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  1. Media centers within US metro areas: neighborhood, university, mall
  2. Family placing roots: low crime, find a job, good schools
  3. Funniest CD US threads: time
  4. What city is a good fit for me?: low crime, house
  5. Ranking the former Confederate states: different, should
  6. new palzt vs cortland (Biology major): houses, school, universities
  7. Is there a cost of living calculator that will suit my needs?: how much
  8. How to pull of moving out on my own at 18 with only over $1,300 to my name?: apartments
  9. Tucson, Denver or Las Vegas or?: rentals, crime, house
  10. Single, Special Ed Teacher a move to NC or TN: insurance, chapel
  11. Me and my GF want to move to a new city - suggestions :): apartment
  12. Looking to move to a city that is for me when I leave college...: low crime
  13. Can you guys help me to find the city?: university, gated
  14. Nicest Cops: to live, law, cars
  15. Best city to move to for a young single male: sales, low crime
  16. Are people in the inland West similar to West Coasters?: how much, taxes
  17. Starting Out New: chapel, college, living
  18. NC/SC friendliness (poll): friendly, metro, areas
  19. Mid West Gas Prices??: taxes, cheapest, station
  20. Portland, Seattle or Boston? Help me decide: apartment, student loan
  21. Looking for a new place to live - suggestions?: theatre, college
  22. young profession female in mid 20s moving to austin: rent, home
  23. LEAST windy part of the U.S.?: to live in, to move
  24. Better beach town to retire in Pensacola or Myrtle Beach: low crime, gated
  25. Need advice on driving from Frederick, MD to Agoura Hills,CA: rental car, rental
  26. moving from Denver to NJ!: how much, garden, moving to
  27. What states, if still call their prisons, prisons?: schools, centers
  28. Which state is best for me?: income, quality of life, income tax
  29. Road trip from Boston to New Orleans - Ideas for stops?: hotel, college
  30. Midsize to small city near mountains - relocating back from New Zealand: good schools
  31. Random CD stat, post per State: chapel, moving to, metro
  32. Texas or Florida?: rent, houses, to buy
  33. If there had been no historical restrictions on Chinese and other Asian immigration...: how much
  34. Need your advice to select the best place to start ?: 2013, rental homes
  35. Is the newscasts in your area obsessed with football during football season: high school
  36. difficult choice: neighborhood, schools, costs
  37. Should Hitch-hiking be legalized?: ride, people, small
  38. Looking for a new move?? help: real estate, rent
  39. need out of the midwest - best suggestions: apartment, condos
  40. Interesting report on rent prices by US counties: 2014, area
  41. Cheapest city for beach activities? jet ski,: areas, coastal
  42. Roadtrip from Ohio to California (recommendations needed): rent, university
  43. Would you rather live in a transient or settled area?: transplants, living in
  44. Amish-like communities recreating the 50s-80s USA?: movies, living
  45. Are people on the east coast more uptight and classy: home
  46. Ideal place to raise a family?: rent, low crime, new home
  47. Trying to figure out tolls (NY, PA, OH, IN, IL) on I-90 and I-80: how much
  48. News, Half in Illinois and Connecticut Want to Move: move to, to relocate
  49. Looking for a place to settle down: amusement parks, high crime
  50. Top 5 Cultured Cities in the Interior West: house, university
  51. Safest downtowns?: crime, hotel, homeless
  52. I Can Live Anywhere, Help Me Out: to live in, restaurants
  53. Moving back to the U.S. from Ireland, seeking laid-back, safe, vibrant city: neighborhoods
  54. Traveling cross country: hotels, buy, food
  55. Neighborhood vs. neighborhood national version: college, income, versus
  56. Snakes found in urban areas?: living in, eat, suburbs
  57. Can you identify all the cities in this graphic?: best, metro
  58. FL vs other states (weird crimes, .: transplants, 2014
  59. D.C., Baltimore and Richmond: transplants, suburbs, architecture
  60. Affordable Sunbelt Cities/Town with High Concentrations of Craftsman Bungalows?: for sale, house
  61. 33% of Americans overall want to move out of their state: income, to live in
  62. Looking for a city like Panama City, Panama in the US: living, costs
  63. Best major US city that isn't considered cool/hip?: transplants, job market
  64. What are the most urban small cities/towns?: movie theaters, taxi
  65. Cities that don't really need state abbreviations behind them, but always get them.: business, famous
  66. Want to move to Deep South but have major insect phobia: house, neighborhoods
  67. Interesting poll about Most ____ state .: garden, airport
  68. What's the prettiest Midwestern state in your opinion?: live, airports
  69. Southern Florida or California: transplants, attorneys, home
  70. Lesbian Towns in the Northeast: job market, move to, beach
  71. Is Southern New Jersey considered part of the south?: agricultural, food
