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  1. 'Nerd' taunt drove Navy man to arson: live, trailer
  2. Moving to US after Graduation: how much, lawyer, employment
  3. School of Recording Arts......: schools, university, live
  4. Do you have a second home?: real estate, apartment, condo
  5. Twisters & quakes: movies, tornado, earthquake
  6. Cities with dirty downtowns
  7. Our aging infrastructure: attorney, construction, lawsuits
  8. Pics of your cities.: neighborhood, eat, suburbs
  9. Cross Country move San Francisco to Connecticut: mover, moving
  10. How has your city/region/state changed in the past 5-20 years?: cul-de-sac
  11. young&single; best place to live??: hotels, dorms
  12. best Midwest cities with a population under 340,00: about, small
  13. Cities With Coal Power Plants: living, pollution, oil
  14. Arizona or South Carolina?: transplants, real estate, neighborhoods
  15. Cities with oil refineries: homes, oil refinery, suburbs
  16. The Economy.: real estate, home, bankrupt
  17. Strange things people do on the freeway: camp, live
  18. 5 Most Simple Modes To Get Working Visa?: home, to move
  19. Help me get out of Jersey.: transplants, apartments, rent
  20. How do cities survive?: real estate market, homes, construction
  21. North Jersey Or Boston Metro Ara???: malls, area, places to visit
  22. Problems with our country: how much, houses, tax
  23. Recommendations on relocation: new home, safe neighborhood, good schools
  24. Is it hard to become mainstream rapper in Chicago, IL?: homes, live
  25. Why don't people associate wood-frame houses with urbanity?: apartment, townhouses
  26. What Are Of The Beautiful Churches In Your City ?: university, architectural
  27. Whats your favorite skylines?: cities, buildings, Sears
  28. Normal places in L.A. to live: apartments, places to live
  29. Summer Spots: island, places, humid
  30. Cities with very similar skylines: architecture, architect, towns
  31. News, Hispanic growth extends eastward.: moving, ordinances, suburban
  32. east coast humidity...: campers, electricity, places
  33. America's Fastest Growing Suburbs: homes, live, restaurants
  34. WorKing Remotely..Where to Live???: lease, home, school districts
  35. State by State 'Deficient' OR 'Obsolete' Bridge.: house, earthquake
  36. The most diverse area goes to NORTH JERSEY: live, Hispanic
  37. Future ghost towns: school, live, farms
  38. State with easiest and hardest DMV tests: transplants, live
  39. Best Suburbs In Your City ?: university, live, residential
  40. H4 visa: How can i get a teaching job with an H4 visa: college
  41. What area has the most diversity?: how much, pay, present
  42. Favorite vacation place?: live, beach, island
  43. Similar To Branson: hotel, college, area
  44. Which do you prefer?: apartments, condo, house
  45. What Does Gas Cost Where You Live ?: costs, bill
  46. NY or L.A: theatre, high school, move to
  47. Where can a dog groomer make a good living? Anywhere out there with a need for groomers?: salons
  48. News: Salt Lake City's tap water judged 'tastiest'
  49. Cheapest state to keep horses: upkeep, costs, horse
  50. Pacific Time Zone: live in, deal, cities
  51. Where is the perfect fit for me?: transplants, private school
  52. Did you have a job lined up before you moved?: insurance, how much
  53. Is the Black Hills of SD considered the American West?: homes, live
  54. Moving closer to the ocean....: low crime, school, living
  55. Would I be able to be a citizen of the US?: home, find a job
  56. Still looking for the perfect town: homes, studio
  57. Police call: loan, felony, groceries
  58. Most Active Waterfront?: house, restaurants, marketplace
  59. finding a summer place without humidity or bugs: scorpions, living
  60. Riskiest Housing Markets: middle-class, ski resorts, real estate market
  61. Which major US city do you think is the most diverse?: transplants, high school
  62. What state has the most boring people?: home, neighborhood
  63. One word to describe a city or state: universities, nightlife
  64. Most scenic drives in the U.S.: movies, shop
  65. Best/most beautiful places to raise a family??: crime rate, movies
  66. Is Virginia Very Awesome???: chapel, house, neighborhoods
  67. What State do you live in?: low crime, schools, quality of life
  68. Demographics of our forum?: county, Hispanics, race
  69. We Are All Spoiled In America: coupons, insurance, how much
  70. The absolutely ugliest neighborhood in America is?: low income, crime
