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  1. Don't know where to live..: college, shop, best
  2. Help a MidWesterner understand New Englanders: college, pros and cons, live
  3. What are the main differences in culture you notice between the East And West Coast: transplants
  4. Need help finding a New England / Northern town/city to move to.: find a job
  5. Multigenerational family thinking of relocating and needs suggestions-Less: for sale, apartments
  6. dont know where to live...: crime, good schools, move to
  7. Morning People or Night Owls? Which to be more common in your town?: live
  8. What have been your experiences starting afresh in a new city?: college, living in
  9. Internet marketing to make money in summer vacation: sales, to buy
  10. Best Weather from New Hampshire to D.C.: areas, cities
  11. Looking to move with horses and could use help.: live in, fencing
  12. most affordable cities: apartments, car insurance, unemployment rate
  13. A resart?: find a job, move, company
  14. 40 year old need relocation suggestions: low crime, chapel, college
  15. Best supermarket in New England?: sale, house, live
  16. It like many cities with great economies have higher crime then cities with good economies: sales
  17. Happy Independence Day America!: 2013, living, design
  18. Happy 4th of July C-D posters.: 2013, living, airplane
  19. Making the leap-stories: home, job market, law school
  20. July 4th Traditions: condos, vacation home, beach
  21. How Far in All Directions Until the Accent Changes From Your Area?: neighborhood
  22. A New Place for Me: home, tech jobs, neighborhoods
  23. Crime Rates....Atlanta,Dallas,Nashville,Austin,Denver Metros: home, neighborhoods
  24. Honesty results: live in, title, rating
  25. Where oh where to live...: apartment, rentals, townhome
  26. Were the 70's a time for high development in American cities?: 2015, apartments
  27. How would white Southerners in the 1950s have pronounced this name?: shop, supermarket
  28. Working and living in different states?: spring break, car registration, insurance
  29. Borough of Queens = Northwest Side of Chicago: safe area, schools
  30. Useful COL comparisons: school, organic, living
  31. Retiring cost US vs Canada?: insurance, utilities, property taxes
  32. Boston vs Seattle: Which is less boring and more vibrant?: live in, things to do
  33. Do you see of European immigrants/expats in your town?: cities, Russians
  34. Welcoming Advice Finding New Location: apartment, rent, insurance
  35. Need help on how to break up this trip, ideas....: beaches, cities
  36. American U.S. Citizen VS. Outsiders?: find a job, legal, permits
  37. What do you loathe more in a city: crowded subways/buses or really bad traffic?: house
  38. mosquitoes, no-see-ums, chiggers, ticks,: how much, activity, areas
  39. Possibly moving to one of several states: unemployment rate, salaries
  40. Smart parents and Smarter kids: real estate, lawyer, bankrupt
  41. In Your Well-Traveled/Well-Versed Opinion, Which City Best to Relocate To For Personal Training Business?: credit
  42. Measure of America project: quality of life, place, good
  43. Changes to your cities?: condo, place to live, bus
  44. Recap of 3 week Western Road Trip!!!: hotel, military, beach
  45. Most Affordable Higley 1000 Neighbourhoods?: for sale, real estate, apartment
  46. CSA amenity requirements: university, live in, areas
  47. America's Most Famous Scottish/Canadian East Coaster's take On Iowa: 2013, hotel
  48. Interesting Maps Using Latest ACS Data: 2013, home, income
  49. Where, The Better Mannners?: employment, living, manufacturing
  50. Multigenerational family thinking of relocating and needs suggestions.: to rent, crime
  51. Swedish or Norwegian ancestry whats more common?: rated, areas
  52. How do states that are affluent live so much more modestly then much poorer states.: houses, purchase
  53. First Impressions of Cities: condos, college, club
  54. High speed rail in America: cost, vs, train
  55. Are southern Americans and northern Americans different cultural groups/nations?: military, vs.
  56. *****************Help me relocate to small, pretty, safe area in USA good on taxes: low crime, house
  57. What's your favorite kind of climate?: live in, vs, areas
  58. Which state should we move to?: home, place to live, suburbs
  59. Best Sports Venues: neighborhood, university, stadium
  60. What does it take to become a local in your city?: transplants, buy
  61. where drinking in public is allowed: sales, house, law
  62. The Road Is Mightier Than The Railway: hotel, home
  63. Puritan Culture in Salt Lake City or Boston: home, college
  64. Help me pick my next city, : Seattle, Philly, Denver, Nova area, Portland: apartments, rentals
  65. Which Cities Are You Most Likely to Encounter Rats/ Mice?: homes, live
  66. Help me pick a New England city to move to?: best city, low crime
