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  1. Start a new adventure or find our way back home??: how much, living
  2. Best Walking Cities South of the 37th Parallel: best cities, college
  3. Is New Mexico to Arizona as Vermont is to New Hampshire: ski resort, transplants
  4. What cities might I enjoy?: fit in, home, university
  5. Disapearing Coastlines-US and Internationally. . .: real estate, how much, earthquake
  6. Best state for a disabled/older people to live in?: 2015, employment
  7. Should a Will be legally changed after a person is dead?: crime, felony
  8. Contemplating My Next Move... (Where to Live?): apartments, low crime
  9. US Census Update: 2014, housing, activity
  10. Fresh start for small family in the west: amusement park, crime
  11. How do you evaluate what area to move to?: apartment, renting
  12. Does where you live make you who you are?: fit in, 2015
  13. Census Update: 2015, estate, island
  14. Greek Mob ?: cities, state, prison
  15. Best state for an expat / long-term traveller in order to pay the lowest taxes?: low income
  16. Best dog cities: living in, restaurants, stores
  17. Help Me Decide Where To Visit/Move: chapel, job market
  18. Flattest Route from Chicago to Salem, OR?: hotels, safest
  19. What place would you buy a vacation/second home: vacation home, move
  20. Relocated away from Texas?: house, school district, quality of life
  21. Where to live?: rent, low crime, how much
  22. Best library ever been to? Best YMCA? Other great public facilities?: 2014
  23. Which of cities have the best community college and overall best higher education system?: good schools
  24. where should we move Colorado, Florida, or???: rent, house
  25. L.A. or Nashville for electronic/guitar hybrid music: house, college
  26. Cities projected to see the most economic growth next year: 2015, homes
  27. Why was the US successful in integrating its immigrant populations?: island, ethnic
  28. Places Without Modern Conveniences ?: homes, live in, plumbing
  29. Traffic-signal timing: who gets it right?: best, cities, distance
  30. Jobs in USA: how much, unemployed, high school
  31. Ex-Floridians thriving in the Pacific Northwest?: employment, camping, high income
  32. What are the cities are in the logo?: building, skyline
  33. Is Houston anothe Latin-American gateway like Miami?: transfer, cities
  34. temperate climate for my health: low crime, mortgage, home
  35. Satellite cities for multi-generational family?: big house, public schools, college
  36. Where to live?: job market, school districts, living
  37. Relocating: income, living in, costs
  38. Where would you live in the US if you have remote job: house
  39. Single mom with teen want to move: low crime, home
  40. Pennsylvania, Upstate NY, Texas: home, utilities, taxes
  41. Far from family: home, high school, living in
  42. What city should I move to based on my promotion? Family v. Comfort/Personal Preference v. Prestige: college
  43. British colonists from the Caribbean....impact on the US?: college, plantation
  44. Strange rules all over US: law, to eat, permit
  45. Are Utah and Colorado part of the Sun Belt?: live, swimming
  46. can help me about fatca law ?: credit, how much
  47. Best city for single woman looking to avoid dating, couples: lease, co-op
  48. What's the most populous metro area that's only 1 Eastern-sized county?: 2014, counties
  49. Insight needed - US states: home, college, to live in
  50. Help me decide which city to move to...: transplants, cliquey
  51. Orange County, Chicago, Bay Area, Seattle, Portland or something: sales, real estate
  52. Is driving the 64/44/40 in December?: school, snow, work
  53. Best Metros for Software/Internet/Cloud Computing Careers: best cities, 2015
  54. Fastest Growing Cities since 1950: health, metro area, area
  55. Address Short Forms.: office, best, cities
  56. Moving from VT to a warm state; what state is the safest?: crime
  57. Red and blue areas: neighborhood, design, residential
  58. Help me choose: fit in, 2015, home
  59. cities with holistic/integrative medical doctors?: chapel, job market, living
  60. Most sustainable city: city hall, house, school
  61. Myrtle Beach or Pensacola for beach bum retirement: crime rate, living
  62. Where should I live? NY,CT, or Boston? help: home, job market
  63. What's the best minority neighborhood major metros?: neighborhoods, zip code
  64. Good outdoors towns/cities by lakes: fit in, find a job, university
  65. Safest Metro Areas: 2014, crime, employment
  66. What would you miss most if you left your current location?: apartment, neighborhood
  67. Seattle vs. Minneapolis vs. South Florida: spring break, neighborhoods, living in
  68. Why do Americans find it so hard to deal with unfamiliarity?: buy, gated
  69. Best snowy state with no lack of amenities?: university, live
  70. College - Where Should I Go? Utah, Montana, or Nevada?: how much, transfer
  71. Is it easier for a Westerner to adapt to life out East or an Easterner out West?: home, unemployment