  71. Do Cities just have BETTER PEOPLE?: lawyer, high schools
  72. Where is the absolutely worst crime filled neighborhood in America?: crime rate, houses
  73. Can working class live the dream?: best cities, houses, employment
  74. Thinking of moving to L.A or NY wheres best?: apartments, rent
  75. Cities with the best houses.: apartments, condos, custom home
  76. What Type Of Trees Make Up Your City?: live, pine
  77. Best Coffee Cities?: houses, neighborhoods, buy
  78. Which three cities would you pick?: houses, cabin, beach
  79. The Get me out of Factor: crime, home
  80. What Type Of Bridges Do You Have In Your City: train, county
  81. Detroit or your car?: crime, high school, college
  82. Favorite State: homes, place to live, move to
  83. longest acceptable commute?: apartment, house, neighborhood
  84. is there a 98 % white caucasian city: suburban, metro area, cities
  85. I-35W Minneapolis-Saint Paul bridge collapses!: how much, homes, construction
  86. City with the most HAZE is?: live, smog, title
  87. Define the word crisp weather: high school, college
  88. States With No Sales Tax: rent, car registration, buying
  89. Looking for my perfect city...: neighborhoods, high school, college
  90. What cities do you want to visit?: buying, camper
  91. State with the Worst Tailgating Idiots: to buy, living, military
  92. The Perfect City: sales, low crime, schools
  93. Are we all crazy about moving near a nuke plant?: real estate, buying a house
  94. 60 World Cities ranked according to Anholt City Brands Index: income, living in
  95. Gas protest on labor Day weekend: to rent, buying, live in
  96. Best horse community: real estate, low crime, homes
  97. What State East of the MISSISSIPPI has the most beautiful scenery?: live, beaches
  98. Anywhere in the US i can make it on 25-28k a yr?: rent, unemployment rate
  99. Which city would you like to see get on the hip hop map?: money, cities
  100. Good Safe African American Communities: middle-class, how much, houses
  101. Best town for Halloween festivities: for sale, to rent, houses
  102. which city, skyline, downtown is greatest.: best city, condos, hotel
  103. Best overall Weather pattern: living in, activity, best weather
  104. What areas and/or towns/cities have the best summers: employment, camping
  105. Does a City have to be ethnically diverse to be a good place to live?: crime rates, schools
  106. There's no such thing as a new life in U.S. city.: real estate, apartment
  107. What city or state is the most like Japan?: houses, earthquakes
  108. does cities in japan, china, beat out american cities?: vs, move
  109. Can't find a place to live...brain hurting.: how much, house
  110. Areas of your state that are made fun of, looked down upon, or have unique characteristics (i.e. accents, people).: camping, live in
  111. List of the 100 biggest metro areas in the US, and their growth rates: live in, statistics
  112. Biggest lame city in the US?: home, universities, live in
  113. Does actually have a suburban mindset?: cul-de-sac, home
  114. Wiccan City: to buy, school, to live
  115. favorite beach town?: getaway, island, towns
  116. Best State: home, to live, move
  117. UK doctor and engineer locking for to live and work: health insurance, schools
  118. Is the City you live in SCENIC and PRETTY?: apartments, motels
  119. What is your educational attainment?: high school, university, design
  120. What cities do you think will lose their rank by 2060?: income, manufacturing
  121. Going on a 4000 mile trip: Which city will I like the best?: chapel, to live
  122. Where Does The Name Of Your City And State Originate From ?: safe, suburb
  123. Which declining city do you think will make a turn around?: insurance, condos
  124. Favorite Great Plains state: live in, move, pine
  125. Earthquake Risk?: estimated, cities, top
  126. Favorite States?: groups, start
  127. in 2010 waht US city will have the tallest skyscraper in the country: construction, buildings
  128. Favorite Road Trip around the U.S. Ever Taken: restaurant, stores
  129. States whose names are Indian-affiliated: purchase, living, land
  130. Where would you live if pricing and jobs weren't a factor?: apartment, rent
  131. Is a staggering cost of living a BLUE State Thing?: how much, homes
  132. Best cities for teachers to get jobs and afford to live: chapel, teaching jobs
  133. Artist type finding a place for good: renting, house
  134. Texas, New York or California: real estate, neighborhoods, schools
