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  1. 7 Day Photography Road trip from Vegas to Denver during Christmas: hotel, garden
  2. October 2016 State Labor Force Participation Rates: employment, retire, rated
  3. Southern California vs Southern Florida?: public schools, college, wages
  4. 23 year old male currently living in Georgia and wanting to leave..: home, transfer
  5. Which city do you hear the most cringy-est conversations spoken outloud in public?: transplants
  6. Help a young family find a great place to live: apartment, to rent
  7. Winter relocation to Montana!: best, driving, traffic
  8. Megaregions: What the U.S. map should really look like (WaPo article): live in
  9. Seeking Better Quality of Life: rent, car insurance, how much
  10. Cost of living the same across the US?: sales, 2014
  11. Tracking Santa: 2014, credit, live
  12. Downtowns With Dirt Roads in North America?: houses, centers
  13. Satisfaction by State: 2014, home, colleges
  14. Best State/City for police officers? (Base Salary to COL, crime rate, culture, weather): 2014
  15. Which of cities would be a good fit for me?: renting, how much
  16. Can you compare Winter in Portland, Maine to....
  17. Need help narrowing down my search: real estate, home
  18. Help me find the city for me: low crime, buying a house
  19. Build the Interstate Transit High-Speed Rail System: maintenance, airport
  20. Why are smaller towns in Minnesota and Iowa so much cheaper then smaller houses in Nebraska and the Dakotas: real estate
  21. What do you think when you hear cities Part II?: insurance, houses
  22. With the multi-media based lives and same stores everywhere why pay more then 500 dollars for an apartment?: 2015
  23. Where To Move? Leaving Mississippi.: living in, prices, wealthy
  24. Apartments/neighborhoods in big cities that have a community type of feel for 20 somethings. Do they exist?: real estate
  25. Why do home and rental prices plummet just outside certain cities?: section 8, apartments
  26. Would love to relocate... but where?: sales, low crime, neighborhoods
  27. Best city for a working class person: 2015, job market
  28. Favored American Cities for vacation is somewhat surprising...: live, beaches
  29. South Jersey: more like Delaware or North Jersey?: crime, live
  30. Warmer Weather: apartment, low crime, employment
  31. Is Ohio more similar to Michigan or Indiana?: live in, shop
  32. Why don't per-capita incomes increase in family cities then single cities during economic expansions?: new house
  33. Undecided about Texas.. FLORIDA??: sales, how much, houses
  34. Moving far away from home long term.: high school, college
  35. Which of states protects its natural environment/respects nature the most?: inclusive
  36. Iowa vs Nebraska vs Wyoming vs Idaho - help to make the right choice.: apartment
  37. Metropolitan areas where the really nice areas are cheaper then the rough neighborhoods.: roughest
  38. SF vs Chicago For Young Non-Tech Professional: 2013, quality of life
  39. Hey USA there's something you really need to hear: approval, rating
  40. Cities Challenging Historical Growth Rates w/out Annexation: fastest, growing
  41. Warm greetings from Russia: salary, where to live, move to
  42. (RELOCATION) SoCal vs NorCal vs South Florida: home, college
  43. Smallest town that has blue collar work and a 24 hour gym: lease, houses
  44. Where should we move? 1 in wheelchair, 1 with emphysema: allergies, live in
  45. UN - Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050: apartment, living, costs
  46. Trying to narrow down moving possibilities: crime, neighborhoods, theater
  47. New Brennan Center report shows a massive increase in homicides in america's largest cities.: 2015
  48. Place in America with the most sun: cities, pay
  49. Advice for Best Areas (for job opps, walkable community, low crime) to Move to in New England: school districts
  50. Most conservative town in all of America: living in, cabin
  51. If the 4 Boroughs in NYC had the same representation over the 4 major areas in Texas: crime rate, live in
  52. Cities in your State detrimental to it's image: tornadoes, places to live
  53.'s 26 Hottest Food Cities 2016: professionals, restaurant, moving
  54. Why are Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho so unpopulated?: 2015, living in
  55. Places in states most and least like the state stereotype: transplants, high school
  56. Isn't the east coast really just 4-5 major cities?: beach, metro area
  57. Best city neighborhoods for families?: 2015, crime, houses
  58. Where in the US would you spend your final years?: title, areas
  59. Couple (almost in our 30's) looking to move from SF and buy a house in a US city - need advice: buying a house, find job
  60. Moving to the countryside as a young it crazy?: real estate, how much
  61. Is NYC the only city in the US where midrise tenements are common?: apartments, houses
  62. Big city to move to?: living in, cost of, things to do
  63. I need to move away from my family on $700 and no vehicle. What's the best city to start in?: apartment, rental
  64. Cities without Professional Sports Teams/Venues: big home, layoffs, university
  65. Contrast & Compare for relocation: Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Pittsburgh: rentals, violent crime
  66. States with clean lakes & rivers: live in, agricultural, pollution
