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  1. Cost of Studying Abroad in the US?: transferring to, schools
  2. new beginning for mom and baby (affordable rent, insurance and plenty of kids activities): apartments
  3. Race and Place in the USA
  4. Looking for NE vacation suggestions: house, live, restaurants
  5. Is there a statistic that measures the overall niceness of a place?: crime
  6. Strictest amplified music ordinance/enforcement: home, live, suburban
  7. states: north/northern, south/southern,: universities, live, airport
  8. VT v ME v NH: crime, home, buying
  9. Will be moving summer of 2015: unemployment rate, high school, place to live
  10. Weirdest Demonyms: promotional, cities, residents
  11. Help me on this Treasure Hunt (moving): apartment, rent
  12. Dongbei Cuisine: restaurants, food, place
  13. Ive been researching for years.. help!: renting, how much, buying a house
  14. Fastest Growing States and Slowest Growing States of the 2010's: 2013, island
  15. Is driving north from the Bos-Wash region in the winter difficult?: rent, how much
  16. Display your city's variety of residential housing stock: houses, construction
  17. What would you say the capital of each region is?: great, green
  18. weather and your spot in the world: ski resorts, new home
  19. I'm 20, looking to relocate to the east coast for a smart city w/ young crowd: 2014
  20. I can live anywhere, where should I live?: sales, college
  21. What State matches Me and My Wife's Ideal Climate?: to live in, suburbs
  22. Are Westerners friendly in your opinion?: average, hospital, east coast
  23. Oregon Scenery vs Washington Scenery: school, living in, parks
  24. Are minorities in areas with large minority populations* less or more integrated into 'mainstream American society'?: fit in
  25. Something we all can be proud of.: credit, moving
  26. Where should we look in the mid-atlantic region?: homes, good schools
  27. Big Cities or Small Cities?: low crime, unemployment rate, to live in
  28. Leaving Miami: Affordable & Safe City with Seasons?: extended stay, 2015
  29. move to California from Florida, need advice: transplants, apartment
  30. Free app to check of each ZIP Code: unemployment rate, income
  31. Best State for Autism: preschool, to live in, adults
  32. Nomadic Lifestyle legal in the USA?: rent, condo, buy
  33. weird and strange crime in Washington State and Oregon: law school, places to live
  34. Where to move with construction jobs?: foreclosed, rentals, houses
  35. Looking for my ideal city: job openings, college, price
  36. If the US is my oyster, where would I find the pearl?: university
  37. Most gender-egalitarian states/regions of the USA?: work, culture
  38. Which American region, state or city has the most relaxed, casual dressing style in work culture, and which the least?: club
  39. The People of the State, Plural: live in, island, federal
  40. Crime happens in neighborhoods, not cities.: middle-class, university, gated
  41. Moving in 2016: living, cost of living, population
  42. Give me suggestions - where to move and have...: high school, bars
  43. What are the best places for me to move to for a new start with the following requirements: college
  44. Start over in So FL, So CA, or Denver in Hotel Management - Need advice and comparisons: best city
  45. East vs. West just in terms of adventure?: home, living in
  46. Where to Move on last minute?: job, long term, love
  47. What are of the most underrated mountains or wilderness areas in the U.S?: moving to
  48. State to State Migration Patterns for 2012: 2013, versus, assess
  49. City with the best Radio Stations: college, station, market
  50. Help! Trying to figure out...: 2013, low crime, house prices
  51. locations that fit this criteria?: sales, house, university
  52. Best US Small Cities/Large Towns for Horses?: neighborhoods, live
  53. Planning big trip to Colorado, California, Utah, and Arizona. Need advice!: 2014, renting
  54. What city has the most unattractive women?: title, snake
  55. Moving to US, which city should I choose to work as a RN?: rent
  56. Best location to purchase vacation rental/home paradise?: renter, houses
  57. Results: home, unemployment, schools
  58. Notable movies that have been filmed in your city/state?: 2013, home
  59. U.S./Canada Border Crssings: camps, live, to eat
  60. good relocation tests?: rental, home, school
  61. Leaving the big city. (NYC) Looking for a new city to relocate to.: rent
  62. Why do people say that an area with a lot of Northern/Western/Foreign transplants is no longer in the South?: moving
  63. relocation-friendly but not nosey: move to, place, good
  64. Cities With the Most Christmas Lights: 2013, homes, neighborhoods
  65. Best long distance trail? PCT vs. CDT vs. AT vs. PNT: island, skyline
  66. New Beginning in a Coastal Town - Looking for Ideas!: how much, neighborhood
  67. Which states/cities have the highest proportions of young populations?: universities, living
