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  1. tourist attraction in your city to avoid: house, theater
  2. Great Places in America for 2015: yard
  3. unique streets: 2015, lofts, condos
  4. Looking for a medium sized town for after college: apartment complex, rent
  5. Best college cities for the software engineer?: university, live in
  6. Rank big cities by citizens (% wise) that are most straight forward: transplants, beach
  7. Roadtrip from Midwest to California in January - Best/Safest Route: summer, driving
  8. Canadian Pacific's Holiday Trains Runs Again in 2015!: train, food
  9. Another most livable cities list: estate, money, property
  10. Spring break 2016 (beach, party, colleges): best, places, Europeans
  11. Where are the Mayberrys of the US?: town, communities
  12. Where should we move next?: law school, university, taxes
  13. Best city for families or college students or young professionals or older people or all of the above: 2015
  14. I-40W in March?: home, price, paid
  15. New places for me to consider? (If I leave where I am now): transplants
  16. Need help moving out West!: real estate, rentals, house
  17. Looking for upscale waterfront city/town in Mid Atlantic!: sales, low crime
  18. Urban neighborhoods with lowest long term turnover: living in, cities
  19. help us find a place to move to in the NW: Home Depot
  20. Help us pick a state and city!: apartments, renters
  21. what cities fit this description in upper midwest area?: fit in, best cities
  22. Are the West Coast and South the default urban and rural cultures, respectively?: movies
  23. Where to move after high school?: apartment, rent, credit score
  24. Which city exemplified its own sitcom personna the best?: apartment, condo
  25. Your favorite places?: ski resort, affordable apartments, homes
  26. KINDLY suggest a relocating town/city/state HELP xox: real estate, chapel
  27. Best and Worst States to make a Living in: sales, 2015
  28. How much each state contributes to the nations economy: 2015, prices
  29. Which is Safer: Austin or Nashville?: high crime, house, safe neighborhoods
  30. Seeking affordable, outdoorsy place to live: real estate, to rent, low crime
  31. Region with Best Local Government Structure: home, salaries, tax
  32. Cheap country lake/mountain town with lots of hiking trails: fit in, real estate
  33. Veterans Day in the US: military, trains, retired
  34. Need Expanded Most Common Last Names By City: county, year
  35. Which relatively large metro area has the highest percent of people living in detached single family homes?: 2015
  36. Which relatively large metro area has the highest percent of people living in detached single family homes?: 2015
  37. Colonies, tertitories and states (cool video): 2015, centers, county
  38. Northern Va to NE... help: rent, neighborhood, university
  39. Trying to find a nice quiet (and cheap) area to semi-retire that my wife can tolerate: crime rate
  40. What part of the country is best for workers?: how much, unemployment
  41. Most welcoming places in the USA that give outsiders a chance to build an amazing social life.: fit in
  42. The epidemic of wanderlust and its causes^: home, school
  43. Best Markets for a Higher Education (College/University) Professional: chapel, how much
  44. Picky, picky, picky: new home, good schools, taxi
  45. Best place to live off grid in a tiny house/cabin with no codes in the U.S.: purchase
  46. Largest town with no traffic lights: elementary school, cost, pollution
  47. Blending Regional Identites: Major Cities in Texas and Oklahoma: transplants, live
  48. Westchester County, NY on the US West Coast?: houses, property taxes
  49. Biggest South Asian centers in the country?: cities, population
  50. Cities with jobs where a low skilled couple- earning $10 an hour full time- can buy a nice home: low income
  51. West coast towns with lower cost of living than Reno/Sparks?: casinos, living in
  52. Best city on the east coast for families: chapel, houses
  53. Cities with Urban Horse-keeping: houses, neighborhoods, organic
  54. City that fits my needs?: employment, restaurant, public transportation
  55. Having Difficulty Deciding Where to Live Next: apartment, to rent
  56. 50 Worst Traffic Bottlenecks In America: 2015, construction, maintenance
  57. Centenarian in US where do they live?: homes, income
  58. Vocal Fry by Region: cities, accents, better
  59. Reading accent than talking accent really different when people move to new area and accent changes!!: news
  60. Which city you visited, have you the most, Aesthetic, Interesting, designed Infill housing in its neighborhoods?: 2015
  61. Can Somebody Tell Me What State/Region This Accent Comes From
  62. What state's average residents have the most buying power?: 2014, utilities
  63. Which city you have visited? Has the most obviously... Banal and bland Parking Garages?: business
  64. Antithesis: neighborhoods, live, richest
  65. Living in Columbia MD and commuting to Arlington VA: how much, good schools
  66. Where Can We Find Horse Property & Large City Ammenities & University: for sale, 2013