  67. Self employed, recent college grad- where should I live??: rent, credit
  68. Have States changed borders with other states: home, college
  69. States you surprisingly liked: houses, food, architecture
  70. Have you ever about living in Alaska ???: vacation home, buy
  71. Still looking for a city that meets all criteria: low crime, chapel
  72. Best Four Season Destination Town in the Southeast: real estate, rental
  73. Looking to relocate: chapel, job market, neighborhoods
  74. No Roads With An Edge-To-The-Name In Europe, You Know: college, to live in
  75. Pros and Cons for relocating to California or Florida?: transplants, real estate
  76. Cities with highest percentage of nerds and lowest percentage of nerds?: tech job, colleges
  77. Companies Native to your City?!: sales, real estate, amusement parks
  78. Cities of Prestige: neighborhood, quality of life, living in
  79. City Pride or City Arrogance ???: best city, transplants, low crime
  80. Chains/Stores native to your region?: live in, restaurants, food
  81. Where is the heart of the city where you live?: house, neighborhoods
  82. What things surprised you about cities, states or places visited?: how much, movies
  83. Where is the best states to be on section 8 housing: low income, rentals
  84. Should Weather be a Big Factor on where you live?: ski resorts, insurance
  85. Best Non-Corporate Cities?: best cities, college, income
  86. If you could move anywhere.: real estate, to rent, homes
  87. What is the Most Urban Conservative/Republican Voting City?: neighborhoods, stats
  88. Why are Americans so obese ?: income, food, rich
  89. Travel survey-friendliest and unfriendliest cities in America: live, friendly
  90. Your favorite city and favorite state?: to live, cities, waterfalls
  91. Y'ain't from 'round R ya? How can YOU tell whether someone isn't from your area?: school, versus
  92. At point, is rebuilding dumb?: 2013, insurance, houses
  93. What is This Ice Cream Topping?: eat, location, rain
  94. Have you been there? (Game): live, nightlife, deal
  95. Major U.S. cities that are always open 24/7: casinos, pharmacies
  96. Eastern Mountains: North vs South: area, quality, winter
  97. What do you think is the most important state in the union?: taxation, living
  98. In which US city is Soccer actually more popular than American football?: stations, radio
  99. Where would I fit in?: university, pros and cons, living
  100. What state/area of america is the best to live in to cure dry skin?: how much, versus
  101. Why do we care so much about World Class ?: mortgages, to live in
  102. Are the suburbs where the American Dream goes to die?: 2013, home
  103. Which state has the most town America feel?: neighborhood, live in
  104. Relocating to Florida or Texas: to rent, university, live
  105. Best city for middle income IT families?: rent, low crime
  106. Most patriotic state?: homes, living in, military
  107. From Madison, WI to San Francisco, CA: Scenic places?: sales, camping
  108. Relocating to: short sale, apartment, foreclose
  109. How many states have you lived in?: home, living in
  110. MSAs/CSAs with 1 true Hub City Vs. MSAs/CSAs with multiple Hubs: live in, restaurants
  111. Has influenced your opinion of where you live?: to live, moving
  112. Recommendations for cities/towns to live???: theater, living, restaurants
  113. Cities with warm weather, low COL, and easy access to outdoors/greenery: real estate, apartment
  114. Does live they dislike? Do you plan on moving and where?: transplants, neighborhoods
  115. Want to leave Michigan for a sunnier, drier, safe, but not too hot location: crime rates, home
  116. So if we were going to choose a state based on that recognize same-sex marriage...?: middle-class, hotels
  117. Sea Level Rise: How will it affect your city?: 2013, buy
  118. How often do you leave your county?: home, live in
  119. Rather live in a city where most people drive, or most us public transportation?: home, neighborhoods
  120. Which of 4 things is being talked about the most in your town?: wedding, live in
  121. New England diaspora: transplants, homes, job market
  122. Which suburbs in your MSA have the most blight?: high crime, homes
  123. Cheapest Farmland in the USA: how much, buying, organic
  124. Need suggestions for states: crime rates, find a job, school districts
  125. US university exchange: George Mason, Goucher or Roanoke?: 2014, house
  126. Cities with lots of Soul? Cities with less Soul?: transplants, real estate
  127. Inexpensive waterfront property?: for sale, big house, college
  128. Need to move out of Utah: fit in, daycare, find a job
  129. best cities to start a new life: car insurance, employment
  130. Locate Me: cities, distances, driving
  131. Best cities to celebrate 4th of July: buy, live
  132. Which state would you like to live in and why?: home, living in
  133. Recommend a city to a young tech professional: apartment, lease
