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  1. Advice on good southern cities need to move ASAP: rent, low crime
  2. help deciding a city: rent, salary, to live
  3. Are east coast dialects fading the young?: transplants, movies
  4. Another silly list......: unemployment rate, college, ranking
  5. 3D U.S. City Tour (1/10): cities, free, largest
  6. Another where should we move? post: apartments, home
  7. Where should we move? Leaving California for the South or Texas: real estate, crime
  8. I need to move but I don't know where to go. help: low crime
  9. Countries that visit The United State most: 2014, to buy
  10. Looking for a pedestrian town in the US: movie theaters, university
  11. Transitional / Temporary to Perm City: home, buying, college
  12. North American Edition: Cities that you used to have dreams about or still have dreams about?: title
  13. WAPO: people aren't urbanizing, just a select group of wealthy people are...: apartments
  14. Colorado, Texas, Utah, or Florida for a newly graduated chiropractor? What cities?: transplants
  15. Driving from Orange County (CA) to Steamboat, CO in June: home, summer
  16. All main US cities on I-77 start with C: parks, interstate
  17. The Easiest State to Obtain Section 8: apartment, rent, to buy
  18. How would rate the local government in your city from 1 to 10: crime rate, houses
  19. Midwest move with mixed family: for sale, 2013, home
  20. Looking for an area with suburbs / paseos / biking trails near a major hub: amusement park
  21. no money, and a felon and need a new start: apartments, rent
  22. Do big cities tend to have socially based/connection economies?: middle-class, transporting
  23. Need A Fresh Start.... Home is Where U make it...: high school, live
  24. Interstate: Utah to Arizona?: cost of, best, money
  25. Relocation Options (All US... Sort of): home, construction, to live in
  26. Educational Attainment rankings within 5 miles of the core for top 100 metros: best city, 2015
  27. Northeasterns who have moved to the PNW, how do you like it?: crime
  28. Which cities have very few wasps?: best, parent
  29. Metros with Largest and Smallest Carbon Footprints: suburbs, electricity
  30. is it to live and work in a no state income tax state my work situation?: sales
  31. Moving from the swamp to the high plains... What kind of clothing should I invest in?: to buy
  32. How to Find People by Last Name: live, area codes
  33. Raleigh and Charlotte: 2 Fastest Expanding Metro Areas in the U.S. Since 1970: move
  34. Questions About Moving Out of State: apartment, rent, house
  35. Healthy cities: low income, co-ops, college
  36. Could we see a Yuma-El Centro CSA in the future?: to live in, suburbs
  37. How to rent a nice rural home in the Western U.S.: apartment
  38. Help to find eastern U.S. location for retirement: new home, college
  39. In your opinion, what is the fairest priced housing market in the United States? (Buyers and Renters): sales
  40. Lakefront Living with Major City Commute?: homes, shop, activity
  41. Best Urban Area for High Schools Sports: college, activities
  42. Where to move? Creative industry jobs and affordability: apartment, rentals
  43. p cities and raising children: chapel, how much
  44. Moving for better health...: 2015, apartments, rental
  45. What is the best state to tour/see covered bridges?: live, suburban
  46. Where should we live in the US: for sale, real estate
  47. Where's a good place for me to live in the U.S.?: apartments
  48. Which one should I choose !: for rent, living, move to
  49. 26-single-male, drag racer looking to move to warmer state... Help?!: home, established neighborhood
  50. Midwestern cities that are not Rustbelt: universities, title
  51. Looking for a change....: real estate, 2014, house
  52. Need to Move West on Little $, Short Notice: real estate, rental market
  53. Utopia, where art thou?: apartments, for rent, condos
  54. Ideal East Coast Location: real estate, apartments, rentals
  55. Is there a place with moderate humidity?: to live in, deal
  56. Looking for a new state to live: best cities, 2015
  57. Wallethub fattest and fittest cities in U.S. 2016: transplants, military
  58. Sunny, liberal, laid-back, LGBT-friendly.. What place am I describing?: rental, middle school
  59. Palm trees: neighborhoods, to live, beach
  60. Best City-With 3: living, low cost, affordable housing
  61. Poll move to California or other state: high school, living in
  62. bluest skies in the united states: pollution, car, rated
  63. What Major city has the Cleanest downtown you were impressed by on a visit?: neighborhoods, live
  64. Least humid state / city east of rockies: hotel, areas
  65. sunbelt public transport: transplants, employment, neighborhood
  66. Where to move with good public transportation but low COL?: home, living
  67. Most promising city in the Deep South?: area, places
