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  1. Help! Where should I move?: apartments, to rent, insurance
  2. 35+ singles and relocation tips: home, college, live in
  3. Help us on the next stage of this adventure called life: apartment, renting
  4. American Indian and Alaska Native Population: counties, Indians, reduce
  5. Weather in the states up north?: live in, moving, beach
  6. Is Houston the capital of the South?: cities, economy
  7. What are property taxes on an average family sized home in your city?: sales
  8. Tolls up north?: credit card, how much, living in
  9. work in Car Sales? Looking to relocate in a few years: apartment
  10. To which coastal towns should I move?: apartment, renting
  11. Places that will pay you to live there: cities, town
  12. Transient Housing Cities: extended stay, 2015, apartments
  13. Low Property Taxes, Walkable, Near Biggish City: rent, house
  14. help with moving locations..: 2015, home, buying
  15. Is everything REALLY bigger in Texas?: coyote, asphalt
  16. find my california city: transplants, rental, high crime
  17. Social Security Benefits - US Resident Living Overseas: crime, attorney
  18. Ok guys! Where is a better place to live Austin or New Orleans: apartment
  19. Apart from Boston, which city in New England has the best public transportation?: college
  20. US towns with European feel: hotels, neighborhoods, restaurants
  21. Durham, Charlotte and Nashville: transplants, crime rate, chapel
  22. Houston Texas vs Phoenix Arizona: transplants, crime, school districts
  23. Which is more common, a low income town becoming high crime or a high income town's industry crashing?: renters
  24. Annexation Bill of 1866: insurance, new home, purchase
  25. Which city is in danger of rising sea levels?: 2015, insurance
  26. Single woman in early 30s looking to move: living in, move to
  27. Relocating from Northeastern US to Washington state: fit in, moving company
  28. Affordable land to build a stationary tiny home: apartment, rental
  29. Moving/studying out of state(and general life questions): apartment, rent
  30. Gdp per capita in us cities?: ranking, American, greatest
  31. Which area is more liberal? New England, NY or Cali? How?: college, suburban
  32. British immigrants in the US: island, population, top
  33. Looking for places to explore camp/hike similiar to the Poconos,: to rent, theatre
  34. Best cities for Indian/Pakistani/Desi migrants: gated, quality of life
  35. Aimless college grad 20-something looking for an affordable San Francisco alternative: apartment, find a job
  36. What makes a state the best state?: unemployment, taxes
  37. Random about the US...: live in, move to, beaches
  38. The West in the US vs. Canada: agricultural, rated
  39. Desire to move away.: high school, live, moving
  40. Best City for Post Rock/Slowcore Musicians: 2015, college
  41. Antithetical Regions: environment
  42. does this city exist??: apartment complex, homes, luxury
  43. Where can a young, uneducated person afford to live?: for rent, insurance
  44. looking to move off grid.: power lines, house, utilities
  45. I don't know where to move. Help!: rentals, job market
  46. States with the cheapest gas prices: suburbs, cheap, national
  47. Is North Dakota more similar to Manitoba or Saskatchewan?: authority, oil
  48. Best Places for Singles(Who Like Being Single): apartment, rent
  49. Southern Vermont or Southern New Hampshire?: health insurance, credit, houses
  50. Moving from West Coast to East Coast - Adjustments?: transplants, sale
  51. Really easier to meet/keep new friends in large/transient places vs. small/settled places?: apartment
  52. Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City: ski resorts, transplants, rental
  53. A history of New York Values: broker, island
  54. Best place for an older couple with disabled son and teenage daughter?: chapel
  55. does the city I'm looking for exist: hotels, homes
  56. Coastal cities like Lexington, KY or Tallahassee, FL: university, live
  57. The best places to be a real estate agent list: cities, top
  58. Best place to grow up child: rent, cost, move to
  59. For outside the region: does new england have a unified identity, or do individual states hold more identity?: home
  60. What cities are likely to have a future labor shortage?: find a job, university
  61. Songs that remind you of certain cities/places: live, bars
  62. Cities most likely to fall into social and economic crisis in the next 10 years?: real estate, 2015
  63. Which city is right for me ?: home, transfer to, salary
  64. Warm, liberal, affordable, dog-friendly places to live near water: rentals, how much
  65. What places would suit me to move to next?: transplants, houses
  66. Top 10 economic development cities: 2015, suburbs, title
  67. Telecommuting: Best area to buy a $200k home?: condos, house
  68. Does family friendly and cheap always equal boring?: low crime, how much
  69. Does your state have the left turn yield on flashing arrow traffic lights: areas, cities
