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  1. Where to use our time share next year: live in, vacation
  2. Upcoming college graduate: Relocation NEED ADVICE!: hotel, home, job market
  3. drive from LA to NYC in Dec 2007 - Aussie family of 5: renting, hotels
  4. Bend vs Bozeman!: real estate, rent, buy
  5. Boston or NOVA??: crime rate, how much, townhouse
  6. Where should I live?: schools, quality of life, move to
  7. HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE / Family ties key to youth happiness - conducted by The Associated Press and MTV: homes
  8. What do you think the demagraphics will be in the future of our country?: income
  9. Does this town sound: construction, airport, safe
  10. Change the Perception: crime, townhouses, neighborhoods
  11. Where is everyone going?: moving, towns, percentage
  12. Where should I choose?: salons, job market, living
  13. Why the division in the gay community???: fit in, live in
  14. Need to Settle Down - Help, Help, Help: fit in, house
  15. Where to visit during Thanksgiving?: places to visit, places, weather
  16. The very best way to determine if an area has a problem with crime.: low income
  17. Place to thank who gave positive points: best, area
  18. Can a person with visa start his own company?: home, college
  19. Snow starved Montanan seeks el-cheapo housing: for sale, real estate, rent
  20. Top 10 Least Affordable US Cities: real estate market, homes, school district
  21. Big Fish/Little Fish: dating, great, white
  22. Can I post my home for sale in this forum?: near, listing
  23. Recommendations for the best Dental or Pharmacy Schools?: how much, house
  24. PA to PHX to ????: home, job market, buy
  25. Most/Least PC cities: legal, counties, gun laws
  26. Help with moving decision...: real estate, homes, school district
  27. Best big city bargains!?: real estate, job market, living
  28. Mountains and trees...: to live in, areas, places
  29. If You Need Employment~Check This Out: transplants, apartments
  30. Teching shortage expected in WV in the next few years.: job openings, schools
  31. The Eclectic Area ... for the rich only?: middle-class, neighborhoods
  32. looking to move to the US.: movies, living in, military
  33. What do you think about the future of America's cities?: neighborhood, quality of life
  34. Open Give your advice or comments or experiences: apartment complex, rental
  35. Parents living away from their children? I'm reaching out.: lease, house
  36. 2008 Olympics In china: college, allergy, pollution
  37. Where to move?: house, job market, neighborhood
  38. lyme ticks: to live in, area, reduce
  39. Austin TX or Portland OR: place to live, cities, place
  40. Why all the negativity?: transplants, how much, homes
  41. fewest lyme ticks: buy, high school, statistics
  42. How to find a marriage record (for free): credit card, legal
  43. whats new england?: school, area, accent
  44. What Are The Best Hospitals And Nursing Homes In Your City?: university, live in
  45. Whats the biggest problem in your hometown city?: low crime, schools
  46. Which Stae is the Most Fast Paced?: metropolitan area, areas
  47. Our Beautiful America ~ Enjoy!!: live in, place, photos
  48. Do You Find People Attitude Towards Work Vary Per Region?: fit in, transplants
  49. Help, The US Americans Need Maps: university, hot
  50. City with the worst cops???: to move, homeless, car
  51. Why no Transit forum at: fit in, where to live, restaurant
  52. Art communities out there anywhere?: sales, lofts, crime
  53. I need to live WHERE?: allergy, income, property taxes
  54. Retire to Oregon Coast or Maine Coast?: sales, apartment
  55. best-places search engine: best cities, places to live, prices
  56. Block Parties: houses, neighborhood, subdivision
  57. good the back 40 states...: big house, farm
  58. quantifying socioeconomic status: house, to buy, income
  59. Does have state by state marriage statistics?: wedding, business
  60. Relocate-America's Top 10 Best Places to Live in 2007: ski resort, university
  61. climate....: live, best, palm trees
  62. health care - how much: insurance, salary, cost
  63. Best cities for Game Animator/ Graphic Artist?: houses, property taxes
  64. Your recommendation for 2 women, 1 child ...?: public schools, live in, restaurants
  65. Where can we find (temporary?) lucrative employment with low cost of living and low crime?: school
  66. New Census Data For Non-Farm Employment: areas, island, population
  67. Buyer services in a buyers market: home search, agents, about
