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  1. Relocating to Tennessee, Texas or Virginia: homes, employment, school districts
  2. suggestions for a new home: university, move to, health
  3. I want to move!! I need help to know where though!: chapel, college
  4. help ID this city...: moving, roach, friend
  5. Major cities for the hospitality industry for a young adult: credit, hotels
  6. Historic Aerials. Really cool site that shows growth between 1961 and 2007: houses, neighborhoods
  7. Best mountain town to raise a family?: ski resorts, real estate
  8. 25 - Male - Serious GF - Looking to Relocate Together - Sell me on your city!: real estate market
  9. Software engineers: rated, best place, area
  10. Cost of community college in various states. have a map?: 2014, school
  11. Fastest talking US Cities? I have NYC as #2...: live in, rank
  12. Driving a car from Seattle to Chicago in Feb. HELP!: transplants, motel
  13. Travel the US Capitals in the Shortest Distance: visit, route
  14. 2014 Best Performing Cities Report: unemployment rate, metropolitan, area
  15. 2014 Best Performing Small Cities: unemployment rate, college, prices
  16. Single mid 40's looking to relocate Midwest to Southeast - suggestions?: to live in, restaurant
  17. Need advice, city recommendations: living, cost of living, move to
  18. Best tourist spot: park, remodel, top
  19. Which is more southern, Texas or Virginia?: to live in, population
  20. Looking for Warm City w/ Affordable Rent: low cost, moving
  21. Best sites for cost of living calculator including taxes?: sales, income
  22. Enjoy my 20s: fit in, apartment, rent
  23. YMCA's: low income, school district, university
  24. Which usa suburb has most southern style homes?: houses, neighborhoods
  25. Pan Asian-American Culture: Hawaii vs. California vs. everywhere: neighborhoods, gated
  26. Your Experiences with Boulder, CO; Eugene, OR; Boca Raton, FL; Nashville, TN; and Miami, FL: best neighborhoods
  27. Not being built for large cities: to live, moving, suburbs
  28. What (approximately) is the minimum legal square footage for a home?: rental, lofts
  29. Texas or SC??: sex offenders, crime, houses
  30. What you need to make to join your state's 1%: 2015, how much
  31. East Coast - Coastal Living Locations (HELP!!): living in, restaurants
  32. Fitness Centers: cities, per capita, good
  33. reason why there are so many Russian Americans in N&S Dakota?: schools
  34. The Wet Dream, living by the water: transplants, apartment
  35. Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh (neighborhood culture): middle-class, transplants, 2013
  36. Driving from San Francisco, CA to Orlando, FL in Jan 2016: tornado, live in
  37. What's New England's Second City?: house, neighborhoods, vs
  38. Ideas of rent out of proportion: cheap apartment, rental market, homes
  39. Murder rates are down in big cities: 2014, crime
  40. state trees as indicators of biome diversity in US states: design, pine
  41. Recent Grad moving out West: ski resorts, school, income
  42. All Raw Data (US Only): cities, population, tools
  43. According to Gallup, US standard of living highest in 7 years: prices, homeless
  44. what are well-known u.s cities that have around 600 suburbs?: calculated, subdivision
  45. Cities in United States with highest density of European immigrants? Foreigners?: 2013, living in
  46. From KY to AZ via I40: motel, restaurants, shops
  47. Data shows people moving to Oregon, Carolinas: truck rental, 2015
  48. Driving from Norcal to Maine...: motels, neighborhood, construction
  49. Looking for to live: activities, suburb, farmers market
  50. homeless is not always a choice: live, safe, food
  51. Can a State have an Emergency Manager?: appointed, 2015
  52. moving advice: fit in, daycare, home
  53. Looking to move, but where?: hotel, home, school
  54. Young Couple Relocating From FL - Unsure of Where to Go: HOA, condos
  55. Looking for serious recommendations: violent crime, home, school
  56. Excluding FL, What are the best East Coast beaches?: condo, hotels
  57. Ozarks vs. Appalachians: house, live in, statistics
  58. a new location: to live in, to move, beaches
  59. I'm where should I live?: university, to live in, move
  60. Does regional migration happen in cycles? Will North East or Rust Belt Boom again?: tornadoes
  61. Floating Cities will make Weather Devastation a thing of the Past: hotel, harbor
  62. Looking for a city between 25,000-100,000 residents: oceanfront, renting
  63. Would you consider Portland and Seattle warm-weather cities ?: live, moving to
  64. College Student Looking for a Fresh Start in the US: new home, unemployed
  65. Poll: Cities Over 120,000 People - City Where People Would Unlikely Go For Vacation: population
  66. Affordable cities with jobs and culture: 2013, house, to buy
  67. How many different accents does your state have???: 2013, how much
  68. French Canadian influence in New England today: 2014, how much
  69. 10 Richest Black Communities in America.: 2014, neighborhoods, school