  68. has moving to your dream place change happiness ? Stories: how much, house
  69. best 4 season climate in the US: metro, places, good quality
  70. Beach Town to Raise a Family: sales, crime rate, affordable houses
  71. What will you pick ? Your feedback is: best city, chapel
  72. Migration and social factors: cheap house, moving to, bills
  73. What do you think is the best state for allergy sufferers?: transplants, house
  74. Which cities have done the best job of maintaining their local flavor through booms and gentrification?: transplants, rent
  75. What are slower paced big cities?: activity, metro
  76. Most expensive land to own ?: sale, real estate, rent
  77. Most overpriced and underpriced cities?: houses, neighborhood, university
  78. Discouraged not finding the right (weather) city for us: real estate market, condo
  79. What states allow you to convert an out of states drivers license?: 2014, transfer
  80. What do people mean when they say a city has a culture that appeals to young people?: rental market, movers
  81. Conservative cities with good job markets on the east coast: live in, beach
  82. Beautiful Drives in America: summer, towns, interstate
  83. cool cities with great beaches in the United States: beach, food
  84. Help me choose a city down south: for rent, home
  85. Looking for an ideal city/town: 2015, rent, established neighborhood
  86. Hard Liquor in Supermarkets: sales, to buy, luxury
  87. Desert climate: living in, nicest, areas
  88. Metro Areas Where Conservative and Liberal Residents Peacefully Coexist: neighborhoods, private school
  89. Urban Survivalist - scouting locations: buying, tornado, earthquake
  90. City with the best memorial(s)?: bus, moving, designers
  91. High Altitude vs. Low Altitude: neighborhoods, pros and cons, living in
  92. Underrated capitols: real estate, houses, tech jobs
  93. Where are Californians moving to days?: transfer, taxation
  94. I want to live in the country man!: lower-class, lease
  95. College Towns / Cities that are NOT dominated by college life: university, place to live
  96. Do all city stereotypes have an element of truth to them?: crime rate, homes
  97. Good place in the USA for a liberal Eastern European?: crime, mortgage
  98. Small and mid-sized cities with a lot of culture?: college, park
  99. Striking out on cities to live: fit in, lease, chapel
  100. Mid-sized to large cities with good public schools: neighborhoods, magnet schools
  101. What cities have irritational exuberance: sales, 2013
  102. A city to call home: schools, universities, income
  103. Where to POSSIBLY move, from Seattle.: high school, college, to live in
  104. Favorite cities that are unlivable ?: apartment, to rent, condos
  105. Genuinely Happiest Cities: transplants, home, college
  106. I made a map of the regions of the U.S.: association, top
  107. Words in your area that are used for certain things: house, stations
  108. Cities with isolated crime vs widespread crime: best town, violent crime
  109. Stay and make the best of it or flee?: fit in, house
  110. Furthest city seen on interstate sign: beach, areas
  111. Can mid sized cities light rail compete with Denver's?: transporting, neighborhoods
  112. Most Beautiful State in the Lower 48: home, live, farm
  113. What do u think your city's demographics will be by the 2020 census?: transplants, 2014
  114. Best State Fairs?: hotels, ranked, county
  115. Relocating: Columbia, SC vs. Draper, UT vs. Tallahassee, FL: 2014, daycare
  116. Would you rather live in a prime neighborhood of a good city or an hour outside of a great city?: low crime, employment
  117. Local TV accents in your area: home, living, ferry
  118. Kansas City, MO or Omaha, NE?: crime rate, unemployment, neighborhoods
  119. the iconic ethnic groups tied to your city?: home, neighborhoods
  120. Should I move to south or North Carolina: home, job market
  121. Name things small cities offer that big cities do not: neighborhood, college
  122. Why do you think a state like New Mexico dosent boom like surrounding states?: fit in, transplants
  123. Why are we so obsessed with booms?: middle-class, real estate
  124. Are people leaving Chicago and Illinois in droves?: low income, transplants
  125. Natural Decrease (deaths>births) in 1 of 3 counties last year: 2015, calculation
  126. General idea of where to move.: crime, neighborhoods, college
  127. Is there a place in US like this ???: crime, restaurants
  128. most collegiate college town in metro area: chapel, neighborhoods
  129. Looking for warmer pastures with less snow: buy, allergies
  130. Which cities have the best lakes?: estate, floods, listings
  131. Pros/Cons of living in a big city or just adjacent to it: real estate, rent
  132. Which State Has the Slowest Pace of Life?: centers, beaches
  133. Where is your dream place to live in the United States of America?: house, costs
