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  1. Fresh start: best cities, hotel, home
  2. Large/mid sized east coast cities w/ nature: beach, commuter
  3. Most Dangerous US Neighborhoods: crime, homes, housing projects
  4. Block parties, friendly neighbors: sales, established neighborhood, to live
  5. Another where should I go: employment, gated
  6. Does a U.S. city exist with this specific climate?: job market, college
  7. Better to date in fast or slow-paced city?: transplants, school
  8. Favorite bike paths: 2013, rail, design
  9. How many refugees live in your metro area?: 2015, bus
  10. Best City for UK Digital Marketing Agency to Branch Out: apartment, rent
  11. Redneck/hick towns, cities and locations throughout the Lower 48?: college, wages
  12. Areas with views like Palm Desert/Palm Springs?: transfer to, live
  13. Are college students included in city populations?: apartment, house
  14. News, Happy Southerner Turns A Cold Shoulder To Idea Of Moving North: school
  15. Where is the more Affordable Version of Montauk?: yard, land
  16. Easiest to Find a Job the FASTEST: Austin vs Los Angeles vs South Florida vs Modesto: apartment
  17. What cities have a surplus of small condos causing their prices to be low?: sales
  18. Celebrating Christmas in Dallas is Great: home, malls, land
  19. I am a single mom looking to move different: schools, living in
  20. When does the cops come without sirens?: neighborhood, live in
  21. Collaborative vs. Competitive Regions: schools, centers, tuition
  22. What is your city doing for New Years?: city hall, hotel
  23. Mid Size towns in Pac NW? Family friendly places?: ski resorts, 2014
  24. Finding the most suitable degree/city for me: home, calculation
  25. East/Southeast Asian and South Asian populations: Vietnamese, area
  26. America's Most Dangerous Cities?: crime rates, live, activity
  27. Relocation help???: for sale, school district, shopping center
  28. State and City for an Australian moving over late 2016: apartment, rent
  29. Most Catholic cities: 2015, metropolitan area, top
  30. How bad will I95 be on the day after Christmas?: parking, congested
  31. I Don't Know Where To Live...: crime, chapel, hotel
  32. Visualization of the top 20 metro populations: metropolitan, difference, better
  33. 2014 Murder Capitals: 2015, crime, live
  34. States With The Strictest / Lenient State Police Agencies: how much, statistics
  35. Artistic / Music Communities: college, income, living
  36. What cities are welcoming despite experiencing a lot of recent arrivals?: transplants, elementary school
  37. Move from Ireland to US for college: schools, universities
  38. buisness: buy, to live, legally
  39. Road trip from Los Angeles to Denver in late December: best, parks
  40. Help me find a new place to live in South east US: sales
  41. Reflection on who sacrificed .: pictures, greatest
  42. City with shorter winter but more snow?: cities, avg
  43. postal deliveries in the hood: crime, house, neighborhoods
  44. GA couple looking for greener grass - Advice?: sales, lease
  45. exchange student coming to the US - best place to go??: movies, school
  46. 9 Hotels That Go All-Out for Christmas / America's Best Resorts for Christmas Season: 2015
  47. How local do your recommendations get?: house, neighborhood, college
  48. The fastest gentrifying neighborhoods in the United States list: home, dorm
  49. Dallas vs. Phoenix vs. other cities? - Looking for sizable Korean presence, affordability, strong job market.: cheap apartment
  50. Short documentary on the Midwest Driftless area, enjoy!: 2015, areas
  51. Looking for a job to get away from home life for a while: law
  52. Interstate 69 completion dates: construction, between, route
  53. Thanksgiving road trip crazy driving: how much, law, dangerous
  54. does a homeless person / wanderer pay state taxes ?: low income, sales
  55. What city in the USA has what I'm looking for?: nightlife, beach
  56. What is up with the itinerant, vagabond, nomadic, homeless population out west?: low income, transplants
  57. Southern state with the most evergreen trees?: vs., land
  58. Louisville a top gay tourist destination: 2015, living, bars
  59. Cities That Attract Tall Men (besides MN cities): transplants, apartment
  60. Most Irish cities: appointed, neighborhoods, live in
  61. Cities with the most German ancestry (King of Kensington): transplants, 2014
  62. Small-to-medium Sized Cities w/ a Safe Walking Downtown: transplants, 2014
  63. Cities that don't fit their geographic location: hotels, place
  64. Cheapest gas prices?: station, business, cities
  65. Does this forum have a West Coast bias?: home, trendy
  66. Small or mid-sized cities that have both an aquarium AND a zoo?: live in, ranked
  67. What are southerners impressions of old money southern upper crust: credit, attorney
  68. German Americans: eat, farmers, rated