  70. Inter-racial tolerance and high school subcultures & cliques: apartment complexes, middle school
  71. Do you get along better with people from certain areas?: house, live
  72. New Yorkers, do you ever face hostility when in other parts of the country?: transplants, hotel
  73. Tipping at restaurants in the USA: credit card, school, wage
  74. What western state has the most friendly people?: beach, money
  75. Reconciling travel and intolerance: university, taxes, living in
  76. Moving to USA from London with family: pittsburgh or new jersey/conn. for good schools and nice house: apartment, to rent
  77. Carbon Copies: Which Two US Cities Are the Most Similar?: university, living
  78. What city are you from?: best city, neighborhoods, living in
  79. What part of the country are you from?: high school, college
  80. Florida ricans: more like Northeast/NY ricans or Florida cubans?: transplants, income
  81. Good recommendations of places to live for Sharks With Lasers: fit in, 2013
  82. Be rich in an undesirable area or poor in paradise?: rent, buy
  83. Most intact and alive USA gay villages?: 2014, apartments
  84. Poll: What Counts as Having Visited a State?: live in, restaurants
  85. Best experimental/avant/prog music scenes?: theatre, college, living in
  86. Will warm, sunny climates continue to dictate which cities grow?: rent, buy
  87. Failed U.S. county splitting proposals: oceanfront, neighborhood, property tax
  88. mild winter and summer little humidity good place to raise kids near the ocean on the east coast: rent to own, neighborhoods
  89. mild winter and summer little humidity good place to raise kids near the ocean on the east coast: rent to own, job market
  90. What's your opinion about US Cities?: amusement park, insurance
  91. Why cities will BOOM when automated cars arrive...: car rental, rental
  92. Interracial couple nearing retirement: home, neighborhood, living in
  93. Data request - Top 10 employers for every US city: house, school
  94. Nicest affordable sunny (waterfront?) town for young couple: apartments, rental
  95. City w/4 Seasons + IT market: job market, good schools, professionals
  96. Great Plains vs Great Lakes: living in, metro, areas
  97. New South cities/metros: living in, authority, bill
  98. How much of America have you seen?: live, delivery
  99. Poll: Cities Over 120,000 People - City Where People Wouldn't Go For Vacation: high crime, houses
  100. States with the LEAST Arrogant, Snobby, Materialistic, and Unfriendly People: 2015, live in
  101. What are your three favorite states and why do you like them so much?: transplants, home
  102. Define the following cities with one word:: casinos, price
  103. Least Urban Major City: construction, light rail, housing
  104. Best/Popular Music Cities by Decade?: best cities, credit, area
  105. Good big town/small city for me?: real estate, 2013
  106. 'City Population' Major Urban Agglomerations 2015: assess, statistics, beach
  107. How Much Do You Know About US Cities? (Game): insurance, vs.
  108. Weirdest thing about American cities...: real estate, rent, homes
  109. Future of College Towns?: crime, chapel, home
  110. Best Public Art: 2014, neighborhoods, theater
  111. Mission Impossible? Walkable, Urban, Family Tolerable, Affordable and dare I say Coastal?: for sale, real estate
  112. Affordable Warm Gay City: 2015, crime, neighborhood
  113. Move to Texas or Northwest AR?: sales, apartments, rental
  114. looking for artistic small town: house, theatre, organic
  115. largest town in the us ?: appointed, taxi, live in
  116. The coolest interactive map on city growth...: health, commuting
  117. Why doesn't US aggressively in passenger rail infrastructure?: costs, dangerous
  118. Where does the slang word Folk originate from?: homes, mall
  119. Warm weather areas in the USA that have an Italian speaking community: transplants, apartments
  120. Best cities to move to after high school: apartment, to rent
  121. places not on the west coast that have perfect weather: live, moving
  122. Mid Size Southern town?: tech jobs, purchasing, contractor
  123. What regions of the country have the best/worst outdoors activities? Why?: live, cabin
  124. Gay African-American Medical Student (Boston, Atlanta, or Houston): schools, university
  125. The USA through the eyes of a tourist: renting, how much
  126. Do you live in a city that does NOT have a chinese restaurant?: restaurants, food
  127. Has legalized marijuana enhanced or tarnished Colorado's reputation?: sales, house
  128. Oklahoma/Texas: camping, exemption, bill
  129. young single guy living in a family suburb....weird in your opinion?: apartment complexes, condo
  130. Missouri or Maryland...which is more southern??: live in, cities
  131. U.S. 2050 Which states will run the nation?: 2014, move to
  132. Curious to hear from natives of Alabama and Mississippi: schools, living in
  133. Road trip through the south - where to hit?: how much, hotels
  134. IF YOU WERE 27 NOW & COULD MOVE ANYWHERE IN THE USA, WheRe WOULD YOU MOVE (to start a life for yourself): 2015, live
