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  1. What part of America is the best to live in?: transplants, unemployment
  2. Would you recommend buying home with two incomes?: foreclosure, mortgage
  3. Counties beginning with the letter I: house, unemployment rate, live
  4. to move to another state or stay?: to rent, college
  5. Where is the best state to live if you want weather year around in the 50s and 60s?: job outlook
  6. whats a good place to live?: home, employment, university
  7. Advice Wanted: Where Should I Move?: apartments, rentals, co-op
  8. Which cities in the U.S has illegal rides at large?: live, cars
  9. Beginner Surfer -- Relocation help: how much, home, neighborhoods
  10. What state do you think has the most pleasant people?: transplants, live
  11. Native New Yorker trying to get out!!!!: 2015, to rent
  12. What is the Difference Between the Asian Experience on the East and West Coasts?: crime
  13. Trying to relocate.. u can help: employment, school
  14. Moving resources, in warmer climates: transplants, 2014, neighborhood
  15. Best Old House Neighborhoods for Porch Sitting: houses, university
  16. America 2100: standard of living, manufacturing, transportation
  17. USGS Copper Engravings for Sale to General Public: home, transfer
  18. Official 2014 Census estimates topic: island, population, district
  19. Which cities have a bar scene opposed to a nightclub scene?: spring break, home
  20. Help me find this city: low crime, how much, college
  21. Job prospects of Boston with small city feel?: job market, college
  22. Best cities for 50s/mid century architecture: cul-de-sac, middle-class
  23. How often do you help buskers?: how much, live, subway
  24. Help us and our 4 kids find a new city?: house, neighborhoods
  25. Think it's time to leave California. But, where to?: living, cost of living
  26. Easter Sunday traffic on I-95?: moving, island, driving
  27. Blood allegiances: safer, move, culture
  28. What are the whitest cities/towns with population over 10k?: transplants, college
  29. Where would you go?: apartment, rent, mobile home
  30. Looking for warm/bike-friendly/vegan-friendly city: rent, low crime, neighborhoods
  31. is My Plan good or is it something i need to work on ?: job market
  32. City (besides NYC) in the USA with the most commie block style apartment buildings: flat fee
  33. Good Cities for Underground Dance Music (NOT EDM): cliquey, 2015
  34. Looking to move out of Florida for a fresh start and am looking suggestions of where to go.: chapel
  35. Looking for a small beach town in GA, SC, NC: income, living
  36. North Las Vegas/surrounding areas vs. Charlotte, NC: apartments, low crime
  37. Need to get away from the coast!!!: real estate, rentals
  38. What would be my ideal city to live in?: public schools, college
  39. Help Me Find My Dream City!: apartment, buy, college
  40. Looking to retire in a more artistic, warmer community: house, university
  41. Has Everyone Seen This??: rating, maps, drive
  42. Picky Person Pondering Places -- What Place Meets My Criteria?: university, living
  43. What's the best eastern city to live in?: best city, wages
  44. US subregions: limit, central, great
  45. Most Diverse Small City: insurance, neighborhoods, high school
  46. US Cities Similar to San Diego, CA: home, living
  47. Where in the south: chapel, job market, living
  48. How do I find my: statistics, activity, top
  49. States still using old style federal highway markers: areas, roads
  50. Berkeley VS Portland: cheap apartments, universities, living in
  51. Better city for me than Orange County?: apartment, rent
  52. Name states/areas you're with, and list up to 3 good and bad things about them: sales
  53. Which US city get's the longest Fall?: best, areas
  54. Are central latitude cities culturally a hybrid of north & south?: suburbs, metro
  55. Droughts and the West/Southwest: living, price, area
  56. When an area, do you use the local crime reports/police blotter as a deciding factor?: renting
  57. warm, safe , interesting places to live?: hotels, living, restaurants
  58. Diversity - is it really important?: pros and cons, to live in, cities
  59. Help Where to Move: apartment, home, living in
  60. Moving kids to new school district but new district will be closed: house
  61. Why do we not have open borders with Canada like the EU?: how much
  62. Best area in US for 22 year old single male to meet new people? is being near a campus a good idea?: school
  63. Environmental Protection Acts actually hurting the environment??: 2014, homes
  64. Modern day European Enclaves in America: home, neighborhoods, school
  65. Berkeley/Oakland VS Ithaca VS Portland VS Boulder: college, pros and cons
  66. Nevada, Maine, Pennsylvania, or Delaware?: rent, low crime, home
  67. What local changes would you make in your City? (Only top 10 largest cities + SFO and Wash): neighborhood
  68. Where to..Relocation Blues: for rent, homes, employment
