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  1. Going to rent a 1 bedroom apartment soon. Need suggestions of a city, want to move.: low crime
  2. Business Insider's 20 best cities to live for 2014...: home, college
  3. Percent of people in each state born in the region: vs., island
  4. Will Mid-Sized Cities Come Back, or Die Out?: neighborhoods, colleges
  5. Where To Say You Are From?: home, college, living in
  6. COL by major metro area list: how much, house, calculator
  7. Desperate to find medical care in the U.S (from Canada): living in, health care
  8. Wanting to Immigrate to the USA (Netherlands): living in, cost of
  9. Mid-20s lesbian couple looking to relocate: to rent, mortgages
  10. Metros with highest proportion of residents living in downtown?: area, population
  11. Has place changed from poor white to middle class black/vice-versa?: middle-class
  12. What are your first impressions of this name?: school, to live
  13. Moving Oct. 6th: Olympia WA to Fort Smith AR. I-90 to I-29?: safe
  14. Help me find the perfect spot!: neighborhood, living in, public transportation
  15. Americans: Do You Consider South Dakota a Northern or Southern State?: office, place
  16. I need help,I am looking for new places to live.I am looking for a place that have good bus service, ?: weather
  17. US cities with the best climate change outlook: 2014, live
  18. How to move to a small town?: for sale, mobile home
  19. Help me pick where to move: sales, job market, license
  20. What are the most evocative cities in the US?: movies, casinos
  21. snowbird be looking for places for 3 seasons....: for sale, homes
  22. Will Automated Cars Change Everything?: how much, metro area, cities
  23. Amount of shelters for the homeless in us cities: beach, food
  24. USA Airports: cabin, airport, transportation
  25. Year-over-year change in metro unemployment rate. Good job Denver. Whats wrong with Atlanta?: real estate
  26. need advice: best cities, employment, living in
  27. What state would be best for me: find a job, live
  28. Best areas for fall colors in the south?: trees, skyline
  29. Hospitality Internship in it good?: 2013, top hotels
  30. Best mid-sized metros to live in without a car?: colleges, bus
  31. What city sounds best for me?: apartment, rent, low crime
  32. Complete state road maps - What was the company that made them?: to buy
  33. leaving Seattle area in 2-3 years. Where should I move?: low crime, job market
  34. What city is the next Chattanooga or Greenville?: renewal, suburbia
  35. Where do I move? (Young college students looking to move to a city).: best city
  36. Where to go!?: employment, schools, colleges
  37. Which Cities would New Madrid Fault Damage?: earthquake, most dangerous
  38. South Carolina vs. North Carolina: schools, friendly, area
  39. Help planning a southern road trip: 2015, chapel, college
  40. New Neighborhoods (From other cities): fit in, apartments, homes
  41. Senior in college looking for a city to move to upon graduation...: crime
  42. Will all this obsession with development blow up in our face?: high school, gated
  43. Where? Are you undecided?: house, neighborhoods, schools
  44. Police-Force Effectiveness From State-To-State: crime, to live, military
  45. Have you ever paid a toll before by accident by missing a turnoff?: house
  46. How to move from Germany to America?: fit in, employment
  47. how much does confined spaces lead to an urban character?: real estate, linear
  48. Cheap cities to live in with good mechanical engineering prospects?: 2014, headhunters
  49. Looking for options: buy, good schools, to live
  50. Does a city in the US meet this criteria?: to rent, home
  51. Where to establish in US?: where to stay, renting, buying
  52. Good city/state to move to and start a home business?: real estate, oceanfront
  53. Help us make a decision: sales, car insurance, loans
  54. Population centers of states: living in, moving, rating
  55. What should I do in this situation with my car registration/tags?: credit
  56. Moving to the US as a single Dutchman: places to live, airport
  57. Ivy League Cities - Next Big Thing?: real estate, mortgage
  58. state tax in ny vs ct vs nj: low income, sales
  59. Massachusetts, outside of Boston/Cape Cod: Do you find MA to be quaint 'New England'?: fit in
  60. Places that remind you of other places: moving, rated
  61. Which city, located in states, have the friendlinest people?: 2014, college
  62. Do major cities help or hurt rest of state?: unemployment rate, school
  63. Does this particular cities feature--Chicago's el train downtown. Ad to the cities appeal or take from it away somthing?: movies, construction
  64. 500k+ metros with quickest access to mountains in eastern half of US?: best, park
  65. At a loss where to move - Urban city with access to outdoors: school, camping
  66. UMass Boston or UT Austin?: school, universities, places to live
  67. Do African-Americans in the South have that Southern Pride?: dorm, high school