  67. Do you love where you live game: low crime, home
  68. Standard of living in huge cities vs moderate.: sales, condo
  69. What is the longest Point A to Point B distance in your MSA?: homes, calculated
  70. If one State could represent the US globally .. which would it be ?: live in, best
  71. Are you proud or ashamed to be from the Rustbelt?: 2015, living
  72. Drug Overdose death rates by state 2015: Nebraska lowest, West Virginia highest per-capita: how much, buy
  73. Museum ships: scorpion, yard, Korean
  74. Western Cities with Multi-Story Senior Condo Buildings without Balconies: low income, rent
  75. Cities that Occupy Multiple Counties: suburban, land, villa
  76. Can you suggest an area for us?: fit in, low crime
  77. Vibe of Cities: spring break, houses, neighborhood
  78. Comparing Suburbia of Major Metros: apartments, houses, neighborhood
  79. single 28, M.. Seattle vs. Austin vs. Charlotte: house, tech job
  80. What is the most dense/urban city in each state?: live in, suburbs
  81. I've got one more move left in me: real estate, home
  82. Where to move within 10 hours of Eastern Oregon: crime, new house
  83. Which US suburbs have most character , sense of place: houses, college
  84. I can name that city (tune) in one word (note): best, cities
  85. Sacramento vs Austin: arts and culture: hotel, neighborhoods, organic
  86. Economic Output If Each U.S. Were A Separate Country!: 2015, apartments
  87. Do people overestimate how warm Phoenix, Tucson and Las Vegas are in the winter: food, suburbs
  88. If Your City Could Annex Adjacent City, Which Would You Choose?: university, legal
  89. Wyoming with massive energy bust has the same per-capita personal income as booming California.: 2015, apartment complex
  90. What Metro area has the most named Interstate's or Freeway's.: construction, price
  91. Been in current situation for too long - looking for a change: crime, job market
  92. LA is the west coast Miami, OC is west Coast Orlando, SF is the west coast NYC. Agree or disagree?: amusement parks, construction
  93. Does This Climate Exist?: live, beach, best
  94. DC's suburbs are most similar to...: neighborhood, DMV, living in
  95. Which part of the U.S had the most ties or cultural influence from Canada?: area, island
  96. City in the deep south alike Stockton, California?: live in, suburbia
  97. Where, Oh Where should I go?: real estate, apartments, rentals
  98. Help Needed: Searching for Best Places to Live: job market, school
  99. Square peg into square hole, but I'm a trapazoid: schools, taxes
  100. Outdoor enthusiasts, what is the best area to move to, factors?: public schools, casinos
  101. Best city for young gay medical professional: neighborhood, school
  102. What's the smallest city you consider major ? Biggest you don't consider major?: move, beach
  103. American cities that do a good job of meshing old and new: houses, neighborhoods
  104. Road Rage Driving in the United States: school, live
  105. Metros that lack large secondary cities: employment, live, suburbs
  106. Cities that do the parking chair: 2015, houses
  107. Can you tell a Black Southerner apart from a White one just by listening?: gated community, living in
  108. What cities offer far more then a typical city of their city population size?: hotels, schools
  109. What State(s) that Border Your Home State Have You Never Been to?: college, live in
  110. Other cities with holiday and thanksgiving parades that are big like the Macy's parade?: live in, department store
  111. Liberal, Low COL, Tech jobs, 4 seasons, pretty place to live?: income, living
  112. More Southern in 2016: DFW vs Houston vs Atlanta: transplants, live
  113. Still searching for the perfect place: condo, townhouse, living in
  114. How many world-class cities does the US have?: 2015, military
  115. Will Spanish laguage become more important in the future on less important?: areas, business
  116. Big city to small town - go stir crazy?: home, to buy
  117. How many people on actually like living in the city/state theyre in??: high crime, neighborhoods
  118. What are 5 cities that you want to visit in the near future the first time?: neighborhoods, university
  119. Are people in coastal areas detached from reality?: real estate, apartments
  120. Relocating my family! Need advice. Atlanta suburbs vs. St. Louis suburbs???: real estate, apartment
  121. Small metros: best or worst of both worlds?: 2015, house
  122. What Major cities have the most Tree-Lined neighborhoods throughout?: established neighborhood, live
  123. What are very dense neighborhoods in smaller and medium sized cities?: apartments, houses
  124. 3 Most beautiful natural setting for large cities outside the west coast: neighborhood, to live
  125. Southern transplants to cold climates: high school, living in, store
  126. Hudson county, NJ vs Boston, Ma: low crime, neighborhoods, schools
  127. How long did it take you to live that has weather actually enjoy?: how much, employment
  128. .. just tell me where to live!!: for sale, real estate
  129. U.S. states ranked by average credit rating: middle-class, loans
  130. examples of Dangerous ghetto blocks near elite/historical or business areas: low income, apartments
  131. Need better access to healthcare! East coast or West? Help!: low income, rentals
  132. affordable states / cities to live in the U.S: apartment complexes, health insurance