  70. How big a threat is the Cascadian subduction zone?: insurance, condos
  71. What's the best place to move to USA for young family from Europe?: apartment, to rent
  72. Best bordering states to live-work (high income & low COL next door)?: sales, low crime
  73. Slow Population Growth in the Midwest: 2015, unemployment, bankrupt
  74. Ingredients to be a boom city: job market, universities
  75. Can you help us Relocate?: 2015, co-op, homes
  76. Looking to relocate down South but want to avoid smoking: transplants, apartment complexes
  77. I Can't Decide to Move to the Midwest, West or East Coast?: rental, houses
  78. Major cities with only one Interstate connection?: beach, suburbs
  79. Rural Poverty in New England ?: live, storage, to eat
  80. Most introvertied vs Most extroverted cities.: crime, houses, neighborhoods
  81. Which metro areas have most people heard of and have a shore but are hardest to guess where downtown is on a blank map?: school, organic
  82. FUN family friendly cities: 2015, amusement park, insurance
  83. What cities are made up of the most distinct neighborhoods?: houses, organic
  84. Best city for middle-aged singles?: rental, home, buying
  85. Best metro area for non-religious people in the south?: 2014, college
  86. How would you rank the quality of life in your city from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest?: best city, apartment
  87. Help me find a new home city: city hall, renting
  88. Want to move away from Texas because of HEAT and fire ants(allergic), but husband is reluctant...: homes, find a job
  89. most famous streets in the United States: park, place
  90. If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute!: live in, area
  91. Florida vs North Carolina: 2015, home, living in
  92. Cities and States with high numbers of attractive people you didn't expect?: living in, assess
  93. Cities you would consider living in if they didn't have so much crime?: 2015, crime rates
  94. Do strangers talk to you in your part of the country? How do you feel about it?: transplants, buying
  95. Which states are always classified midwest?: discount, transit, areas
  96. humid cities: living, groceries, vs.
  97. Best and worse cities in the US when it comes to healthcare and ER wait times.: health insurance, college
  98. Is America really four nations, the North, South, West and Midwest?: credit, college
  99. Looking for Snow, High Altitude, NOT hot summers: ski resorts, day care
  100. Worst of both worlds when it comes to weather?: 2015, tornado
  101. Why are ethnicities in the US so segregated?: middle-class, 2014
  102. Cities and towns where good and bad neighborhoods are right next to each other: middle-class, low crime
  103. America's Best Places List: college, wages, to live
  104. Weather: to live, airport, move
  105. what are the next boom cities?: middle-class, how much, home
  106. Cities with lots of single guys in their 20s and 30s?: ski resorts, transplants
  107. High Crime/Dangerous Rural Areas: 2014, crime rate, how much
  108. Where are you now vs where you envisioned you would be in high school?: apartment, house
  109. What cities have lots of call-centers?: apartment, DMV, salary
  110. s a challenge for ya!!: 2014, rent, home
  111. State/City rivalries?: 2013, layoffs, neighborhoods
  112. Help! Future Move (NYC, NOLO, Houston, Minneapolis, Portland): fit in, best cities
  113. Smug/flaky attitudes: fit in, transplants, high school
  114. Which kind of terrain and scenery do you like?: condo, living in
  115. Regional chains?: amusement park, groceries, shop
  116. Moving from Puerto Rico: Virginia or Ohio?: college, gated
  117. Cities with multiple rivers: deal, metro, between
  118. Where should I live car free/what cities are like Oakland? Detroit, Asheville, Philly, New Orleans, Chicago, Queens?: 2015, apartment complexes
  119. Top 10 cities with most job openings (FORTUNE magazine): condo, hotel
  120. Best City for Craft Beer Enthusiasts: live in, yard, area
  121. Cities in the U.S. served by at least three interstates: child, route
  122. How similar culturally is Austin to Portland and Seattle?: university, hippest
  123. Top 10 Metros by Art Collections: living in, design, rank
  124. Why do Americans put Pakistanis in with Indians?: 2015, gated
  125. Cities which don't fit in with the states they are located in: minimum wage, mayor
  126. Moving South Advice: renting, student loans, hotels
  127. Cities with the best topography: appointed, suburb, residential
  128. Philly vs San Jose, SF and NY metro exclude but its own metro included, which is better: costs, shop
  129. Why do people think New England is the only region with Fall foliage?: get credit, live
  130. 25 Most Romantic Cities in America: Valentine's day, 2014, restaurants
  131. American Contemporary Generations: school, college, vs
  132. Best cities in the US for outdoorsy people?: tech jobs, tax
  133. The North has NYC, Niagara Falls, Liberty Bell, What's a don't miss in the South?: house, parks