  68. ​Netflix warns it will rally customers to defend net neutrality: health insurance, student loans
  69. Newspaper tube geography: live, zoning, codes
  70. Single Mom Relocation from Arizona back East: crime rate, to buy
  71. Stateless military family. Where to retire?: 2013, to rent, chapel
  72. Moving out from Overland Park (Kansas City). Which city on the west coast would be most similar lifestyle wise?: apartments
  73. Which Major Cities have the worst drug problems/trafficking?: centers, area
  74. Best cities that have cheap one bedroom apartments?: rental car, renters
  75. After Independence why did New York not change its name: houses, neighborhood
  76. Vacation in the summer: college, cabins, architecture
  77. which cities do you think could blend in perfectly w/ other states?: fit in, architecture
  78. Do you like sprawled cities or dense cities?: apartments, big house
  79. I don't think that the Southern US is really that backwards compared to the rest of the country.: transplants, high school
  80. Which city should you actually live in? (Just for fun): living, places
  81. Your favorite city/state mottos, nicknames, flags or seals.: home, live
  82. What are major cities without a Martin Luther King Jr Drive?: live, rated
  83. CA Vs. Southern Vs. Northeast Culture. What are the attributes?: fit in, how much
  84. Friendliest state been to?: home, live in, nicest
  85. Most people live in the same area their entire life?: 2013, home
  86. Best College Towns/Cities: 2014, chapel, home
  87. Does the Rust Belt still exist?: 2013, employment, neighborhoods
  88. Components of Growth 2010-2013 by STATE: statistics, moving, retiree
  89. Best state to raise a family in New England (COL, SOL, Salary, Suburbs, ): house, university
  90. Big house/yard and not a car: Contradiction?: neighborhood, theater
  91. Where should I go?: transplants, crime, home
  92. I think the Northwest and the Upper Midwest might be the least racist regions of the USA.: college, gated
  93. Gay couple looking for the perfect gay-friendly town in New England!: safe neighborhoods, public schools
  94. Do people ever move up north or back east?: home, living
  95. Best places to live that have no big venomous bugs or natural disasters: best towns, 2013
  96. Regional borders: 2013, live in, move
  97. Need to Leave Phoenix: low crime, home, camping
  98. Does an airport really reflect a city perfectly?: living in, station
  99. Is the Southern accent derived from Scots?: college, coastal
  100. What US city should Brits visit?: rent, high crime
  101. Finicky Mountain girl seeking New Mountain Town: allergies, to live in
  102. St. Louis is San Francisco of the midwest: best city, 2013
  103. Major Cities That Get 4 Seasons With Milder Winters?: places, pictures
  104. Largest Hispanic Populations in the U.S that come from their country and are American born?: live in, yard
  105. Relocating to US: find a job, school districts, tornadoes
  106. Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, ...: homes, neighborhoods, school
  107. for Others Who Live in a Cold State: transplants, home
  108. Need Help on Landmarks of Major Cities: school, slums
  109. Perfect sized college towns...: schools, universities, live
  110. What makes the Sun Belt so attractive?: transplants, apartments
  111. Half of U.S. counties have not recovered from recession: 2014, unemployment rate
  112. A Warmer, Cheaper Vermont?: chapel, broker, how much
  113. 3 years of LA is enough, where to go next???: school, living
  114. What is the most scenic place in the East Coast? (Pics Welcome!): live in, versus
  115. Relocation makes it harder to see family?: crime rates, house
  116. Would you consider Oregon and Washington part of the Sunbelt ?: townhouse, contractor
  117. Ideal place for a unconventional family? (Same-sex parents): fit in, home
  118. US Cities with the Fewest Hipsters?: fit in, 2014, theatres
  119. Aerospace Capitals in the US: storage, beach, design
  120. What foreign fast food chains,stores operate in your US state or commonweath? (live, restaurants): hotel, neighborhood
  121. What NFL teams are located in good cities to visit? (Best to worst): credit, hotel
  122. need help about living in USA: apartments, to rent, crime
  123. Unemployment falls hard in US metros in November: unemployment rate, salary
  124. City/metro with lots of jobs and cheap housing: chapel, houses
  125. Seattle, Austin, Portland---best city to live in and why?: cities, cheaper
  126. What city with an NFL team has the least amount of crime?: high crime, gangs
  127. What do you guys think of Richmond and Baltimore?: transplants, crime
  128. Is QOL equal to COL?: neighborhoods, living in, restaurants
  129. News, New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population: 2013, wage
  130. Best Small Cities in the US: 2013, loan, buying a house
  131. Top US cities for outdoor public New Years Eve celebrations?: 2014, apartment
  132. Walkable suburbs.......: 2013, homes, neighborhoods
  133. Cafe Culture in the United States: credit, hotel, houses