  69. Does New York Have More in Common with New Jersey or DC/Maryland?: live, horse
  70. Does New York Have More in Common with New Jersey or DC/Baltimore?: places, comparing
  71. From how many states have you had your Drivers License?: DMV, live
  72. Tech Towns in America: 2014, manufactured, metro
  73. Does New York have more in common with New England or Maryland/DC?: houses, new construction
  74. San Francisco's obsession with New York: transplants, live, vs
  75. Most desolate major road you traveled?: houses, bars, car
  76. Cities that have changed the least in the past few decades?: transplants, 2013
  77. More urban? Richmond VA or Raleigh NC?: townhouses, neighborhoods
  78. Gay Black male needs help on where to live.: home, gated
  79. Choosing between four job offers in four cities, help: real estate, to rent
  80. Conservative Californian looking to relocate after College: fit in, apartment
  81. Largest City (and cities) in the U.S. you have never been to: ranking, park
  82. States with coasts that don't feel coastal (and vice versa)?: spring break, live
  83. You ever looked up to Canada to move from the U.S?: home, wages
  84. Best college town for a 22 year old male to meet new girls? Are college towns a bad option?: neighborhood, school
  85. Cities that double as college towns and military towns?: home, school
  86. Mississippi vs. New Mexico: statistics, metro, areas
  87. What parts of the US have the strongest socialist undercurrents?: insurance, mortgage
  88. Young professional- help me pick a city: car rental, rent
  89. US areas with the most assimilated Indian/South Asian populations.: neighborhood, school
  90. Major cities with mild winters, cheap neighborhoods and culture?: minimum wage, restaurants
  91. Best town in mid south: transplants, 2014, job market
  92. Which feels more urban? Hartford, Providence, or Albany?: houses, neighborhoods
  93. Most Boring Drives in the US: safe, transit, driving
  94. East VS West Coast?: apartment, for rent, home
  95. Which state is best for raising kids into football?: high schools, moving
  96. I can't for the life of me decide where to move: rent, income
  97. cheap, just not cheap ...: 2015, apartments
  98. Which states (or cities) keep people indoors the most?: living in, dangerous
  99. Where in the nation would you live if the weather was perfect everywhere?: low crime, living
  100. What states are northeastern?: design, island, map
  101. Most and least transplant saturated metros of the South: transplants, retiree
  102. Best kept secret cities in terms of architectural beauty?: 2013, houses
  103. Does the Northern US have more in common with Canada or the Southern US?: transplants, home
  104. The salary you need to buy a home in 27 U.S. cities: sales, real estate
  105. Is Montana the most beautiful state?: home, living in, money
  106. What if the western US and Canada become one country?: atheist, cities
  107. Most intact inner city White neighborhood in the Northeastern/Midwest US?: 2015, renter
  108. Is there a city with no hipsters?: middle-class, 2015
  109. What part of America has the smoothest roads?: apartment, maintenance
  110. State Capitol Buildings Visited: construction, living in, design
  111. Which States are Mid Atlantic?: credit, home, camp
  112. What's the next new state you plan to visit?: food, vacation
  113. I Know People are Fleeing NY for the South, But are They Fleeing to the Midwest?: real estate, new home
  114. Next mecca of hipster/alternative/artsy culture?: home, neighborhoods
  115. Can you identify this accent?: gyms, design, transit
  116. Does Pennsylvania have more in common with New York or Maryland?: living in, moving
  117. Where does the smell of 'Spring in the air' last all year round?: to live in, costs
  118. Need advice on where to move: rentals, vacation home, college
  119. Low rent, No-racism, Few regulations / No-Police State, Clean Enviroment: neighborhoods, living
  120. Help me understand something about race in the US: how much, legally
  121. Is the Midwest most like the South, the Northeast or the West?: living, food
  122. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama...: live, plantation, agriculture
  123. What Cities/States Are Asian-American Friendly??: high school, college, living
  124. Most Redneck City in the North: transplants, public schools, colleges
  125. You're a long way from home, ma'am!: sale, apartment complex
  126. What State Are You From? Pro's and Con's: rentals, waterpark
  127. Which is the Best City Highlighted on this Map?: low crime, organic
  128. 27yo single, white male seeks suggestions for where to move: low crime, houses
  129. Most beautiful women in the USA?: home, population, warm
  130. What do you notice when you go to other states?: neighborhoods, construction
  131. How many (and which) states have you been to?: home, vacation
  132. Help me choose a new place to live: crime, employment
  133. Best City for a Boring Person: apartment, living in, moving to
  134. Is Tampa the South to you?: rental, hotel, live