  72. Indiana vs Massachusetts: transplants, crime, homes
  73. Where do childfree singles and couples live?: best cities, how much
  74. cities are seeing an increase in their White population: 2015, apartments
  75. I miss neighborhoods where people sit outside and socialize: 2015, crime
  76. Hispanic Statistical Portrait - 2014: loans, home, centers
  77. What City Exhibits Attributes?: best city, to rent, home
  78. US City with Most SS-African Immigrants: 2013, neighborhood, taxi
  79. Cities with mild weather?: taxes, living, cost of living
  80. Most walkable cities/cities that you don't need a car?: best cities, low crime
  81. Why do you live where you are now?: job transfer, neighborhoods
  82. Most iconic American Structure: how much, quality of life, rating
  83. Best Cities for South Asian young professionals?: chapel, home
  84. Towns and cities in the USA that are dden gems when it comes to having a lot of attractive women.: credit, college
  85. Interesting observations from attending an African American funeral in the rural south.: chapel, limousine
  86. What is the cheapest state for me to live in?: construction, college
  87. move to the south and I'm nervous: transplants, live
  88. Worst road rage - Florida or Utah?: renting, living
  89. Need recommendations for the south: apartment, low crime, living
  90. What part of America would the average western European feel most comfortable in?: to rent, low crime
  91. Which of cities is best to live in without a personal vehicle?: rent, find a job
  92. Where are the least humid areas east of KC and south of Philly?: live, moving
  93. An American and a French moving from Europe to the USA: chapel, hotel
  94. What is the NYC of military cities?: best, areas
  95. Muslim Capitol of US: neighborhoods, schools, to live in
  96. Are there other cities that are like Charleston and Savannah?: to live, food
  97. Cities to See the Most Urban Density Growth in the Next Two Decades: apartments, lofts
  98. What area(s) of the USA would you say have a very inclusive and accepting white population?: fit in, houses
  99. What white ethnic enclaves emerged or expanded since 1950?: apartment complexes, credit
  100. City with most visible/noticeable air traffic?: hotel, live in
  101. How would you define a college town?: chapel, schools
  102. Chicago, IL or Houston, TX: house, job market, to buy
  103. Least Developed State: new construction, quality of life, costs
  104. Warmest and biggest city in the Winter with the least amount of crime: suburban, property
  105. Best liberal city's with population around minimum 500,000 maximum 800,000: chapel, neighborhood
  106. State with the most original american values: living, vs.
  107. Where should I move to start my life?: for rent, crime
  108. How much land/suburbs would your city need to annex to eclipse the next city in population?: city hall, live in
  109. How Has Your Life Changed Since You First Joined: live, move to
  110. Houston v Tampa v Birmingham v Columbus v Raritan v Savannah: student loans, home
  111. What's the largest city that heard referred to as a small-town?: gated, law
  112. Move to NJ/NYC area?: crime, how much, neighborhood
  113. Are you Finnished?: 2013, college, living
  114. Expansion Teams and Hometown Pride: relocation, cities, build
  115. Why do western states have more atheists?: university, vs
  116. Where in the U.S. can you buy a home for $100k in a good school district?: crime, mobile home
  117. We have requirements for a city to move to...: sales, apartments
  118. Creative cities in the U.S.: 2014, home, find a job
  119. Why is Ohio much less socially conservative than Indiana?: universities, living
  120. Does Portland and Seattle have the dangerous areas as seen in most American cities?: crime, neighborhoods
  121. Hidden gems in your opinion: chapel, neighborhoods, live
  122. Choosing the ideal city: rent, neighborhood, school
  123. Do of cities have the to improve by 2025?: 2015, apartments
  124. Name two cities in South Carolina: beach, people, looking for
  125. Where Does Your City Rank In Terms of Rat, Mice and Roach Infestation?: house, construction
  126. Moving from California to the South: house, buy, to live in
  127. Does the West Coast offer the highest quality of life in the US?: real estate, for rent
  128. Which cities have the best downtown's for their size?: construction, college
  129. Which cities in the US are more urban than Dublin, Ireland?: crime, population
  130. Ohio feels more northeastern than midwestern: how much, university, living in
  131. Are there affordable, warm weather, liberal cities left in America?: low income, sale
  132. Smoking in the U.S.: university, restaurants, bars
  133. Looking for a city that would meet my needs...: high crime, neighborhoods
  134. 20 Year of Residential Building Permits by City: 2015, apartment
  135. best large park in america: theater, law, garden