  134. Looking to relocate: sales, home, neighborhood
  135. How wet does the eastern US feel?: swimming, dryer
  136. The 20 Best Cities for 20-Somethings: 2013, college, living in
  137. My perfect place, anywhere in the world....: live, suburban
  138. Suggest a City!: rent, job market, neighborhood
  139. Which one is biggest Alaska Colorado Texas Missouri or Rhode Island?: fit in, suburbs
  140. Cities that pull over their weight for their size?: employment, shops
  141. Americas Best Little Beach Towns: restaurants, residential, rated
  142. What iPhone ownership says about a city's socio-economic situation: best neighborhoods, 2013
  143. A city or cities that you view from afar......: 2013, house
  144. City clothing styles: fit in, living in, cost of
  145. Is it every American's duty to know all 50 states?: homes, elementary school
  146. which city/MSA has best salary/cost of living ratio: best cities, 2013
  147. Underrated scenic spots in the country: camping, military, beach
  148. Which State or City or Town has the most friendly people?: transplants, apartment
  149. UK student studying abroad in the USA. Where to go?: 2014, chapel
  150. Do you like the look of Sunbelt suburbs or the look of the northern suburbs?: middle-class, design
  151. Roughest looking street corner in the U.S courtesy of Google Street Views: house, neighborhood
  152. A brief overview of the Vietnamese population in the United States: neighborhoods, live
  153. Which of places is the most unique in your opinion?: house, living
  154. The literal meanings of place names in the U.S.: 2013, living
  155. Favorite movie filmed in your city or state?: live in, things to do
  156. Which of 16 wealthy places sounds most appealing to you?: hotel, home
  157. Cigarette (vending) machines at supermarkets?: amusement park, hotels, buying
  158. does this place exist??: scorpion, live in, office
  159. Would you trade perfect weather for your ideal city?: living in, cost of
  160. LONG ISLAND to NC or reverse: 2013, rent, crime
  161. Cities and the Creative Vitality Index: how much, employment, theater
  162. Which city or state is the best for me :o ?: crime, neighborhood
  163. MSA vs. Urbanized Area - Which statistics represents the true size of a city: 2013, live
  164. Do you see lots of Obama bumper stickers in your city or town?: home, college
  165. Are there American cities similar to Montréal?: houses, neighborhoods
  166. International Exchange Program in the US. Where to go?: schools, universities
  167. What are states you often forget about?: cities, island
  168. States Most Famous Brand: 2013, cities, Sears
  169. Border cities that don't belong in their state?: movies, young professionals
  170. Favorite downtowns: live, restaurants, shop
  171. Did you or you know move out west to avoid the humidity?: house, live
  172. Is California distinct from the rest of the US?: live, vs.
  173. Top 20 Amusement/Theme Parks in North America: amusement park, to buy
  174. Need to learn a lot about american life: how much, home
  175. Neighborhoods in SanFran, NYC, Seattle, and/or Portland that seem resistant to gentrification?: low income, apartments
  176. Best City in the West With a Small Town Feel: house, find a job
  177. Are there cities better then houston texas?: metro, areas
  178. North VS South Theory: neighborhoods, schools, incomes
  179. Cities with dense semi-rural population?: middle-class, real estate, houses
  180. Americans: What do you think of Canada?: school, tax
  181. Choosing a state to live in?: 2014, apartment, renting
  182. Least feministic state/part of the US?: salary, moving to
  183. asthmatics who've lived in different areas of the U.S.?: movers, houses
  184. help someone who needs a new life: appointed, for sale
  185. 22 Y/O looking for a new start: credit, home
  186. Are Austin, Portland, good cities for everyone?: low income, rentals
  187. Most beautiful cathedral in USA?: skyscrapers, places, town
  188. Cross country U.S. road trip - general price/time?: coupon, hotels
  189. Does your city have pedicabs?: taxi, living in, move
  190. one full week, which East Coast tourist spots can I enjoy?: rent, how much
  191. An older woman's playground--do you know a place?: for sale, condos
  192. Place with mtns, nature but sunnier than Portland, OR?: apartment, living
  193. The Best Fitting State For Us?: low income, crime, homes
  194. Looking to kill a day about halfway between MA and VA: hotel, gardens
  195. What is the property tax rate your city/community?: home, property tax rates
  196. Where, in your state, can you get the farthest away from a Googlel StreetView?: friendly
  197. What are places in the US that resemble different European countries the most?: cities
  198. Movie Ticket Sales by City/Zip??: office, top 10, Friday
  199. Best friends in other states: live, move, town
  200. Northern Ocean-Side City with an upscale waterfront and decent Cost of Living ??: pros and cons