  69. help me decide where to move!: house, neighborhoods
  70. What city would you pick to live in regions?: beach, area
  71. Looking for something specific for next stage in life: condos, crime
  72. Help Young Gay Couple find Perfect City: for rent, neighborhood
  73. New Cool Cities for Millennials: real estate, 2015
  74. Jewish population by metro area: school, college, live in
  75. What are yankees impressions of old money southern upper crust: home, living in
  76. What is the East Coast Vibe?: transplants, houses
  77. Best and Worst Places In Your State on Streetview?: high crime, neighborhood
  78. Can California ever be as respected as New England?: title, residential
  79. Favorite Interstate Highway in the Country: pine, tree, metro
  80. Looking to leave the Midwest after college: apartments, for rent
  81. Area codes that people identify with: 2015, living, zip code
  82. US States by Walmart stores: hotel, house, buy
  83. Socially awkward cities?: fit in, college, to move
  84. What is a Midwestern Vibe ?: neighborhoods, colleges
  85. What makes a neighborhood a bad neighborhood ?: HOA, high crime
  86. In your experience, in which city or state did you find it easiest to make real, close friendships?: fit in, transplants
  87. Should the Great Lakes be an independent region?: rail, ferry
  88. US cities without central business districts: apartment complexes, subdivisions, mall
  89. List of Cities With State Names.: how much, live, zip codes
  90. Canadian moving to the US as a voluntary job Transfer: ski resorts, to rent
  91. Subregions of the Midwest: fit in, live, vs.
  92. Good Southern states and towns?: low crime, chapel, unemployment rate
  93. Affordable row house neighborhoods: apartments, houses, employment
  94. leaving SFO Bay Area for Florida/Arizona/Las Vegas??: for sale, real estate
  95. Best cities/neighborhoods in the Southeast for car-free living?: apartment, rent
  96. Is Michigan more similar to Ohio or Wisconsin?: live, manufacturing
  97. Cities with a lot of mid-rise and/or sleek buildings?: 2014, construction
  98. I'm a s/w engineer, who likes guns, nature: job market, place to live
  99. Occupational Census: The Knowledge Economy by Metro: chapel, attorney
  100. Areas of the USA that have a lot of whites of non-Anglo origin.: 2013, moving
  101. Small cities with four seasons and affordable house prices (>$225K)?: buying, new construction
  102. What am I really missing out on by not living in a major (world class) city?: apartment, condo
  103. How do you pronounce egg and leg ???: live in, cities
  104. Seeking clean air, mild climate, and walkability: fit in, 2015
  105. One City: 50 States: sales, home, buy
  106. Most conservative region in the US apart from The South?: assess, interior
  107. Best Football Team Using Players From Your State: home, population
  108. Ideal cities to move to for fresh grad without a job offer: rent, job market
  109. Finding a place with all 4 seasons.: place to live, moving to, metro area
  110. Cities with the biggest transformation?: 2015, apartment, neighborhood
  111. Relocation Inquiry/Challenge: low crime, standard of living, cost
  112. Where Should I Move!?!?: rentals, mover, crime rate
  113. was/is moving for COL worth it?: real estate, car insurance
  114. Develops.: NY, SD, LV, SA, NO, TOR, MIA, CAL, EDM, VAN, HON, SEA, ATX, DEN, PDX, PHX, SAC, SLC, TBA, ORL, MSP, MONT, OTW: apartments, condos
  115. Best cities for hot dogs outside of Chicago and New York: clubbing, island
  116. Big City Satellites: metropolitan area, area, cities
  117. Which area would you live in?: movie theaters, good schools, to live in
  118. Looking for a new city to live in: theater, university
  119. Pick a city for my brother: Seattle vs Portland vs San Fran Vs Brooklyn: best cities, rent
  120. Best US cities for Gamers/Cosplayers?: sales, property tax, living in
  121. major Jewish cities: which come to mind?: university, statistics
  122. Favorite Streetlight Illumination Color: movies, camper, live in
  123. Walkable suburb 400k - does my perfect place exist??: for sale, 2015
  124. Looking for new: home, college, camping
  125. Best places for me personally my aspirations and preferences: hotel, high school
  126. Median Income for Millenials by State: real estate, 2015, high school
  127. Strongest core revitiliations in stagnant cities.: 2015, apartments, lofts
  128. Quietest times a year in your city: transplants, schools
  129. Non-coastal States: Best for Water Sports?: swimming, activities, land
  130. What are affordable cities for single people without a college degree?: real estate, apartments
  131. Cities that You Know the Best: 2014, apartment, rent
  132. Average Hourly Wages For Million Person Metros Through 10/15: 2015, home
  133. Where do I go to escape miserable, rainy Portland?: fit in, apartments
  134. Liberal Lake Towns?: low crime, hotels, houses