  67. Las Vegas vs. Atlanta vs. Minnesota vs. ?: apartment, rent
  68. Why did you move back to the east coast after time spent living in California?: transplants, rental
  69. Which state is the most transient?: rated, metro, company
  70. budget beach during winter vacation: hotels, camps, cost
  71. Finding my spot in the US: home, theatre, elementary schools
  72. The absolute worst freeways in the country: how much, most dangerous
  73. Why is the Mid-Atlantic region lumped in with the N.E.?: school, live in
  74. 100 Largest US Cities Ranked by Crime Rate: neighborhoods, live
  75. Pick 1 city to live in for each month for the rest of your life.: design, money
  76. Sad but true, just about all of the Major Metro areas on the West Coast are unaffordable for average earners.: apartments, rent
  77. Thrillist: Brooklyn of Every State: neighborhoods, living in, move
  78. Poor but sexy, educated, walkable: crime, student loans, neighborhoods
  79. How and Where to live in the West Coast? Beware: First World Problems!!: student loans, house
  80. New Mexico vs Minnesota vs Colorado: 2013, neighborhood, live
  81. Looking for the impossible on the East Coast: renting, low crime
  82. Examples of Ethical Gentrification in US Cities: middle-class, apartment complexes
  83. Deciding where to settle (for life if: low crime, chapel
  84. Favorite Cities for Holidays Throughout the Year: credit card, home
  85. Do you refer to state roads as Route or ghway ?: home, live
  86. Looking to leave Knoxville TN: best city, rent, chapel
  87. Spending 6 days in the Pacific Northwest: hotels, neighborhoods, to buy
  88. Do you prefer Legacy cities vs. Non legacy cities: fit in, incomes
  89. If part of the US, would Saskatchewan be part of the West or Midwest?: mineral rights, how much
  90. Another Where to Live I hate Seattle after 55 Years: real estate market, how much
  91. Cities where your salary will stretch the furthest: 2015, cheap home
  92. Residential stability rankings for the metros with at least 1 million people: transplants, 2015
  93. What are the Demographics of you Zip Code?: transfer, neighborhood
  94. What City is Most Like Springfield, Massachusetts?: 2015, crime rate
  95. Geographic distribution of young people: 2014, centers, moving to
  96. Cities with fierce rivalries that actually seem pretty similar: neighborhoods, college
  97. Help us find a happy medium in the USA: home, job market
  98. Most impressive fly ins: versus, shop, airport
  99. Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state?: houses, schools
  100. Why don't Northerners seem to lose their accents when they move South?: fit in, home
  101. Good books, movies that show what life is like in various cities: house, living
  102. I don't know where to move to: chapel, house
  103. Southwestern Wisconsin Or Bloomington In: job market, university, camping
  104. Blending Regional Identites: Louisville vs. St. Louis vs. Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati: houses, move to
  105. Friendliest residents poll: minimum wage, friendly, best
  106. Leaving Illinois weather & taxes, but where to?: middle-class, car insurance
  107. California is the poorest a way (LA Times Article): 2015, rent
  108. Tennesse/Virginia/North Carolina border: insurance, college, to live in
  109. Traffic lights mounted on poles or hung from wires?: construction, live
  110. Do you prefer first-tier cities?: salary, living in, price
  111. How is Winter where you are? 2015-2016: home, live
  112. Place to live for a libertarian/outdoor family: 2013, college
  113. Dive Bars Across America: 2014, apartment, credit card
  114. Health food store chains: organic, restaurants, prices
  115. Young+Single+Work at Home Position...Where to adventure to?: apartments, leases
  116. Does city drink more than NYC?: 2014, codes
  117. Portuguese Americans: neighborhood, gated, live
  118. A move cross country to New England!!!: apartments, crime
  119. Best U.S. American small college towns: chapel, school
  120. New Rail Lines opening in 2016: 2015, purchasing, construction
  121. Trashy American Cities: taxes, live in, prices
  122. Where would I fit in best?: appointed, 2013, apartments
  123. Friendlisest States: appointed, home, colleges
  124. Inexpensive beach living on the Atlantic Ocean: for sale, real estate market
  125. Is living in a different US state than the one you were raised a totally different experience?: crime, credit
  126. New York a lot sunnier than Chicago: month to, live
  127. From Rundown Cities to: 2015, apartment complex, renting
  128. Deep south and fall.: restaurant, eat, pine
  129. Where To Live On $60,000 With Kids?: home, school district, university
  130. Comparing and contrasting accents in the Upper Midwest...: live, areas
  131. Fear of Natual Disasters: tornado, earthquakes, live in
  132. Why does Colorado have more notoriety with legalized marijuana compared to Washington?: sales, 2014
  133. Generally speaking, do you consider Virginia to be culturally Southern: accent, capita
  134. Looking to relocate to a safe urban area: middle-class, best neighborhood
