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  1. Best City for music Nerds: home, school, colleges
  2. I need relocation help: neighborhood, law school, living in
  3. Can Las Vegas and Orlando become major?: amusement parks, condos
  4. Coming Home, but Where to Go? (VA vs TX vs FL vs...): employment
  5. Travel Help: Northern VA to SW CT on Friday: beach, car
  6. Agricultural Land: 2013, how much, buyers
  7. Young couple - Where to move?: apartment, to rent, crime
  8. U.S. cities with free (street) parking on Sundays?: best, charges
  9. Which city would be best?: apartments, rent, crime
  10. Best option for someone looking for a new start?: apartments, rental
  11. What is the job situation like in the States for the IT industry?: live in
  12. Moving to another place: rental, college, living
  13. Are there small / mid sized cities on the W Coast that are booming?: vs.
  14. Does your city/town fill up or flee out during weekends: school, college
  15. Share your favorite historic-landmark under-rated skyscraper across the USA: apartments, condos
  16. Interesting series of maps on pronunciation/word usage around the U.S. Example:Where do people say pop or soda?: sales
  17. Picking a city to move to?: how much, employment, high school
  18. Which state to move to?: low crime, employment, public schools
  19. Visiting cities: What to look for?: apartment, neighborhood
  20. Am I a U.S. citizen?: school, salary, live
  21. Which city on the west coast has the best public transportation?: bus, rail
  22. Map of North American English Dialects: 2013, teacher, accents
  23. Hispanic/Latin friendly small towns in the East coast (PA to SC) but open to other areas: homes
  24. If you were to assign roles to the major cities of the Bos-Wash Corridor, what would they be?: best city
  25. Cities with the highest/lowest percentages of townies: university, live
  26. Best big city/small town near a big city for a highly qualified high school teacher in the SE or SW?: chapel
  27. LA to NY - One week move: school, restaurant
  28. Another moving: 2014, low crime, home
  29. The solution to help people find their perfect location???: live in, title
  30. The 20 Most Innovatie Cities in the US (Business Insider): 2013, chapel
  31. How many U.S. cities still have a real skid row?: city hall, crime rates
  32. Most attractive outdoor aesthetics in the us?: live in, beaches
  33. on two different states: transplants, crime, home
  34. Dining in NYC vs Boston: food, Korean, cities
  35. decide where to move to: 2013, live in, cabin
  36. Help suggest cities I would like!: best cities, chapel, university
  37. What methodologies do Americans use to find jobs?: fit in, apartments
  38. States with best looking traffic signals: costs, car, places
  39. State flag mashups.: live in, design, green
  40. Medical Bill: insurance, how much, legal
  41. Looking for the ideal place....for me: how much, living in
  42. Does the PNW (esp along I-5) have many AA's moving there?: 2014, home
  43. What's a colder climate, Great Falls MT or Toronto ON?: place, average
  44. Driving down US 101 during winter?: moving, areas, counties
  45. Is there a city for me in the US that meets this criteria?: salon
  46. Weighted-density list. Census Bureau's take on the true density of America's metropolitan areas: city hall
  47. Does presence outside of the US due to military service count as US presence?: home
  48. Show off or sum up your city with one picture, and don't forget to cite.: middle schools
  49. Best Hawaiian Island: college, living in, restaurants
  50. Which west coast metro areas would I have more luck finding non-ghetto weekly $200 motel?: extended stay
  51. Best suburbs: neighborhood, live, dangerous
  52. Regional wines:Which is your favorite state for wine?: house, eat
  53. What major US cities do you NOT need a car (excluding NYC)?: apartment, neighborhoods
  54. Best cities for kids: real estate, amusement park, condo
  55. States with a diverse/varied landscape?: beach, cities, island
  56. What US university should I study at for my student exchange: buy, schools
  57. Does this sound like a bad idea?: best cities, home
  58. Dunkin Donuts on the West Coast: live in, shops, beach
  59. Where does the West start?: transit, best, areas
  60. What city is a sleeping giant?: 2015, neighborhoods, construction
  61. Cities with the most graffiti?: neighborhoods, station, ticket
  62. City Preferences for Recruiting Due in 2 Weeks, No Idea Where to Live...Help!: 2013, apartments
  63. How strong is the British influence in the US?: move, foods
  64. American cities with the least amount of bugs?: hotel, house
  65. Is it mainly just whites who speak with the 'Northern Cities Vowel Shift'?: gated, live in
  66. Fastest growing states: trivia: real estate, how much, income
  67. Quaint cities in America: home, college, move
  68. Places in the US where you can wear just Tshirts and Shorts all year: living, metro
  69. Will the shrinking cities ever regain former glory?: crime, house
  70. Chicago Vs Dallas: unemployment rate, schools, universities
  71. Best City in the US for Electronic Music: house, electric
  72. Liberal Cities within Red States.: chapel, neighborhoods, living in
  73. Where is the best place to live? (usa): quality of life, living
  74. Appalachian Small Towns vs Western Small Towns: live in, beach
  75. where would you rather live - northern california, oregon, washington, idaho?: taxes, living