  135. Before you think about moving to California: apartment, find a job
  136. Best Small New England City for Finance Jobs?: for sale, apartment
  137. What is the most accurate look at population in your eyes? City proper? MSA? CSA?: home, purchase
  138. Top growth cities: prices, oil, rating
  139. What is your perception of the Ozarks?: condos, homes
  140. If all mass transit systems suddenly ceased to exist: live, buses
  141. Would you like to trade a region of your state with a region of a neighbor state?: credit, compensation
  142. Mississippi Delta vs Appalachia: low income, 2014, crime
  143. Single relocating from Seattle (transplant) to New England: 2014, rental
  144. Where would you live in the U.S, if money was not a problem: condo, neighborhood
  145. Looking for relocation ideas!: chapel, employment, college
  146. SC vs NC vs the Panhandle - Coastal Living for a family: new home, public schools
  147. if your city was broken up in to 5 boroughs.....: apartments, crime rates
  148. Of the large Southern Metro areas, which retains the most Southern State characteristics?: living in, dangerous
  149. South lacks areas of 10 million or more in 100 mile radius: gated, centers
  150. The salary you need to buy a home in 27 cities: apartments, renting
  151. Perception of New Mexico in other states.: fit in, how much
  152. Best US (and country) ocean beaches where one can swim throughout winter: hotels, live in
  153. Why does the US allow dual citizenship?: living in, law
  154. Entering the North from the Southeast!: live, train, suburban
  155. All the Months, Ranked From Worst to Best: Valentine's day, layoffs
  156. Couple in 30s looking for new home - reasonable cost, fun downtown and nightlife, and close to our families?: best cities, 2015
  157. Where would you retire?: rent, condo, to buy
  158. Do you prefer the cold or hot?: home, living in
  159. Holes in the Bible Belt: transplants, 2015, chapel
  160. Most Geographically Concentrated Ancestry Group: 2014, neighborhoods, living in
  161. Smaller cities that are cheap + walkable: apartments, rent, chapel
  162. I'm not happy where I am, but have no idea where to go. Help?: house, living in
  163. Things Americans Should Know: house, high school, college
  164. Is it fair to base the number of new on a city activity or progress?: real estate, unemployed
  165. ghly walkable, good music, access to nature, good local food: 2015, crime
  166. Is this a crazy idea? What should I consider? City hopping for a few months...: rentals, month to
  167. Easiest major city to move to with very little in savings and no job lined up?: unemployment, buy
  168. Moving out of Upstate NY to warmer. Requirements listed, suggestions wanted.: low crime, student loans
  169. Trying to figure out where I want to move after the Military. Suggestions/advice welcome: 2014, apartments
  170. The most average metro in the U.S.?: transplants, home
  171. Will State Capitals Experience Growth the way DC has?: tax, versus
  172. Picturesque cities?: homes, neighborhood, school
  173. Cities With Satellite Business Districts: condos, neighborhood, construction
  174. Where in the Lower 48? Quiz/Contest: house, airplanes, rating
  175. Elevation range by state: oceanfront, 2014, camp
  176. Best cities with non-subway public transit: construction, bus, airport
  177. What kind of spiders do your states have?: house, scorpions
  178. Which is more Pacific Northwest: British Columbia, Oregon or Washington?: construction, stats
  179. Area of the US most like Tuscany: beach, architecture
  180. Change in relo plans, help requested: appointed, best neighborhoods, new home
  181. Why the South is a subtropical paradise: 2014, homes
  182. City Population vs Metro Population vs Population Density: land, rated
  183. The South Will Rise Again: house, to live, moving van
  184. Where oh Where to Retire?: apartment, rent, lofts
  185. moving back to New England: homes, employment, school districts
  186. Name the US Metropolitan Statistical Areas: cities, map, top
  187. What’s the vibe of cities?: living in, stats
  188. Will sea level rise cause northeast cities to retreat ?: neighborhoods, cost
  189. Where in the US can an African-American male live in peace?: upper-class, crime
  190. Which is more southern.....Missouri or Oklahoma: neighborhood, live in
  191. Walkability and affordability: 2014, neighborhood, live
  192. 15 Crucial Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Home Base: schools, moving to
  193. Forbes: Cities Where Black Americans Are Doing The Best Economically: 2015, neighborhoods
  194. No place for me: chapel, college, living
  195. America’s changing crime rate: real estate, 2013, houses
  196. Need text file with list of all American cities: limit, tools
  197. Termite Company Lied - Lawyers Read: house, transfer
  198. Where the advanced industry jobs are......: metro, pics
  199. 'Rise of the Nation-States': vs., demographics, county
  200. Would you live near Fort Detrick? (Gov't Pathogen Program): living, move