  72. Georgia, more in common with the Carolinas or Alabama/Mississippi?: schools, colleges
  73. Why do employee benefits suck in the sunbelt metros?: deductible, wages
  74. Do you consider New York and Pennsylvania Great Lakes states?: live, statistics
  75. catholic and german?: neighborhoods, middle school, live
  76. why do the most catholic states vote democrat?: live in, bill
  77. scariest cities/neighborhoods ever been to: crime, motel
  78. Map of most commonly spoken language by state [besides English and Spanish]: 2014, how much
  79. Associating regions with ethnic groups: neighborhoods, live, food
  80. Places in the USA with the most inclusive and least cliquish people?: transplants, homes
  81. What U.S. city has the most British people?: insurance, neighborhoods
  82. Not liking large cities is looked down upon?: hippest, living in
  83. Beach vs Mountains: living, eat, vacation
  84. My definition of the South: home, school, transit
  85. Which U.S. City do you WISH could be Rebuilt from the Ground-UP?: neighborhood, construction
  86. Should D.C. have high-rises and skyscrapers?: design, best
  87. Cities that love themselves: best city, crime, houses
  88. Do you think Ohio and Missouri are a lot alike?: live, friendly
  89. Should people live in cities with a strong influence of their own ethnicity?: 2014, college
  90. What will be the largest cities in 2050?: friendly, money
  91. What state is the most quintessentially American state?: military, area
  92. VA and KY the South: transplants, schools, moving
  93. If weather wasn't a issue, would you still live in your home state?: living in, moving to
  94. Confederate Flags in the South: houses, live in, designs
  95. If I were looking for a suburb: 2013, to rent
  96. Why do people like to separate the Northeast and the Mid Atlantic rather than having it as one region?: school, move
  97. Name me a city!: apartments, loft, neighborhoods
  98. What major cities have the best fishing: 2013, live
  99. Why do hispanic americans change their accent when saying certain words?: cities, locations
  100. Best affordable metros to live car-free?: fit in, apartments, neighborhoods
  101. does Austin have the most construction currently in USA?: homes, neighborhood
  102. Most Neglected part of your state: live in, centers, activity
  103. Is it common for people to have swimming pools where you live?: insurance, hotels
  104. Midwest: more like northeast or plains?: agricultural, land, rating
  105. What is the most dull highway/interstate you have ever driven on in the US?: park, cities
  106. Does your town feel disconnected from the state capital?: transplants, neighborhood
  107. Which city is the next Austin?: homes, university, quality of life
  108. Do the names Erin and Aaron sound the same to you?: pronounced, growing
  109. Places with a strong marijuana culture?: countertops, high school, live in
  110. Should the 13 Northeastern States and DC merge into one state?: quality of life, centers
  111. Chicago vs. Des Moines: home, schools, university
  112. What does New York have more in common with, Hartford/Providence/Boston or Philadelphia/Baltimore/Washington?: houses, centers
  113. Cities and States that inspired animated TV series: home, income
  114. Which New England state is the most diverse?: universities, beaches
  115. What is the most pedestrian friendly and walkable SUBURB?: 2013, living
  116. Where in the US do White women just not care to bleach their hair blonde?: college, best
  117. What do you consider the eastern United States ?: farm, land
  118. Moving to America ! NEED URGENT HELP: to live in, military, suburb
  119. Where Should I Live? Looking for advice: fit in, 2013
  120. Which is the largest incorporated place with no abutting places?: centers, suburbs
  121. How has your area changed since 1994?: real estate, 2014, crime rate
  122. Best Cities by the OCEAN?: to live, beach, places
  123. Do most Americans live in the same metro area most of their life?: 2013, big house
  124. Cities and their failures?: middle-class, real estate, insurance
  125. Become the Governor of your state: section 8, apartments, power lines
  126. Specific cultural aspects of the southern states: sales, home
  127. Help me find a smaller city?: home, college, price
  128. The concept of historical Redneck/Southern migrant enclaves in Midwestern/Northeastern Industrial Cities....: houses, neighborhoods
  129. Funkiest cities?: college, title, best
  130. Why is interracial marriage more common out West than it is out East?: 2014, gated
  131. America's Coolest Desert Towns: houses, restaurants, stores
  132. Rank the South Atlantic states in the order you'd want to live: free, state
  133. America's ten quintessential college towns?: chapel, schools, university
  134. Which city needs a new interstate system?: homes, neighborhoods
  135. The Next America: crime rates, house, tax
  136. Which state do most people move to with no job lined up?: home, job market
