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  1. Texas Vs Arizona: buying a home, buying, tornado
  2. To people in of the 50 states (or anywhere in the world)...: to buy
  3. Blondes: population, America, Scandinavian
  4. Who knows this wheelchaired girl: 2015, photos, how to
  5. Is there state with this kind of weather?: live, move to
  6. The Largest Cities in the US - An Interactive Google Maps Quiz: suburbs
  7. Moving to the US, but where?: rent, school, to live in
  8. Why did this become a debate?: high school, upkeep, live in
  9. Flattest Graded Route through mid-Atlanta Applachians?: moving, estimate, vehicle
  10. Sleeping in a car?: to buy, schools, camping
  11. Cities (or college towns) with the highest percentage of creative 18-25 year old women?: university
  12. Why is it that cities with great economies are more dangerous then cities with bad economies?: sales
  13. Why do the temperatures in arizona not change by much between winter and summer?: compensation
  14. Self Employed - Working Online - Most Overall Tax Friendly State To Live?: income
  15. Is a warmer and drier than average winter usually followed by a cooler and wetter than average summer?: summers
  16. Relocation From California - Raleigh, Austin, Richmond, Atlanta, Wilmington, Seattle, Dallas, Asheville, Nashville: fit in
  17. Company wants me to move from Denver to LA. How much salary adjustment do I ask for?: apartments
  18. Best Minneapolis neighborhood with lots of trees that artists can afford?: house, neighborhoods
  19. What state to move too?: real estate, tornadoes, living
  20. What's going on in the General US Forum?: low crime, home
  21. Prison Privatization in the USA by State: school, centers
  22. Why worry about crime so much in the U.S. when it's falling?: 2013
  23. The best city for me to look at moving to would be....: low crime
  24. Most segregated cities on a neighborhood level: Koreans, Vietnamese
  25. Ready to move! But where?: apartment, to rent, chapel
  26. Gun rights, socially liberal, warm weather?: 2015, crime rates, house
  27. Town with good balance of nature and civilization?: neighborhood, school
  28. Best states for shopping!: sales, appliances, home
  29. Will the current major, liberal markets retain their prestige?: sales, houses
  30. moving to SF/Seattle(insider opinions?)or seek similar alt.(coastal,urban,median weather,scenery/outdoorsy): rent
  31. If I was looking for with four seasons and a smaller suburban area, I would consider:: low crime
  32. If I wanted to live in a rural area...: areas, cities
  33. American National or US Citizen: how much, home, legal
  34. Oil - Where to Look.: employment, housing, gas
  35. Renouncing citizenship: income, taxes, residency
  36. Able to Relocate Anywhere in USA - Help Us Decide Where: home
  37. mid-size cities left with a community feel ?: neighborhoods, construction
  38. Is it illegal to bet on sports in U.S?: living in, legally
  39. Most Scenic States: houses, live in, beaches
  40. Questions for people of multi-cultural families.: neighborhood, wedding, school
  41. Need help finding future home, no one knows better then you who lives there!!: chapel
  42. Do you like Nevada or Wyoming for me: apartment, lease
  43. Need a state/city opinion. Want to move FROM FL. help!: for sale
  44. What parts of Boston, and Chicago areas (city or surrounding burbs) remind you of Staten Island?: middle-class
  45. What is a bigger factor in choosing where to live: city/town or state?: neighborhood
  46. Which college town/colleges have the most open-minded, friendly, and creative/intelligent students?: neighborhoods
  47. Most Beautiful Part of Your City/Town: city hall, houses
  48. Big (warm) cities near a lake?: living in, average cost, to move
  49. U.S. Cities similar to Madrid, Spain: for rent, closing
  50. Young couple (30) looking to move South: fit in, chapel, university
  51. What is the most scenic (green) Suburban County in the Eastern USA?: tax
  52. What's the closest place in built environment to LA?: suburban, deal
  53. Fresh water aquariums in the USA?: to buy, prices, discount
  54. NYC vs Chicago suburban amenities: rent, buy, good schools
  55. City rankings based on police presence: crime rate, live, law
  56. Which City is the Affordable Bachelor Paradise?: rentals, crime rate
  57. Helping parents find a place: home, YMCA, school
  58. Well Being rankings for the top 100 metro areas: apartments, renting
  59. Starting over but where????: transplants, high crime, townhouse
  60. What major US city has the best job market/upward mobility?: 2015, construction
  61. Strip Club Laws in Your City: clubs, ordinances, best
  62. The metropolitan area for me?: condos, houses, taxes
  63. What state do you think has the best looking route shield design?: interstate, worst
  64. Good Second Tier Cities With Queens, NY Vibes?: low income, fit in
  65. Going on a roadtrip to northeast US, have questions.: rental car, rental
  66. Google Street View Vs. Reality: apartments, neighborhoods, school
  67. City for a 22 year old to meet people?: apartment, school
  68. Need to Find My Left-Wing, Redneck, Lesbian Paradise: best town, transplants