  68. Graduating in May.. where should I move? (Art/Music background): school, living
  69. Relocating... What city to choose?: job openings, transfer to, income
  70. Best Midwestern States to Live, Work, & Play: theatre, college
  71. Safest state(s) as far as natural disasters: tornado, earthquake
  72. looking for a diverse city to relocate to, suggestions?: middle-class, neighborhoods
  73. Are city limits useless?: 2014, income, income tax
  74. Which States Are South Atlantic?: free, census, today
  75. What do you think of Oklahoma?: home, tornadoes, to live
  76. Aussie Family moving to USA, where to live?: good schools, tornadoes
  77. Best Metro's for a foreign interracial couple?: fit in, rent
  78. West vs Midwest vs South vs East: living in, cost
  79. Why doesn't from other western states move to California?: middle-class, sales
  80. Do you prefer Georgia or North Carolina?: to live, beaches
  81. 17 cities ranked for number of days that go <32F or >90F: live, ranking
  82. Moving to US with Family: apartments, for rent, condo
  83. Is Arizona More Like California or Texas?: gated, live in
  84. What are the most ignored major cities in the US?: living in, architecture
  85. Classify this guy's accent: live, American, between
  86. Best Metro for the average man: best city, real estate, rent
  87. Gay marriage now legal in North Carolina and Virginia, how long until the rest of the south jumps on board?: home, live
  88. Where can we still hear German: school, college, Mennonites
  89. Why do people insist the western states have a better quality of life?: living in, prices
  90. Describe your city in a few short sentences: home, shop
  91. People from Ukraine who lives in States: neighborhoods, quality of life
  92. In the eastern US, what's the farthest north palms survive?: how much, live in
  93. Where do I move? (Young college students looking to move to a city).: rent, credit
  94. What are America's most iconic and important cities?: to buy, to live
  95. Are Westerners really more laid back ?: living, professionals
  96. Pittsburgh Horror Stories / Praises?: 2014, hotel, neighborhoods
  97. Help a workaholic find a perfect city: theatre, casino
  98. Best cities for interracial (black/white) families not in the south or west coast: neighborhoods, college
  99. Do certain ethnic groups make a place more Southern/Northeasern,: neighborhoods, living in
  100. Las Vegas or Vermont...?: college, living in, airport
  101. Worst winter weather out of following states/regions: job market, living in
  102. People from crappy areas: How do you deal with it?: neighborhood, school
  103. Adjusted for COL is the West poorer than the South?: transplants, house
  104. Gateway Cities to the Deep South: best, areas, firm
  105. Is it to be liberal and enjoy living in the South?: transplants, chapel
  106. Most to least native Southern states: transplants, 2014
  107. Where should this New York City couple move?: employment, neighborhoods
  108. Is there other North American city that can compete with NYC?: to live in, suburbia
  109. How Many In Your City?: apartment, condo, luxury
  110. The best state is New Hampshire, says the OECD, and the South blows: 2014, income
  111. Green, diverse, liberal city in the States!: job market, school
  112. What region of the US sounds the most American ?: transplants, ranked
  113. What kind of driver are you?: gated, live, dangerous
  114. Northeast Ohio is not the Midwest: live, areas, population
  115. State Capitals... Losing Importance?: metro area, area, cities
  116. Americans: Do You Consider Maryland a Northern or Southern State: 2014, income
  117. Why do areas with colleges always have lots of gays?: home, school
  118. Americans: Do You Consider Pennsylvania a Northern State?: park, lessons
  119. Looking to leave Florida after college: job market, school, salaries
  120. Where should I live? An (almost) completely open ended: real estate, new home
  121. The Happiest & Unhappiest Cities: 2014, find a job, safe neighborhoods
  122. What region is more conservative - New England or the Pacific Northwest?: live, areas
  123. Do you associate the South with forests?: 2013, live
  124. Need to move from Madison WI, would love opinions on progressive, laid-back cities.: appointed, cliquey
  125. Americans: Do You Consider New York a Northern or Southern State?: appointed, living in
  126. Middle America a generation ago: 2014, houses, high school
  127. Americans: Are you sick of reading stupid threads what is north and what is east: vs., title
  128. What's the busiest freeway in your city?: crime, Home Depot
  129. Wet cold vs dry cold?: hotel, live, activity
  130. Best states to drive through from NY to CA: bars, park
  131. Do you currently live in a state that has all 4 seasons? How important is living in an area with distinct seasons?: to move, beaches
  132. What is behind the North vs South obsession?: living, rich
  133. Formula for the best places to live....its simple.: rent, job openings
  134. 41 Maps and Charts that Explain the Midwest!: 2014, living