  68. on Employment in YOUR State: fit in, health insurance, live in
  69. What is it about cities on bodies of water?: college, living in
  70. Weddings: receptions, hotel, home
  71. Pictures of your States Famous Plantation Homes.....: camps, living
  72. Gas Prices, part two: how much, live, cars
  73. What states do you consider the Bible Belt ?: club, safe
  74. Minority population in cities of over 200,000.: suburbs, metro area, areas
  75. Fattest states: gym, food, severance
  76. It's not the Arctic, it's New England :): Valentine's day, to rent
  77. What Southern city is most beautiful?: fit in, homes, living in
  78. Unions: lenders, house, employment
  79. Middle America vs. heartland vs. Midwest: homes, school, college
  80. What region does Nevada/Arizona identify with?: transplants, earthquakes
  81. Where do the bounderies for The South begin?: fit in, live
  82. explain how you do it: sale, renting, mortgage
  83. Visa: renting, lawyer, find a job
  84. best cities for early 30's singles?: public school, university, to live
  85. Skyscapers proposed or under construction in your cities?: apartments, lofts
  86. If you had to split one state: costs, bill
  87. US city most like Denmark: house, university, organic
  88. What do you think are the gateway cities to the American South?: gated, live
  89. CNN Money: Richest and Poorest US states: home, purchase
  90. What color are your local fire trucks painted?: live, paint
  91. Will the Midwest ever go back to the way it was before?: foreclosures, condos
  92. What are all the belts of the US?: how much, cities
  93. Truthfully, where are the best people, people: broker, farmer
  94. Minority populations of metro areas.: statistics, cities, counties
  95. What side of your city is the 'best' side?: neighborhoods, to live
  96. Which city has your favorite downtown in the U.S.?: shops, friendly
  97. Cities you would consider living in if you had the choice?: earthquakes, gangs
  98. New Interstates in Texas and The Southwest: sales, home
  99. have you ever been mistaken for a foreigner because of your regional accent?: movies, live
  100. is it where you live, or is it you?: fit in, how much
  101. Name your Love/Hate City: crime rate, neighborhood, living
  102. Do you think its to feel proud of where you come from?: homes, camp
  103. Hidden Gems?: home, university, restaurants
  104. Gang activity in the Denver?: crime rate, neighborhoods, middle school
  105. Name That Town: 2013, home, job market
  106. Gay Couple Seeking Relocation Assistance: low crime, house, to buy
  107. low cost city with good transportation: real estate, apartments, insurance
  108. What makes the South Southern ?: living, restaurants
  109. Your Best Places to Live? Take the Quiz: best cities, home
  110. Hydrants: home owners insurance, house, construction
  111. Time to brag about the city we live in......: best city, big home
  112. Name a city you were SURPRISED you liked: how much, houses
  113. How Do You You Rank A City?: high crime, houses
  114. what is the purpose of a Metro area?: live in, legally
  115. Best American Cities for Musicians and Music Lovers?: living, safety
  116. Best Christmas Regions: home, shops, moving
  117. What US Region is your favorite?: living, agriculture, richest
  118. Do you think people dress/look different according to their region of the country?: buy, university
  119. Southern Hipsters.....: middle-class, neighborhood, schools
  120. Which region has the best skylines?: fit in, cities, map
  121. Looking for a progressive place to live...: home, university
  122. leaving Miami in 2 years, s?: middle-class, high crime
  123. Are Los Angeles and Las Vegas similar cities?: hotels, live in
  124. Where to live in the Southwest...: how much, new house, neighborhood
  125. Friends vs Southern Friends.: home, vs., eat
  126. What do you like best about where you live???: transplants, crime rates
  127. Getting out of .. but I don't know whereto: rent, crime
  128. Need suggestions from the people who know--the com people!: transplants, real estate market
  129. How many states have you visited?: live, vacation, island
  130. Why Is Dog Fighting For Profit Illegal But Humans Fighting For Profit Isn't?: activities, money
  131. Are you more influenced by NYC or LA?: live in, commute to
  132. Which state flag is your favorite?: American, similar, unique
  133. Best Cities for meeting women that dont want kids: renting, live
  134. What region of the country are you least with?: transplants, living in