  76. Which city downtown is best for me?: schools, income
  77. Which city does your city rival with?: university, vs.
  78. Young family seek best place - NY suburbs / California: low crime, good schools
  79. Major city with good (but not overly crowded) public transportation?: neighborhoods, train
  80. Which city has the mellowest race relations?: neighborhood, living
  81. the pronunciation map...How do YOU say things...: lawyer, live
  82. Is global warming making the West Coast more humid subtropical?: tornadoes, move
  83. Most User-Friendly Transit system: Chicago or New York: transfer, neighborhoods
  84. The most important suburban-type Corporate Districts: living, centers, airplanes
  85. Euro-style license plates coming to America?: design, cars, Asian
  86. Cities with more and less personality?: metro, work, worth
  87. Best bang for your buck city?: real estate, house, neighborhood
  88. Are the Western states more transplant-friendly than the Southern states?: transplants, real estate
  89. Your opinion on small East Coast beach town: tax, living
  90. Toughest Urban Jungle To Drive Through: to rent, construction, moving
  91. Places in America that are not so focused on wealth: how much, houses
  92. Looking for a nice small college town in the USA: low crime, chapel
  93. Name cities that give off great positive energy?: to live in, places
  94. Best five warm (or hot), very little rain, low crime cities to move to on a high school teacher salary?: home, safe neighborhood
  95. Diverse, cheaper cities: property taxes, living, stats
  96. Mid-Major City with Biggest Brain Drain going on right now?? I want to move there!: 2013, college
  97. Best forest?: 2013, how much, trees
  98. Were roads mapped to be more square in the midwest?: school, estate
  99. Best state/city for a single young black male?: middle-class, best city
  100. Which Southern State is the Least Southern?: beach, suburbs
  101. Tell me about Henderson NV, Scottsdale AZ, or Plano TX: rentals, job market
  102. Places with climate like London, UK?: coastal, summers, town
  103. Pronunciation Maps: 2013, home, area
  104. Moving from Honolulu, to the Mainland - Suggestions: real estate, 2013
  105. Cities That Tend to Have less of a Drinking Culture: sale, to buy
  106. what states and cities are the most influenced by Spanish/Spaniard culture?: home, live in
  107. Which city do you like the most? Houston, TX, Chicago, IL, or Atlanta, GA?: buying, college
  108. Is it true that it's illegal to not work and/or be homeless in the US?: insurance, crime
  109. Top 3 cities most people like: live, visit, to stay
  110. Why do you think marijuana is not legal on a federal level: pharmacy, taxi
  111. Does a less stressful version of NYC exist in the US?: neighborhood, income
  112. Why don't Indians/Pakistanis/Bangladeshis live on the West Coast in as large numbers as the East Coast?: centers, rating
  113. trendy use of the word pretty in Southern jargon.: areas, accent
  114. Areas that are rural and socially liberal?: 2013, college
  115. Best southern mountain town: buy, vacation, retired
  116. Minority driving across the USA. Problems?: crime, to eat, gas
  117. Recommend me a city in the US which I will enjoy?: living, cost of living
  118. Why do people always discount the Great Lakes as a distinct region?: living in, agriculture
  119. Upper South opinions of Deep South: suburbs, places, sold
  120. How different are the Great Plains from the Great Lakes states in the Midwest: live, agriculture
  121. Do you know what a tree lawn is: live, radio
  122. Is there such a thing as Midnorthern? If so, how would you classify it?: station, area
  123. Top 10 cities with the worst traffic: 2013, buses, authority
  124. What cities meet my criteria?: rent, how much, home
  125. American cities/metro areas similar to Washington, DC??: fit in, neighborhoods
  126. A cool and vibrant US city without the hustle and bustle?: apartments, rental
  127. Decision Anxiety: NC vs Cali vs FL vs Seattle!: chapel, home
  128. Which city has the most alcoholics (excluding Las Vegas)?: vs, stats
  129. Best Cities Where Happy Hours Have Active Participation: house, live in
  130. Will the largest cities in each state ever be surpassed by another city in the state?: military, beach
  131. Best place for a young 20 something: rent, college, gated
  132. Your Favorite Vacation States: motorhome, camping, live
  133. The disconnect between northerners and southerners on what's a real city: houses, neighborhoods
  134. Small Coastal Towns: affordable houses, job market, living in
  135. Population required to be a real city ?: neighborhoods, schools
  136. Is it accurate to say, Northern states are blue and southern are red?: live in, residency
  137. What White Ghettos exist in your area?: crime, houses
