recommend good cities for me in the US?: crime rates
  57. I have no clue...: low crime, houses, technology jobs
  58. Chicago to Austin Road Trip. Cool Places to Stop In?: 2013, hotel
  59. Taking VA/NC Road Trip... Looking for places to move to: transfer, neighborhoods
  60. Relocation. Would love advice.: job market, place to live, moving to
  61. What city has the best street party in the US?: beach, hunting
  62. Does my perfect place exist?: fit in, renting, vacation home
  63. Name the interstates you have drive on?: inclusive, island
  64. Is the Pacific Northwest more like the Southwest or the Midwest?: transplants, sales
  65. Nicest City in the United States: college, live, restaurants
  66. walkable, warm, affordable, and libertarian?: fit in, real estate, rent
  67. States that have one major area that dulls out the rest of such states: safe, beach
  68. Best region in the eastern U.S. for natural beauty: island, top
  69. How Important Are Cities: 2013, house, richest
  70. Tallest building in each state: 2013, insurance, hotels
  71. Best city for film/tv work that isn't LA or NYC?: 2013, movies
  72. Southern U.S. Possibilities: transplants, chapel, neighborhoods
  73. Best US major city for one night stands that isn't Las Vegas?: hotel, airport
  74. Top Nightlife Cities outside of NYC, LA, LV and Miami?: great, small
  75. Most Canadian large cities in the US?: friendly, gay
  76. The Western United States and live and let live social attitudes: transplants, how much
  77. Were to Go: how much, school, universities
  78. Liberal areas in the South?: transplants, chapel, neighborhoods
  79. The Midwest is not (uniformly ) Flat!: home, storage, gardens
  80. Cities with a lot of hippies?: sales, homes, organic
  81. Best cities for African Americans to live in (2013): living in, professionals
  82. Progressive, Artsy, Walkable New England Cities/Towns: renting, crime
  83. Different ways people can develop an accent: home, university
  84. The Best Public Transport in Smaller Metros: fit in, living
  85. What is your favorite place to visit in the United States and why?: house, live in
  86. Best region in the western U.S. for natural beauty: tree, park
  87. What non-interstate route would you consider to be the Road of America?: motel, live
  88. I Approve This Message: live, legal, residential
  89. Looking for an east coast gem: low crime, good schools, living
  90. Regional cuisines of the United States: sale, home, promotional
  91. Which metro area looks to be the 4th most spread out region, geographically speaking, in a built-up/developed area sense: land, areas
  92. Cultural Differences between South Florida and Southern California: transplants, live
  93. Daylight Saving Time In The US: home, cost, farmers
  94. Want to find my home...: amusement park, low crime, hotels
  95. Do you live and work in the same city?: home, neighborhood
  96. What cities have the best St. Patrick's Day celebrations?: 2013, title
  97. to Get Our Kicks on Route 66: hotels, live
  98. Will the East Coast have more Asians and Hispanics than the West Coast by 2020?: to live, versus
  99. Has Drivers Not Dimming Their Brights When Coming Towards You or from Behind You ?: cars, deal
  100. Most conservative city on the West Coast: tax, military
  101. Highest Elevation in your state: pine, land, county
  102. Zeroing In On A New Place: home, allergens, place to live
  103. Good suburban downtowns: places to live, restaurants, suburbs
  104. What is the best hillside viewpoint of a city in America?: 2013, park
  105. What is your route from Washington DC Area to NYC Area?: construction, live in
  106. Major city with the highest percentage of transplants?: live, population
  107. If DC wasn't the capital of the U.S., which city could be a good U.S. capital?: rich, offices
  108. Should I leave Atlanta?: home, employment, neighborhoods
  109. What's Longest Freeway Ever Ridden from End to End: area, cross country
  110. Cities with highest percentage of Yuppies Poll: professionals, to move
  111. What Metro Area looks the most beautiful from the air?: best city, airplane
  112. States with the nicest roads: construction, quality, climate
  113. Relocation Suggestions for Young Couple: apartment, lease, low crime
  114. Is Buffalo more of a Midwestern or East Coast city.: live, transit
  115. Which major city in the South is the most Southern feeling: transplants, home
  116. Are East Coasters 'tougher' than West Coasters?: living, vs
  117. What size/population do you consider to be a big city, small town or in between?: suburb, rank
  118. Most southern Midwestern City??(culture,lifestyle,infrastucture): architecture, racist
  119. 13 reasons why the Northeast is the best region: low crime, homes
  120. Biggest Turnaround city in the USA: crime rate, lawyer, manufacturing
  121. How far north do you need to go to have four seasons? (eastern US): live in, bill
  122. Want to leave California, where to go?: low crime, unemployment rate
  123. Leaving Boston - seeking new city!: houses, buy, school
  124. Colin Woodward's 11 Nations of North America: construction, inspection, living in
  125. Moving out of NJ... but where to?: real estate, lease
  126. Best transit location sunbelt cities: chapel, price, bus
  127. Favorite American Accent.: best, town, uptown
  128. Wild America: Best national or state park you have visited?: camping, living in