  135. Which state best fits this description? (Am from the UK): lower-class, sales
  136. Is there an eastern version of Seattle?: find a job, high schools
  137. New Mexico's mistaken identity: hotel, school, living in
  138. Young family moving where?!: transplants, chapel, universities
  139. Percentage of people without a HS diploma by zip code: high school, college
  140. Can older people (30+) enjoy big city living?: apartments, condos
  141. What you know about Connecticut: insurance, high crime, hotel
  142. Best Coastal Cities for Buying a Victorian?: for sale, real estate
  143. Could US military divorce from civilian control: live, dangerous
  144. What part of the U.S. (not in the 48) would you like to live in?: crime rate, living
  145. What direction is the geographic center of the contiguous United States (near Lebanon, Kansas) from you?: school, live
  146. Cities vs Suburbs, which has less emphasis on consumerism/materialistic spending?: apartments, countertops
  147. Most Close-Knit LGBT Community: appointed, neighborhoods, gated
  148. Which Part of the US is more Lush Green?: vs., areas
  149. Upper class grew while middle class declined: middle-class, transplants
  150. Where to retire cheaply in the US?: 2015, rental
  151. What exactly is an East Coast accent?: 2014, island
  152. Which is better Texas or Arizona???: home, good schools, live
  153. Good Places to Live (Cheap, Clean, Safe, ): truck rental, rental
  154. Darkest and brightest lit metro areas at night: how much, casinos
  155. Which of the 4 regions personally, has the most beautiful natural scenery?: pine, residential
  156. Do you think certain immigration laws will change in Miami?: 2015, crime
  157. Which US state capitals have you been to?: home, airport
  158. Best small town with mild climate?: home, camp, living
  159. 24 hour cities: home, buying, live
  160. Am I the only crazy one moving North?: transplants, 2014
  161. Cities with the best Little Italys: home, neighborhoods, live
  162. Most beautifully landscaped city in America?: homes, landscaping, neighborhood
  163. Best major cities for long-distance job search?: job market, university
  164. Best city for young black women: best cities, home, transfer
  165. Purpose-Built Capital Cities: home, university, subdivisions
  166. Water Management in the Southwest: how much, house, neighborhoods
  167. What do people actually mean when they say a place is fast/slow paced?: how much, live in
  168. Plan Escape DC - Help me find a new place to live: fit in, apartments
  169. Which state is more southern, Oklahoma or Virginia?: transplants, area
  170. Where affordability and fun meet?: best neighborhoods, townhouse, neighborhoods
  171. Does your city have a Drive-in Movie Theater??: 2015, live in
  172. Which state has the most natural: schools, to live in
  173. Cities with the most southern and eastern European ancestry: metro, population
  174. Which city has the best highway system?: how much, maintenance
  175. Texas vs. North Carolina: spring break, 2014, hotels
  176. Frustrated couple looking for a new start - need help!: sales, new home
  177. Why do people hate 'rednecks'?: upper-class, live, military
  178. Best Area for Outdoorsy Person: income, to live in, price
  179. Safest African American City.: low crime, neighborhoods, dangerous
  180. The 33 Richest Cities in the U.S.: incomes, living
  181. Do college students count in city population numbers?: apartments, rent
  182. West Coast Independent Country?: to live in, best, expense
  183. Which metro area is seeing the biggest public transit expansion?: construction, living
  184. Superstar cities that don't have high inequality and segregation: 2015, home
  185. On the Move.. From Houston to Boston.. Where to next??: bankrupt, pros and cons
  186. 2015 Census state estimates released: living in, professionals, estimated
  187. Cities that were completely different living in vs. visiting: appointed, movers
  188. Which major cities that are redeveloping have a declining black population?: 2014, houses
  189. Cities to live when you are successful vs. want to be successful: best cities, apartment
  190. City for early 30s single male?: apartments, job market, to move
  191. Nicest States to Live in?: neighborhoods, friendly, areas
  192. Is Colorado more like Kansas or Utah?: neighborhood, gated
  193. Heathcare utilization of young adults by states: costs, statistics
  194. Newsstand prices of newspapers/magazines in your city/region/state: how much, purchase
  195. State based documentaries: rich, activities, work
  196. Cohort graduation rate by school district and/or county in the United States: location
  197. Best Cities to Found a Start-up, outside of Silicon Valley and New York City.: 2015
  198. Where is the best opportunity?: income, taxes, cost
  199. For that like to walk or take your bike to work: map
  200. Diversity score by census block group: neighborhoods, community, facilities