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  1. Going down the Mississippi River in a raft: rent, credit
  2. Where do people know how to behave in libraries?: apartment, rated
  3. Middle class, multicultural mecca: middle-class, theatre, university
  4. Positive Perspectives On Your City And State: neighborhood, school
  5. Local legends and strange towns: centers, cities, places
  6. What are the most expensive U.S. cities to live in?: apartment, rental
  7. Chicago or San Fran?: to live, internship, things to do
  8. ** Best places to raise kids and have a Top Executive Job**: living, cost of living
  9. Cities that still Trick Or Treat: how much, houses, wedding
  10. Average New England: middle-class, condo, townhome
  11. Anchorage or Boise: move to, deal, cities
  12. Advice on immigration: lawyer, transfer to, gated
  13. need a dentist?: loans, moving, health
  14. Boom towns take notice......learn from Youngstown: real estate, condos
  15. which city has the best vibe?: trendy, cities, gay
  16. How to calculate how much rent one can afford...: for rent, mortgage
  17. Road trip along the West Coast in Dec.: houses, live
  18. Trying to find the perfect (or close to perfect) place to live!: low crime
  19. Cities that have teaching and IT jobs?: job market, middle school
  20. East/Southeast Beach city?: live in, to move, commuting
  21. Region of the United States with the best treescape?: neighborhoods, pine
  22. Where's Your Spot?: best cities, home, living
  23. Big City Money: Largest US Cities by number of families earning $200,000+: home, living
  24. moving: mississippi to arizona or california: skateboarding, skatepark, how much
  25. Where is a cheap place to live in US?: real estate, living
  26. Looking for a place to call home...: apartments, to rent
  27. The best places to raise a family: crime, home
  28. Contemplating relocating but have no idea where to: middle-class, rentals
  29. Percentage and Population of the three biggest races in cities of 200,000 or more.: statistics
  30. US Metro Areas with the most Foreign Born Residents, 2005 Census Release: move to, cities
  31. of truth in this. Southern Blessing.: home, living
  32. Charlotte NC or Orlando FL?: to live in, suite, housing
  33. 2007 Nest Egg Index-US Cities with the most savings: home, living
  34. Help me choose!: appraiser, residential, affordable
  35. Issues Facing the Great Plains: theater, good schools, to live
  36. Has been to Baltimore...: crime, neighborhoods, college
  37. Good state for horse breeding?: to buy, school, living in
  38. Warrant for Misdemeanor in a different state..: how much, lawyers
  39. Toronto and chicago: live, land, cities
  40. Someone help me out Lowest overall tax state: low income, sales
  41. 100 US Metro Areas ranked by Intl Migration, 2000-2005: buying, college
  42. Confused about Vancouver, British Columbia: house, to live in, moving
  43. Looking for areas with great disability resources for relocation of single, disabled Mom and a four year old: apartment
  44. Life after 55 - want to relocate and start a new life: job market, living
  45. developers donating money for schools: new house, buyer
  46. Best Hospitals in the USA, 2007 US News & World Report: loan, university
  47. Where are the most closed-minded people located?: racism, area
  48. What was your city like 100 years ago?: city hall, houses
  49. Help!: appointed, renting, attorney
  50. Shootings At Schools: crime, house, fence
  51. Double-digit home price drops best city, real estate market, apartment
  52. I can usuall find anything, but I can't find this. Help..: places to live
  53. East Coast Colleges for Social Work: schools, university, to live in
  54. Is the national crime rate in 2007 higher or lower than in 2006?: activity, suburban
  55. cities in us with good public transportation: price, train
  56. Which cities are seeing significant decrease in home prices?: big house, incomes
  57. Water Water Everywhere...: yard, cities, drought
  58. Priciest Shopping Streets in the US: rent, per square foot, income
  59. salary frustration-advice?: appointed, home, to buy
  60. US Counties with the most million-dollar homes: housing, ranked
  61. how celtic is the south? and in what areas?: shops, castles
  62. Seattle or Portland?: pros and cons, live in, activities
  63. Which city has the most man fashion boutiques?: shop, best
  64. Youth Sports: to live in, costs, gyms
  65. Looking to Move Soon!: low crime, good schools, universities
  66. States that are rich in oil: earthquakes, live in, military
  67. Your area's natural you see it: Valentine's day, neighborhood
  68. wanting to move out of oklahoma: houses, schools, to live in