  69. What counties you lived in had the largest, smallest population?: 2014, home
  70. Green on Left Arrow Only: school, safe, trains
  71. Alternatives to Boston: apartment complexes, to rent, crime
  72. Ohio is officially kicked out of the Midwest: live, definition
  73. Edge Cities with huge: chapel, employment, university
  74. Why do people hate on the Northeast so much?: 2015, schools
  75. Annual list of the 10 worst and best states for homelessness: to rent, costs
  76. Affluence rankings for all 942 metro and micro areas: real estate, 2014
  77. Multiculturalism in USA: middle-class, fit in, house
  78. Best city with no need of A/C & Heat: living, areas
  79. Best place in the U.S. to live on a boat?: condo, house
  80. Road trip routes Help!: mattress, home, tornado
  81. Is there state where Canadians outnumber Mexicans?: 2014, house
  82. Something I about city homers (transplants vs. natives): apartment, high school
  83. Best spot for my parents to retire too?: home, neighborhood
  84. Best big city for low wage workers: foreclosure, renting
  85. Binghamton NY vs. Vermillion, SD: crime rates, home, neighborhoods
  86. What part of the US is most parochial?: best city, how much
  87. Why does everyone think everyone on the West Coast is super liberal?: high school, college
  88. Moving from Miami... Looking for a place with 4 seasons, access to trails and a reasonably active nightlife.: appointed, sales
  89. What makes a place western vs midwestern or southern?: 2013, gated
  90. Does the Bay Area have the greatest sense of identity out of all metro areas?: legal, suburbs
  91. life as a transient (salmon): loan, home, college
  92. Why can't America have alcohol vending machines, but Japan does?: credit card, theater
  93. What do Americans think of Toronto?: living, safer, bars
  94. Escaping California, where to?: best cities, low crime, mortgage
  95. What city is going to be the next Austin, TX?: living, cost of living
  96. What Region Has The Most Speeders?: live, metro area, areas
  97. Do the boys/men prank on girls/women on streets of U.S?: neighborhood, buy
  98. Cosmopolitan small towns that aren't college towns: real estate, 2013
  99. Top 5 New England Cities?: apartments, insurance, condos
  100. Americans From The Coastal States Try Labeling Midwestern States: live in, education
  101. What's today's San Francisco?: appointed, amusement park, neighborhoods
  102. VT vs ME vs VA vs ID vs WY vs NH vs KY vs CT vs MN vs NJ-As a place to live: houses, public schools
  103. Is General American the same as California English?: moving to, beach
  104. First Impressions of U.S. Cities: insurance, unemployment rate
  105. Is there a difference between the West and East Coast attitudes towards complaining?: transplants, house
  106. Why is the states so dangerous?: crime rate, house, employment
  107. Ohio should be considered a Northeastern state: centers, design
  108. Why do Americans dislike/pan Canadian healthcare?: insurance, wages
  109. Which U.S. city is right for my wife and I? (details inside): co-op, credit
  110. Which coast term do you prefer for the Great Lakes region?: neighborhood, suite
  111. Would you move to a city with a population that is steadily decreasing?: 2014, renting
  112. Where can you go to get away from Spring Allergies: job transfer, college
  113. Need help from New Englanders: home, good schools
  114. Best Coastal City to Live Young: neighborhoods, living in, professionals
  115. In what US cities can you live in without driving?: living in, cost of
  116. Worse Drivers - Southern California versus Southern Florida: live in, bus
  117. Isn't it funny how Conservatives use Texas as a model of Conservatism: land, money
  118. Best Cities - Coast - Young - Single - Professional: neighborhoods, buy
  119. Are rents in the Midwest substantially cheaper than West Coast rents?: apartment complex, rent
  120. kind of moving: transplants, rent, home
  121. Best Cities for Chronic Sinusitis and/or Allergies: living in, versus
  122. Another list, but this time in regards to Internet Connection rankings for cities: home, college
  123. What are the cities in the U.S. with the highest quantity of 18-25 year old, liberal, intellectual females?: university, move to
  124. Cities (particularly urban cores) that are safer than their demographics would suggest?: crime rate, to buy
  125. Medium sized, walkable Midwest/South cities: to rent, college, tax
  126. within 140 miles...: apartments, crime rate, house
  127. The U.S. Has Five Capitals: home, theater
  128. Cities that could use a professional sports team in NBA, MLS, MLB, NFL, NHL?: sale, neighborhood
  129. What is the smallest city and/or area would you live in?: chapel, college
  130. which states will help me out with basic needs?: apartment, house
  131. Mixed Race people declining in New York, rising the fastest in the South: to rent, schools
  132. How do you feel about a nonprofit to diversify majority white neighborhoods?: school districts, college
  133. Planning on moving and would like - Philadelphia, Chicago, SF Bay Area, or your Suggestions: appointed, for rent