  135. States with the strongest urban/rural division: transit, areas
  136. Liberal cities that aren't weird (e.g. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, ) but are liberal?: transplants, 2015
  137. Why is spring break so hyped up in USA, and what is amazing about it?: salons, home
  138. Major cities in your state that never been to?: transfer, high school
  139. Name your Top 5 favorite cities in the U.S.: reasons, personal
  140. Relocation...older single female adult..where?: apartment, rentals, chapel
  141. Cities with worst freeway infrastructure: construction, to live in, costs
  142. Militarization of American police: 2014, to live, military
  143. Lyrically Lovely and Croaking state names: home, elementary school, to live
  144. Are tater tots popular on the East Coast?: buy, school
  145. Which Core Cities Have the Greatest Portion of its Metropolitan Area's Population?: land, rank
  146. Currently in GA. Is there a better area that fits my values?: real estate, how much
  147. Is there a city that compares to San Diego?: neighborhoods, school
  148. Looking for affordable places for my daughter and I to relocate to: section 8, rent
  149. St. Patrick's Day only celebrated on the weekend ???: school, garden
  150. Mississippi, more in common with Oklahoma or North Carolina: fit in, to live
  151. Texas, New York, Illinois, California and Florida struggling ?: 2014, income
  152. Which state is better in your opinion for vegetable farming.: how much, living
  153. Pretentious Cities and Unpretentious Cities: transplants, credit card, high school
  154. Which desert/high desert city is best for Asians?: home, live in
  155. What are the most diverse Black communities?: neighborhoods, live
  156. Why are black cities so violent?: 2015, low crime, neighborhoods
  157. Do you celebrate St. Joseph's Day?: rated, area, building
  158. for People in Snowy Cities: 2014, how much, home
  159. Most rural areas of the South: motels, live in, prices
  160. What city underrated to you?: crime, hippest, live
  161. how many states have you lived?: job transfer, school, college
  162. What city would suit a guy like jtweedy?????: low crime, safe neighborhoods
  163. The best state to live in the US??: 2014, homes
  164. Family Friendly US City?: crime rate, house, unemployment
  165. The Metro Areas With the Largest, and Smallest, Gay Populations: 2015, live
  166. if you ran the country , what would you change?: income, income tax
  167. What would you consider a fly-over state?: 2015, homes
  168. Most College Town like city: home, school, universities
  169. Is there still a prejudice/stereotype toward Polish people?: dorms, job openings
  170. Is Ohio the only state, where MSA area's bypass other more established MSA areas in population.: calculating, closing
  171. post Cities that have friendly names.: towns, free
  172. 2013 Metropolitan Area Demographics: home, beach, areas
  173. States that aren't firmly set in a region: fit in, live in
  174. Best cities east of the Mississippi for introverts: student loan, house
  175. List of cities I can transfer to. But where????: apartment, low crime
  176. Geography of the Sweet Sixteen: layoffs, schools, live in
  177. Which cities/areas of the South do you the most Confederate flags and Dixie Pride: transplants, homes
  178. Top 3 weird city types: transplants, home, organic
  179. Yes, this is another Help me find my perfect location! Sorry about that.: low income, transplants
  180. Biggest rivalry states and cities?: best city, college, vs
  181. Which US cities are the least car dependent?: transplants, neighborhoods
  182. Help Us Move!!!: 2015, how much, homes
  183. 5-regional model of the United States: transplants, live, population
  184. had to leave a neighborhood in decline?: middle-class, section 8
  185. Help! Nashville, Austin, Tampa, or Mobile?: houses, living, restaurants
  186. How do you pronounce the word coffee ?: live in, payment
  187. Relocation Blues in US: for rent, employment, neighborhood
  188. Undecided in cleveland ohio: 2015, rent, to live
  189. Best place in the US for a social worker to live?
  190. Fastest Growing Metro Areas July 2013 through July 2014: 2015, how much
  191. If you could change a state-to-state border, which would you change?: better, woods
  192. Compare and contrast each Southern state by border: place, between
  193. us citizen relocating from central america: college, living in, beach
  194. i have for African American women across the country.. what accent do you prefer on men ?: east coast
  195. US is racist country or not too much?: Cuban, countries
  196. WHAT DOES NC HAVE TO OFFER?! Help: felons, find a job
  197. Tax deduction (mortgage): Married filing separately. Can one person claim the deductions?: loan
  198. Berkeley, CA vs St. Petersburg, FL: live in, places, compare
  199. Berkeley, California vs Boulder, Colorado: areas, place, Asian
  200. Where to Find Climate & City Life Like San Diego, CA: cities, town