  129. Latin community: cities with higher and lesser levels of integration?: neighborhoods, gated
  130. Can Give Me Advice On Awesome Cities?: fit in, transplants
  131. From which 3 areas of the Eastern U.S. you can see the ocean from a mountain?: move, best
  132. Second best subway/heavy rail system after NYC: trains, suburban
  133. Why do people think Mississippi, Louisiana, and Tennessee border the Midwest?: title, map
  134. General American = Californian imperialism?: expense, money, areas
  135. looking to love a new city as much as boston. portland, seattle, austin?: rent, crime
  136. Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach ??: oceanfront, restaurants, price
  137. Do you think cultural differences between different parts of the US are minimal?: college, vs
  138. Cities With Large Pharmaceutical/Biotech or Energy Industries?: home, activity
  139. The 10 Most Taxed US Cities: transplants, 2013, insurance
  140. Need help choosing cities in VA, NC, SC, and GA: transplants, college
  141. Need help to choose a city to live in: rent, low crime
  142. What Metro Area has the greatest divide between UGLY and BEAUTIFUL Neighborhoods?: low income, apartments
  143. More laid back Lifestyle and work culture- South or West?: live, metro area
  144. Best college town with warm (not hot) temps, low humidity?: renting, house
  145. The disdain toward New Yorkers: transplants, living in, mold
  146. If the top 5 most populated states no longer existed...: rankings, metro
  147. If you could of grown up anywhere...: home, college
  148. Do Southern accents help or hinder?: moving to, corporate, career
  149. And the 10 most promiscuous U.S. cities are...: clubs, activity
  150. Is there a Jello Belt accent?: live, move to
  151. Ideas on towns/states for future move: real estate, house
  152. Cultural blending between states: transplants, casinos, gated
  153. Why the Western United States Is Awesome: home, live
  154. Cheapest state for cost of living: sales, homes, income
  155. Best cities to live based on characteristics: neighborhoods, theater
  156. relocation/looking for a new state: camping, restaurants
  157. What METRO AREA has the uglist commerical streets?: landscaping, to live in
  158. Which two states has at least three interstates over 350 miles long?: tollway, system
  159. Most vegan friendly cities?: chapel, college, live in
  160. Why don't northerners really drink sweet tea?: neighborhoods, live in
  161. Why do most black people have a southern accent?: transplants, gated
  162. Re-opening moving to US discussion: rent, house, good schools
  163. Help my wife and I relocate!: sales, real estate, low crime
  164. Best cities for Jazz on the West Coast?: home, live
  165. Interstates 1, 2 and 3... where should they be located?: amusement park, maintenance
  166. A shift in the South: transplants, discount, suburbs
  167. Ideas for a new place to live: crime rates, unemployment rate
  168. Which state do you think represents all regions of America?: home, beaches
  169. How do yuns pronounce Colorado?: people, local, locals
  170. Summer: North vs South: camping, living in, to move
  171. Which large city in the US is the least similar to the rest of its state?: construction, metro
  172. Best Place In U.S. For Single 20s Male: hotels, home
  173. Large (or medium-sized) cities you never hear about: live in, military
  174. What major city(or urban area) in the Midwest has the most Midwestern feel: live, transit
  175. Best Place to be Homeless in the US?: living, zoned
  176. Need opinions on cities: appointed, 2014, rent
  177. Single Mom of Two to Relocate out of NC: rent, how much
  178. If the Sun Belt is so great for weather, why isn't it more walkable?: waterparks, movies
  179. Do you consider San Francisco to be a Pacific Northwest city?: neighborhoods, architecture
  180. Best City to start over?: rent, low crime, unemployment rate
  181. Your city's top 3 most popular ethnic foods.: live, food
  182. Yo: hotel, live, land
  183. 10 Most Depressing States To Live In: unemployment rate, living in, cost of
  184. State with the most unpredictable weather?: home, tornadoes, cities
  185. help this single male in his forties relocate to a new city in the USA: low crime, living
  186. The United States redrawn as 50 states with Equal Population: 2013, college
  187. States with Roaches: hotels, house, scorpions
  188. Is the average latino happier than the average Black or White?: home, living
  189. Which are the most reserved, standoffish states in America?: live in, activity
  190. The United States of Methamphetamine: Counties with the most known meth labs in each state: crime, price
  191. Does the US have region culture in how people dress?: live, gym
  192. Top 25 Beaches in the US: 2013 Travelers Choice: house, homeless
  193. Best overall football city?: neighborhood, high school, university
  194. German influenced American cities: hotel, houses, restaurants
  195. Why is rural New England so liberal? Especially compared to say Upstate NY?: transplants, university
  196. States speak to all regions of the U.S.: homes, estate
  197. Best cities for College students......: town, interest
  198. denver churches,denver churches: radio, visit, good
  199. Comparing Efficacy of State Governments: place, good, recommend
  200. Most Mideastern Midwestern city with neighborhoods that are like the South and the East Coast