  137. Place like Portland, ME, but new to me.: 2013, apartments
  138. best towns around 60,000: home, university, places to live
  139. Smaller PNW cities: best cities, transplants, college
  140. Can You Suggest a Progressive, Racially Mixed, Funky Town in the Northeast?: high crime, neighborhoods
  141. Most LIBERAL cities?: tax rates, health, requirement
  142. Best places for an 18 year old to move to?: crime, home
  143. Do you regard California and Texas as similar?: bonnets, metro
  144. Nobody lives: house, living in, cabin
  145. Looking for advice on moving to the south.: university, camping
  146. Best city in the U.S. to be homeless? NYC, LA, CHI, DC, SF?: hotel, find a job
  147. Georgia vs. Texas: landscaping, quality of life, living
  148. Looking to go to college in the U.S. - what region should I look at?: fit in, schools
  149. Do you feel short, below average, average, above average or tall where you live?: live in, train
  150. Japanese restaurants in North America: home, movies, sushi
  151. What city is the best fit for us?: low crime, home
  152. Best Eastern National Park: horse, rated, parks
  153. If DC Was Never Created...Then Northern Virginia/Mid-Arlantic would......: manufacturing, metro
  154. The most FREE state?: 2013, buy, taxes
  155. What is the most SOUTHERN state?: live, trendy, race
  156. Top 10 most polluted cities in the US: 2014, live
  157. What is the most NORTHERN state?: transplants, best, place
  158. Georgia vs South Carolina, which state is more culturally southern?: home, living
  159. What are good places in the USA for a young interracial couple to move to? (having issues: employment, neighborhoods
  160. Do most people end up moving back to their home metro area after relocation?: neighborhoods, college
  161. Sunbelt Cities With Strong Asian Influence: home, live, restaurants
  162. Introverts' or Loners' Cities & Large Towns: apartment, homes
  163. What states have the most boring history in your opinion?: credit card, house
  164. What states have hardly insects?: scorpions, to live, dangerous
  165. Which state is the most similar to North Carolina?: university, live
  166. I want out of WI and need ideas on great states and cities to consider because I haven't done much traveling: for rent, employment
  167. Top 5 State Parks of each state: houses, camping, beach
  168. Why is there almost no southern accent south of I-10?: areas, cities
  169. Rank the Deep South states in the order you'd want to live: transplants, real estate
  170. Where to settle with our family - beach and mountains required: real estate, chapel
  171. Why do Americans like the NBA, NFL? And not tennis: movies, high school
  172. Main Music Genre of each State?: 2014, station, area
  173. pop and location: live in, store, Whole Foods
  174. What City Has the Most Authentic American Food?: cities, place
  175. Looking for a medium, affordable, low crime, clean, healthy, temperate city to move to upon graduation: apartment, house
  176. Is American Monolingualism really bad?: middle school, gated
  177. Cities with freshwater swimming holes: neighborhood, restaurants, nightlife
  178. Mid Sized conservative city for family.: best cities, low crime, good schools
  179. which city in america is good for the next generation?: best towns, 2013
  180. 10 Largest Cities Under 100 Square Miles: living, cost of living, statistics
  181. Family vs. Location: home, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  182. cities with film scene besides LA: home, versus, move to
  183. Typical Family relocating from Argentina, but, where to?: insurance, movie theater
  184. Want to Relocate to the South(east) from Kansas...Suggestions?: transplants, low crime
  185. Interstate signage in your Metro Area: live, cities, hours
  186. Pick my next city!: neighborhoods, taxes, living
  187. Why do northern states have a higher overall wellbeing?: schools, college
  188. A to American people.: pros and cons, living, bus
  189. Oklahoma: Does it lean Southern, Midwestern, or Western?: area, firm
  190. Aspen, Sedona, Santa Fe, Napa, Nantucket, Palm Beach.....and other places only rich people live in: lawyers, vacation home
  191. Cities with Large Pharmaceutical/Hardware Industry?: employment, pharmacy, area
  192. America's Loneliest Counties - Updated: living, statistics, safer
  193. post pictures of your..or southern style homes in your area!!: live, suburb
  194. Cities with combined population of exactly one million: towns, exercise
  195. If you are looking for something to do this weekend: parks, admission
  196. I am thinking about Reno as the best choice: pharmacy
  197. Private passenger transit in your City ( Commuter Van / Jitney / Vanpooling ) ?: metro, program
  198. Help me figure out where to relocate: house, construction
  199. What’s the most common language in your home state?: crime rates, Vietnamese
  200. Do you still check the news from your home state?: to relocate, metro area