  134. Rich Areas DIRECTLY Bordering Poor Areas: middle-class, oceanfront, houses
  135. Single city states?: castle, metro, areas
  136. Have you ever moved and wondered if everyone is really buying it?: fit in, job market
  137. Would you relocate to a state that didn't share your views at all?: home, private school
  138. Spelling Assistance - It's Tucson not Tuscon: nightlife, cars
  139. Is America boring compared to other countries?: homes, closing
  140. Do small cities have a future?: fit in, real estate, 2014
  141. Leaving North East, looking for a small town with a good economy and close to state parks: home, buy
  142. Best Party Scene City: unemployment rate, living in, nightlife
  143. A warmer version of Flagstaff?: university, live, restaurants
  144. Are there cities it's legal and safe to live in a tent?: extended stay, apartment
  145. Things that matter more on than they do in real life when it comes to cities: schools, quality of life
  146. What the state you live in says about you: credit, how much
  147. Best cities in the USA for a guy who is attracted to white girls.: live, vs
  148. Young, self-employed guy looking for place to move: how much, schools
  149. Southeastern Coastal Towns to move to (job market, afforability): rent, crime
  150. Cities with a lot of tree-covered neighborhoods?: moving to, money
  151. Racism in the USA: fit in, how much, schools
  152. Are Maryland, Delaware and peninsular Florida Southern?: metro, areas
  153. Crap wages x 2.5 = homeless: RV parks, to rent, how much
  154. Why are people who move lower income?: 2013, median income
  155. Which city has the strongest identity in relation to their metro area?: neighborhoods, college
  156. Is it difficult moving away from family/friends/career: apartments, condo
  157. Midwestern accents (Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin): college, estate, rated
  158. Would you rather live in a big city or a small town or a rural area?: subdivisions, living
  159. Places you have no desire to visit?: crime, homes
  160. State flag redesigns: time, favorite
  161. Liberal Southern Cities: best city, 2014, chapel
  162. Color of Street Signs: school, college, live
  163. Where farms and the burbs collide: home, neighborhood, subdivision
  164. What does your state have more of than other state?: real estate, college
  165. Do you have to make a lot of money to live in a city in the United States?: apartments, rent
  166. Despite their very similar history, why is Virginia today so different from Massachusetts?: home, plantations
  167. Interstate Road Trip- ever tried it?: mattress, credit card
  168. What are the differences in culture of the nationalities that make up the spanic or Latin/Latino U.S. populations?: home, neighborhoods
  169. Which state has the hottest women? (I mean straight women ages 18-25): to live in, beach
  170. Tell me about gay meccas: cliquey, how much, house
  171. What is the most 2nd amendment friendly and fiscally conservative area in the Northeast: transplants, townhouse
  172. West Coast Job Growth Nearly Double East Coast: sales, 2015
  173. Why are Americans so open?: live, limit, pizza
  174. What are the best US cities to start a business?: fit in, home
  175. Why is back east so much colder than the West?: live in, land
  176. Does wintry weather last longer in the Northwest or Midwest?: trees, cities
  177. Traffic lights: vertical or horizontal?: live, beach, suburban
  178. TOp 20 most economically powerful states, in no particular order...: 2015, title
  179. Polish migration to the USA: zip code, estimated, rank
  180. What state are they from ?: 2015, school, living
  181. Have you ever moved you hated because it was practical?: apartment, cheap house
  182. To my Midwestern ears don't insert corn joke ...: high school, living
  183. Recommend cities for me,: job market, neighborhoods, school
  184. Non-humid parts of the US?: employment, camping, live in
  185. Finding Small-Midsize City In Northeast: middle-class, fit in, best city
  186. What part of the country is best for insomniacs?: buy, casinos
  187. Where are the New Cool, Affordable Cities?: home, college
  188. Finding Personal Paradise: condo, employment, schools
  189. How many cities have an equivalent of Philly's Reading Terminal Market?: shop, food
  190. 19 signs you are a superior a'hole from the Northeast: transplants, 2015
  191. Worst Weather: live, places, average
  192. What do Americans think about Québec independence?: credit, living
  193. City or suburb??: apartment, townhouse, neighborhoods
  194. What states would and would not fair well as sovereign countries?: 2015, loans
  195. Renting an East Coast Beach House July 2016, but where?: 2013, rentals
  196. S. Florida v. Southern NY: which is a safer state to live in environmentally: place to live
  197. Starting local Moving business: apartments, condo, homes
  198. Relocation: Feasibly facilitating it: lease, landlord, safety
  199. Can sonething do this calculation for me?: statistics, transit
  200. Alternative to ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission): area, interstate, square