  135. Cities with attractive poor people?: broker, neighborhoods, income
  136. Which state has the craziest news/headlines?: crimes, farm
  137. Cities with most attractive men: move, good, room
  138. Where should I move next?: lease, insurance, how much
  139. Cold + Low Humidity, preferably Northeast: 2015, property tax, living
  140. Which major cities are not experiencing a major revitalization right now?: crime, neighborhoods
  141. New Jersey and Connecticut named one of the wealthiest states - Top 10 Richest and Poorest States: middle-class, 2014
  142. 2014 map of murder rates by state: crime, hotel, living
  143. Why did you choose to live where you live?: employment, school
  144. Looking to relocate to Anywhere But US.: best city, transplants
  145. Help us find new places to look at!: apartment, renting
  146. Have you traveled one end of a U.S. Highway to the other: garden, eat
  147. Looking for an affordable conservative mild weather town: crime rates, neighborhoods
  148. Population Age Structure Demographic Change 2010-2014 By State: county, place
  149. Have your retailers switched/activated credit card chip readers?: how much, Home Depot
  150. When You Can Live Anywhere in the US, Where Do You Go?: best cities, condo
  151. Is trick-or-treating a dying custom in the U.S.?: townhouse, neighborhoods
  152. City of Heights: neighborhood, university, live in
  153. What appeals to you more in a place to live: character/soul or jobs/professional opportunities?: living, cost of living
  154. Did you as a contraction: live in, eat, rated
  155. Can I realistically drive from Austin to Newark in 48hrs?: hotel, buy
  156. Have you ever lived in a micropolitan area?: city hall, income
  157. Definition of a College Town: fit in, transplants, chapel
  158. data-crunching I did about California: neighborhoods, exemptions, living
  159. Which state has the most headline news?: county, party
  160. How do NFL Cities handle Mondays?!?!: how much, home, high schools
  161. African Americans (and peoplein general regardless of race) variations by region: versus, centers
  162. What makes Koreatowns so prominent?: neighborhood, design, residential
  163. NYC College Educated mid-20s , looking for a new city.: apartments, rent
  164. Favorite Lake(s) area in the US: hotel, restaurant
  165. What are your favorite US National Parks?: car, tree
  166. Southern States; why are they good/bad?: transplants, high crime
  167. Where in the U.S.A. can I escape scrutiny and do as I without hurting: living, gardening
  168. Which major city downtown has the best qualities of a downtown without most of the worst qualities: crime rates, homes
  169. Best city for a 20-something ready to leave NYC: appointed, school
  170. Out of 4 states which would you choose?: schools, casino
  171. Compare Seattle with Kansas City: home, buy, movies
  172. Help me find an affordable, relatively safe, walkable town near a major city!: apartments, for rent
  173. Differences between midwest, west/east coast and south?: middle school, live
  174. How large is the contiguous area of your city?: calculator, estimate
  175. Should Philly and NYC be considered one giant CSA?: live, design
  176. Safe place to live when you're poor?: upper-class, apartment
  177. Sunny city to learn English: live in, beaches, cities
  178. New England: Welcoming or Unwelcoming? (Rhode Island/ Massachusetts/ Connecticut): sales, 2014
  179. Cities with Generic cultures: neighborhood, live, campus
  180. Is there anywhere in America where people are not obsessed with race?: how much, living in
  181. Smaller cities with low home prices?: low crime, houses, theater
  182. Best cities and places for people that aren't ready to socially be adults .: fit in, chapel
  183. Is Ohio Northeastern?: accents, kids, to sell
  184. Cardinal Directions in You City: real estate, home, neighborhoods
  185. Cost of Living no state income tax comparison: sales, 2015
  186. Is Minimum Wage Enough Anywhere?!: section 8, sale, apartment
  187. Minneapolis more like Chicago or Seattle?: neighborhoods, housing, architecture
  188. help me and my girlfriend find a place to live: crime rate, how much
  189. Affordable and cool millennial places are still too expensive: best cities, apartments
  190. the criteria, which major US city is best for me?: ski resorts, employment
  191. I'm looking for a mid-large sized city after college (Portland, Seattle, Denver, Twin Cities, Boston, Columbus?): rent, low crime
  192. Gorgeous towns to live-Mid Atlantic Region: low crime, homes, buy
  193. Looking for opinions: schools, living, cost of living
  194. Best Internet / Technology Access v. Technology Desert: cities, where to
  195. Wenatchee Washington, or central Washington gyms: area, good, recommend
  196. Which major metropolitan area has the worst ghettos?
  197. EMV cards slow adoption since October 1st: casino, companies
  198. Cities trending in the right direction in regards to jobs and pay: 2015
  199. Cost of Living adjusted wage data for US metros: 2014, wages
  200. Friendly City / Mean City: transplants, crime, houses