  134. Perfect mild climate, low crime, affordable place to raise children....HELP!: rent, chapel
  135. Cities with at least 4 professional sports teams: stadiums, metro area
  136. Things about your city/metro that you are surprised most people don't seem to know...: coop, neighborhoods
  137. Orthodox Jewish population sizes in North American cities: Hasidic Jews, communities
  138. Where would you live... if this were you?: real estate, apartments
  139. which state/city best suits me: apartments, rentals
  140. Places similar to Nashville: transplants, find a job, public schools
  141. Do you consider the Eastern side of Texas to be Southern or Western?: area, cities
  142. 2015 city estimate predictions?: unemployment, neighborhoods, young professionals
  143. Young Active Millennial - Outdoorsy, Affordable Town/City: best towns, 2013
  144. What region do you consider West Virginia to be?: place, state
  145. Is Connecticut more similar to Massachusetts or New Jersey?: casinos, gated
  146. Top 10 cities for Creatives list: 2015, live, move to
  147. The most affordable places in America?: real estate, mortgage, buying a house
  148. Which U.S. metro's have the best job outlook in your opinion and the best COL to income ratio?: best cities, sale
  149. I'm looking for a small city with outdoorsy feel: 2015, movies
  150. Your thoughts on snow - danger/hassle: 2015, home
  151. The dairy belt and the corn belt: sales, elementary school
  152. The furthest west you have heard called east: fit in, law school
  153. Cities That Embrace Themselves (on the topic of NOLA): 2013, how much
  154. where to live? (snow haha): unemployment rate, neighborhoods, living
  155. Good southern cities for single young professionals?: transplants, apartment
  156. Best place to live as a writer: apartments, rentals
  157. Cities where a non-driver can actually buy a home?: real estate, apartments
  158. Which region is more lush? The Northeast or the Southeast?: title, trees
  159. Where is the old Portland now?: fit in, living in, price
  160. Pick my next city: condo, chapel, house
  161. What's the Celtic influenced region in North America?: colleges, food
  162. Which region has the most crime?: 2014, crime rates, homes
  163. City that best represents the future of America: real estate, cheap house
  164. The best cities for Single Millennial men?: 2014, apartments
  165. Which cities have historically had the worst reputations?: crime, home
  166. Your perception of metro area size: live, station, areas
  167. Creating the Whole Interstate 69: job, drive, economy
  168. Why is there no major metro city along south Atlantic coast of the US?: military, plantation
  169. Help with relocation out of NYC: appointed, for sale, real estate
  170. Mid-West to the West Coast: sale, rent, home
  171. What is your guys' perception of my hometown Cleveland?: appointed, crime
  172. What's my dream city?: rentals, home, places to live
  173. Which cities are least at risk of a natural disaster?: tornado, earthquakes
  174. The Holy Grail for Quality of Life?: home, job market
  175. American car culture? Why do so many people drive new cars?: leasing, good credit
  176. Does Philadelphia have more in common with New Jersey or DC/Baltimore: neighborhoods, live
  177. The United States of a divided America: income, richest
  178. Southern Towns (TN & NC) with best health care: insurance, chapel
  179. Downtowns that don't die after 5 PM or on weekends: neighborhoods, live
  180. Food for for Americans: credit, mobile home, neighborhood
  181. What do you do if USPS says your package is delivered, but its not?: house, employment
  182. UK Guy needs help in finding work in US or Canada: fit in, 2015
  183. Affordable, Liberal, outdoorsy cities: low income, houses, neighborhoods
  184. State with Changing Premier Cities: hotels, living in, moving
  185. Best Botanical Gardens in the country: restaurants, garden, suburbs
  186. Best Small City Downtown in America: big house, construction, live
  187. dden gem cities?: quality of life, places to live, nightlife
  188. Best local, not chain, places to get ice cream in your city: houses, living
  189. If cities were stocks....: purchase, school, to live
  190. Most stereotypical Yankee state?: incomes, living in, mold
  191. Ranking your city's suburbs: who's #1?: university, live, beach
  192. Do you live in a lost town ?: houses, neighborhoods
  193. Is Baltimore more like Philadelphia or Hampton Roads?: military, rated
  194. Natural features that don't really wow you: to live in, move
  195. Moving from Seattle to...?: camping, living in, cost of
  196. Countries that send more tourists to USA: home, business
  197. The best cities for women in tech: places, top
  198. Cost of living Pennsylvania vs. Virginia: apartment, low cost, moving
  199. Why are people in cities always sick and others rarely sick?: college
  200. Average Private Employee Hourly Earnings For Million Plus Metros 11/15: cities, worth