  138. What is the most likely place a Black woman can find her Puerto Rican man?: 2015, to live in
  139. Are Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and Erie Northeastern or Midwestern?: live in, metro area
  140. Islands of Wealth: hotel, houses, neighborhoods
  141. PU!! That stinks!: oil, cities, island
  142. After Chicago. What is the next premier city in the Midwest: best, metro
  143. Does weather like this in the US exist?: low crime, good schools
  144. Which Southern/Southwestern City For Us?: middle-class, condo, job market
  145. List? Top 50 largest metro areas by crime rate?: credit, calculated
  146. Deep South Opinion of Kentucky: transplants, houses, living in
  147. Which cities/towns in US with White majority that has the highest crimes: crime rate, credit
  148. Cities with the Most/Best Character: crime, neighborhoods, bars
  149. Which city is best for me? Big or small...: rent, job market
  150. A major city with all 4 seasons but isn't that humid in the summer?: live, metro
  151. The hipster epidemic: fit in, rent, neighborhoods
  152. What do you consider the Pacific Northwest to be?: areas, county
  153. Do kids still say it's a free country ?: elementary school, living in
  154. Moving new as a 20 something!: apartment, home, unemployment rate
  155. Cities which should be merged...: beach, suburbs, rated
  156. In which communities in the U.S. is it absolutely necessary to speak Spanish?: sales, how much
  157. Help me! City to study english: how much, neighborhoods, universities
  158. Places with warm (not hot/humid) summers and snowy winters?: home, university
  159. What US state should I study in for my year abroad?: schools, universities
  160. Will the Gulf coast ever be on par with the East or West coast?: transplants, centers
  161. Define the actual average city: 2013, insurance
  162. What Food Is Your City Known For...?: home, live in
  163. Major cities with the most run-down slums: high crime, houses
  164. What natural disasters is your city prone to? What cities are most prone to them?: homes, school
  165. Gay couples with kids are mostly in conservative states: 2013, title
  166. Your State's Coolest/Hippest Towns & Cities: neighborhoods, live in
  167. Best city for bicycling in the U.S.?: college, live
  168. Midwest cities that are not flat: metro, diverse, good
  169. A Nice Small Get Away Town or City?: living in, restaurants
  170. If someone wants to live in a cool urban environment on a wage slave's budget where do they move?: neighborhoods, living
  171. What City Has Infrastructure That Mostly From the 1980s?: homes, earthquakes
  172. What are the best warmest and cheapest places to live in the US?: salaries, living in
  173. Why are Chicago and Philly affordable?: real estate, crime rate, neighborhoods
  174. Best Part of the Country Right Now for Investing in Rental Property: low income, section 8
  175. Your Driving Observations: hotel, home, construction
  176. What southern state is good to move to?: job market, school
  177. Most overshadowed Major city in the US: metro area, area
  178. 50 food dishes from 50 states: places, ice cream, dry
  179. What do you envy about other states/ cities?: condo, luxury
  180. Young Gay Black Man about to graduate college: neighborhoods, school
  181. American towns with shady or weird reputations: 2013, manufacturing
  182. Where in the US are there fireflies?: area, humidity
  183. Which states do you consider to be the Midwest?: bill, suburbs
  184. Dunkin Donuts popularity up north: prices, stores, to eat
  185. People with the Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and New Orleans : Your Is Needed: to rent, employment
  186. Most hated/disliked part of your state.: schools, gated
  187. What Town/City Would Be Right For A Girl Like Me? Give Your Opinion!!!: homes, colleges
  188. thinking of escaping California: Suggestions?: apartment, neighborhood, live in
  189. Best inhabited island (without bridge connection) in US?: houses, schools
  190. Most Midwestern like city that's not on the Midwest: transplants, apartments
  191. Moving to a new city alone: how much, school, living in
  192. North/North East location recommendation: home, employment, neighborhoods
  193. Dear lord, why is it that so many US maps have Maine much farther north than Minnesota?: places, map
  194. Define a Real City ......: movies, rated, corporate
  195. Moderate temps & small towns in the North: area, places
  196. Top total-revenue earning cities: how much, income, income tax
  197. European Cities in the U.S.: similar
  198. Looking to buy property SE Kentucky, NE Tennessee: home, live in
  199. You know you're from your state/city if...: earthquake, live
  200. Cities with no retail/commercial development: communities, police, fire