  136. Moving from Alabama - Looking for a city with internets, good food, Portland.: sales, 2015
  137. San Diego has the lowest murder rate of all big cities: 2015, low crime
  138. Mixed Race is always black/white?: school, racism, rated
  139. Is Texas becoming California?: transplants, 2013, home
  140. Snowboarding, cold , medium town feel, low cost of living: neighborhoods, theater
  141. Do you think Columbus, Cincinnati or Indianapolis are the most centrally located metros?: calculation, shop
  142. The Perfect Southeast City For Us Greatly: low crime, chapel
  143. Largest cities not along the main arteries of the Interstate Highway System?: college, population
  144. LA will soon be King of West Coast and USA: living in, moving to
  145. Which cities in the US would you say has the most interracial couples?: homes, college
  146. Need relocation advice :(: fit in, for rent, hotels
  147. The Most DANGEROUS STATES of ALL TIME to live in!: sales, 2013
  148. Is Oklahoma more like New Mexico or Mississippi?: home, neighborhoods
  149. Thick forest areas for movie: tax, trees, location
  150. Best Cities in the Southeast for 20 Something Professional: transplants, live in
  151. Say something Redeeming about cities.: real estate, home, neighborhoods
  152. The 20 most pest-infested cities in the US: homes, live
  153. Cities like Asheville NC: fit in, felony, school
  154. Would you live you didn't like for a career boost?: how much, home
  155. The Midwest: Home of the Supermodel: 2015, buy, food
  156. Interesting graphic: every state's population trends since 1910: sinkhole, rank
  157. Cities big on Street Art: 2015, neighborhood, property taxes
  158. Why is it only white people that say i'm 1/4 bla bla: rated, Hispanic
  159. The Tallest Mountain in USA and Second Tallest in Western Hemisphere Changes Name: 2015, park
  160. US states with a coastline, but its coastline is not a very dominating factor of the state.: spring break, condos
  161. Local music scenes and cities: 2015, chapel, how much
  162. Which urban college districts would create the most culture shock?: neighborhoods, school
  163. Looking for advice on an affordable town to move near water: to rent, to buy
  164. Should I move to Atlanta or stay in San Diego: rent, buying a home
  165. Will Spanish in USA continue to grow or decline in the future?: home, schools
  166. Map of America by 15 people in London: 2014, cities
  167. 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in the US: 2015, low crime, live in
  168. Areas of the USA where you have seen Indian guys assimilate into American culture.: fit in, chapel
  169. Where Should I Live? (Warm Winter, Restaurants): best city, apartments
  170. What US cities have the most laid back and down to earth women?: school, live in
  171. Tempe AZ, Richardson TX, or Bloomington IL?: 2015, insurance
  172. Your guess at the Top 20 CSA's in 2020: 2015, home
  173. What state/city you would like to live if you could?: income, standard of living
  174. When do you think American communities will return to 1980s obesity levels?: living, food
  175. Young married couple desperate to relocate: for sale, rent, hairstylist
  176. What sort of people live in Des Moines & Boise?: insurance, unemployment
  177. Hot Desert vs. Cold Desert: allergies, land, best time
  178. State Haiku: home, best, places
  179. I'm tired of the South hogging all the growth: private schools, wage
  180. Why are Midwest areas Democratic but very similar ones are blood red?: 2014, attorney
  181. How are metro areas defined?: chapel, home, employment
  182. suggestions about scenery: 2015, neighborhood, place to live
  183. List of places Barbie would live in: vacation home, college
  184. Western NC/Eastern TN: transplants, home, wedding
  185. Best city for a young person to meet friends?: cheap apartment, home
  186. Better flag = more state pride?: limousine, home, live
  187. Is there a place in the U.S. where you can buy a home for $30k? Not a mobile home or condo or a foreclosure- a house: high crime, cheap home
  188. U.S. Blacks Get Own Territory?: to live in, architecture, cities
  189. Do cities give off an energy, ???: suburbs, places, history
  190. What city/area fits this criteria?: high crime, train, rapes
  191. Which major state City do you feel has the biggest cultural divide between the state and the city itself?: vs, suburbs
  192. Which region has the most homers ?: transplants, school
  193. When will Houston and San Francisco peak?: apartments, condos
  194. Drone videos of Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco (your city?): live, gardens
  195. Virginia!: wealthiest, trees, engineering
  196. Where are the best-dressed WalMart shoppers?: house, live, prices
  197. Why are areas around the Mississippi River so poverty stricken?: fit in, college
  198. Viva la Rust Belt!: 2015, employment, high school
  199. “Notes from Genius Tour” – Meir Ezra: 2013, bankrupt, statistics
  200. From Intercourse, Pa., to Monkey’s Eyebrow, Ky., how U.S. places got their names: town