  69. a move to the northwest...: rent, home, find a job
  70. English enclaves: transfer, live, pubs
  71. Wichita, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Springfield, Bentonville/Rogers?: moving to, best
  72. State with the worst roads ?: construction, maintenance, vehicle
  73. Who gets plenty of rain?: live in, move to, areas
  74. What is the Best NE city to live in?? Ithaca, Brooklyn: transplants, 2013
  75. Best Beach towns to live in the US ?: spring break, renting
  76. How often do you worry about natural disasters?: house, tornado
  77. Which of buildingsr do you think looks the best: buy, gated
  78. What is your city's flagship park?: credit, utilities, live
  79. Moving for it's LACK of diversity?: crime, neighborhoods
  80. US Cities with the worst reputation: lofts, college, live
  81. Conservative Cities...: contractors, live, military
  82. Morning commute: crime, house, school
  83. Boringest City in the U.S....: weather, entertainment, compared
  84. Favorite Great Lakes City outside of Chicago: for sale, restaurants
  85. It had to be asked- Florida Vs North Carolina: real estate, insurance
  86. What does $500,000 buy you?: condos, coop, house
  87. Eastern mountain towns?: home, school, contractor
  88. Winter's coming! Are you ready?: eat, car, transit
  89. Crazy Neighbors?: apartment, house, living
  90. Which major city in the US has the best entertainment?: theatre, casinos
  91. Heat in Chicago killed 1, hurt 300----in October: Valentine's day, schools
  92. The most sprawling U.S. cities with a population 100K and over: house, subdivisions
  93. Friendliest City in the U.S?: friendly, money, dog parks
  94. Up & Coming Cities: real estate, apartment, lofts
  95. Best City for Young People...: bars, climate, walkable
  96. which state has the best summer?: live in, coastal, humidity
  97. Fewest mosquitoes: how much, camping, live in
  98. Great economy, low cost of living, but NOT in sunbelt?: houses, college
  99. Help Me choose where to Live!!: crime, day care, how much
  100. which city do you think would be really good if it had more people?: lofts, condos
  101. Tornado Capital?: movies, statistics, cities
  102. Searching for most artistic AND cheapest city for young artist...: rent, college
  103. Best Place To Live WITHOUT Tornadoes: house, tornado, earthquakes
  104. A progressive town with very low humidity and doesnt get hot: vs., housing
  105. help me find my perfect place!!: real estate, houses, neighbourhoods
  106. Which city do you think would be really good if it had less people?: transplants, cities
  107. Metro Areas with the most Million Dollar Homes: real estate market, neighborhoods
  108. Best place to live in Blue Ridge Mountains?: house, good schools
  109. Downtown Parking: apartment, how much, neighborhood
  110. Which city has the best nightlife: best cities, home, live
  111. Cities where its ok to throw garbage on the ground.: to live in, shoppers
  112. Newyork city's population: apartment, houses, living
  113. Do you regret moving to your current city?: apartment, lease
  114. Major U.S. cities with the most free or almost free things to do: Which cities make this list?: homes, purchasing
  115. Big City or Small Town and why?: home, movie theaters
  116. Which states in U.S. are similar to New England?: areas, interior
  117. States that most often have the slow drivers in the left lane: live in, law
  118. Best places for w/ adult asthma?: taxes, places to live
  119. Day of the Race: lenders, live in, land
  120. What should I see in your town?: home, live
  121. top 5 most expensive cities to live in america: living in, cost of
  122. How high are your property taxes?: sales, house, public schools
  123. McMansion Market in Decline: sale, mortgage, houses
  124. What is the most vibrant Westcoast city?: neighborhoods, walkable
  125. What Industry (Industries) is your area known for?: insurance, live
  126. What city has the most 1950's era feel?: motel, houses
  127. Which Midwestern state has the most character and diversity?: neighborhoods, living in
  128. All the 'villes of the United States you can think of?: title, church
  129. Most & least congested traffic cities: public transportation, commuters, deal
  130. Favorite U.S. Quarter designs: car wash, schedule, top
  131. Most/Least Favorite State: homes, live in, moving
  132. Where are the best places to live in or visit in America ?: amusement park, house
  133. If you could change anything about the US...: real estate, health insurance
  134. is western new york midwestern, northeastern or a seperate region?: living in, manufacturing
  135. what are the best preserved smaller towns in the usa?: houses, shops