  135. the Fight for California: legal, estimated, suburbs
  136. What do you call yourself?: live in, vs, pronounced
  137. Why does most of the foreigners go to L.A. or New York?: home, landscaping
  138. Midwest cities or Northeast Cities: neighborhoods, theatres, living
  139. Which city with a med school is good for a young family?: rent, crime rate
  140. Cities with Best Tap Water: home, live, suburbs
  141. Denver, Kansas City, or Omaha?: lofts, condos, hotels
  142. What Is The Ugliest Skyscraper In Your Cities Downtown ?: condo, hotel
  143. Cities wth the best future projects that may or may not be built.: apartments, condominiums
  144. cities with the best skyline: architecture, buildings, highrise
  145. what cities on what regions are the best: best cities, climate
  146. Apparently, I can't move to America: employment, transfer, college
  147. the most beautiful skyscraper in your city: live in, best
  148. Minnesota cities vs. Michigan cities: college, place to live, versus
  149. What are your favorite U.S. cities and why? (merged topics): appointed, houses
  150. Is there anywhere left in America where new neighbors will be welcomed?: house, neighborhoods
  151. Name States with Rivers named after them: metro area, free
  152. Why So Much Hatred for Indianapolis?: crime, home, neighborhoods
  153. Top 50 Daily Newspapers: hotels, mall, business
  154. which us capitols of thirty are the nost urban, culture things to do: college, nightlife
  155. Which Metro Area is worst for traffic?: construction, living in
  156. Teaching Couple Ready to Move Anywhere!: ski resorts, fit in, sales
  157. Detoit or St. Louis?: crime, to live in, vs.
  158. Rate Your Mayor: crime, houses, college
  159. Miami or Denver: amusement parks, to live, vs
  160. Which state is the poorest and has most gun crime?: low income, crime rate
  161. Which city would you pick out of: place to live, park
  162. The best state and city to live in the southeast: neighborhoods, living
  163. Too hot or too cold?: to live in, area, clothing
  164. Best lake cities/towns: job market, theater, living
  165. Big Cities Bred Big Time Rappers?: middle-class, crime, felony
  166. Which cities provide the best climate for black lawyers?: credit, live
  167. What are the top 2 cities, or area in your state....: transplants, college
  168. Most Dangerous Metros: homes, neighborhoods, safest
  169. Hippest Southern City: hotel, live in, shop
  170. Which Rust-Belt City Would You Consider Living In?: violent crime, houses
  171. mountains vs mountains: live in, trees, snow
  172. Whats the best city for me to choose in The Midwest?: apartments, private school
  173. Do You Like Winter?: home, to buy, live in
  174. What do you think about USA ?: to live in, hospitable
  175. Four Seasons?: live in, yard, transit
  176. What is the safest, most affordable, and entertaining major city?: best cities, real estate
  177. Midwestern Cities/Metros Good for Interracial Relationships: how much, house
  178. cities with the most dangerous metros: crime, live, gardens
  179. cities with the best casinos, outside Las Vegas: money, famous
  180. Best Midwest Cities: living in, dangerous, nightlife
  181. Big U.S. city with the lowest house prices?: ski resort, for sale
  182. Chicago's mag mile or New York's midtown, and so on: vs., moving
  183. lived in Vermont and Midwest?: transplants, homes, moving to
  184. Developer want world's tallest building for US: 2015, earthquake
  185. Houston compared to Raleigh: pros and cons, live, metro area
  186. Pictures Of Natural Disasters: tornadoes, earthquakes, floods
  187. which city, skyline, downtown is greatest.: best city, live, nicest
  188. Indoor or outdoor town: cities
  189. where are all the new yorkers moving: where to
  190. best midwest city with a population under 340,000: state, diverse
  191. 30% Windfall Tax on oil compinies gas profits over 1 Billion: sale, price
  192. Help guys: Moving to US from Italy....: pros and cons, live
  193. Cities struggle to fix aging infrastructure:: time, 2007, about
  194. Cities with the most dependent commuters
  195. Helo I need help: live, place, summers
  196. Best Suburbs In Your City ?
  197. How to find your perfect home / property: for sale, real estate
  198. Production and sales of mid-range priced homes in the U.S: prices, year
  199. Cajuns Outside of Louisiana: area, population
  200. Transplants: Are you happy with your new home?: living, move