  133. Did they let y'all or your kids wear Halloween masks in Elementary school during Halloween?: living in, teacher
  134. Where to live ? Eastern U.S.: rent, crime, houses
  135. Do people from the deep south respect Maryland: transplants, 2013
  136. Heavily atheist cities in the south?: chapel, metro, population
  137. Your favorite city/town visited but never lived in: college, casino
  138. Does this type of city exist in the U.S.?: house, purchase
  139. What states do you consider Southwestern?: live, state, people
  140. Oregon Coast vs. Puget Sound: living, versus, moving to
  141. Show us your favorite neighborhoods where you live on Google street view: apartment, rentals
  142. Best and most affordable conservative cities for interracial families?: insurance, neighborhoods
  143. Favorite Halloween Candy by State: appointed, 2015, design
  144. Where in America are the single guys?: neighborhoods, schools
  145. Safe(r) cities and career fields for black women against white racism: middle-class, job market
  146. What cities have new and large transportation infrastructure projects going on?: rental car, rental
  147. Difficulty deciding where to relocate after college: sales, rental
  148. Best rural areas and small towns in the US: motel, home
  149. Ghost towns in the US?: 2014, squatters
  150. Which states have the most big brother/little brother feel.: metro, area
  151. Which state is most likely to have $100 billion in damage done from a single hurricane?: cost, activity
  152. Analogous neighborhoods: Bridgeport (Chicago), Mission (SF), Sunset Park (NYC): transplants, rent
  153. Most and Lease Diverse (Economy Only): real estate, employment, construction
  154. What Weather Climates Could You Not Tolerate?: home, live in
  155. Culture shock: apartments, buying, landlords
  156. States that are out of place for the region socially?: taxes, living in
  157. Big City Murders and Murder Rates, Historically: 2015, crime rates
  158. Best cities for nightlife: neighborhoods, rooftop, living in
  159. Where Should I Move (Leaving California)?: student loans, house, job market
  160. Are there cities that don't really have really bad neighborhoods but lots of marginal, dumpy areas?: section 8, apartments
  161. Best southern city to live in?: best cities, home, college
  162. Are there US Cities that are in serious decline?: 2015, homes
  163. Which metros were most divided in this election?: move, beach
  164. Best Place To Live In The U.S. For Off-Road Motorcycle Riding: home, unemployment
  165. Where do liberals move to now?: high crime, house, college
  166. Living at elevation?: transplants, dangerous, moving
  167. place that looks like 1940s-50s NY?: appointed, fit in
  168. Rural areas with moderate or liberal disposition?: college, to live in
  169. How similar is the U.S to Canada?: standard of living, wealthy
  170. State that is not underrated regionally, but is nationally?: 2015, wedding
  171. Longest Interstate stretch without crossing a river: metro area, distance
  172. affordable liberal cities that are not freezing, good live music, affordable: apartments, crime
  173. Best states to find a loyal, unselfish, caring women?: to live, beach
  174. Most Americans Living Outside the USA Live in Vancouver, BC: 2013, home
  175. Friendliest City in the North: friendly, cities, population
  176. Cities where sports team mascot is more representative of the city/geographical area?: fit in, live
  177. How do you pronounce hot dog ?: college, smog
  178. What is a popular moving destination for Texans?: employment, luxury
  179. Show me the best home $500k can buy in a major metro: condo, house
  180. wanting to relocate, Texas or Nebraska: home, employment, school
  181. Show the most Urban part of your city with Street View: 2015, how much
  182. What's the most politically diverse county in the most politically diverse state?: home, school
  183. Is there a city out West that is like New Orleans?: neighborhoods, live
  184. Ranking the Southern States: how much, living, cost of living
  185. What's the furthest you would drive for a weekend trip?: renting, home
  186. What Are Unique, But Simple Free Activities In Your Area?: garden, airport
  187. Will there be a great California exodus due to housing and rent prices?: middle-class, sales
  188. What urban areas will combine by 2020?: closing, flight path, budget
  189. What major US cities have the best flow of traffic?: 2014, living
  190. Tacoma: What East Coast City Is Most Similar (Economy): fit in, school
  191. Small-town, artsy/music scene, and a university?: chapel, living in
  192. Phoenix vs. SW Florida (Tampa to Naples): house, elementary school
  193. Why are upper-middle class drawn to overrated elite resort towns?: upper-class, insurance
  194. Cities have too much crime, smog, cold, heat, and cost. Which 200K+ city is the best compromise between: ski resorts, home
  195. Looking for warm climate, no mosquitoes, no state income tax: low income, sales
  196. Thinking of relocating.... Help: safe, friendly, areas
  197. Most cost-effective 55+ condo communities in USA: insurance, loan, per square foot
  198. which cities have a lot of pirate radio stations ?: licensed, based
  199. Driving cross Country on i80 san francisco to detroit: snow, elevation
  200. Inequality by zip codes: 2015, live, business