  135. Top Cities for Foreclosures: real estate, second mortgage, credit card
  136. What do you think are really the Top Ten Most Dangerous cities?: crime rate, houses
  137. Creepiest/Wierdest Story or Place From Your Area: manor house, closing
  138. Not happy and lookin' for a change.: home, schools
  139. What state has the least gang activity: crime, neighborhood
  140. Your Favourite National Parks: swimming, car, friendly
  141. FL or CA???: real estate, foreclosure, crime
  142. A serious for northerners: fit in, crime, how much
  143. What do you think will be the next booming city?: prices, housing
  144. Cities in the middle of the forest: trees, county
  145. Hot Legal Cities: best cities, lawyers, home
  146. Best city for me?: best cities, crime, houses
  147. Pics of Your Community: hotel, houses, neighborhood
  148. How do you get rid of an accent?: fit in, home
  149. Why is a place bad because it's moderate or conservative?: car rental, sales
  150. Are the people Down South really FAKE-FRIENDLY?: home, live in
  151. State beer sale laws: to buy, pharmacy, live in
  152. a new definition of the midwest?: houses, live in, oil
  153. Better climate?: how much, tornado, living in
  154. What states have the best economy?: unemployment rate, high school, college
  155. Liberal Southern Cities?: crime, chapel, good schools
  156. Population density map of US, as of 2000: to live in, metropolitan area
  157. America's best places to live-Big Cities Poll-CNNMoney: bars, population
  158. Artlcle about the Mason-Dixon line: fit in, rich, county
  159. COL aside, which is better, LA or Atlanta?: transplants, home
  160. Canadian afraid of crime in the US: neighborhoods, safe
  161. Favorite Midwest city?: theater, living, cost of living
  162. Does this city exist?: tornado, earthquake, activity
  163. The most romantic city in America: high crime, house, best
  164. Good or bad thing that urban population is increasing?: high crime, tax
  165. LOSING MY MIND LITERALLY in deciding WHERE to move!: ski resort, low crime
  166. Which Midwestern U.S. City Skyline is the Best?: cities, distance
  167. Is the population shift to the Southwest OR is it the millions of illegals creating more jobs in teaching, ?: transplants, houses
  168. what is your city/region or state's stereotypes?: motel, club
  169. What are the speedlimits in your state?: school, residential
  170. Which major U.S. do you consider to be the most beautiful?: houses, neighborhoods
  171. Most tech cities in the U.S.: move to, ranking
  172. Moving to the US from Puerto Rico: best cities, chapel
  173. Cities most similar to Denver, CO area: crime rate, houses
  174. Do you ever drive over to the BAD SIDE OF TOWN just to check it out?: low income, rent
  175. Colorado, Oregon or Minneapolis!: affordable houses, neighborhoods, to live
  176. Of four locales which would you rather live?: high crime, neighborhoods
  177. Help me find a place to live! Recommend a town!: real estate, to buy
  178. united states of scottyr- a work in progress: fit in, houses
  179. Tired Of La: condo, home, employment
  180. Relocation, relocation, relocation!: real estate, apartments, for rent
  181. What pro sports teams do (regions of) teamless states root for?: transplants, home
  182. Why do southerners put American as their ancestry on the census?: neighborhoods, gated
  183. Whats your neighborhood like?: middle-class, real estate, houses
  184. Starting my life with your help: apartments, rental market, home
  185. Pros and Cons of your area: section 8, sales, real estate
  186. POLL: What's Your Sexual Orientation?: homes, neighborhoods, high school
  187. The NEXT Atlanta: crime, chapel, buying
  188. Safest Cities: low crime, neighborhoods, living in
  189. What state is most forgotten?: live in, land, area
  190. about church membership?: statistics, cities, counties
  191. Are Real-estate buyers getting the services they deserve from an agent?: seller, agents
  192. Hoover Dam - Water or Power?: drought, between
  193. News: Two Utah National Guardsmen Die in Helicopter Crash
  194. Real Estate taxes: how much, live in, land
  195. Washington DC gangs: crime, live in, cities
  196. Survey - Homeowners groups get high approval rate: HOA fees, condominiums
  197. Your Community: neighborhood, living, move to
  198. City forum speak: town, better, should
  199. New graduate looking to get out of Raleigh!: how much, school
  200. What cities currently have plans to tear down thier housing projects?: good