  134. Houston, Texas vs Phoenix, Arizona?: crime, homes, unemployment
  135. Which state is the most stereotypical Wild West ?: high crime, movies
  136. What cities do you think C-D posters have formed strong opinions about, without visiting: universities, living
  137. How to decide where to move??: high crime, townhouses, neighborhoods
  138. Your choice? Florida or California: 2015, rent, insurance
  139. Progressive, walkable, artsy town...anywhere USA: for sale, real estate, rentals
  140. East Coast Cities With a PNW feel?: appointed, rent
  141. Quietest and most polite city in America?: new home, living
  142. Looking for trifecta: college, to live in, restaurants
  143. A long comparisson with the difficult desision: rent, home
  144. Which America Are You Apart Of? | PBS Quiz to Examines How Close You are to Middle America: live in, suburban
  145. How to find out the actual best place in my view...: middle-class, 2015
  146. Tucson or El Paso?: crime, motels, university
  147. Most booming metropolitan area overall in the Midwestern United States?: condo, unemployment
  148. steer me to possibilities: real estate, good schools, universities
  149. If You Could Choose Where to Relocate, What 1 or 2 Places Would You Choose?: chapel, home
  150. Are south King county (Seattle) suburbs more like L.A./ Bay area suburbs: real estate, crime
  151. Which U.S. Suburbs Are Coming Back To Life And Which Are Declining?: middle-class, apartment
  152. West vs Midwest: how much, living, cost of living
  153. Looking for a new state to call home: best cities, low crime
  154. Fun Day Trips Near Where You Live: home, living in
  155. Overrated and Underrated National Parks: tax, live, beaches
  156. What is the most walkable/urban commercial strip outside of your cities downtown?: neighborhoods, construction
  157. Where the heck should I go?: rental, house, neighborhood
  158. Pacific Northwest population and boundaries: school, living in, pine
  159. Why is Texas' Southern-ness debated but not South Louisiana's?: move, eat
  160. Moderate States vs. Other States: 2014, house, pros and cons
  161. American city the the most beautiful people?: movies, military
  162. The ideal city for a nature lover?: homes, job openings
  163. Still Looking for the one: apartments, rent, lofts
  164. looking for a wonderful town Northwest U.S.: 2015, crime
  165. Progressive Smaller Cities: chapel, college, live
  166. Did you get to move where you wanted to or end up settling: renting, violent crime
  167. Technology jobs and political diversity?: houses, college, living in
  168. 20 year kindergarten teacher in Arizona looking to move for better weather. s?: wages, place to live
  169. Shared borders that go forgotten or seem strange: felony, live in
  170. I'll play too - does a place like this exist?: low income, crime
  171. Dry cold vs. Humid cold: safe, best, areas
  172. Capital Cities: for sale, real estate, 2014
  173. Where should we move??: apartments, rentals, high crime
  174. America's Fastest-Growing Cities and Affordable Housing: house, unemployment rate, to buy
  175. Cities that show/lose their charms the better you know them: home, neighborhoods
  176. West Coast Dream: apartments, crime, houses
  177. How much does housing stock impact your impression of a city/metro?: middle-class, houses
  178. Family-friendly vacation ideas in the southwest: to rent, waterparks, hotels
  179. Cheapest cost of living in a place that doesn't suck: 2015, how much
  180. Is walkability score overrated?: apartments, condo, crime rate
  181. Best Minor League Sports City?: 2015, club, stats
  182. What is living in a college town like?: crime, chapel
  183. Second cities with interesting projects: 2015, city hall, hotels
  184. Why do most big cities tend to ignore social problems?: crime rate, neighborhoods
  185. 200k home cities: school districts, live in, price
  186. Which of the following states would you live in if you had to?: to live in, metro
  187. 4 sports teams in city: layoffs, living, MLS
  188. Which city has the homegrown event that is most divisive to locals and visitors alike?: rent, houses
  189. Polite and civilized people: how much, to live, restaurant
  190. Are dive bars disappearing from most big cities?: neighborhood, income
  191. What Is the Economy Like Where You Live?: rent, job market
  192. Very Interesting Talk....: 2014, condo, homes
  193. upstate ny weather: winter, hours, spring
  194. Moving to the US from Australia: buying, construction, camping
  195. Housing value and recovery nationally: neighborhood, area, business
  196. Southern city/town with affordable rent: to rent, to buy, construction
  197. Regions of the U.S.: map of, windows, difference
  198. Best cities to move to for work within digital media and fitness.: living in
  199. NASEC A new collaborative for northern Appalachia: business, place
  200. What State allows SSI and TANF?: to rent, requirements, place