  136. Do You Take Off Your Shoes At Home? Which State/Area Are You From?: apartment, houses
  137. For all our Southern friends out there.......: live, best
  138. What constitutes an acceptable commute time-wise in 2007?: how much, buyer
  139. Stupid Car Commercials on TV: sales, buying, budget
  140. HELP college student in Life Decision:Orlando,Seattle,Austin,Dallas: apartments, rental market
  141. Stagnant smaller cities?: best city, house, university
  142. Eastcoast vs. Westcoast vs. Midwest...How did you adjust to a very different area -- or are you still adjusting?: living in, moving to
  143. What Cities Do You Like Visiting ,but Wouldn't Want To Live There?: living, prices
  144. If money were not an issue, which city would you live in?: buy, income
  145. Most eccentric US city?: pre-k, reviews, cities
  146. Which town is most like Stepford?: homes, neighborhoods, live in
  147. What's your favorite Southern Accent?: preschool, university, plantations
  148. Washington, D.C. and regional identity: transplants, salons, crime
  149. Areas that WELCOME Newcomers????: real estate market, houses, transfer
  150. Good places for allergy sufferers: allergies, living in, mold
  151. Moving to US fom Italia!!: real estate, to rent, home
  152. I'll state my case: Richmond is the Jewel of the South !: lofts, crime
  153. Best Place to Move: income, quality of life, property taxes
  154. Cities that specialize in food!!: best, Vietnamese, Cuban
  155. Why do maps of the South include KY, but not VA, and others....: high school, university
  156. Should I Move To Atlanta Or Houston: rent, home
  157. want to ride the S.L.U.T.?: work, selling
  158. Cities in which it isn't unusual for rich folks to live in the inner city: home, neighborhoods
  159. What is your favorite American river city?: neighborhoods, estimated
  160. What Is The Most Urbanized State: live, suburb, land
  161. Worst highways in the USA: houses, most dangerous, parking
  162. What's more important, beauty/scenery or climate?: allergies, living
  163. Have of you done the quiz on best cities, places to live
  164. Trespass laws in the different states and Canada?: lawyer, house
  165. Best City for US?!: rent, living in, cost of
  166. Do you think New York City,Los Angeles,and Chicago will always be the most meaningful cities in the United States?: theater, metro
  167. States with the most major cities?: beach, land, metro area
  168. What do you consider your second city?: insurance, home
  169. Fastest Drivers......: living, areas, cities
  170. Knowledge based economy-The Best and the Worst Educated Metros: 2013, neighborhood
  171. Best cities to live in without an Automobile: living in, transportation
  172. What are your favorite U.S. cities to visit as a Tourist?: live in, area
  173. How many rest stops have you seen that are left exits on the highway?: land, station
  174. Your City's Slang: rooftop, beach, train
  175. Top 50 US Metro Areas ranked by Per Capita Income, 2007: luxury, stats
  176. What state is more scenic - PA or CO?: homes, established neighborhood
  177. Photos of your houses/area?: for sale, apartment, to live in
  178. Why The Competition Amongst U.S. Cities?: apartments, loft
  179. What is Mid-Atlantic: living, moving, area
  180. What cities have beautiful autumns?: farm, park, roach
  181. What zip code are you from?: apartments, renters, condos
  182. Who do people out west...: transplants, university, live
  183. What IS Southern?: insurance, credit, house
  184. Where to Move?: apartment, to rent, neighborhoods
  185. Why Suburbs Are Inefficient!!! (Warning: Graphic Image of Wound Enclosed): neighborhood, schools
  186. News, The Southern Drawl: Is It Spreading?: school, move
  187. Harlem. south central or cabrini green: crime rate, houses, unemployment
  188. Aerial pictures of Chicago,Los Angeles,and New York City?: cities, skyscrapers
  189. America's Best College Town: chapel, good schools, universities
  190. Peculiar insular communities of America: fit in, home, neighborhoods
  191. Survey on U.S Cities...: crime, high school, college
  192. Which of cities would you rather live...: crime rate, to live in
  193. how long are usually living/working visas?
  194. SanFrancisco trip: hotel, cost, transport
  195. The most navigable cities by car: dangerous, move, suburbs
  196. Best Place for a Registered Nurse: salary, quality of life, high
  197. Schlumberger: relocate, company, pay
  198. Having trouble finding a job?!: job market, college, cities
  199. Plummeting Dollar, Credit Crunch and what it means to the housing market: banks
  200. towns with lots of gray limestone store facades in the usa?: skyscraper