  135. its time to look outside Bay Area/California: 2014, apartments
  136. What do you like about Your City?: high crime, houses
  137. Best big city affordable urban neighborhoods in the country: best city, apartment
  138. Kansas City vs. Indianapolis: to rent, crime rate, house
  139. Philadelphia VS Pittsburgh(tell us about your visits, which city impresses or surpised you more and downtown comparison): neighborhoods, universities
  140. Cities with a physical setting that gives different climate than surrounding region: house, neighborhoods
  141. Crazy Traffic Jams: 2013, rental, live in
  142. Do people in Oregon/Washington remind you of Canadians?: live, Hispanics
  143. Midwestern influence in Upstate NY: college, gym
  144. Name the Largest populated areas ending in ville: prestigious, metro area
  145. US metros with the highest percentage of white ethnics: vs, suburbs
  146. Which cities are the least broiest ?: best cities, 2013
  147. pick a veggie or fruit that represents each state: vegetable, avocado
  148. Most Car Friendly Cities: apartments, condos, neighborhoods
  149. NY ricans, Philly ricans, Orlando ricans, and chicago ricans: middle-class, 2014
  150. What personality types are most prevalent in each region?: friendly, atheist
  151. What is the northernmost southeastern state geographically?: work, boundaries
  152. Ready to move anywhere...: 2014, renting, house
  153. Which state is the best to spend fall in (particularly Halloween)?: 2014, island
  154. Opinions of 5 Cities: real estate, lease, house
  155. Which State Has the Best Beaches?: 2014, camping, beach
  156. best looking cities: city hall, neighborhoods, live
  157. Which of small cities is best for beginning life as a recent graduate?: apartment, chapel
  158. Wallethub's Fastest Growing Cities 2014: employment, moving, manufacturing
  159. What do you think of when you think of North Carolina?: houses, neighborhood
  160. Which sub-1 million population metros have the largest downtowns?: apartments, condos
  161. The hippest downtown festivals in the country?: best city, live
  162. What Cities Will Thrive In Climate Change?: transporting, to live
  163. Friendliest State?: transplants, friendly, places
  164. Is the province of Ontario more northeastern or midwestern ?: accents, job
  165. What's the westernmost Northeast state?: best, cities, MBA
  166. City Rivalries Within Your State: home, new construction, college
  167. Low Crime, $500 Apartment Rent or Less, 40 Miles From Airport: Where?: low income, sales
  168. vibrant, bustling black neighborhoods- crime notwithstanding: 2014, crime rates, live
  169. Have you ever regretted a long distance move?: chapel, how much
  170. Small town ideas in New England: real estate, 2013, home
  171. Summer or Winter? Which feels longer in your city?: home, live in
  172. Where is U.S. to move to learn Spanish? Puerto Rico?: school, college
  173. If you moved, why did you move across state lines?: condo, house
  174. What Comes To Mind When You Think Of California?: home, living
  175. What comes to mind when you think of Colorado?: universities, airport
  176. What big U.S. cities have the slowest-paced lifestyle?: car rental, rental
  177. 19 Cities Where It Is Easier To Make Your Mark: 2014, home
  178. Major cities (>1,000,000 MSA) with few yuppies?: renting, job market
  179. Most decentralized/multipolar states: suburbs, land, deal
  180. Does Rapid City have a Midwestern vibe to it?: agricultural, pine
  181. Recommendations for coastal cities, south of MD but north of SC: low crime, home
  182. What states have an upstate/downstate divide?: transplants, live
  183. Texas, California, New Mexico or Arizona?: live, restaurants, food
  184. Where Geniuses Live: 2014, home, to live in
  185. Architecturally attractive urban cores that are still blighted?: neighborhoods, renewal
  186. Cities with the hilliest downtowns?: car, distance, rain
  187. Can you recommend me a city?: living, cost of living, to move
  188. Pretty and underrated mid-sized southern cities?: best town, 2014, apartments
  189. The best place for a newcomer ?: low crime, school district, camp
  190. 2014 - Money Magazine best places to live: low crime, homes
  191. What do you think of, when you think of Pennsylvania?: transplants, school
  192. Regional accents sound uneducated ?: centers, education, best
  193. Brusnwick, GA beaches/lifestyle?: living, cost of living, coastal
  194. need help managing my expectations for a budding relationship with an unorthodox start and circumstances: home
  195. US Population Geometric Median & Minimax Point: Measures of Central Tendency for Facility Planning: condo
  196. What are your first impressions of this name?: ethnicity, what does
  197. most affordable, mid-sized town on the West Coast?: title
  198. A More Open Culture? Midwest, Southern, and Generally.: 2014, neighborhoods
  199. Moving to a new state but just staying with family (Required to change your car registration?): insurance
  200. 1st and 2nd generation populations by country of origin: Filipino, Chinese