  134. 2013 Crime Rates: appointed, 2014, safer
  135. Is Regional Variation in the U.S. Largely Within the Working Class?: upper-class, transplants
  136. Is the Pacific Northwest overrated?: transplants, home, landscaping
  137. Friendly neigborhoods: homes, neighborhoods, college
  138. What are your favorite accents in continental United States?: gangs, car
  139. City with most attractive people: construction, live in, beach
  140. What are great things the Northeast has that the Western U.S. doesn't? (not trying to insult: real estate, 2013
  141. What are cheap + walkable US cities?: for sale, apartments
  142. I'd Love to Visit, but Wouldn't Want to Live There: universities, living
  143. The Upper Midwest.: live, deposits, areas
  144. What are your vacation plans in 2014?: renting, home, theatre
  145. Is there a city where: fit in, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  146. Cities with the most affordable urbanized area(s)?: fit in, high crime
  147. Looking for suggestions on a new city to move to...: sales, apartment
  148. Why do people stay in cold US climates? Poll: low crime, income
  149. International Exchange to the US: Where to study?: transplants, transfer
  150. Which City Should I Consider Moving To: hotels, home
  151. Oceanfront Cities - where would you live?: house, taxes
  152. Regional Dialect Quiz: 2013, live, store
  153. More southern Maryland or Missouri??: live, design, rated
  154. Are regional identities weaker in other parts of the US compared to the South?: transplants, school
  155. What are milder - Pacific Northwest or Deep South winters?: live, land
  156. Which state has the friendliest people?: to buy, groceries, food
  157. Within Your City , is there area with significant Muslim / Arabs population ?: home, neighborhood
  158. final decision...: sales, 2013, buying a house
  159. City Homicide Rates for 2013: how much, income, stats
  160. Is There US City Having Such An Amazing Climate: price, beach
  161. Life Expectancy in U.S. Rising Slower Than: 2013, insurance
  162. Need help moving! Need advice: how much, best school, colleges
  163. Wilderness Living - best place to build yourself a cabin?: construction, cost
  164. Do Dog and Blog rhyme for you?: county, accent
  165. Dallas VS Miami VS Houston ... Which City Has A More Bearable Summer: neighborhood, move
  166. Are North Carolina and Virginia becomming less Southern?: transplants, credit
  167. Help me convince the GF to move south: 2014, chapel
  168. Are you currently living in your ideal place?: neighborhoods, taxes
  169. A dish to represent each city: restaurants, shop, food
  170. Why are women such a minority in this forum? Why are so few seemingly interested in geography?: college, living
  171. The 20 coldest large US cities....: 2014, unemployment, living in
  172. If you could live wherever you want, where would you live - your ideal city: house, pros and cons
  173. Tired of Portland and want a change: employment, neighborhoods
  174. Looking for a new start in a new city: home, school
  175. Where should I live?: hotels, homes, schools
  176. Smaller cities that are walkable with good public transportation?: chapel, find a job
  177. Most pleasant part of your state: best, trees, area
  178. Record Breaking COLD today - Artic Frigid Air - the USA is feeling like Siberia!: homeless, car
  179. moving to AL, GA, TN, NC, or SC: sales, good schools
  180. Americans: What is your favorite province in Canada?: best cities, live in
  181. Will the sunbelt boom slow down? Will the north ever boom again?: transplants, neighborhood
  182. Best place to start over with baby son. (low rent, insurance, low crime rates): unemployment rate, schools
  183. Trying to find a new state to move to-- picky about climate (a happy medium between Michigan and South Carolina): transplants, unemployment rate
  184. Where should I grow my company?: sales, real estate, lease
  185. Next state to legalize recreational marijuana?: 2013, purchases, live
  186. Northeastern cities with green, open neighborhood(s) within walking distance?: real estate, apartment
  187. The 10 Richest Black Communities in America: 2014, neighborhoods, high school
  188. Single mother trying to findd new state for new beginning (low crim, affordable rent, SAFE, friendly): apartment, employment
  189. a nice spring break area within 10 hrs driving from Cleveland: beach, estimates
  190. Which are the cleanest and most organized cities in the USa?: homeless, beaches
  191. pleasant damp, grey areas?: best city, 2013, health insurance
  192. Best southern state to live in for a family: low crime, house
  193. America's Best Drivers: friendly, park, weather
  194. Anglicization of the U.S.?: title, areas, top
  195. List of Weird State Laws.: facts
  196. Cool City Data Maps: 2013, metro, cities
  197. Article comparing Texas vs California: 2013, different, interest
  198. Best tax software for Canadian resident in US: taxes, alternatives
  199. Transit systems with unique station designs
  200. HUDWAY projects: road, video, windshield